Michael - Adventures in Geology Exploration

by The Grandpa 10

Copyright© 2018 by The Grandpa 10

Romantic Sex Story: A wealthy young retired engineer discovers two illegal immigrants in need of help

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Hispanic Female   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   .


My name is Michael and I am a ‘retired’ 30 year old single guy from Austin, Texas. Yes, at 22, I graduated from Texas A&M with a double major in Geology and Petroleum Engineering. My whole life focus seemed to be tied to a study of the earth and what was below the surface. After graduation I was driving through desolate West Texas and noticed a particular pair of hills that got my attention. I studied them for two days, then contacted a banker friend and we formed a partnership. With his financial resources we leased a drill rig and struck oil on the first hole. Eight years later, and 21 successful wells, I was looking for something new. Last month I sold my share of the business for $21 Million and ‘retired’ from all the daily hassle.

I bought a new 40 foot motorhome and headed west. I enjoy the remoteness of the desert and stopped to relax on a lonely dirt road 75 miles south of Phoenix. For two days I just relaxed and hiked through the rocks and dry stream beds of the area. For early June, the temperature was unusually high at 99 degrees, but my big rig had two A/C units so I stayed inside during the afternoons. The third afternoon my life changed in a way I would have never believed. There was a very light knock at my door.

I opened it to find a dirty, young, light brown, face looking up at me and in a quiet, pleading, voice asking “May I have a drink of water?” I froze. I looked around and there was no evidence of any other life for miles. After my minute of hesitation she almost whispered “You aren’t going to turn me in to the Border Patrol are you?” There was a plea of desperation in her voice that touched me way down deep inside my soul. After regaining my senses, I waved her inside. She hesitated and pleaded “Can my sister come in too?” I just said “Yes”. She looked over her shoulder and waved her arm high over her head. A second girl slipped out from behind a bush and crept closer.

Sitting at my dining table I watched two girls sipping water and wiping their faces with a towel I handed them. It was obvious that they were very weak, tired, and likely quite dehydrated. When they finished they quickly fell asleep on my couch. I just watched them for several hours as the sun was going down and twilight came. I needed some supper so I got out some burger patties and fried them up. The girls were smiling when I put out three plates with burgers, potato chips, baked beans, sliced peaches, and chocolate cake.

The girls seemed cautious that I was a man and they appeared unsure of how to act. I had been a total nerd in college and dated very little and never had a girlfriend. In business I worked 12-16 hours a day, 7 days a week, so I literally had no friends, especially female friends. Something about these two thin, dirty, young, waifs just seemed to melt my heart. When I came out of my reverie, I realized that I needed to figure out what we were going to do about the coming night. Realization came to me that I did NOT want them to go away.

I told them that they should take a shower to get more comfortable. I even found two of my white T-shirts for them to wear. I offered some of my shorts but they smiled and declined them. After a long shower, they each returned from the bathroom dressed in just the thin T-shirts and panties. I have to admit that they ‘cleaned up’ very well. They each had large brown eyes, long dark brown hair, flawless light brown skin, and perfect breasts. The older one was a pleasant C-cup size with cute pink nipples that poked out holding the near transparent T-shirt away from her stomach. The younger girl was only an A-cup with softer brown nipples. I could see in both of them a humble, polite, sweet, beauty that I had never seen in a human body before.

I asked what they wanted to do about sleeping arrangements. They hesitated and seemed to be worried about something. I asked what their names were. The older said she was Maria and she was 17 years old. Her sister Bonnie was 15 years old. She immediately implored “We cannot go back home! We have no place to go. Are you going to turn us in? Please, sir, we do not know what will happen to us.”

I made a decision in that moment that changed my life forever. I reached out to Maria and took her hands in mine. I drew her closer to me and reached down and kissed her lightly on the lips. Her eyes looked straight into mine and she smiled. I declared firmly “No. I will NOT turn you in. Nothing bad will happen to you. I promise that you will never have to worry about what will happen to you. I will take care of you for as long as you want”. Maria wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me hard.

We went back to the discussion of where to sleep for the night. Bonnie was a little shy but said the couch was not comfortable with two people on it. Maria looked toward the back of the motorhome at my queen size bed. Finally, with a quiet blush, she asked “Would it be OK if we just share that? I mean, not suggesting anything, but just hoping to be comfortable. If you don’t want to, I will sleep on the floor.” I just said “It’s OK. I would be glad to ‘share’!”

We were all tired so the lights soon were out and I was in bed with a near-adult female for the first time in my life. Surprisingly, I was quickly asleep and had a really restful night. When the sunlight crept through the curtains, I awoke to realize that a very nice curved hip was snuggled up to my lap. Also, we were both laying on our right side with my left hand laid over her side, gently cupping her left breast. I gently squeezed just to confirm what I was holding. When I realized what I had in my hand, I started to pull my hand away. But, her hand was quickly placed over mine and forced back in position. I began a gentle message causing a very quiet groan to come from her lips.

After a few minutes, Maria rolled over facing me and kissed me very slowly and gently. She looked so softly at me and said “Thank you for saving us. I do not know what we would do without you.” We just kissed so sweetly and gently that I didn’t notice that another body had joined us in bed. Bonnie saw what we were doing and just pushed me over on my back and laid right on top of my chest. She grinned then gave me a big, long, sloppy kiss then said “Me too!”

After breakfast, I spent the whole morning with Maria and Bonnie listening to them tell me their story. They were born and raised in Remariz, Mexico, in an upper middle-class family. Their parents owned a bakery and Maria and Bonnie worked there whenever they were not in school. They had a younger brother, Juan, who was 13 years old. Gang members from MS-13 were trying to force him to help transport drugs to the border of America. He kept refusing and told them he would turn them in if they didn’t leave him alone. He told them that he would give their names to the police after which they said they would kill his whole family if he ever did. Maria began to cry violently then concluded “A week ago a pickup truck dropped Juan’s dead body on the front steps of the bakery – his tongue had been cut out.” She paused to weep for a full minute then continued “Three days ago Bonnie and I came home from school and both of our parents were dead with gun shots to the back of their head. We didn’t even go home but just ran to the border. We are here now and we are illegal as your government says. We broke your laws and we are in trouble with your country.”

I affirmed to her that we could fix that but it would take some time and some effort. They both looked at me in disbelief. They just cried “That is not possible. How could you do that?” I asked “How would you both like to become legal residents with refugee status? ... Then, there is a way for you, Maria, to become an American citizen.” They were stone silent. Maria stared in disbelief “How is that possible? I have heard of miracles in lessons at my church, but I never thought they could be real”. I just smiled and said “I have a plan.” She just jumped in my lap and was kissing and hugging me. Finally, she asked “How? What? I cannot believe it is possible! How could that be?” I said “We have to go back to Mexico and get papers and documents. Then you have to go to the American Embassy and apply for refugee status ... Then, to become a citizen, you have to marry me.” He face froze as she just stared at me. “Oh God!! Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Oh My God! OH, I am so happy!! Yes!! I love you!! How can I love you enough? OH God! What can I do? OH God! Do you love me?” I just replied “Yes, I love you.” She just melted into my arms and sobbed, but this time for joy.

I called a friend of mine and he picked us up in a charter plane and flew us to a city in Mexico. I rented an SUV and we drove to their home where they found birth certificates, school records, and other documents that we would need. I went to the police and gathered reports on the deaths of Juan and her parents. At the American Embassy we did received a preliminary hearing but it would be a while before we would know an answer. We decided to stay a few days and checked into a hotel.

That night Maria was very quiet. I finally asked what was on her mind. She just said “I have only known you for two days. I have even slept beside you for two nights with the second being as your fiancé ... Are you expecting me to become your lover tonight?” I sensed what she was thinking. “Are you a virgin?” I asked. She just nodded a ‘yes’. I paused a moment then replied “Would it surprise you that I am a virgin, also. I don’t wish to disappoint you, ... but could we wait until our wedding night to change that?”

“Yes” was the happy answer that I received. She then asked “How strong are you?” I was puzzled by the question so I just waited and didn’t say anything. She continued, “If it is OK with you, I would like to sleep naked ... and maybe ... maybe a little touching?” I just smiled with a nod and winked at her. Bonnie had been watching and shyly asked “Me too?” I looked at Maria then back at Bonnie and grinned “Yes, you too.” I had two very happy girls that could not hold in their excitement.

I went into the bathroom and got into the shower. Soon Maria joined me. I had not seen her nude body previous to this and I was in awe of her young beauty. We were soaping each other up when another naked body joined us. Without any sexual aspect, we just had a very enjoyable time playing and rubbing and exploring each other’s soapy bodies. We stepped out of the shower and dried each other off with fluffy white towels. We then all climbed into the big king size bed together.

Bonnie was looking at Maria and asked her “Would it be OK if I kissed my future brother-in-law?” She just smiled “As much as you want!” Bonnie just attacked my mouth with kisses for almost 10 minutes. Finally, Maria called a halt saying “OK, now I need him!” She placed a nipple in my mouth so I just began sucking as I massaged the other breast. Her breathing became shallow and more frequent. I reached down to touch the soft pubic hair between her legs which cause her to let out a moan. Moving my hand lower, I slid my middle finger between the lips of her labia. She groaned louder then clamped her legs together and exclaimed “Oh that feels so good!! WOW!!!” Looking in my eyes she asked “Was that what an orgasm is like?” I nodded ‘yes’. She then said “Then I like them and want a lot more of them from now on!!”

Bonnie had been watching and asked sheepishly “Can I... ?” Maria took my wrist and pushed it over to Bonnie’s abdomen. Here I was being given permission to enjoy playing with a sweet 15 year old girl. I placed my hand on her stomach and she grabbed it to push my hand lower. When I touched her crotch she gave a big sigh. Her other arm wrapped around the back of head forcing it down to her nice A-cup breast. We only continued about a minute until she stiffened her whole body then pulled me to her mouth for a long, slow, kiss. She whispered “I like orgasms, too!”

After we separated I had two pairs of eyes looking intently at me. Maria reached down and placed her hand around my cock. Due to our recent activity, I already had an erection. As she began to rub and slide her hand around, Bonnie reached out to hold and lightly touch my balls. When a clear drop of pre-cum appeared in the tip of my cock, Maria reached down with her tongue to taste it. She asked “Is that the sperm that makes a woman pregnant?” I replied “No, that comes later and is white and a lot thicker”. She thought a minute then inquired “Is that when you have an orgasm? ... Does it have to be inside a woman to come out?” I said “No, anytime a man gets stimulated there by steady rubbing, it can come out, just like you had an orgasm when you were stimulated ‘down there’.” She then got a sly grin and began rubbing my cock with a steady stroke. I quickly groaned and shot cum up in the air landing on my chest. Bonnie retrieved a towel and wiped my chest clean.

We then all got under the covers and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up to more fondling and kissing. Maria seemed so happy that she could hardly stay still, so I decided to move things up to the next level. I had her lay on her back with her knees drawn up and her thighs spread wide. I moved my face down to her crotch and gently began to lick her lips down there. Again I heard her groan in pleasure. After just a few minutes I slowly moved up to her clit and carefully took it into my mouth sucking softly. Maria’s groan became much louder and she placed both hands on the back of my head pushing me harder down onto her. I finally rubbed my tongue back and forth over her clit very rapidly. She shouted “Oh God!! Oh God! OH! OH! Ohhhhhh ... Ahhhhh ... God!!!!” Her thighs clamped my head in a suffocating hold and she stiffened her whole body lifting her back clear of the bed. After a few seconds she pushed my head away and stated “I can’t take any more right now.”

I just laid over onto my back and relaxed. Bonnie came up close to my face and whispered in my ear “I’m next!” It wasn’t a question and I had no doubt what she wanted. After a moment when I didn’t answer or object, she stood up on the bed then kneeled, facing my feet, with both knees just outside my shoulders. I looked straight up and saw a beautiful slit with a small patch of curly black fur at the upper mound. Bonnie slowly lowered herself until my lips were exactly where she wanted them. Once again I returned to gentle licking, sucking, and even using my nose to massage all of the wonderful places I then had access to. Bonnie began to wiggle and was whimpering “Yes! So Good!! More! A little more! Just a little harder!! There!! Right there!! Yes! Yes!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh ... Thank you! Thank you!” She trembled and shook for almost 30 seconds before collapsing onto my chest.

She was not heavy so I was not in any hurry to have her move off my chest. She seemed to slowly realize that her crotch was still in my face and now my crotch was in her face. I had been concentrating so much on pleasing these two female bodies that I had actually remained soft. Then I noticed that Bonnie leaned down and took my cock into her mouth. At first she didn’t do anything, but then hummed ‘MMMmmmm’ and began a gentle sucking. Now it was my turn to groan and quickly stiffened up into a full erection. This seemed to make her happy as she bobbed her head up and down. I felt myself getting tense as I realized that I was having my very first ‘blow job’. The feelings became very intense. I moaned “Look out! I am going to cum!!”

I stiffened my legs and shot a spurt into Bonnie’s mouth. She stopped a second, swallowed, and started again just as my second spurt hit. She even speeded up as three more shots came. When I was done, she pulled off, licked her lips, and looked over her shoulder at me with a big grin. “That was fun and I really like that!!! Can we do it again?” I quickly responded “No. not right now. I am too sensitive for a little while.”

I grabbed her butt in both hands, put my face back in her crotch, and returned to sucking her clit, hard. “She hollered “Ok! Ok! I see what you mean!” She rolled off me and looked up at Maria. “If you don’t marry him, I will in a heart-beat! That was totally amazing!” I couldn’t believe that here was a 15 year old girl ready to commit her life to me. I simply said “Hey, I am 30 years old and almost old enough to be your dad!” She just flatly stated “My father never made me feel like you just make me feel. I know my father loved me, but, bless his departed soul, it was never like this. I wish I was able to marry you too. Maria is sooooo ... lucky”. I just answered with a smile “It is OK. I can love my new future sister-in-law as much as she will let me”. She grinned “OK!”

Maria finally complained “I can’t believe that my little sister beat me to doing what she just did to you. You owe me one!!!” I just smiled “No problem! Now let’s, shower, get dressed, and go to breakfast”. We went out and spend the day shopping for them because they needed more clothes and shoes and personal items that young girls need. When I looked confused, Bonnie whispered “My period is due to start the day after tomorrow.” I just winked and said “I guess I can’t help you with that problem!” She just whined “It just means that you will have to be careful where you put your tongue for a while and I don’t want to even think about missing out on ‘that’!!!” I just said “Then we will have to hurry tonight!” She grinned.

We had a nice supper then showered again and got into bed naked. Maria asked “Will you be able to give me a taste of your ‘love juice’ tonight? I would like to try it!” My idea for a new experience instructed her to lay on her back on the bed. I went to the bathroom and retrieved the complimentary bottle of hand lotion and poured a liberal portion between her breasts. As I put my knees on each side of her stomach, I laid my cock in the groove. By pushing the sides of her breast toward the center, they completely wrapped over my cock with just the very tip sticking out up by her chin. As I began to stroke back forth everything quickly became slippery and I became excited. “When I say ‘now’ can you open your mouth and just hold it in a small circle” I inquired. She nodded in the affirmative.

I was enjoying myself when I felt my balls seem to tighten slightly. I let go of Maria’s breasts and moved my hips forward a couple of inches. I had aimed my cock so that the tip popped into her open mouth. She quickly tightened her lips as if I was entering the opening of a vagina. I paused only a moment as pressure built up which prompted her to begin sucking on just the head. That pushed me over the edge and I shot into her mouth. As Maria began to swallow, she could not help breaking into a grin. When I was finished, she chuckled “That was incredible! Did you enjoy it?” I just smiled at her and stated “Is the pope Catholic? Do bears sleep in the woods? Am I a ‘guy’?” I finally concluded with a “Thank You”.

Both girls said that it was now time for them to have some ‘fun’ down in their ‘lower playground’. I spent about 10 minutes with each of them until they were exhausted with multiple orgasms and my tongue was almost worn out. I found out that there was a clear fluid that seeped out of their vaginas that I was definitely acquiring a ‘taste’ for. We eventually fell asleep kissing each other and holding each other very close.

The next morning I woke up with Bonnie looking at me with a sad face. She said “I don’t have big boobs like Maria so you can’t rub your cock on me like you did her. I wish I could do something for you to feel good like that.” I thought for a minute then came up with a plan. I laid on my back with my legs tight together. I placed her sitting facing me on my thighs. Reaching over to the night stand. I retrieved the bottle of hand lotion. I placed a blob on the first two fingers of my right hand. Using my left hand, I spread the lips of her labia holding them open. My right hand then lubricated her entire slit with lotion. Another blob was used to coat my entire cock, then I had Bonnie slowly lay forward laying my cock in her slit like a hot dog in a bun. She completely laid on my stomach as I grabbed a butt cheek in each hand. I slowly began moving her forward and back about 3 inches. My cock was rock hard. Bonnie gasped and her eyes became huge as the rim at the head of my cock rubbed back and forth over her clit. I began to feel her fluid leaking and making us slippery.

Bonnie began to get very ‘happy’ and had a slow wonderful orgasm. On impulse she leaned forward and kissed me. That allowed my cock to slide all the way down her slit to the very bottom. As she started to slide back up, the tip of my cock caught at the opening of her vagina. She froze. Looking into my eyes, she asked “If I lifted up a little then slid you all the way inside me, then we would not be virgins any more, would we?” After a moment, she said “Do you know that, if it was up to me, I would ‘rape’ you right now? But, for you and Maria, I won’t ... But, I am safe from pregnancy right now. If you go off without being inside me, will we still be virgins?” I said “Yes”.

Soon she began sliding back and forth but this time ending at the opening of her vagina. I began getting closer to orgasm. She was breathing harder. She whispered “I’m going to come! Yes! I want you! Please! Now! Now!” She jerked and my cock pressed hard on her opening. Thankfully, she clamped her legs together but the head of my cock was pressed tightly into her opening. I let loose burst after burst of cum that had no place to go but up into her vagina. She had a tear in her eye and whispered “Maybe someday...” then laid on my stomach and rested.

I noticed that Maria was awake and had been watching us. She just said “It’s OK. I know that you love her, too. But thank you for keeping yourself for me. I will always love you and become the best wife you could ever want.” I kissed her and there were tears in both of our eves over such a dramatic and touching moment.

For the next two days we continued to ‘play’ and had a wonderful time making each other ‘happy’. We did spend time talking and really got to know each other. The embassy finally called and gave the girls a hearing date before an immigration judge. Our pleading that the MS-13 gang still wanted to kill the girls moved the date up to only 3 months from then. The best thing was that they were given a ‘border pass’ to legally enter the United States provided that I would be their ‘sponsor’. I quickly agreed and we left Mexico just 2 hours later.

We returned to my motor home and traveled up through Utah and Colorado. It was almost a blend of vacation and honeymoon. Except for no intercourse, we certainly enjoyed ‘everything else’ to the extreme. Maria and Bonnie had never lived in a cooler climate so they began to enjoy outdoor life. We went hiking and camping and even tried ‘skinny dipping’ in a high mountain lake. I had never been so happy.

I had plenty of money so my credit cards were used liberally to enjoy whatever activity we wanted to do. Maria began to spend significant time just sitting quietly. Eventually she pulled me aside to a quiet place and said “We need to talk”. I was only briefly worried but just waited to hear what she had to say. “What are we going to do? I don’t know what our future will be like.” I just said “We don’t need to worry about money. I have more than we will ever need. Don’t you still want to get married?”

She quickly replied “Oh yes!!! Certainly, I do. But ... what after that?” I said “Just name 3 things you want and I will give them to you.” Her response was “Really. Anything. Are you sure?” I replied “Anything! And, yes I am sure.” “Can I have until tomorrow to think about it?” she requested. I agreed.

The next day Maria was even quieter. She asked “Does my three requests have to include the wedding and the citizenship thing coming up next month, or can they be ‘extra’?” I smiled and said “Sure, They don’t count. I already promised you those. What are your three that you seem so worried about?”

She hesitated “First, I would like a big new house here in the mountains of Colorado with horses, animals, trees, and lots of land around for privacy.” I responded “OK, we can start looking for that this week. Next?”

“Second, after I graduate from high school I would like a large family, maybe 5 or 6 kids.” I winked and said “I was going to work on that the day after the wedding, but if you prefer to wait, I am good with that. Next?”

“Third, and this may be the hardest for you ... I would like to find a way that Bonnie can live with us ... permanently ... and ... let her have children, with you, too ... Is that legal? ... Could you do that ... for me? ... to make my little sister happy, too... “ I just smiled and said “We will see what we can do!!” That night everybody was smiling and laughing and kissing as we made plans for everything we wanted to do. And, we had even more ‘play time’ down in the ‘lower playground’ that each one insisted was necessary.

Bonnie came to me one afternoon and said “I have talked to Maria and told her my idea and she said it was OK with her if you agreed.” There was a pause of a full minute when she finally took a breath and lightly kissed me. She said “My last period was two weeks ago so I should be fertile right now. Do you remember the night in the hotel when we used the hand lotion and I slid on your cock and you put your sperm into me? You said you were still a virgin for Maria, even after you did that. She said we could have a baby together and I am OK with not being married if you will help raise our child. Would you be OK with doing the same thing we did there ... again tonight ... with me?”

I could feel the tenderness in the voice of this small teenage girl. I looked deeply into her eyes and whispered “I would love to, Bonnie”. She whispered back “I love you”. She walked back over to Maria and a moment later I heard Maria exclaim “Good! Yes!!! Do you need me to help or anything?” Bonnie just said “I would like you to be there to give us a ‘hand’ if we need it”.

Anticipation was steadily rising that evening as we all took our clothes off and got into bed. Without a word I laid on my back with both legs together. Bonnie sat on my thighs facing me with a face that just glowed with excitement. I reached down and rubbed her clit until she literally flooded my groin. Maria reach down and put my cock in her mouth to get it wet. I asked if we really needed the lotion and they both agreed it was not needed. Maria held Bonnie’s lips open as she laid down sandwiching my cock. We didn’t need any further help to begin our ‘slip-n-slide’ activity. Again, the head of my cock rubbed her clit but she was already well on the way to her first orgasm.

After a minute she slid forward until I caught in her opening. She asked “Are you ready?” I just reached down and touched her clit. She said “I am really close!” She was now too far away for me to kiss, so Maria reached over and kissed me. Then she moved to place a nipple in my mouth. Just before she got it in, I exclaimed “Now” as Bonnie lodged the head of my cock firmly into the opening of her vagina and clamped her legs together. I fired several good loads into her vagina with just the rim of my cock locked tightly into the entrance of her body. She relaxed and said “Thank You” with a sweet soft voice. Maria stated firmly “We are getting married the day after I get my papers to be a permanent resident, and I hope it is soon, or I will be asking you to do that to me.”

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