My Neighbour's Young Daughter

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Sex Story: An innocent school project developed into a long term love relationship between a fourteen year old and a lonely widower.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   .

Copyright © 2000, Jack Spratt. ALL Rights Reserved

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

It was a typical neighbourhood of modest single family homes with many mature trees and well-groomed lawns. In this area you usually knew your neighbours on each side of you at least to say hello. I was no different. On one side of my home was a new family; on the other was a family who lived here for eight years.

I enjoyed puttering around the lawn and my garden of weeds. I said weeds as they grow fantastically unfortunately whatever I plant seems to die on the vine. My garage contained a small workshop where I had a number of projects on the go.

I’m an empty nester, a widower; my children were all over the country. My job was my family. I worked in the computer industry, but I loved my time at home. The house was large for my needs but after twenty three years it was very comfortable.

For the last couple of weeks I had noticed the young daughter of the established neighbour watching me. When I was out, she was looking at me making direct eye contact. She had a wonderful haunting look about her. Her shoulder length hair framed her beautiful face. My guess was she is about fourteen, maybe a year older. Her young body was just starting to develop. Her breasts were showing and her hips were starting to take shape. All this was supported by her long lovely legs that were well developed.

We kept exchanging looks. Now I found myself thinking about her. I had never had any interest in young teen girls but this young lady changed all that. I was all mixed up. Hell I didn’t even know her first name. But changes were afoot.

On Saturday morning while reading the local paper, the doorbell rang.

“Hi. I am Jayden Raven. I am selling chocolate bars for a school project. Would you like to buy some?”

“Good to meet you. I am Don Parsons.”

There she was the young beauty from next door in living color. Her name was Jayden. She was dressed in her sexy school uniform. She was a vision in her short pleated skirt and her raised shoes; the view certainly perked up John Thomas. My hope was she didn’t notice. Unfortunately there was no way I could reduce my obvious erection without drawing attention to it.

“Yes. I’ll take a couple. Come on in and I’ll get my wallet.”

Jayden stepped in leaving the door open. I went searching. She seemed fascinated by my computer set up. It’s a powerful unit complete with a scanner and all the gadgets that were required in my work.

“I found it.”

Jayden accepted the money and in return I got two chocolate bars.

“Are you interested in computers?”

“Oh, yes. We have one at home but not as large as yours and we don’t have all the things you have.”

Things were an accurate way of explaining the peripherals. Smiling I studied this lovely angel.

“I don’t get to use ours that much, my two sisters are always hogging it. I really need one for school projects.”

“Maybe I can offer you a solution, you can use mine for your school projects. But you would have to have your parent’s permission. They can call me if you’re interested.”

“Really, you’d let me use your system? Boy that will make my sisters really pissed off. I’ll ask my dad.”

“Just a minute, I’ll give you my phone number.”


With that Jayden left. Watching her walk away was a visual treat. Her hips had an accented sway. Her short skirt left very little to the imagination. I was hoping to see panties but the skirt was just long enough to deprive me of that view. She looked back and when she caught me staring she had a coy smile on her beautiful face.

Nothing happened as a result of my conversation about using the computer. Weeks passed with no telephone call from Jayden or her parents. I made a point of looking for Jayden when I was working in the yard. When she was there, I was greeted with a wave and the direct eye contact. Once she actually licked her lips. I wondered if she knew what she was doing. Even at her young age her beauty was obvious. What would hug and a kiss be like with Jayden? It was just a dream and a stupid one at that.

That evening after dinner the telephone rang.

“Hello. Is this Don Parsons?”

“Yes it is. How can I help you?”

“I’m Frank Raven; we are neighbors, Jayden’s dad. She mentioned you offered to let her use your computer for school projects.”

“Yes I did. She sold me some chocolate bars for a school fund-raising event. She mentioned you had one computer for three young daughters and claimed she didn’t get enough time using it. That is when I offered.”

“It is challenging trying to divide the time equally among the three of them. Unfortunately Jayden and her sister both need the use of it next week. Both have large projects that require Internet research and using the Word Processor for their assignments. I wouldn’t have asked but it is important to both of them.”

“It’s not a problem at all. I use a system all day at work. I usually don’t want to look at it during the evening unless I bring home from work. I’d be glad to help.”

“I don’t know how to thank you. Jayden will be over shortly if it isn’t a bother.”

“I’ll look forward to seeing her.”

After hanging up, I felt a little giddy; there’s nothing more pathetic then an old fool. Here I was getting excited over a young girl coming over to use my computer. Soon there was heavy knock, it was Jayden. She was wearing a pink tube top and a pair of skin tight bicycle shorts. The exotic effect she had on me was crazy; I shouldn’t be thinking the thoughts that were drifting through my imagination. Her breasts were not the largest but her nipples were very evident. Her well-formed bottom was encased in her spandex shorts; everything was outlined in vivid detail. Now I was feeling just a tad uncomfortable, but my eyes stayed on target.

“Come in Jayden. Your dad said you would be over. I hear you have a major project for school. What is the topic?”

“It’s about life in the Old West. We have to touch on all the subjects on this list.”

“Let’s go to the computer and get you started.”

Jayden followed me. Letting the system boot up, I explained how to get the printer to work etc. She listened attentively. It gave me an opportunity to study her. Jayden was absentmindedly spreading her legs back and forth as she watched the screen flashing as the programs loaded. Her skin tight shorts accented her pubs. It was an exciting view. Her pussy lips were puffy and large for her body size and her age. My mind was wandering into uncharted areas. A stupid thing bounced into my thoughts, how big was her clitoris? When the screen flashed the system logo it brought me back to earth.

“Do you think you can get started?”

“Yes thank you. Can you log onto the Internet for me please?”

I logged on and found a search engine for Jayden.

“I will be in the kitchen if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Mr. Parsons. You don’t know how much I appreciate this; the best thing is my sister is really pissed off. I told her about all the neat stuff you had.”

That term surprised me. Then I thought of my school experience and all the coarse words I used as a young boy. I left for the kitchen. A fresh coffee and newspaper needed my attention. But I did take one last look at Jayden. Approximately an hour later I asked Jayden if she would like something to drink.

“Oh, you’re doing a lot for me. But if you are getting something for yourself I’d like a coke.”

I brought the coke to Jayden. She looked deep in thought.

“What is the stumbling block?”

“Well one of the topics is about the large families and that kind of stuff. I haven’t got too much experience talking about that. I can’t find anything about family sex with a search engine.”

Jayden obviously didn’t type in the right topics. Sex ran the Internet.

“What are you trying to research?”

“I know how they made all those babies most families had very large families. But what did they do about birth control? When did they have time for that sort of thing?”

“Maybe you should ask your mom those questions. I don’t think it is my place to answer those very personal questions.”

“Why not? The teacher asked us to research the project. I can use your information as a source of research.”

“Ok. Since you put it that way I will try and help. What do you want to know?”

“What is foreplay?”

Now that was a question to stop you in your tracks. I thought this would be simple. I should’ve kept my mouth shut.

“Excuse me but where did you get that question?”

“Stuff I heard at school. Some of the girls said it was important to have foreplay before having sex to make babies.”

“Do you know what it means to make babies?”

“Only what I read in school on the reproduction in our heath books. I think it must be really yucky by what I read.”

“What do you mean, yucky?”

“You know, putting your thing in my thing, sounds yucky to me.”

Now I was getting hard. How was I going to get out of this?

“Foreplay is something similar. If you thought making babies was yucky, you will likely say the same thing about foreplay.”

“I still want to know about it so I don’t appear such a nerd.”

I got into foreplay. I explained it was a means of getting your partner excited before they actually had sexual intercourse. Using all the technical language, I could think of. Jayden listened intently.

“Can you show me?”

Now what was I supposed to do? This could get really dicey. I tried back pedaling, suggesting she ask her dad and mom. That didn’t work.

“Are you kidding? They don’t even kiss in front of us girls. I can see my dad telling or showing me anything about foreplay. I want you to. Please.”

Jayden had very beautiful pleading eyes. I could feel myself caving in.

“I shouldn’t be even talking about sex with a teen as young as you. How old are you?”

“I’m fourteen. I will fifteen in two months.”

I saw a fourteen-year-old Lolita. How could a fourteen year old girl be this sexy? Maybe her beauty had something to do with her diet. I could remember the fourteen-year-old girls from my school. The only way you could tell them from the boys was the length of their hair. That was not the case with Jayden. Jayden’s nipples were pronounced, currently pointing right at me. She was getting excited. I noticed a damp spot on the crotch of her shorts. I was getting in deeper and deeper. What I should do is call her parents. Great plan!!!

“Do you masturbate?”

“What is masturbating?”

“Have you ever played with yourself?”

I was trying to be diplomatic. But I could feel myself slipping in the quicksand.

“No! That’s dirty.”

Then I saw a glimmer of light. If she thought that negatively about masturbation, showing her foreplay would be out of the question.

“Foreplay is very similar except your partner does the playing. Since you think it is dirty we can stop right here.”

“No, we don’t. I want to learn about foreplay. With you doing the touching it won’t feel dirty to me. What do I have to do?”

“Are you sure really sure? I don’t think we should do anything if you are uncomfortable. You may have to do things you may not like.”

“What things?”

“You will likely end up with no clothes on. I’ll see you naked. Are you sure you want to try this?”

Jayden looked at me. I thought she was going to back out. I was ready to run to the kitchen. I couldn’t take much more of her questions. John Thomas thought it was a great topic. Jayden had to notice my tent, now very pronounced in my slacks.

“Can I stop any time I want?”

“Of course Jayden, I don’t want to do it period. I still think you should be asking your parents all these questions.”

“Well. I want to try it, maybe not all of it but some of it. Foreplay sounds very interesting the way you explain it.”

Great, that was just the opposite of what I was trying to accomplish.

“You’ll have to promise me that you won’t tell anyone, not your sisters or your best friend and of course your parents. I could end up in deep trouble.”

“I swear on my favourite cross. I’ll never tell a soul.”

The phone rang. It was Jayden’s mom. Time had gone so fast. It was nine thirty. Jayden had to go home, saved by the bell. I felt a great flood of relief.

“Mr. Parsons. Mom wants me to go home. But I want to learn more. Maybe I could come over on Saturday when I’ll have more time.”

“As long as you have your parents’ permission, have them call me. When is your project due?”

“I’ve three weeks. It’s worth 35 percent of my marks in the subject. I want it to be perfect.”

With that she left me high and dry with a raging hardon. I was hurting. How did I get myself in this mess? My offer of the computer was just to get to see her again. But after today talking foreplay with a young lady, I really needed my head read. Jayden must have been wearing a scent I hadn’t noticed before. The lingering fragrance was still in the air hours after Jayden left, a fourteen-year-old young girl wearing a haunting scent. My mind was imagining all sorts of interesting scenarios. My hope was she would forget about it. That was wishful thinking.

The following day while in my wood shop, Jayden came for a chat.

“My mom said if you’re still agreeable with me coming over it would be fine to work on my project on Saturday. What time can I come over?”

Shit, this could do nothing but get dicer. My foot was in my mouth and I couldn’t get it out.

“How about ten thirty. If your parents approve, we can have lunch together. You should be able to get a lot done. Have one of your parents call me if you are going to stay for lunch. I’ll need to go shopping.”

“Good. I’ll have Mom call. See you Saturday.”

I watched her skip away, admiring her well-developed legs. Her thighs and calves were well defined. An ominous feeling ran through me. I still couldn’t believe her demeanor. It had me wondering what the hell I was doing. This was playing with fire. Maybe Saturday wouldn’t come or Jayden would call and cancel. Again, wishful thinking.

Later that evening I did get a call. It was Jayden’s dad.

“Hello Mr. Parsons. Jayden asked me to call. It was nice of you to offer Jayden lunch on Saturday. She hasn’t stopped talking about how much she appreciates the use of your computer. She has her sisters envious and she keeps rubbing it in. You really impressed her. I had planned to take the family shopping but Jayden begged off wanting to work on her project. I wish her sisters were as enthusiastic. I have to push them.”

“Well I appreciate you calling. I haven’t done anything wonderful. Just answered a few questions and assisted Jayden with the search engine. Your daughter is a very polite young lady. You should be proud.”

“I am. Jayden is the only one of my daughters with an inquiring mind. She never stops asking questions. I hope she doesn’t talk your ear off.”

“No. I find it interesting. I never had a daughter, just three sons whom I see once a year at Christmas. Jayden’s questions keep me on my toes.”

After a few more comments we hung up. My body was tingling. Maybe Jayden forgot what we were talking about. How was I going to show her foreplay?

On Saturday morning at ten thirty the doorbell rang. Surprise. It was Jayden. She was dressed in her pleated skirt, a white blouse, short white socks and shoes. Her hair was in a ponytail. She looked like a beautiful doll. When she walked by me, her scent hit me like a hammer. The little minx’s aromas had me in flux and she just got here! Things like this were not supposed to happen, especially to me.

“How are you Jayden? Are you ready to start working on your project?”

Jayden set her book and backpack on the desk. She looked so angelic. She had tons of sex appeal and didn’t realize it. Something was different about her, and then I realized she had makeup. Her eyes lashes were pronounced and her lips were coated with gloss, my old heart was hammering. Here I was sexually excited being in the presence of a fourteen-year-old. I needed a reality check.

“I am ready to finish what we started. I still want to learn about foreplay. I have been reading about it. I can’t understand why anyone would want to feel between my legs. It seems so dirty. I have been rubbing my titties too. Do men like doing all those things?”

“Of course, that is part of the sexual thing between men and woman. If you are disgusted by it, we don’t have to do it. I can help you research the rest of the project.”

“No. I want to feel it. Maybe when you do it to me, I’ll feel different. When can we start?”

Now, what the hell am I going to do? She had me in a corner, the corner my big mouth got me in. Jayden looked at me with her big bedroom eyes. John Thomas’s head was all for it, damn traitor!

“If you are really sure, we better go to the rec-room in the lower level. I certainly don’t want anyone looking in and seeing me touch you.”

My rec-room was well furnished with two large oversized sofa beds, an assortment of chairs, tables and of course all the entertainment equipment. I led Jayden to one of the sofas and we sat side by side.

“Are you sure about this, Jayden? I don’t want to do anything with you that you may not enjoy.”

“How can I tell you that? I haven’t experienced anything yet.”

“Ok. Here we go.”

Jayden was in my arms. Her soft body molded to me, totally relaxed. I kissed her softly. Her lips were like flower petals. My kisses were all over her face and head. When I nibbled the nape of her neck, her body trembled. My fingers were playing with her nipples. They were hard like bullets. Jayden was softly moaning.

“Are you okay? We can stop now.”

“No don’t stop.”

Jayden was sighing and softly moaning as I continued to roll her nipple between my fingers. As she moved, her skirt flipped up, showing me her light blue panties. There was obvious dampness in the crotch. Jayden was getting sexually excited. Undoing the buttons on her blouse exposed her two dark pink jewels. My lips were on one, then the other, gently sucking. Jayden was now squirming. I continued to suck. Her skin had a favorable taste. Jayden’s hands were on the back of my head pulling me hard against her nipples. It was a joy tasting her young body. This continued for about fifteen minutes then I came up for air.

“Well that is foreplay. Now you know what it is.”

“Is that all there is? I feel so funny. Are you sure there isn’t more? You told me it was like me playing with myself. You haven’t touched me down there.”

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