Kitty on the Beach

by Tod

Copyright© 2018 by Tod

Erotica Sex Story: A dreaded New Year family trip to the beach gives me a unique opportunity to get close to a lovely kitten.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   Cream Pie   Pregnancy   .

I felt a new sense of dread as the plane door closed and I buckled my belt. I actually thought I was going to be sick for an instant, but it was all in my imagination. There was no longer any escape, I was really on my way to spend New Year’s with my family.

It’s not that I hate them, I actually have a lot of good memories growing up with them, along with some very bad ones. It’s just that they don’t understand me, they never had, and by now I don’t expect them to but that doesn’t remove the bad taste of all their comments and ill-disguised suggestions.

Ever since I was little I always felt out of place during the family reunions. They were always talking about me, about what I would do, what I would think or what I would accomplish, always comparing me with Leroy, my cousin, and in turn making him become a terrible bully.

Oh, how things had flipped around. When we were kids I was always the good one, the studious one, the careful one, the one with a future, the one who would one day be president or an astronaut. Leroy was the slacker, the bully, the troublemaker, always in my shadow, regardless that I didn’t care for that. I just wanted to play, and he was the only child my age, so I endured his bullying. Now, Leroy is the family man, married and with a cute child, a steady 9-to-5 job, a car, a mortgage, the whole package. I’m the drop-out, the freelancer, the one without a girlfriend, a child, or even a car, probably sucking my dad’s bank account dry for all they know.

Leroy and I don’t talk a lot, but I think we both understand we had nothing against each other, it was just the family’s expectations. He’s the least unpleasant one to talk to, but we don’t have much to talk about. We don’t care about our common childhood or our current lives. We just want to live and let live. If only the rest of the family would let it be that way.

I tried to prepare myself for the questions. First, they would ask about my job. After failing to understand what I do, the job offers would begin. “It comes with an office and a car,” would be the high selling point. I could always just smile and nod; those were the easy questions. Then they would up the attack. “Do you have a girlfriend?” “When can I expect great-grandkids?” Grandma would lead the charge and the rest of the family would follow. Louie would take my side, and say being gay was all right, while Joseph would offer a church retreat to cure gayness.

My dad would stay silent, at least. I had talked to him years ago, and I think he actually understood I would not be having children, a wife, or even a girlfriend, even if the reason was left unsaid. I didn’t spell out that I was a pedophile. I didn’t want to give him a heart attack, but at least he understood I had no interest in normal women.

And now not only was I on my way to deal with the family but, on top of that, we were to spend New Year’s at the beach. If they hadn’t already got me to agree to go before I knew where we were going, I would have made up something to miss the date. The beach meant families with little children naked or almost naked all around, and I knew it was going to be torture not to stare like an idiot. Plus, I had to pretend to ogle the older females flaunting their charms, or I’d receive even more teasing from my uncles.

It was with those thoughts heavy in my mind that I stated the journey from my peaceful house to our meeting point.

I almost wished airport security would keep me longer, but with all my papers in order, I was allowed outside. A short taxi trip later, I arrived at a small parking lot where most of my family was already surrounding a hired bus. I wasn’t sure if the beach we were going to lacked an airport, or if the family just felt we needed 4 hours of bonding before spending 5 days together. By that point I didn’t really care.

“Johnny! How are you?”, “It’s been so long!”, “You’re still alive?” they greeted me as I approached. I must confess, being hugged and warmly welcomed did make me feel good.

I was a bit taken aback by the sheer quantity of people already waiting. We were well over a dozen adults, plus the two children, all running, chatting, screaming and trying to put order in that chaos. It was overwhelming, and at the same time nostalgic. This was the same noise I had lived with week after week while growing up.

Besides my aunts, uncles and cousins, most of them all grown up, there were two small boys running around, my only two nephews. The older one was Leroy’s, and I’ve seen him once or twice. The younger one was a new face.

“Elian! don’t run!” called one of my aunts, but the little boy just ignored her and continue playing.

After the required greetings to grandma and my dad, I excused myself to the interior of the bus. Apparently, we were still waiting for more family, but I decided to stick to my plan of making myself as small as possible and hope to pass unnoticed the rest of the trip.

Slowly people began filling the bus, giving me only cursory glances and greetings. Lucky for me, I wasn’t the most interesting novelty on the trip. That honor fell partly on Elian, whose antics everyone was celebrating, and on Barbie, Jules’ new pregnant bride, who was showcasing a nice baby bump that everyone wanted to caress. It seemed Jules was following on Leroy’s steps, as always. He was our next youngest cousin, and from an early age, he had tried to emulate Leroy at everything, including bullying me. I didn’t hold much hope that he had tempered with age, but at least he was much more interested in his new bride and soon-to-be baby than me.

Barbie was a new face to me. We greeted each other soberly, and I didn’t ask, or was offered the chance to rub her growing belly. She was a good-looking girl, probably in her mid-twenties, like Jules. Some might call her beautiful, but all I felt was a pang of jealousness over Jules at being able to create a new life with a girl like that, something I had resigned myself never to experience. I knew I could fake affection for a girl in order to trick her into giving me a baby or even hire a womb just to have it, but both options felt dirty to me. I wanted the affection as well but with my tastes that was something I knew I couldn’t get.

My thoughts were suddenly halted when she entered the bus, and I was promptly left dumbstruck admiring her. I hadn’t seen her in almost 10 years, before her father’s drug addiction made her mother take her and her brother away. Last time she had been a cute toddler running around and unknowingly tempting me, but now she was a vision of perfection in every aspect.

Katey was her name, and she entered following her father Joseph and her brother Alex, but from the moment her head entered the bus, she was Kitty to me. She was wearing the cutest cat ears on her long hair, pants and a jacket that hid most of her body, and still, I could guess that under those clothes she had the perfect body. She was the definition of petite. The way her clothes moved showed she had not an ounce of extra fat and lean delicate limbs.

Joseph had to actually greet me twice before I could tear my attention from his daughter. He didn’t seem to notice, and I managed to say something. I actually stood to greet Kitty, and I fought with myself to keep the hug I gave her from turning into a make-out session.

“Long time no see,” I think I told her. “Last time you were still a baby,” I said, or something equally corny. She actually smiled at me and said something about remembering me, I believe.

Joseph and his family were the last to arrive, so shortly after that everyone got a seat on the bus and we started the last leg of the journey to the beach. The seats were hard and small, the bus had almost no suspension so we were jumping around, and the driver and my cousin Ann had the worst taste in music ever. All that didn’t stop the rest of the family from chatting away in earnest, half congratulating Jules and Barbie, the rest celebrating Elian running around.

I could not keep my eyes from Kitty’s cat ears and her flowing hair. She had sat a few seats in front of me with another of my younger cousins, and they were chatting and giggling as girls tend to do. It dawned on me that my attraction for Katey was weird both in its intensity and the fact that she was clearly a full-fledged teenager now. Even my cousin sitting next to her, who was at least a year younger, had never made me turn my head, but for some reason Katey captivated me.

I forced myself to calm down and bury those feelings. I tried to rationalize that I was remembering the last time I saw her when she was a five-year-old running around shirtless; that it wasn’t her, but that her choice of cat ears had grabbed my attention ... By the third bathroom break (and the only one that Elian actually really had to go), I had convinced myself that whatever I felt had been a fluke and returned to my original plan of keeping a low profile.

If the bus wasn’t poor quality enough, the hotel was a complete scam. The rooms were not for six people as advertised, but only for four. They definitely weren’t luxury suites but run-down rooms. Furthermore, the hotel wasn’t a beach-front property. You actually had to cross the highway to get there. Worst of all, they didn’t accept credit cards, so I, as one of the few who exchanged currency, was left to pay most of the bill, with promises from my dad they would repay me. The silver lining was they actually let me stay in a room by myself for all the trouble, so I didn’t have to share it as most of my family had to.

Even though the day was almost over, several of my cousins and uncles wanted to see the beach, but the hotel staff came clean with us. They told us that the sea was wild and the beach was dirty and unsafe, so we better just stick to the hotel’s pool. The hotel’s advertised Olympic-style pool was actually two small circles, one for kids and one for adults, and neither looked particularly clean. The young ones didn’t care and jumped in the moment they received permission.

I just went to my room. I didn’t bother to unpack. If things at the beach were half as bad as the hotel staff had said, we wouldn’t be staying the full three days we booked. At least the room and bed were clean, and the mattress was soft enough to provide a good night’s sleep.

We should have known anything the hotel staff told us would be a lie. The beach was actually clean and the sea was calm and inviting. Best of all, even though we were in the middle of the winter break, the beach was almost empty, with only three other families sharing the sea with us. Of course, those families had to include little girls in skimpy swimsuits that frolicked in the beach, bending down to build sand castles and didn’t care for poor old pedophiles that had to avert their eyes.

As I was debating if it would be best to just pretend to sleep and hope to steal some glances at the kids, or go into the sea and observe from there, she arrived, shattering my ideas. Kitty was still wearing those cute cat ears in her flowing hair, and other than that, she wore the most revealing blue side-tie bikini I’d ever seen. I think this was the first side-tie bikini I’d ever seen, and seeing it on such a lovely creature made me unable to stop staring. Just as I imagined the day before, she was perfect. Her small frame moved, betraying her growing attributes, as the bikini hugged her ass, hips and breasts. Her flat belly was just begging to be caressed, a cute bellybutton the only imperfection on that perfect front. And her breasts! They looked big on her small frame, although I was sure they would feel small in my hands. Her hips swayed at every step she took, and the small bikini had to fight hard to keep both her buttocks covered.

I found I had to force myself to pay attention to the other girls playing on the beach in order to keep my eyes away from Kitty, but after seeing her, those kids lacked the raw sex appeal that my teenage cousin displayed.

The fact that there was no volleyball court on the beach didn’t stop my uncle Louie. He ripped apart a towel to make a rope, stole two sticks for posts, and in short order we had a fully functional volleyball court. We all participated, to various degrees of humiliation, until only those that really wanted to keep playing stayed while the rest of us watched from the sidelines.

To my everlasting pleasure, Kitty kept on playing for a long time. She wasn’t good, but I didn’t care for the game. My eyes were glued to her, noticing how every few steps she took, she had to pass a hand over her butt to fix her bikini, how her breasts bounced whenever she jumped to catch the ball, how the ties on her bikini button seemed so frail that they could come loose at any moment, and how I could almost see a camel toe in the front of her groin.

I had to enter the sea several times just to cool off, to be able to watch her from afar with less worry about others noticing where my sight was. Whenever I tried to look away, I found myself unable to do so. I was attracted to her like a moth to the flame, and I had no idea why.

As we were preparing to retreat, Kitty covered her still wet bikini with a pair of shorts and a shirt, finally giving my overwhelmed brain chance to stop looking at her. I couldn’t contain myself as we were walking back to the hotel, and I sped over to her.

“Why do you wear cat ears?” I asked her.

“‘Cause I’m a cat, meow!” she answered with a giggle and a bright smile.

“You played a lot,” I continued, not really knowing what to say. I just wanted to keep talking to her.

“I did, but I’m no good. My brother is much better,” she said, frowning.

“Did you enjoy the sea?” I pressed on.

“Yeah, but it was scary! What if a shark came up?”

“There are no sharks here,” I pointed out. “That’s why you didn’t get any deeper?”

“I dunno—”

“There are no sharks, but there are killer whales!” interrupted Louie from behind us, making whale sounds. “And they love to eat swimmers!” he continued, making Kitty run away between laughs.

The rest of the day passed without other notable incidents. I was appointed part of the group tasked with buying enough food for the rest of our stay, plus New Year’s dinner, most likely since we were aware that not only the hotel, but all local retail stores did not take credit cards. I never thought I’d say it, but the teasing I suffered during that shopping trip was actually a nice break from the feelings Kitty stirred inside me.

The next day started almost as a carbon copy of the previous day, with the family taking a place by the beach next to the other three families. I kept trying to take a peek while the mothers put the swimsuits on the little girls, giving me some nice nipple shots.

Just like the day before, all my attention was on Kitty when she entered and shed her pants and shirt to showcase her beauty. Once more, she wore a side-tie bikini, a blue one that was perhaps even smaller than the previous one. The biggest change was the bra. It now included some decorative trims that actually made her breasts look bigger. Also, the deep blue color made it easier to see the wrinkles in the fabric. Every time I looked at her groin I wondered if I was actually seeing her pussy being pressed by it.

The volleyball games resumed. This time, the men from one of the other families joined in to challenge those that knew how to play, so most of us that had no talent were quickly shed aside. I didn’t care, but Kitty seemed disappointed when no team wanted her anymore.

I followed her to the beach, quickly entering so the waves could hide my erection, and watched her stay close to the beach, down on her knees so the waves could cover her. Once more it struck me as weird that she didn’t come further in, while Leo seemed happy to be hit by the waves, but you could see Kitty fixing her bikini after each one, apparently not too happy.

“Come over here where the waves don’t hit!” I called for her.

She looked at me but didn’t answer. Maybe she couldn’t swim? That would be weird since both her father and brother were pretty good swimmers. I advanced towards her and extended my arm in her direction.

“Come on, I’ll help you,” I insisted, and with a lovely smile, she finally grabbed my hand and let me drag her further into the sea.

“Can you still feel the ground?” she asked me after we had gone only a few steps further in, still where the waves could hit us.

“Sure, but we have to go deeper to be safe from the waves,” I explained, still dragging her.

“I don’t like not feeling the ground,” she said, and to my surprise, she clung to my arm, and I was suddenly very aware of her breasts pressing against it.

“Don’t worry, it’s actually much calmer a few feet deeper, and I can help you float,” I assured her. “You do know how to float, right?”

“Somewhat—” she started to answer, but then a big wave passed over us, and Kitty launched herself over me in a frantic attempt to stay above water. Feeling her breasts on the back of my neck and her toned legs around my torso would have made me much happier if I weren’t in the middle of swallowing a mouthful of salt water.

Luckily, I touched the ground and was able to push myself back up, after which I unceremoniously pulled the girl from my back and pressed her back against my chest, being careful to keep her head above water.

“Just stay like this,” I ordered. “I’ll make sure you stay afloat, but don’t try to grab me again, Ok?” I said, still coughing a bit.

“Sorry, I got scared,” she apologized, relaxing in my arms and letting me kept her afloat.

By now I’d moved us beyond the waves, and we could enjoy the sea without having to look over our shoulders. Only then did I realized I had my arm around Kitty’s body, her breasts resting on it, while her ass bumped against my groin as the sea rocked us. My erection, that had disappeared when I was sent underwater, began to grow once more, and in this position, I had no way to prevent it from poking on Kitty’s ass.

“Aren’t you afraid you’ll lose the ears?” I asked her, trying to distract myself, but seeing her cute cat ears right in front of my face didn’t really help.

“I have a lot,” she responded, apparently more relaxed and focused on watching the beach. “It really is a lot calmer here,” she added, and then turned, smiling at me. “Thanks for helping, I feel safe with you around.”

“No problem—” I answer as a wave threatened to pull Kitty out of my reach. Not wanting that to happen, I quickly adjusted my grip, pulling her closer, but once that was over, I discovered I had a handful of bikini-covered breast in my hand.

As big as it seemed on her tiny frame, her breast was quite small, as my hand could envelope it completely without problem. It felt soft and bouncy, and I couldn’t help but give it a small squeeze, trying to disguise it as a normal movement.

“You’ve grown a lot since I last saw you,” I said when she didn’t make any movement or comment about my hand on her boob. Her only response was to lay back on my shoulder, I could see she had her eyes closed and a happy smile on her face.

I wasn’t sure if I was reading too much into her willingness, but I just couldn’t help myself. While my hand closed once more over her soft breast, my other arm came around and started caressing her naked belly and lower chest in big circles, following the movements of the sea.

“You’re a very beautiful girl,” I complimented. I felt my erection push against her ass as the waves moved us.

“That’s not true,” she said, opening her eyes, “Barbie is beautiful, I’m just ... meh!” she expressed. I was taken aback by how a girl so pretty could say that, was she really unaware of the effect she had on me, on all men, that could see her in the tiny bikini and cute cat ears?

“Do you think you would be more beautiful with a belly like Barbie?” I said without thinking, while my hand caressed her lower stomach. At first, I said so thinking her trim body was much more beautiful like it was, without any fat, but the moment the words left my mouth, the image of Kitty with a big belly and my baby growing inside her made me realize that yes, perhaps she would be even more beautiful like that.

Kitty lifted her head from my shoulder and straightened her body. I stopped squeezing her breast and caressing her tummy, fearing I had said something bad.

“Can you take us back?” she finally asked, as her hand took mine over her belly, but she didn’t move it away, just grabbed it there.

“You want to get out?” I asked, pretty disappointed the make-out session had ended, but I started swimming towards the beach.

“Not really...” she said, “but I gotta pee.”

I stopped swimming. “Well, no need to get out, you can do it here,” I assured her. She just turned her head and looked at me with confused eyes. “There’s no one around, and the sea will take it,” I continued.

“Really? But—”

Before she could raise an objection, in an impulsive act fueled by having her lovely body wrapped in my arms, I lowered my hand to her groin and without further explanation grabbed the thin material of her bikini and pulled it to the side, exposing her naked pussy to the sea water.

“Let it go,” I instructed, even as I felt her body tensed in my arms.

My fingers were actually touching her pussy as I held the bikini to the side. Before the weight of what I was doing hit me, I felt her belly move, and a warm stream left her body, right next to my fingers. It extended down to my legs, before disappearing in the cold water. I could heard a soft “Mmmmm” from Kitty as she relieved her bladder, and I couldn’t help but purposely move my fingers further in, to caress her pussy lips while my hard cock, moved by the sea, continued to bump into her ass.

The warm stream soon ended and Kitty moved her hand down and removed mine as she fixed her bikini. “Better?” I asked her.

“Mh-hmm, I’m getting cold, let’s get out,” she answered, as she began to kick toward the beach. My hand was still on her breast, but her movement forced me to lower it to fully support her. I could feel how tense her body was and I was beginning to regret letting my infatuation do the thinking for me.

She got off me the moment her feet touched the ground and was out of the water and running up the beach to meet with the rest of the family. I stayed behind, in part because I had to wait for my erection to go down, but also out of fear of what would happen. Would she tell her father? Her brother? Everyone?

After a while, when nobody came to drag me out, I decided to emerge. Kitty was nowhere to be seen, but the rest of the family continued playing, chatting and taking the sun like nothing was wrong. Perhaps she had enjoyed it also, I dared to think, or perhaps she thought nothing of it. Or perhaps she was waiting to tell her dad in private. I excused myself early as I was in no mood to pretend to care.

My worries diminished after dinner when still no one confronted me. Kitty’s absence at the table was normal. She and her brother had gone out to eat the night before as well, and I think I convinced myself that I was looking too deep into the encounter. I was just helping her float, so of course, I had to touch her, and with such big breasts, it was unavoidable that my hands found them from time to time. And she had clearly never peed in the sea before, so I was just helping her keep her bikini clean. It was my own dirty mind that applied extra meaning when there was none.

That night in the shower I masturbated to that encounter. In my fantasy I had been bolder. After she had finished peeing, or even while she was doing it, I had taken my member out and fucked her. I first pictured her as a virgin, surprised by my intrusion. Then I imagined her as an experienced lover, eager to have me. In my mind I fucked her hard, my movement resonating over all her body. But when I feel getting closer, I imagine the sea ruling our movement in an almost tender lovemaking. It was a great orgasm, only tarnished by Jules knocking on the door, wanting to use the restroom.

I was still conflicted as I lay in bed. Kitty hadn’t outright rejected me, and I had gone much further than I ever though possible. But as much as I had enjoyed it, and as much as I fantasized about doing even more, I knew it was best to remain apart. With that conclusion reached, I finally managed to fall asleep.

I decided not to go to the beach the next day and instead stayed at the hotel to help grandma and my aunts prepare New Year’s dinner. The luxury suites’ fully equipped kitchen consisted on a small electric grill, a single saucepan and perhaps five forks and a spoon among all three suites. It was lucky grandma had been cooking a long time before microwaves were common or I think our dinner would have been crackers with milk.

Most of the day I spent running around between the three suites, picking up small tables to try to form one big enough for the entire family. I also made several trips to the store for missing items, starting with disposable plates and cutlery, all the way to a spare saucepan. In hindsight, I should have bought a microwave and been done with it.

In the end, the dining table didn’t look half bad, as long as you imagined the disposables were fine cutlery. Grandma actually managed to make enough food for all of us; most of it was even warm.

For me, it was a nice day to forget what had happened and try to detox from my cousin. This was to be our final full day at the beach (the bus would pick us the next day at midday), so I reasoned that avoiding seeing Kitty in a skimpy bikini might help me forget about her and her cute cat ears.

It actually worked, and by sundown, I was pretty proud of myself. I had not only not thought about Katey, but I had endured a full day being questioned by my grandma and aunts about my love life without pulling out my hair.

It all came crashing down at dinnertime. I had steadied myself for when she arrived. I knew she would be dressed in something more than a bikini, since grandma would not allow that for New Year’s dinner, and I hoped she’d choose a demure outfit that allowed me to keep ignoring her. She did, and came wearing a long white dress that did nothing but accentuate her beauty. She had actually put on some makeup that made her black eyes stand out even more, and had a smile on her face that lit up the entire room. And of course, she still had those precious cat ears poking out between her locks of flowing hair.

I’m not too sure what happened at dinner. Half the time I was too distracted discreetly looking at her and the other half I was worried about everyone noticing I was looking at her. I know I received a lot of questions during that dinner, many of which would have made me flinch had I been paying attention, but I doubt I gave more than single word response all night.

Much sooner than I expected, midnight arrived and everyone got up to hug and wish each other a Happy New Year. All I wanted was to hug Kitty and never let her go, but amidst the chaos that ensued and the beginning of the firework display by the beach (at least we could see them over the buildings), I realized I hadn’t given her a hug but she was nowhere to be found.

Joseph told me that Kitty and her brother had gone out when I asked if she had gone to bed early, like Leo and Elian. I think he found it cute that I assumed his teen-aged daughter would go early to bed, telling me teenagers would rather party than sleep.

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