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True Sex Story: In the summer time, between morning and evening practice, everyone gathers at the pool. Teenage boys and girls in skimpy swimsuits and a large fenced in back yard. Kassidy is the first girl I set my sights on, and she has some ideas of her own as well.

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This takes place during the summer after Julie and I experienced our first time together. Although I was same age as Julie and a lot of our friends, I was only going to be a freshman, whereas they were all going to be sophomores. My parents had me start school a year later so that I would not end up in classes with my older brother who had been held back a grade.

Pool time

Since I was very young, I was involved in gymnastics. I spent many hours in the gym every week working out. Most of my friends were fellow gymnasts, both boys and girls. During the summers we would have gym time in the morning, and then again later in the evening, leaving us a break in the middle of the day for lunch or the mall or whatever else.

Since this was usually the hottest part of the day, one of our favorite activities was to hang out by someone’s pool. As my home was fairly close to the gym, and I had a nice pool and deck, it was often the place to go. We would have lunch then swim and play volleyball or video games or whatever before going back to the gym. If it was especially warm the girls would always like to work on their tans. That’s the part I liked the best. We were young, it was important to be tan.

I had known a lot of these girls since we were all seven or eight years old, so we were all very friendly. However, now that we were all going to be in high school, I was noticing them more and more. They all started getting curves in all the right places. Hot sexy asses that I’d never noticed before, tempting firm breasts that suddenly jumped right out at me, and of course they all had the tight flat stomachs that years of gymnastics will develop. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of them.

In the gym I would watch them working out in their tight little leotards without a care in the world. I never noticed how well those things hugged their tiny little bodies before. By the pool, the bikinis were getting smaller and smaller, and the girls were filling them out better and better. I went to bed with a hard on every single night just thinking about them all. It was that summer that I decided I’d had enough of this “just friends” bullshit. I wanted to fuck these girls. Any of them. All of them. I didn’t care, I just wanted them all.

Being young teenagers in the midst of puberty, we were all curious and horny, all the time. Naturally when we were swimming, there would be lots of grabbing and touching and feeling. Hands would wander under bikinis. Hands would wander across trunks. All “accidental” of course. Sly, sneaky smiles would be exchanged, and little touches everywhere that meant both nothing, and everything in the world. Eventually I began to obsess, I needed to get these girls naked. How do I do that?

Mom works

What I realized was, often while we were there, my mom would have to run out for work, leaving us all without parental supervision for a while. Most of the time my friends had no idea we were all alone but I usually knew. This is when I got my first idea. The first time my mom took off for work I strolled out to the deck and announced to all the girls,

“Okay girls mom left, you can all take your tops off now and even out those tans. Don’t want to be getting any of those nasty tan lines”

I thought I was so fucking clever.

The girls mostly responded with a chorus of “You wish” and, yes, I did wish. But to my surprise, by the end of the day, a few of them were in fact lying there untied and evening out their tan lines. I just smiled. I mean it’s only a couple of tiny little strings, but the sight of those bare backs, all that naked skin, I had to go into the house once or twice.

This went on for a while. Eventually the girls would just lie out on the chairs and untie all the time. It was awesome. I would come out with drinks and towels and offer to rub tanning lotion on them. I loved rubbing lotion on them, touching those beautiful bodies. Of course, my hands would sometimes wander down over those sweet sexy asses, or maybe down the side to grab a little boob. This would usually earn me a slap on the wrist but what were they going to do? If they sat up to smack me I see their tits, if not, I’d get to feel them. It was a win-win for me. Then I’d just smile and apologize and everything would be okay.


This all brings us to Kassidy. Kassidy is about five feet tall, with long, light brown hair that went about half way down her back. She had the most striking green eyes that would just capture me with just the slightest glance, and a nice little set of tits that sat up high and stuck right out for the world to see. Her body was so tight and toned that every inch of her hundred pounds was all muscle. Every inch except that beautiful sexy ass. Kassidy had the hottest, softest little bubble of an ass, it just drove me crazy. Every time she walked by me I just wanted to reach right out and bite it.

Kassidy, it was rumored, was no longer a virgin. At this point, among our group of friends, that was a big deal, especially since everyone knew it. No one could provide proof, but everyone knew that Kassidy and her boyfriend had been having sex for a couple months now. This meant that every one of the guys started hitting on her any chance they could hoping they might get a piece, and I was no exception. The difference was that I was not quite as obnoxious about it.

Every chance I got, I would be rubbing lotion on Kassidy. My hands did a lot of wandering and Kassidy never seemed to mind. More than once, as my hands slipped over that sweet ass, I would hear a soft little moan coming from her. She would roll over now and then, and my hands would “accidentally” slide under her bikini top. Every time my fingers touched her hard, stiff nipples she would give me a sexy grin, and my cock would shoot straight up. I caught her looking more than once. She was liking it as much as I was.

One afternoon the poolside group for the day was rather small, there was just myself, my friend Mark, Kassidy, and two of her friends. I decided this was a great time to escalate the risks. As soon as my mom left, I came out to the deck yelling,

“Okay, mom’s gone, skinny dipping time!”

They all laughed and replied “Yeah, I don’t think so”

I reminded them that they’d been tanning topless all summer so what’s the big deal. Plus, my house was on the end of the street, surrounded by trees and a six-foot fence. (which my parents had put up for exactly that reason). No one could see into my back yard.

The girls all started to answer “Sure, okay, you go first then” and then they all just laughed because they knew I wouldn’t do it. I however had been talking with my brother about this before and his simple advice was, if you want them to get naked, YOU get naked first. So, I figured, what the hell, why not.

I was nervous as hell. I’d only been naked in front of one girl before, that was my neighbor Julie. But now that I thought of it, my brother was right, once I stripped my clothes off in front of her she was much more willing to take hers off too. We wound up having sex for the very first time for both of us that day. Wouldn’t it be nice to do THAT again!

So, I reached down, stripped my swimsuit off and jumped into the pool. If they were quick the girls might have seen a flash of my bare ass as I jumped into the pool. They all screeched and hollered as I swam around naked daring them to join me. Mark was laughing his ass off. Then Kassidy got up, pulled her top off, and jumped in with me. The next thing I knew she was throwing her bottoms up onto the deck too.

Son of a bitch, my brother was right!

The girls started screeching. Mark was cheering me on. Kassidy and I were chasing each other around in the pool trying to grab or touch whatever skin we could reach on each other. Soon the other two girls were in the pool too. Rachel pulled her top off as well so now there were tits everywhere! Too bad you can’t really see that well below the surface when you’re skinny dipping. Not that I wasn’t trying.

We carried on like that for a while, chasing, splashing, dunking and grabbing at each other. I had hands all over me. The girls kept trying to grab me, and as long as I got to grab back, I let them. I loved every second of it. I was feeling up all the girls as much as I could and pulled Kassidy up close to me a couple times. It felt so good to pull her tight against me and rub my hard cock up against those ass cheeks. The first time I did, she turned her head quickly with a big smile and big wide eyes. The second time I did that, she reached her hand back to get a good feel. Now I had the big smile.

A little about me at this point. I was 5’6, and my teenage growth spurt was just hitting. This meant that all that time in the gym was starting to show on my body. My shoulders were widening, my arms getting bigger, and my stomach was flat and solid. I also had a great tan from all our time in the sun. I didn’t look like the senior football players but I was still in pretty good shape. As for “equipment”, I’ll never say I had one of those 12-inch monsters that every guy claims to have, but from what I saw in the locker rooms I was “above average”.

Unfortunately, it was just about time for us to get back to the gym. We had to grab our stuff and be ready when our ride arrived. Mark and the girls climbed out of the pool, gathered their stuff, then headed to the dressing booths to change. Kassidy was still feeling playful, and so grabbed my suit and started running around the pool with it.

I just laughed at her. I was going to my room to change anyway, she could keep those if she wanted. But seeing my opportunity, I took advantage of the moment, grabbed her bag and ran into the house. She let out a shriek and came running after me. Naked.

I ran into my room and stood there holding her bag in front of me, hiding the raging boner I had waiting for her. When she stepped into my room, all I could do was stare her tits. It was like I was mesmerized. She grabbed the bag and pulled it, and me, closer. Then she wrapped her hand around the back of my head, pulled me to her and kissed me.

That was the most enticing kiss. Within seconds our tongues were battling each other. I threw her bag on the bed, reached my hand around the small of her back, and pulled her hips right up against me. Her hand reached down and grabbed my cock. She started to stroke it, looked down at what she held in her hand, then looked back up at me and smiled approvingly.

Just then everyone started yelling at us that our ride would be here in seconds. What a bummer. Kassidy grabbed her bag and ran to the bathroom to change. I did the same in my room. We made it out the door just as our ride drove up. Luckily, I was able to carry my gym bag in front of me to hide my condition, which had not subsided.

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