Spring Break Sluts

by Party guy Josh

Copyright© 2018 by Party guy Josh

Sex Story: Wasted in Mexico with two drunk chicks is heaven.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Drunk/Drugged   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Anal Sex   Analingus   .

This was my scene. Spring break in Cancun, Mexico. Nightclub filled with hot 18 year olds drunk off their ass, slutting it up on their first real trip away from mommy and daddy. Dancing with each other, and grinding their bodies against each other for the benefit of every horny guy watching. Bikini tops were everywhere as well as sexy little micro dresses that left little to the imagination. I knew somewhere in this room was a couple of chicks who would be up for some fun with me.

I thought briefly about my sweet girlfriend back home. Great girl, and super smart and pretty. Katie was from a good family. I would probably marry her when we got out of college. Tonight though, she was in Maine and I was here surrounded by drunk hotties. My name is Jack, and I am a 25 year old law student. I think I am a decent looking guy. Pretty tall, about 6’1” and I keep my body in good shape. I gotta boast my 6 pack and nice shoulders. I have brown wavy hair and baby blues that drive the girls crazy. Yeah, I am a trust fund kid.

I bought drinks for chicks all night and soon I found potential. A gorgeous redhead named Abby with practically perfect tiny tits and and a tight firm ass. She was there with her best friend Jamie.

Jamie was a blonde chick that was almost chubby but not. Instead she had an almost exaggerated feminine shape. Nice C or D cup tits and a flat stomach and a curved in waist that flared into an ass that was nearly a perfect 10. Fairly big and round and a little jiggle. Jamie was tan and I didn’t see any tan lines so far. Abby was paler but had amazing long red hair almost to her ass. It was wavy and thick and she had bright green eyes. Abby wore a black bikini top with short shorts. Her bare tummy was concave and she had a tiny waist. Jamie also wore a bikini top that did not totally cover her magnificent tits. She wore a short black skirt and when she moved wrong I could see she was not wearing panties. I kept glimpsing her waxed bare, smooth cunt when she sat or moved wrong. I had a semi just watching the two of them dance together.

I made my move and bought them a round. They accepted and we danced a little. I bought them a few more. Jamie was grinding her ass against my dick already and Abby was grinding against Jamie. I lowered my mouth to Jamie’s neck and kissed. She didn’t resist. We danced a little more and soon the girls were alternating between making out with each other and making out with me. Abby was kissing her way down Jamie’s neck and had even pulled her bikini top so it exposed her tits. She had big brown nipples and the cheers were drawing attention to us. It was time.

I grabbed each of them by the hand and led them out of the club. I hailed a cab and gave the driver my hotel. Abby admitted they had taken ecstasy. The girls were wasted. I watched as Jamie pulled Abby’s bikini top up and I smiled at those perfect small tits. They were high and firm and tipped with perfect pink nipples. Jamie sucked on a nipple and Abby moaned. The Taxi driver kept watching in the rearview mirror and giving me the thumbs up. Abby was rubbing Jamie’s cunt under her skirt as Jamie kissed and licked her little tits.

We arrived at my hotel and I smoothed Abby’s bikini over her tits and I paid the driver. We went to my room and the girls each had a shot of mum tequila. They made out and took another drink each. They were now really trashed. It was time for me to take charge.

I pulled Abby to me and untied her bikini top and dropped it to the floor. I took my own shirt off and reached for Jamie. I untied her top also and dropped it. The girls hugged each other and watching their tits rub together made my cock hard. I was sitting on the bed and I pulled Abby toward me. I undid her shorts and gently tugged them down. She wasn’t wearing panties and her body was amazing. She had long slim legs and her cunt was smooth except for a little patch of red hair at the top. I pulled her toward me and sucked her whole right breast into my mouth and flicked my tongue over her nipple as she reached for the waist of my pants. I grabbed her hair and pulled her back and turned her around. I pulled her back into my lap with her ass against my cock. I played with her tits and her legs opened. I stroked her slit softly and Jamie knelt down.

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