New Year's With My Sister

by bstrbrwn1

Copyright© 2018 by bstrbrwn1

Incest Sex Story: This story was inspired by a brother and sister reader. I hope you enjoy and are continuing to enjoy

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New Year cums early

First, I’m going to blame my little sister.

I mean, she’s the one that first turned me on to the idea of incest.

To start, I’m a normal guy, 6’1 about 185 pounds with an average to athletic build. I have brown hair and brown eyes. Being a normal

teenager, I would spend my time mudding in my truck with friends and browsing porn online. My sister Sherrie, is a little cutie. Her

light brown hair and soft brown eyes are only second to her sweet smile. She has always been in to singing and dancing. Her dancing keeps

her body tight and slim. I would often see her dancing and marvel at how her figure was starting to fill out in her leotard. How her 34b

breasts were slowly budding.

Normally, I would catch her leaving the shower or sometimes changing, as she would me. After all, we do live in the same house. I didn’t

really think past it too much until one day a few things changed.

As luck would have it, my sister caught me watching a movie one morning. She walked in my room without knocking to borrow something. When

she saw me, I quickly covered up and went to hide what was on my laptop. My sister blushed and stopped mid-sentence. She just looked at

me. We could both hear the faint moans coming from the video I was unable to stop playing.

“What are you looking at?” She finally said.

“Uh, nothing. What do you want? Don’t you know how to knock?” I was trying hard to hide my embarrassment. After all, it’s not every day you

get caught playing by your sister.

“I needed to borrow something, but I forgot what.”

With that, she turned around and left my room.

I could feel how warm my face was. My dick was completely deflated. I couldn’t believe I just got caught by my sister.

It took a couple of days before I could look my sister in the face again, but that too subsided.

One evening, while our parents were watching TV, I was back in my room. I was browsing through some porn sites when my sister knocked on my door.

“Hey Jeff, whatcha doin?” she asked.

I just looked back at her, slightly annoyed. “Nothing, just browsing.”

“Same place as last time?” she responded with a slight smirk.

“No!” I retorted. “Did you need something?”

She looked at me for a minute. I could tell there was something on her mind.

Then she said, “There’s a cool website you might like. That’s all.”

I really didn’t know what to expect. With a smile from my sister, those brown eyes and her devilish smile, I gave in to her wishes.

I closed out my site and opened a new browser window.

I nodded for her to come over and she sat down on my bed. From going to just looking at naked women to my little sister sitting next to me

was a big awkward. She sat next to me in her skin-tight leggings. Her short sleeve top clung to her body and I could tell she wasn’t

wearing a bra today. I almost thought I could make out her nipples under her shirt.

I tried to shake off the thought. After all, this is my little sister.

“Ok,” I resumed, “what site?”

My sister took my computer and typed in a URL.

Almost instantly the site came up. It was full of sex stories.

I just look at the site and then back at my sister.

Sherrie just sat there looking at the stories on the page. Then she looked back at me.

“Have you been to this site before?” she asked.

“No” I replied.

She looked at me quizzically.

“I mean, I’ve been to porn sites before, but not stories”.

“I found this site a few weeks ago. Some of the stories are lame, but there are a few that are really hot” she continued.

Just listening to my sister describe a sex story has “hot” made my head spin.

“Here, let’s read this one.” she pointed to one of the stories on page.

I just looked at her dumbfounded. My little sister wanted to read sex stories with me?

I wasn’t sure what to think. When did she start reading sex stories? What else has she been doing?

Sherrie slide her finger over the mouse pad and clicked on the link.

The story opened before us. We both read along about a young boy and his first experience with his high school girlfriend.

As the story went on, I started to get aroused. I shifted a little to free up my growing member.

I looked over at my sister and watched as she read the text. I scanned down and could see her nipples, visibly erect under her shirt.

That only contributed to my own growth.

When the story was finished I went back to the main page. We scrolled down the page when my sister said, “Here, read this on, it’s one of

my favorites.”

I looked at the story. It was about a brother and sister having sex on a trip together.

I swallowed hard. This was one of my sister’s favorite stories? Incest?

I opened the story and started to read. My dick was growing to full strength and starting to ache. As I read, I could see my sister’s hand

move slightly. Her fingers were down in her lap and I watch out of the corner of my eye as her finger softly slid along the fabric of her

leggings, right along her crotch.

I shifted again to try to relieve some of the stress on my member. Just before the I got to the climax of the story, I heard my mom calling

for Sherrie to come help with dinner.

My sister slightly frowned and looked at me.

“Let me know if you find any other good ones on here.” Then she got up and left my room.

As soon as she left, I bolted up and shut my door. I quickly fished my cock out of my pants and within seconds started shooting cum in an

intense orgasm. Was it the incest story or having my sister touching herself next to me?

When I was done, I sat down, and took a minute to catch my breath. Then, I looked around and realized I needed to clean a few things up.

That night at dinner, every time I looked over at my sister she seemed to give me a little smirk.

Over the next couple of days, I would catch my sister coming out of the shower or changing in her room. I swear the towel would slightly

slip some or her door would be cracked open more than needed.

That weekend, our parents went out to the store, leaving us alone.

Sherrie looked over at me, as we sat in the living room.

“So, did you find any more good stories?” she asked.

I must admit, I found several good stories.

“Yeah, a few.” I replied.

“Want to go read them?” She said while standing. It was clear she wanted to.

I looked at her again. She was standing there with a pair of shorts on and a t-shirt, once again, no bra.

“Um, OK.” I said, and we went back to my room.

Once again, we brought up the site.

I scrolled down and found a couple more stories of brothers and sisters, and one of a father and daughter.

As we read, I could feel myself growing again. Today I was in a pair of sweats that didn’t hide anything very well.

Still we read on.

I could see my sister start to touch herself again. Very subtle.

Then she looked over at me and then down to my crotch.

“A little turned on?” she grinned.

I didn’t know exactly what to say. Then it just came out.

“Well, you’re touching yourself too.”

We both just looked at each other, then started to giggle.

Then my sister did something unexpected.

“You can do it if you want.” she said.

I just looked at her not really understanding.

“You know, play with it.” she smiled.

“But, your here with me.” I felt a little embarrassed and astonished my sister was suggesting it.

“It’s OK, I’m going to do it too.”

I hesitated for a minute, then my sister stood up and pull her shorts and panties down.

I saw my sister little pussy for the first time and my dick jumped. She had just a little hair growing, and I could see her little slit.

She sat back down next to me and waited.

“What the hell.” I thought.

I stood up and pulled my pants off, allowing my dick to spring free.

My sister’s eyes widened as she stared at it.

I sat back down and started to read again.

After a couple of paragraphs, I could see my sister’s hand between her legs rubbing. So, I slowly lowered my hand down and started stroking


It was such a rush. Between the story and looking over at my sister.

Then I heard a little moan and saw my sister’s legs and hand tense. Her eyes were closed, and I could see her body shutter slightly.

She was cumming!

Just the thought of it set me off.

I felt a rush from inside of me and I exploded.

Cum shot up on to my shirt and down along my hand and the bed.

I just kept pumping and enjoying the feeling.

When I finally caught my breath, I looked over and my sister was sitting there staring at me.

Then she smiled and we both started to laugh.

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