Poison Prevention

by Evilynn Thales

Copyright© 2018 by Evilynn Thales

Erotica Sex Story: This is a blackmail story that leads to life of rape and torture. This was my first attempt at erotica, and it does have some rough edges.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Blackmail   NonConsensual   Rape   Lesbian   Fiction   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Sadistic   Torture   Water Sports   Public Sex   Slow   Violent   .

While exploring some old maintenance tunnels under my college, I find several large barrels in an old unused storage room, connected to the water supply. “That’s strange” I thought, trying to figure out what could be in the barrel.

The more I thought about it, the more worried I became. Something is clearly wrong. It’s in a place no one else knows about, and someone took the time to make sure that it didn’t look like recent work. I was here last month, and this wasn’t.

I take out my phone to report the problem, and before I finish dialing, the phone slips from my suddenly weak hands! I collapse to the floor and know no more.

When I wake up, and start to move I hear a robotic voice speak “You found one of my caches and forced me to move ahead of schedule. You will pay for that with your life.” I stagger to my feet and dash to the door. It’s locked. I throw myself against it, but it’s useless. It’s an old solid wood door, and there are no windows.

I looked around for the source of the voice saying, “What plans, what’s going on?” the voice replies “You were calling about the water supply. As soon as anyone really starts testing, they will know it’s poison, and I can’t let that happen.”

I respond “Poison!? Why? Why would you hook poison up to our water supply?” I find the source of the voice at last. It’s a small wireless speaker and microphone. The voice comes out of the speaker “Because it entertains me, and because I’ll make a lot of money.”

Ignoring the comment about entertaining him, and say “How will poisoning the water supply make you money?” he replies “That’s simple enough, I have these rigged in many locations. After I trigger the first few, some will be found, and many will not. I’ll charge a fortune for the location of the remainder.”

I reply, “You would also be a hunted fugitive, and they would find you sooner or later! You would spend the rest of your life on the run! Please, I’ll do anything!”

After a few second of silence the voice says, “ ... Tell you what. If you really mean that, and submit to me completely, and obey every command I give you, I’ll consider you my payment. I’m

going to set up a dead-man’s switch. If anything happens to me...”

With a trembling breath I say “Agreed.”

The voice responds by saying, “Withdraw everything from your bank account. Take cash advances on your credit cards, and sell your car. Friday morning, at 6am, walk to the big parking garage. Go to slot 52B on the 4th floor. The car will be unlocked. Put your purse with all your money in the driver’s seat. Climb into the trunk and pull it closed. Wait there for further orders.”

“I’ll be there.”, I say.

The voice responds, “One last thing before you go. You obviously expect me to rape you, and it terrifies you ... I’m going to do more than simply rape you, I’m going to torture you. Before Friday is over you will beg and plead for me to rape you - and you will mean it with all your soul.”

“Now”, the voice continues, “Pick up the microphone and carry it with you. Keep all conversation to the minimum. Oh, and before you think about trying some movie hero nonsense, remember, you only know about this one, and even if everything goes perfectly and no one dies here ... I will set off many more.”

I hear a click from the door, and walk over to try it. It’s unlock. I follow my orders, trying not to think about what’s going on. After waiting in the trunk for hours, someone climbs in and the car drives away with me in the trunk. After several hours of driving the car stops and the trunk opens, and I blink my eyes trying to see in the sudden light.

When my eyes start working correctly I’m shocked to see a small, petite, redhead that looks to be in her late teens. I’m confused, wondering who she could possibly be, until I meet her eyes and she smiles a chilling smile and my blood runs cold as I realize she is the voice.

“As far as you are concerned, my name is Mistress Red. Do not speak. Go sit in the passenger seat and wait there.”

I climb out, she closes the trunk, gets in and starts driving.

Mistress Red says, “Lay your head in my lap and cooperate.

I lay my head in her lap, unsure of what she expects me to cooperate with. She slides her hand under my shirt caressing my stomach, as she slides her hand up to cup a breast and encounters my arm in the way I realize what she means by cooperating and quickly move it out of her way. She starts off caressing and teasing. When my nipple hardens in unwilling response to her touch, she traps it between her thumb and forefinger and grinds her thumbnail into it. I scream at the intense pain, and she just keeps grinding. She keeps playing with one breast then the other. Pinching and grinding her fingers and fingernails into me. We spend the next few hours in the car, and I spend most of it whimpering. Eventually, she pulls over at a store. She hands me a wipe telling me to clean up. Once I’m finished...

Mistress Red says, “While we are in here you are to act like my loving girlfriend. Smile. Hold my hand. Kiss me. Things like that.”

She takes my hand and starts walking, I look up and blush as I realize we are walking to a large adult store. She smiles at me and says, “Time to spend some of your money.”

We head in, and I do my best to pretend. She hands me my purse and has me push the cart. After an intensely embarrassing shopping trip where she picks out item after item, some with

obvious uses that I try not to think about, and others that I’m not even sure what they are actually used for, we leave.

To my relief, her next stop is an ordinary store, and at first, I don’t pay attention to what she is purchasing, but my blood suddenly runs cold as it clicks. She laughs and leans in and whispers. “Pliers, both needle nose and lockjaw, a hammer, and chains. You will know them intimately, but I’m not done yet. We have more to buy, like these clamps, and we will be stopping by sewing section to pick up a few thousand pins. Then you can buy all of this for me to use on you.” She gives my cheek a kiss and keeps picking out things that make my blood run cold.

After a while she says “I’m going to have dinner next door. Go pay for this, take it out to the car. Then join me.”

When I find her in the diner, she is eating her dinner and my stomach grows. She smiles and says “It’s time for you to eat. I need to take the edge off, so I can concentrate on driving for the rest of the trip.” The waitress walks and asks if I want anything. Mistress replies for me, saying “No thank you.” And the waitress walks away.

She grabs a handful of my hair pulls me close and whispers “I suggest you learn quickly.” Then she pulls me under my table, so that I’m kneeling on the floor between her legs. I can see she isn’t wearing any panties. Knowing what she expects me to do I force myself to kiss my way to her wet pussy, and start licking and sucking to the best of my ability.

After several minutes, I hear the waitress walk back up and ask if Mistress wants a refill, and asking if I left. Mistress replies, “Yes, I’d like a refill. No, she didn’t leave. She is eating her dinner right now.”, “Huh?” the waitress replies confused. Mistress chuckles, “She is kneeling between my legs eating my pussy.” The waitress gasps, and I hear her stammer “That’s not allowed!”

Mistress replies, “It’s OK. The tablecloth is long, and no one can see. The only people that know are the two of us.” I hear her walk quickly way.

Mistress grabs my hair again, and pulls me tightly against her pussy. It’s all I can smell, and taste, but I force myself to keep sucking and licking. In time she shudders an orgasm against me, and I breathe a sigh of relief knowing that it’s over as I pull away from her pussy. Her hand appears under the table, grabbing a handful or my hair. She pulls my head next to her pussy and I hear her say, “Keep it up, but don’t touch my clit until I move you back to it.”

I hear someone walk up and the embarrassed waitress voice reaches me. “Is she really under the table?” Mistress replies “Look for yourself and see.” Light shines under the table as someone lifts up the tablecloth and looks. I hear a gasp and the cloth drops back down” Mistress chuckles again and says “This place is empty. Why don’t you join me? Just sit down next to me and she will do her best to serve you. Think of it as your tip.” I stiffen as I’m offered to this stranger, and I hold my breath expecting her to leave, but after a few seconds, another pair of legs slide under the table. I watch them slide next to my Mistress and hear the waitress say “What can they do? Fire me from my minimum wage job?” Mistress laughs and says, “That’s what I like to hear!”

I hear Mistress say “If you have any requests or fantasies you want her to fulfill, just let her know. She isn’t very experienced, but she is willing to do anything.” I hear the waitress mutter “I’ve gone this far”, then she says, “I’ve always fantasied about forcing someone to drink my piss.” I can hear the smile in Mistresses voice as she replies, “My little slave will hate that.” I hear the waitresses uncomfortable voice say “Oh, I’m sorry.” And my hopes rise as she starts to slide away.

Mistress dashes my hopes with a few happy words “You misunderstand. She will do it. Your fantasy of forcing someone to drink your pee is coming true. She will start by kissing her way up your leg” I start kissing my way up her leg as ordered, and when I reach her pussy I start licking around it. Sucking and licking my way to her lips and then sticking my tongue into her pussy.

She squirms against me and I hear Mistress talking again. “Now that her head is buried in your pussy, take one leg and lock it behind the other knee. Lock her mouth tight against your pussy.” The waitress follows Mistresses suggestion, and I’m locked tight against her. I hear the waitress panting, and Mistress says “Stop, go slow. If you bring her before fulfilling her fantasy I will be unhappy!”

I hear her say to the waitress “My dear, you have a decision to make. Do you want her to drink it all, or do you want to pee over her?” I hear the reply “I want her to drink it!” Mistress replies “Take your time. I know how much she likes being used like this, and you have made this extra fun.”

A few minutes later she lets loose, and I do my best to swallow, but there is too much. Fearing what would happen if and ended up on Mistress, I use my body to shield her and I use my leg to create a dam. Eventually it stops, and I feel the waitresses orgasm as she pulls me even tighter against her. I stop when she gasps “No more!”. For a few minutes nothing happens, but then she releases her leg and I can pull away.

I curl up on the floor, stifling my sobs, in the piss, unsure of what Mistress would do if the waitress heard them. After a while I hear the waitresses voice, trembling with exaltation, say “WOW, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. I want more! Can I see you again?”

Mistress replies “Is that all you want from her? I don’t know about you, but I want a good look at the results. She clearly failed your simple request to drink it all. She needs to be punished, and I want another orgasm.”

“Slave. Go to the bathroom, and wait for us.!”

I move from under the table and look for the restroom, hair, face, and clothing wet with pee. I hurry away, hearing the two of them follow.

Mistress walks in with the waitress and they both look at me. Mistress with a cruel smile, and the waitress with an embarrassed one. Both are clearly aroused, and Mistress says “Kneel.”

I drop to my knees on the tile, and hear her lock the door. Then she turns to the waitress and says, “I know who you are, and more importantly, I know what you almost did.” The waitress looks up warily, “What are you talking about?”

Mistress said “I had a good look at your face when you saved the child. You enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame, but I was there. You had her by the arm, and had a choice. You could pull her to safety, or you could drop her into the river. I saw you think about letting her fall. I saw your nipples harden, your breath quickened, and you almost dropped her. Then you remembered the witnesses and pulled her up. A hero.”

The waitress backed up, looking scared “I don’t know what your talking about!” Mistress smiled at her.

No need to be shy. I just want you to under stand the importance of what I’m about to offer you.

I’m not into BDSM. I don’t do “safe, sane, and consensual” I’m not speaking figuratively when I say she is my slave. She will do anything I tell her to. You just raped and pissed down the throat of a heterosexual woman.

The waitress backs up saying “I didn’t know!”

Mistress smiles “I know. As of right now, you have done nothing that you can get into trouble for ... but, I have an offer to make, and the question is ... what will you do after then?”

The waitress looks up and warily says, “What offer?”

Mistress says, “I’ll order her to obey you like she obeys me, but that doesn’t come cheap.”

The veiled excitement in the waitress’s eyes as she turns to look at me causes me to flinch back, and sends an involuntary shudder through me. At my shudder she gasps and turns to Mistress and asks, “How much?”

My offer is simple. You come live with me, be my public girlfriend and my slut. In return, she will obey you like she does me. The only limitation on what you can do to her is ... Nothing permanent. You can do anything else you want to her. She will even cooperate. She will even pretend to enjoy it if you want. Right Slave?

“Yes, Mistress”

“Give her examples of what she can do to you and with you!”

Still on my knees, I whisper “You can fuck me. I’ll eat your pussy whenever you want.”

Mistress shakes her head. “Foolish slave, she already knows about that. I expect you to convince her to accept my offer.”

I take a deep breath and look at her and say. “We picked up a bunch of sex toys to use on me earlier today.” I could see in her eyes that I was losing her attention and quickly added “I’m a virgin, and I’ve never used a sex toy before! You could be the first.” She liked hearing that, but I could see it wasn’t enough. I took another deep breath and moved on to the second stop. The one that terrified me the most. “We also picked up some other things to use on me. This includes pliers, clamps, pins, and a hammer.” I look up and shudder away from the lust in her eyes. I had her complete attention now.

With eyes locked on mine, the waitress speaks to Mistress, “Are you really serious? Will she really let me use a hammer? Needles? Pliers?”

Focusing on the poison, and knowing what I had to do, I answered before Mistress could speak “If Mistresses tells me to obey you, I will, at your request, fetch them for you to use on me anytime you ask. If it hurts so much I can’t hold myself still for your pleasure, we also purchased chains I can tie myself down with.”

I feel a mixture of relief and horror as the waitress lets out a lusty sigh and says “Deal!”

Mistress says, “I’m looking forward to getting the two of you home, but first let’s have some fun here. Both of you strip for me. I want a good look at what I’m getting.”

Both the waitress and I start stripping, with a clear blush. Once I’m completely nude, Mistress looks the waitress and says “Your panties are soaked. Is that piss or from your dripping pussy?”

the waitress blushes and replies “My panties were pulled to the side when I went in her mouth.” Mistress says “Good. They will make an excellent gag. Slave, come here and climb up on the counter. Lay down, open your mouth, and close your eyes.”

Once my eyes are closed, and I feel the foul panties pushed into my mouth. I hear Mistress say “Close.” I closed my mouth, laying across the cold counter, nude and helpless, trembling as I waited for the unknown but unpleasant future to arrive.

I hear Mistress say to the waitress “What do you want her to call you? She only knows me as Mistress Red.” There is a long quiet pause, then I her the waitress say, “Could I be Mistress Agony?” The name makes me tremble, and I hear Mistress Red chuckle as she leans over and says “You didn’t believe me when I said you would beg me to rape you. Do you believe now, or should I offer more proof?”. I frantically nod my head yes, needing no further proof.

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