Julie - My Very First

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

True Sex Story: Julie was my next door neighbor and best friend since we were four years old. Now that we have reached high school, that friendship has room to grow even closer. This is the story or our first time.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   First   .


Julie and I had been next door neighbors since we were four years old. Julie was not just my first girlfriend, but my first friend period. We both had older brothers who generally wanted nothing to do with us, so we spent most of our time together. Of course, we didn’t call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend back then, that didn’t start until we were about 8 years old, when Julie blurted it out to a cousin one day. The cousin said something mean to me and Julie replied,

“Leave him alone, he’s my boyfriend”

That was the first I knew about it.

Pretty soon our parents had picked up on that and started referring to us as if we were married already. The would always ask Julie where her “hubby” was, and after they explained to her what a hubby was, she started calling me that as well. By default, Julie became “wifey”, it was cute.

As we got older, hubby and wifey started to wear off. We both had other friends now and at ten or eleven years old, the opposite sex was taboo. You did not admit to knowing them, let alone liking them. So, telling people that Julie was my “wifey” would have been the source of endless ridicule. Thus, the nicknames became a personal private secret between us.

High School

The year we both turned fourteen, Julie started high school. Although Julie was a year ahead of me in school, we were actually only a few months apart in age. My birthday was late in the year and my parents were able to have me start school a year later so that I would not end up in the same classes as my brother, who had been held back a grade.

That being the case, Julie started high school a year ahead of me. We didn’t get to see each other quite as often that year because we were in different schools. Added to that was the fact that she was hanging out more with her high school friends now. We were still close friends, hubby and wifey, we just had a lot less quality time together.

About that time another side effect of turning fourteen started to kick in, I was just horny all the time. All I could think about was girls, and the things I wanted to do with them, and the things I wanted them to do to me. I was a gymnast and spent a lot of my time at the gym working out. We also had a girls’ team, and they spent a lot of time working out with us in the same gym. The sight of all those teenage girls in their tight leotards became very distracting. I had to excuse myself from practice more than once.

Julie and I had actually talked about sex plenty of times before. We had hugged. We had kissed. We actually had practiced kissing quite a lot that summer. Julie was curious, and we figured it was okay for hubby and wifey to kiss, so we experimented. A lot.

We had even seen each other naked on more than one occasion. Most recently, on my birthday which had just passed, we had both snuck a little alcohol while the adults weren’t looking. Being the lightweights that we were, we got a buzz on rather quickly. Then our innocent little birthday kiss evolved into a hot make out session. Hands started exploring each other, clothes were loosened and somehow, we found ourselves naked, skinny dipping in her pool. Of course, because we were in the pool it was hard to actually SEE very much, but there was a lot of touching. Unfortunately, even with that first buzz, Julie had the presence of mind to shut that down before things got out of hand.

Then one day after school, as I was laying out by the pool being lazy, the back gate opened and Julie came strolling in dressed in a little light yellow sundress that barely covered her cute little ass. As she walked over to where I was sitting I could see the shape of her body through the thin material. With the bright sunlight behind her, her body showed perfectly through that dress. All of a sudden, the shape of her breasts captured me, and her legs, so long and smooth and shapely held my eyes like a magnet. I followed those legs all the way up from her flip flops to the bottom of that sundress as she glided along the poolside.

Julie was just about five and a half feet tall at the time, thin, with long sexy legs. She had light brown eyes that almost had a yellow tint to them. Sometimes they seemed to sparkle in the sunlight. Her hair was long and straight down to the middle of her back and was a brown with lots of natural streaking from laying out by the pool all summer. She also had a nice set of teenage tits that seemed to have grown since the last time I’d seen them. Right now, I really wanted to see them again.

She came over to where I was laying out and pulled over a lounge chair to join me. I welcomed her with a little “Hi wifey”

She just gave me a look that seem to imply “yeah ... no”

After she pulled her chair over, she leaned over to move a small table that was between us and I got my wish, her sundress draped down giving me a perfect clear view of those tits I had just been thinking about. Every hormone in my body was instantly set ablaze. I could feel my cock start to grow. Her tits were bigger than I remembered with puffy little nipples set upon two beautiful mounds. What an incredible view.

As she sat down she said to me “I’m not your wifey anymore, we’re divorced now”

I just looked back at her in total shock.

“Divorced?” I said. “When did this happen? We’ve been married forever and now you just dump me?”

She looked at me and said “I’m in high school now, I need a real man ... and besides, the sex was just never that good”

She was kidding of course. She was teasing me again about the fact that SHE had started high school already while I had not. She was a big time high school girl and couldn’t be bothered with boys like me.

I sat up with my mouth open and stared at her. She looked back at me just laughing. She was clearly kidding, but I could not let this stand.

I said “I’m just as old as you are!! You’ve just got a couple months on me. And besides, the only reason the sex was never that good is because you’ve never tried it!”

Julie sat up, gave me a sarcastic look and said “Pleeeeeeease, like you HAVE”

Julie knew I was still a virgin. I, of course, knew that she was still a virgin too. I knew both of the guys she had dated since starting high school and she told me all about them afterwards. Neither of them had gotten any farther than a little touching and feeling, with their clothes still on. I couldn’t believe she could say this to me.

Into the house!

In a flash I made up my mind to do something about it. I wasn’t going to allow her to go around saying that the sex was bad without at least trying it first. I stood up, walked around to her chair, then held my hand out to her and said


Julie just looked at me confused and said “What?”

I repeated “C’mon, let’s go”

“Where?” she asked.

“In the house” I answered.

She took my hand and I pulled her up, led her across the patio and into the house. Then we made our way through the downstairs rec room and into the spare bedroom. When I closed and locked the door behind us she started to get the idea.

Julie gave me an incredulous look and said “You don’t really think we’re gonna...”

I interrupted her and said “YES ... I do. Right now. You’re not gonna go around saying that I’m not any good in bed without at least trying it first”

I was serious. I was horny as hell. I had a raging boner from looking down her dress ten minutes earlier, and she had insulted my sexual prowess, which, as of yet, I didn’t have. It took every ounce of courage I could muster to try this, but the only way to resolve all of these issues was to fuck her. At least in my adolescent mind. I was nervous as hell, but at this point I had to go for it.

She looked at me again and said “There is no way we’re going to have sex right now”

I moved forward right up against her until I had her pinned at the end of the bed, leaned forward, then kissed her.

Then I pulled my face a few inches away from hers, looked her in the eyes and said “Why not? Scared?” I knew that would push her buttons. She was never scared of anything if I did it first. If I could do it, she could do it.

As she stammered for a moment trying to think of a response, I reached up and pulled the straps of her sundress off her shoulders. I let them fall down her arms and her dress started to drop. She quickly pulled her hands up to hold her dress against her chest and said

“What the hell are you doing?”

While she was holding her dress up, I reached down and pulled my shirt up and off, then threw it on the floor. She was half laughing at me, but still smiling and checking me out. She made no effort to pull the straps back up on her dress. She just stood there holding it up over her breasts.

Then, in what I will forever count as the bravest moment of my entire life, I pushed my swimsuit down and stepped out of it, letting my now fully erect cock fly out in front of her. She had seen it before, but never like this. Never hard.

Julie just stood there with her mouth agape, staring at my hard cock.

“Holy shit Zane! What the fuck!” she said.

She was still staring at it.

I said “I told you. I’m not gonna let you go around saying that the sex with me wasn’t good when you haven’t even tried it once. So, c’mon, let’s do it, right now, I DARE you!”

I reached forward, took hold of her wrists, and pulled them away. She fought me for only a moment, then bit her lip, and let go of the dress. It fell to the floor. She was still biting her lip, and was clearly very nervous when she stepped out of the dress.

Amazing first

Up close and personal, her breasts were amazing. My hands let go of her wrists and immediately went to her nipples. They were hard and pointing right back at me. Her breasts were soft and firm and I started to fondle and knead and tease. They were wonderful and amazing, but right now I had other things on my mind. I slid my hand down her sides and started to push her panties down. They slid down her legs to the floor and she stepped out of them.

I pushed her back and sat her on the end of the bed. I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. I was so nervous and excited. I reached down to touch her pussy. Her legs parted ever so slightly. I literally had no idea what I was doing. I’d never seen a vagina live and in the flesh before, so I just started touching and exploring everything. She let out a few gasps and groans every time I touched the right spot, so I concentrated on those. Finally, I sank a finger right up inside her. She drew back, but still wasn’t stopping me, so I started to work my fingers inside her. She let out a few little squeaks and sighs as I discovered her most tender spots.

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