How I Got My Cherry Popped

by bicycler

Copyright© 2018 by bicycler

Erotica Sex Story: Virgin girl's boyfriend moves away but her Navy brother brings home the bacon! Sister gets some too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   .

I had decided that when I turned 16 I was going to have sex for the first time. Ray, my boyfriend of 6 months, was going to be the instrument of my deflowering. I know he had a very nice, hard cock because he got to fuck my mouth a few times. And I found that I loved to swallow his cum. He, of course loved when I sucked him off and since I swallowed his cum there was no mess. But like most males, he wanted and needed to slide his cock into my pussy and cum there. I needed him to do it too. His finger in my pussy felt real good. I let him finger me while his cock was in my mouth. He would have fucked me except the night that we were going to screw mom came home early. She found us with his cock in my mouth just after he had cum and I was cleaning his cock up. After chasing him out, mom & I sat down and talked. Mom wanted to know how long have I been giving him blow jobs and if we had fucked. I told her this was the third blow job and no we hadn’t fucked yet. But that I was going to if he had gotten hard again that night. “Don’t worry about that” she said. “He’s almost 18, he’ll get hard again if he had a chance to stick his cock into your pussy”. She then asked if I was on birth control or was he going to use a condom. I told her I wasn’t fertile and no we didn’t have any condoms. She told me folks who use the “rhythm method” are called parents and she was way too young to be a grandmother. She also told me that having him wear a condom on our first time wasn’t the greatest feeling. It was much better to have his bare cock in me. My mom suggested for my 16th birthday I would go on birth control pills. I, of course, was all for that. Ray was going to have to wait another 2 months or so for my pussy but going to get plenty of blow jobs. Mom agreed on the unlimited blow jobs. He could cum in my mouth as much as he could as long as he kept is cock out of my pussy until I had protection.

There was one little problem. Unknown to us, his father took a job in state 500 miles away from where we were living and he had to start very soon after accepting the job. They were lucky to find a house quickly so his family moved a couple of weeks before I was able to start on the pill. I almost let Ray take my cherry. He said he would pull out before he came but like mom said every man says that and then doesn’t. So Ray didn’t get my cherry and I didn’t get his.

I was disappointed that I still had my cherry on my 16th birthday but this problem was solved a couple of weeks later. Our 23 year old brother John was in the Navy and was able to come home for Christmas. His ship was supposed to be on it’s way overseas but they had some mechanical problems so he came home. We only lived a 2 hour drive from where the ship was getting fixed. He also brought two of his shipmates. They lived on the other side of the country and the 3 of them had to be ready to return to their ship at a moments notice. Another nice thing is that mom and her long time boyfriend went on a 3 week cruise. Mom left me, my 17 year old sister and our brother by ourselves. And the 2 of my brothers buddies.

My brothers buddies were very nice eye candy. Rich was about 6’ 2” and 200 lbs. He was also a year younger than my brother. Sam was 5’ 10”, 175 lbs and almost 19 years old. They both lifted weights and worked out like my brother did. Very buff and very horny.

Now about my sister. Like I said Linda was 17 and a couple months shy of her 18th birthday. 5’ 6”, 125 lbs. Her tits were 36 C cups. She had a boyfriend but their relationship was an on again, off again one. It was currently in the off mode and she was horny. I don’t think she had been laid in a couple of months. Me. 5’ 4”, 110 lbs and 34 B cups. Ray like them just fine. He sucked on them many times and I love it when he did that.

When my sister & I saw Rich and Sam, we were very much in lust for them. At first I thought we weren’t dressed nicely enough to meet a couple of men. We were both wearing dirty sweat pants and t-shirts. But it didn’t seem to matter. They were both checking us out as much as we were checking them out. After we talked for a while we all realized we were hungry. We ordered some pizzas from the local take-n-bake shop. John called his girlfriend and she agreed to pick them up on the way over here. Even though it was a couple of days before Christmas we decided to dress in clothing a bit more alluring to the boys. Besides the oven was set for “Love @425”. The house was going to get warmer that evening. And not just because of the heat from the oven!

Linda decided to put on a short dress that buttoned up the front. As she said it was very easy to take it off her. I put a short skirt that had wide straps that covered my tits and were buttoned in the front. I also put on a half t-shirt. Neither of us wore bras. She said me when they went to put their things in the spare bedroom and we went to change, “Dibs on Rich.” I said “Works for me. I think Sam is really cute and Rich looks nice too.” I really like the way Sam was checking me out. Sis also asked me if I had been taking my birth control pills regularly. I told her of course. She then said she wanted to use our bedroom when Rich fucked her so I would have to use the spare bedroom when Sam fucked me. I asked “Are you sure Rich wants to fuck you?”. She answered “Lets see. He is a man and has a cock. I am a woman and have a pussy. Oh yes he wants to fuck me and Sam wants you.” Just thinking about getting a man cock into my cherry pussy made my pussy all warm and wet.

Since we did a little more prep than putting on sexy clothes we did some make-up, combed our hair and put on a touch of perfume in the right spots it was while before we came out. By that time Jill, John’s girlfriend showed up with the pizzas. She also brought over some beer. I don’t drink more than one or I would be very looped. And I didn’t need liquid courage to let a man take me to bed. I was ready to let him take my cherry.

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