My Neighbor's Older Daughter

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: Jayden's older sister Avery helped Don in his time of need. Jayden had band practice so Avery took up the slack. Nice comfortable read.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   .

Copyright©2000, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Date of first publication Sunday PM, December 03, 2000

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

It was a typical neighborhood with modest single-family homes with many mature trees and well-groomed lawns. In this area you usually knew your neighbours on each side of you at least to say hello. I was no different. On one side of my home was a new family on the other was a family who lived here for nine years.

I enjoyed puttering around the lawn and my garden of weeds. I said weeds as they grew fantastically unfortunately whatever I planted seemed to die on the vine. It was now early November and the leaves were falling. It was a major job moving volumes of them to the front curb. The city removed them for recycling or composting.

I am fifty-two, a widower and empty a nester; my children are all over the country. My job was my family. I worked in the computer industry but I loved my time at home. The house was large for my needs but after twenty-three years it was very comfortable.

Recently I had come to know one my neighbor’s daughter very well. Jayden finds time for me regular basis. She turned out to be very mature fourteen year old. It was a long drawn out story how we got involved but the results of the involvement made me feel young again. She was a great lover. Her maturing body was such a wonder. Every time I saw her naked body I was enthralled. Over the past three months Jayden had developed into a talented lover. She knew how to use her soft hands. Her mouth had developed into a super-sucking machine. Fortunately for me Jayden had developed a taste for cum. I was more than happy to provide my soother to satisfy her needs. My greatest joy was eating her tasty pussy. Her flow of elixir seemed endless. Many enjoyable hours were spent between her legs. Just the thought of her coming over to use my computer for school work had my body tingling. I was expecting her today. She called wanting to use my color printer for a school project. Helping her with a project was how I met Jayden.

I got a call about five-thirty. It was Jayden.

“Hi Mr. Parsons, can I come over shortly and use your printer? It does a fantastic job.”

“Of course. Come right over.”

Jayden had used the word fantastic, which meant she could only stay a short time. We had worked out a code, using the word fantastic was a short time, the word good meant she could stay two or three hours.

I went to the bedroom and made sure all was in order. I stripped and put on my robe. The robe would not hide my growing erection. Jayden would solve that problem shortly. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in Jayden.”

Once the door closed Jayden headed for the bedroom. I enjoyed watching her from behind. Her well-shaped bottom swayed in movements beyond her years. She knew what turned me on. Soon she was standing naked before me. I dropped my robe. My cock was pointing towards her.

“I can’t stay long. I have loads of homework. Eat me Don.”

Jayden lay down. Heaven beckoned me. Her lovely scent re-enforced my hard-on. When my tongue touched her young luv lips her body tensed. Her juice was flowing. This was my fountain of youth. I relished eating her young pussy. She rewarded me by cumming four times. It was an impossible task to lick her pussy dry.

“Don. That was so good. Let me suck you. I have been dreaming about your taste all day.”

Jayden arranged her body so I was looking directly at her dripping pussy. Her bum was so soft. Her wrinkled pucker winked at me. I hadn’t taken that virgin opening yet. That would happen when we had time to prepare her properly. We had talked about it. When I tongued her brown star she went wild. Jayden pushed her butt right into my face.

As I gazed between her legs, Jayden’s expert mouth did its number on John Thomas. She gently stroked my shaft as she sucked. I was so close. One of her hands gently caressed my balls. With that combination of feelings I started to ejaculate. Strings of cum entered her small mouth. She never quit sucking and always swallowed my load. My body relaxed with an exhaust of breath.

“Jayden. You know how much I love you. I wish it was legal to marry a fourteen year old.”

That was a topic we had joked about many times. Jayden moved her body against mine. Her hand caressed my deflated tool.

“Don. I hope one day I can stay overnight and we can actually sleep together. I would love to feel you next to me all night.”

“Jayden. You are with me every night. When I close my eyes you are here.”

“Thanks Don. I like that.”

We hugged. She felt so good next to me.

“Don. I have something to tell you that you may not like.”

Of course I thought the worst. Her parents knew she wasn’t a virgin and wanted to know who did the dastardly deed. My mind was reeling. She was smiling.

“It is nothing terrible. I’ve been picked for the school band. I won’t be able to see you as often, that is all.”

“Shit, you had me worried.”

“But I may have an idea that may solve your problem.”

“My problem? What problem?”

“Not having me to love regularly.”

“What do you mean?”

“My older sister Avery, she is interested in using your computer equipment. She is fifteen and very shy. She always comments on how good my projects look. I can suggest she talk to you to see if you can help her.”

“Help her? Just how do you mean?”

“With her projects and introduce her to life.”

“You are suggesting I make love to your sister.”

“Yes. She is so shy. She hasn’t had a date. Boys have asked her out but she always has an excuse for not accepting. I know you can bring her out of her shell.”

“You won’t be angry?”

“No. I am suggesting it. I want her to feel what is like to be loved and have sex. I love every minute I spend with you. I will come over as often as I can. But I want you to help Avery.”

“Jayden, I don’t know what to say. I love being with you. I would be glad to help your sister with her projects. However I don’t know if I would be able to seduce her knowing she is your sister.”

“That will do for a start. I have to get dressed and print a couple of pages. That is the reason I came over. Remember?”

Jayden dressing was beauty in motion. When her printing was completed, Jayden gave me a very long kiss before she opened the door to go home. How I wished she could stay forever. I watched as she walked home.

Jayden’s suggestion about her sister had me confused. Avery passed my house daily going to school. She was tall and slim, not skinny but a very attractive girl/woman. She wore her long hair in a bouncy ponytail. Her breasts were just developing into well-shaped cones. I wondered if her nipples were as sensitive as Jayden’s. She had long well shaped legs. Her short pleaded skirt gave me an appealing view. She moved in a fluid motion. It would be a pleasant challenge. The question now was when it would start.

True to her word Jayden came over every time she could. It wasn’t as often as before. We always talked about Avery. Apparently she was interested but her shyness held her back. Jayden had answered many questions about me. Jayden suggested Avery call but she kept making excuses. I could wait.

I made a point of being out in the front yard as often as possible when Avery came home from school. I always said hello. She had many opportunities to ask me to help her with any of her current projects. Once she actually stopped and we discussed the weather and the coming of winter. Her smile was sheer beauty to witness. Her beauty was different from sister. Jayden’s was on the surface, strong and outgoing. Avery had to be coaxed to smile but it was well worth the effort. She had a beautiful face. Her lips were full. Her striking blue eyes melt me. She would be worth waiting for.

Wednesday evening I got a call from Jayden. She required the use of my printer and had convinced Avery to accompany her. I waited for them to come to the door. Both were dreams come true. Being this close to Avery proved she was a hidden beauty. We had a good time. Avery was impressed. She was part of the exercise. The time went very fast. Soon I was watching them return home. But both were returning tomorrow evening.

We made a date for six o’clock. My adrenalin started to pump. Many wonderful things passed through my mind. It would be the second step to educating Avery. Later that evening I mentally lived the following evening. I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. The printers and equipment were functioning well. There was paper and a full supply of ink and toner. The last thing I needed was for something to malfunction when I was trying to win Avery’s confidence. Jayden had mentioned Avery’s project. I had searched and found three more sites that would assist her.

Friday after work I picked up soft drinks and some munchies. I tried to cover all the bases to make Avery feel comfortable and perhaps call next week. I was ready.

Jayden and Avery arrived promptly at six o’clock. Both the young ladies looked ravishing. I hadn’t been with Jayden for four days and I was really rangy. I hoped Jayden had an excuse to stay later if Avery needed to leave early. I needed her talented mouth working my tool.

The evening went well. Once Avery felt comfortable she appeared to enjoy the conversation. She asked more questions about the equipment. Showing her the different functions brought us closer together. Avery had been hiding her charms in her bulky clothing. Tonight she was dressed in a short skirt and a mauve blouse. Her skin was flawless. Her long legs were bare. Her skirt rode high when she sat in the armless computer chair. Her smooth thighs were calling for kisses. I wondered what they were protecting. Visions of Avery making love raced through my mind. I was brought back to the present when Jayden mentioned she wanted a drink.

“Jayden. You know where they are. Perhaps Avery would like something also. We have been working hard on her project.”

“Thank you Mr. Parsons. I would like a coke if you have any.”

“We have coke and some munchies. Jayden would you mind? Everything is on the kitchen counter.”

“Ok Don.”

Jayden headed for the kitchen. I was enjoying being close to Avery. When she leaned over, the view of her bra captured breasts didn’t help the feelings I had for both her and her sister. I was hurting. Jayden called from the kitchen. She wanted some help.

“Excuse me Avery. I will be right back.”

“It’s okay. I should be done in twenty minutes. I really want to thank you for letting me come over with Jayden.”

“I am glad to be able to help, feel free to call anytime. The equipment is available to you.”

I headed to the kitchen. I was pleasantly surprised. Jayden was on her knees beckoning me to come to her. She undid my pants and retrieved my hurting cock and started to suck. It felt so good. Jayden’s soft mouth and her sucking action were like being in heaven.

“I thought you might be hurting. Sorry I haven’t been able to come over as often as I would have liked. The band is taking up time.”

“You are making up for it right now. I have load for you.”

“Good. I really miss sucking you. Hopefully Avery will soon be enjoying this. She doesn’t know what she is missing.”

Jayden was caressing me as she talked. My mind was imagining her sister sucking me. Jayden was sucking as her hand gently pumped the shaft. Now I was gently pumping into her throat. Jayden’s educated mouth brought me to the brink.

“Jayden, I am close.”

Now she was sucking in earnest. The ribbons of sperm started to flow. Jayden continued to suck and swallow. I felt all the tension drain from my body with every pulse of sperm. My knees were weak. Finally my hero shrank to a small soft stub of its former self.

“Thank you Jayden. I really needed that. I miss loving you. I will be glad when band practice is over. I wish you were able to stay overnight. But that is just wishful thinking.”

“I dream of that every night when I masturbate. I have even thought about what reason we could use to be together. So far I have come up blank.”

“We had better get back to your sister. She might be concerned.”

“I doubt that. Did you see her eyes when you showed her the sites you managed to find for her project? May be she will have the courage to call you on her own. I hope so for both your sakes. I know she will go crazy when she discovers sex. I know she masturbates. I hear her at night.”

That was a thought I would keep in the back of my mind. She knew how to masturbate. I gave Jayden a kiss before we returned. My hands felt her warm body. Her panties were damp. Oh how I would like to taste her pussy. I put my fingers to my nose. Jayden smelt so good.

When we returned with the soft drinks and munchies we found Avery totally immersed in the system and information she was reading.

“Avery. Here is your drink. Would you like some chips?”

“Thank you Mr. Parsons, it is nice of you to let me use your system. It has more features then ours.”

“I require a large system for my work. It allows me to do many of my assignments at home.”

“Could I come over tomorrow? I still have a lot of work to do.”

“You can come over anytime I am home. Just call to make sure I am not going out.”

“Will you be home tomorrow?”

“Yes. After one o’clock, I have a few chores to do tomorrow morning.”

“Could I come over at two?”

“Yes. That would be fine. I would appreciate the company.”

Jayden and her sister gathered up their books and headed to the door. I was sorry to see them go. But I felt good to know that Avery was returning tomorrow afternoon. We had broken the ice. I was cleaning up when I heard a knock at the door. It was Jayden.

“I told Avery that I forgot my text. I really need to get eaten if only for a few minutes.”

Jayden removed her panties and sat on the sofa with her legs spread. I was on my knees between her legs in a flash. I lapped for all I was worth. She smelt so good. Her taste was addictive. I could feel her body trembling. Jayden came with a surge of her body. Her hands pulled my face into her small pussy. I was in pussy heaven.

“Oh Don. I love you. I feel better now. I hope you and Avery have a wonderful afternoon.”

“Won’t you be coming too?”

“No. I want you to be alone with Avery. I am going to beg off at the last moment. I hope you are able to get her curiosity working. You will like her body. Her titties are larger than mine and she has more hair on her pussy.”

“You know I love your body Jayden. I am still not that comfortable with this. I don’t want to lose you for your sister. I am so comfortable with you.”

“You will be doing me a service educating Avery. I will never stop loving you but I know you can handle two young girls. Between the two of us we should keep you drained. But I have to go home. I don’t want my parents to question anything. I will tell them we had a coke if they ask.”

I watched her cover her pussy. She kissed me and left. When I finally got to bed I was relaxed and felt wonderful. Jayden always did that to me. Avery was on my mind as well. Her lovely body was embedded in my memory. I dreamt about the possibilities of our meeting tomorrow.

Just the thought of the possibility of touching Avery made me tingle all morning. I was likely over thinking what would happen. Avery had loosened up a bit but not the point of doing anything. She was wonderful to watch. Her body showed positive signs of being very sexually once she was excited. The problem was how to accomplish that goal. Avery had to be introduced to sex very slowly but how? One thing I thought of was to leave a soft porn story on the word processor to see if she would read it. Perhaps it would tweak her curiosity to ask questions about sex. It was worth a try.

All my chores had been done. I cleaned up the computer room. Everything was spiffy. I searched my database for a story I thought was clean enough but had the hint of sexual interchange. I located a very romantic one between a young female student and a mature male teacher. The crux of the story was the introduction of the young girl into the wonders of sex. I was hoping Avery would relate the events to her and me. One of Avery’s first tasks left from last night was to type her notes. So I knew she would see it. Whether her curiosity would get her to read it was an unknown at this point.

I made a point of changing into an open shirt and tailored slacks: anything that would help the cause. It was nearly two when I noticed the Avery’s family van travelling down the street. It appeared full. I had a sinking feeling that I would be spending the afternoon alone. Dejectedly I surveyed the room making sure everything was in order. The system was on, word processor active and the story on screen. It was reduced to a small window. The doorbell rang. My sprits picked up.

It was Avery. I scented something different about her but couldn’t put my finger on it.

“Hi Avery, come on in. Jayden’s not coming?”

“No she went shopping with my parents. Everybody is going to the mall to watch the Santa Claus parade. Then they are going to a movie. I don’t know when the will be back.”

“Didn’t you want to go?”

“No. I have to finish this project, it is due Monday. I need to get a good mark.”

I knew Jayden wasn’t coming but it started the conversation. Avery appeared radiant. Then the changes hit me. Her hair was styled differently; it was loose surrounding her face. She wore lipstick and her eyes are made up. The effect was startling. She looked much older. Then her scent hit me. It was intoxicatingly sexual. The soft sweater she wore hugged her lovely breasts. I thought I could see her nipples. Her short skirt hugged her hips. I was hoping it would ride up her thighs when she started to work.

“Avery. I like what you did to yourself. You look so much older. I bet your boyfriend goes wild when he sees you like this. It really magnifies your beauty.”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.”

“If I weren’t so old I certainly would want to be your boyfriend. The boys in your school must be blind.”

“You’re not that old. Do you really think I am beautiful?”

“Avery. I don’t think, I know.”

She was blushing. The lipstick made her full lips the focal point on her beautiful face. Her eyes were bright and smiling. I could feel John Thomas reacting. How I would love to hold her and kiss her. Now I could see her nipples pushing the fabric of her sweater, maybe she was getting excited. I took a big breath of her scent.

“I like your perfume Avery.”

“Thank you Mr. Parsons.”

“Avery. Call me Don. We are neighbours; beside I am never that formal.”

“Ok Don. Maybe I should get started.”

That was my queue to leave.

“I will go to the kitchen. I have a few things to do for dinner. Just call if you need anything.”

I left. The dishwasher was running making enough noise to cover my movements. When I looked back into the computer room Avery had her back to me. The story was still on the screen, Avery was scrolling the text. She was reading. I went back to the kitchen. When I checked again, I was surprised to find she had her hand between her thighs under her skirt. Avery was masturbating. She was beautiful to watch. Her body started to tremble. She was cumming. I sneaked back into the kitchen.

“Avery. Would you like a drink?”

When I returned to the room it was obvious she had enjoyed herself. Her face was flushed and she was still breathing heavily. I could smell the Pheromones of her sex mixed with her perfume. I knew I must have been tenting. When Avery accepted the coke she stared at John Thomas. It didn’t help me trying to make it disappear. The story was gone from the screen and Avery’s project was up.

“How are things going? I am finished in the kitchen. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“Don. Can I ask you a personal question?”

“Of course. What is it?”

“You said I was beautiful. Am I beautiful enough to kiss?”

“Oh Yes. That and a whole lot more.”

“What do you mean a whole lot more?”

“Kissing and hugging that sort of thing, why do you ask?”

“Would you kiss me?”

“You want me to kiss you. Why?”

“Well. I have never been kissed by anyone but my parents. I just want to know how it feels.”

“Kissing you certainly is not a chore.”

I gave her a peck on the cheek. She looked at me in surprise.

“That is not a kiss. I meant a real kiss. I have a confession. I read the story that was on the screen when I went to use the word processor. The kiss the young girl received wasn’t a peck on the cheek. I want to experience that type of kiss.”

“I am sorry Avery. I didn’t realize that I hadn’t removed the story. I hope you weren’t offended.”

“Oh no, I like it. Will kiss me now?”

Avery stood up and moved into my arms. Her body was soft and warm and John Thomas was pushing against her skirt. It was at the right height so it pushed her skirt against her pussy. Her lips were soft and the kiss was fantastic. My hands roamed up and down her back. Her ass cheeks were firm. Avery was moaning. Her arms were around my neck. I felt her tongue on my lips. When I opened my mouth I gently sucked her tongue. Avery was excited. Her hips were grinding against John Thomas that started my pumping motions against her pubes. John Thomas pushed against her luv lips. We both were breathing heavily when we broke the kiss. The taste of her lipstick was on my lips.

“Now I know what they mean when the young girl mentioned her teacher’s kiss made time stand still. That was nice Don. Do you like girls?”

“Explain what you mean by that?”

“Do you like kissing and touching young girls like me and Jayden? I like the feeling your body gave me when we pushed against each other.”

“Well, I do like you and Jayden. I was never blessed with daughters, only sons and they’ve been long gone.”

“Have you kissed Jayden?”

“Now that isn’t a question you ask. I would never mention I kissed you to Jayden if she asked.”

“I just wondered. She is usually so happy when she comes home after seeing you. If you kiss her like you kiss me I can see why. Can we kiss again?”

“I guess we could if you are certain you want to. I have to admit I liked the taste of your lips.”

“I want to. I think I have been missing a lot.”

I lead Avery to the sofa and sat her down beside me. I arranged her body so she was lying across me. She was breathing heavily. It was obvious she was sexually aroused.

“Avery, are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to feel that have to do it for me.”

“Don. Kiss me.”

Again our lips met. Avery’s arms were around my neck pulling my face closer to her. Her tongue was in my mouth. My hands were on her legs running up and down her inner thigh. I didn’t touch heaven but got close enough to feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Her skirt had ridden up her body exposing her panty-covered mound. When we broke off the kiss Avery snuggled into my neck. Her body was trembling. I continued to caress her inner thigh, I was so close.

“Maybe we should stop and get back to your project. I don’t want you to do anything you may be sorry about later.”

“Don. What could I ever be sorry about? I have never felt anything like this before. I feel wonderful.”

“Let’s finish your project and if you feel the same way we will kiss again.”

Avery snuggled into my chest. She looked into my eyes. Her lips were on mine then she moved off of me. She made no attempt to lower her skirt. Her panties were buried in her pussy and they were obviously wet. How I wanted to lower my face to heaven.

“Now I know why Jayden is so happy when she visits you. She doesn’t even masturbate after seeing you. Do you masturbate her?”

“I think we had better finish your project.”

Avery was smiling. She was growing up fast. I was trembling. John Thomas was still tenting. Avery made no pretense about it. She just stared. Her hair was mussed but she looked so sexy. I hoped she replaced her lipstick. I loved removing it off of lips. Her lips were so soft and willing. She was a quick study. In such a short time, it was apparent she would be a great lover.

Together we whipped through her assignment. She gathered all her books and folders and placed them in a neat pile. My eyes were drawn to her long legs. Avery must produce pussy juice in quantity like her sister. The dampness on her panties never left. She still made no attempt to hide heaven from my sight. I know I wanted more of her. But I would let her initiate all the moves. I certainly didn’t want to scare her off. I wanted her body. She grabbed her backpack and went to the washroom. I needed time to cool down. Where this was heading was still a mystery. I went to the kitchen and got us both a cold drink.

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