Blonde on Blonde; a Tale of Two Women

by Lostlady

Copyright© 2018 by Lostlady

Erotica Sex Story: Diane goes to visit her friend Elaine looking for a little sympathy and receives it and a little more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Diane parked her car in front of Elaine’s apartment house and got out. An attractive woman in her late thirties, she walked towards the front door of the building. A younger man was coming down the sidewalk in the opposite direction. As he approached her a big smile spread across his face and he nodded to her.

“Hello, how’re you doing?” His voice was warm and friendly.

“Fine, thanks,” she returned, smiling demurely.

Out of the corner of her eye she could see him looking at her as she passed. It made her feel good to know she could still turn men’s heads at her age. Yes, she could still attract men but she couldn’t seem to hold on to them. That’s what was bringing her to Elaine’s this evening, she wanted to talk to someone about her latest break up, another woman who would understand only the way someone who’s been through the same thing could.

She went in the front door and down the hall to Elaine’s door and pushed the buzzer; one short, one long, followed by another short, the signal it was a friend calling. A moment later, she heard the sound of the bolt moving, then the door swung open.

“Diane, right on time as usual, come on in, sweetie,” as she spoke, Elaine gestured with her hand towards the interior of her apartment.

Diane went in and walked to the living room and sat down. She saw a plate of chocolate brownies cake sitting on the coffee table. Alongside it were two teacups on saucers and an unlabeled bottle. She knew what the bottle held, a sweet honey liquor that Elaine was partial to. It was too sweet and strong for Diane, but she liked it in her tea. Elaine knew her and her needs well and was always quick to accommodate them. Diane was glad to have her as a friend. Elaine came in with a thermal carafe of tea, set it down, then looked at Diane.

“Help yourself, girlfriend.”

As she spoke she poured some of the liquor into her teacup, then filled it with tea. Picking up a brownie, she put it on a napkin and sat down in a near-by chair and watched as Diane did the same.

“Damn,” Diane said after taking a bite out of her brownie and washing it down with the alcohol laced tea, “this is good, better than sex.”

“Almost better,” Elaine corrected her, “but thanks, I made them this afternoon when you said you’d be coming over. You sounded like you needed something to lift your mood, and I figured this might do the trick.”

“Well you figured right. Between the brownies and this,” she smiled and held up her tea cup, “I’ll be feeling fine in no time.”

“Well, eat and drink your fill then,” Elaine said smiling, “we definitely want to keep your mood up.”

Diane downed the tea and, picking up the bottle and the carafe, poured herself another cup. She gave the tea a quick stir and set the spoon on the saucer. She settled back, tea in one hand, a brownie in the other. She looked at the brownie and took a bite.

“So,” Elaine said, “you kissed another frog and instead of turning into a prince, he turned into a horny toad, huh?”

Diane sniggered and nodded her head. “That’s about as good a description of the situation as any I could think of.”

“So, tell me, what happened, which was he, an abusive bastard or a cheating bastard?”

“I guess a little of both. Don’t get me wrong, he never hit me or anything like that, but he took advantage of me, or maybe took me for granted is a better description. Then I had reason to suspect he was running around on me. It was just more than I could put up with, so I told him to just go away, darken my days no longer. Maybe I acted too hastily, but I finally told him to piss off.” With that she downed her tea, then leaned forward and mixed another.

“Yes,” Elaine agreed, “I’ve suspected he was like that, but I never wanted to say anything, I didn’t feel it was my place.”

“I probably wouldn’t have listened anyway, some things you have to learn for yourself.” Then she looked at her friend, “Honestly ‘Lainie, what’s wrong with me? Why do I keep getting mixed up with guys like this?”

“You’re just picking the wrong guys, I know because I do the same thing,” she paused and took another sip of her tea. “I’ve really thought about this, we both do it, some guy comes along that’s attractive or has a good line and we start chatting him up. The problem is we never take the time to get to know him. But in the meantime, there may be five guys who’d be a better fit in the room who’re interested but not quite so forward.

Those kind of guys aren’t going to come on to us when they see us with somebody else. Maybe it’s politeness or maybe they know what type of guy we’re dealing with and just assume we like that type and give up, I don’t know. It just seems that it works that way.”

“Okay, there’s something to that, I think,” Diane answered, “but what’s the answer? If I make the first move, trying to find out if one of these apparent nice guys is indeed nice or interested, and he turns out to be neither, then I’m still stuck with a jerk.”

“Hey,” Elaine laughed, “I said I found the problem, not the answer.”

With that, Elaine got up, walked over to the coffee table and began to pour herself another drink. Diane downed the last of hers, leaned forward and set her cup on its saucer.

“While you’re at it,’ She said to Elaine, “I wouldn’t mind another. I think I need it.”

Elaine nodded and filled Diane’s cup also. Then she looked at her friend and saw a lost, sad look on her face. Leaving the cups on the table, Elaine stood up.

“I think what you really need is a hug.”

She stepped over and slid onto the arm of Diane’s chair. Putting her arms around her, she gently pulled her friend against her.

“It’s all right, sweetie,” she assured Diane, “you’ll find the right guy someday or he’ll find you.”

Appreciating the comforting gesture, Diane sought to repay it. She put her arms around Elaine’s waist to return the hug. When she did, Elaine surprised her by sliding forward from the arm of the chair and lowering herself onto Diane’s lap. Diane looked up questioningly, and saw a curious look on Elaine’s face, then felt Elaine’s fingertips under her chin, holding her head up as she bent down and kissed her.

It wasn’t really a passion filled kiss, just a closed mouth, dry, brief kiss on the lips, but it had a strange effect on Diane. When their lips met, it seemed as if her whole body throbbed, all her muscles tightening. She knew Elaine had to have felt her embrace momentarily contracting around her. Again looking up she saw the same inquiring look on Elaine’s face. Without thinking, she reached up, placed her hand on the back of Elaine’s neck and gently pulled her down for another kiss.

This kiss was passionate. Once their lips met, Elaine’s tongue unhesitatingly slipped forward past Diane’s lips into her mouth. Diane’s tongue responded immediately, almost automatically, stroking and caressing Elaine’s. There was a taut, nervous, excited feeling in Diane’s abdomen, she knew she’d lost control and what was going to happen from here on was going to happen, she couldn’t stop it now if she wanted to. The thing was, she didn’t want to.

Diane had never before seriously thought about making love to another woman. Elaine had joked about it in the past enough to give her the impression that her friend had tried it before, but never gave any indication that she wanted to do this with Diane, but now it just seemed as if the time was right for both of them. Diane was going to follow Elaine’s lead instinctively, without thought, not sure whether this was love or lust, and not particularly caring which.

Elaine straightened up and Diane looked up at her. She felt her friend’s fingertips brushing some stray hair off of her forehead, then softly run down the side of her face to her jawline, then to the point of her chin. Diane felt herself shiver slightly under the tenderness of her friend’s delicate touch. She wasn’t sure how or why this was happening, all she knew was she was she was aroused and that arousal was rapidly rising to a new level.

As Elaine lowered her head towards her neckline, Diane closed her eyes and tipped her own head as if offering her neck up to Dracula’s bite. Instead of fangs puncturing her jugular, however, she felt the soft affectionate caress of her friend’s lips and tongue tracking their way up to the base of her jaw and down to her throat. Her head was now tossed back limply and she was moaning softly, almost inaudibly, making little whimpering sounds with each exhale.

She raised her head up and opened her eyes when she felt Elaine get up off her lap, thinking her little trip into girl sex was over. Instead she realized Elaine was merely changing positions. She watched curiously as her friend slid her legs between her own and the chair arms, straddling her. Then Elaine lowered herself back down and, leaning forward, embraced her. Then as she held on to Susan, Elaine began rocking her hips back and forth.

Realizing what Elaine was doing, Susan lifted one leg up on her toes, pressing her thigh tightly into Elaine’s crotch. When she did this, Elaine began squirming her hips even more. The fact that Elaine was trying to grind out an orgasm on her leg sent an added unexpected thrill through Diane. She slid her hands down to Elaine’s ass, feeling her muscles flexing and tightening through the material of her slacks. It was hard for her to believe how much pleasure she was getting out of giving Elaine so much pleasure.

Elaine suddenly stopped humping Diane’s leg and straightened up, her hands on Diane’s shoulders. Sucking her lower lip under her front teeth, she looked down at both their laps, shaking her head. She had the confused look on her face of a person who’d suddenly awaken from a deep sleep and doesn’t know where they’re at. She looked into Diane’s eyes concernedly.

“Oh, Diane, I’m sorry, I just got carried away. I shouldn’t be doing this. I know you’re not, you know, like ... into this this sort of thing. I’m sorry, so sorry.”

Diane didn’t say anything, just looked at Elaine briefly and slowly shook her head. She then placed her hands on the sides of her companion’s face and pulled it towards her. She herself sat up, tipping her head to one side. Their lips touched in a kiss, a strange welcoming sort of kiss. Neither friendly nor passionate, it was a green light for Elaine to proceed; a signal that there was to be no turning back. It was an intense moment where she was not only accepting Elaine’s advances, but eagerly anticipating them.

Elaine straightened up and as they looked into each other’s eyes, began unbuttoning Diane’s blouse, finally tugging it out from the waistband of her slacks. Diane leaned forward when Elaine eased the now open shirt off of her shoulders, then pulled her arms out of the sleeves as Elaine removed the garment. This was all new to Diane, she wasn’t sure how to act or react, she just sat and watched as Elaine folded her blouse somewhat, then lean over and set it on the floor next to the chair. Her chest tightened nervously when she felt Elaine’s fingers unhooking her bra. Again she co-operated as Elaine removed it, freeing her breasts, then dropped it unceremonious on top of the blouse.

Elaine kissed her again, this time with unbridled passion, her hands pressed against Diane’s breasts as her tongue slid deep into the younger woman’s mouth. Diane moaned softly as her own tongue responded quickly to Elaine’s, both organs stroking and caressing each other, passing back and forth in each other’s mouths.

The sensations she was experiencing were different from anything Diane had sexually encountered before. Elaine’s hands on her breasts were smaller and softer than any man’s that she’d encountered. There was not the grabbing and squeezing Diane had come to expect, instead Elaine’s hands were pressed flatly against her, moving in a slow massaging motion, almost as if they were attempting to mold or reshape them. As she did this, her palms rubbed across Diane’s erect nipples, sending sensual shock waves down her spine.

Gasping for breath, she was forced to end the kiss, her head rolling on the back of the chair, her eyes closed. Elaine began kissing her again on the throat and neck while her hands continued their steady smoothing massage of Diane’s breasts. Diane was in a state of almost helpless ecstasy, squirming her hips and thighs in an effort to satisfy the intense feeling in her wet pussy. Her whole body seemed to have become one highly charged sexual organ.

Suddenly feeling Elaine get up off the chair, she raised her head and opened her eyes. Elaine was standing in front of her, looking down with a beatific expression on her face. She reached down and took Diane’s hands in her own and began pulling lightly, wordlessly encouraging her to stand up. With her help, Diane got up out of the chair. Once she was erect, Elaine embraced her and kissed her.

Diane responded willingly, her hands slid and began around stroking Elaine’s ass. She felt Elaine release her grip followed by her hands moving down her back and pressing against her own ass. They stood there briefly lips pressed together, each pulling the others hips tightly against their own, slowly grinding against each other.

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