A Visit to My Friend's Farm

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Sex Story: City man discovers the charm of country life. So does his pecker. The culture grows on him.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Farming   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Pregnancy   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on.

It was an improbable friendship. I was well educated and “Ole Bill” was, well, “ejakated”. Lots of his “street smarts” had bailed my ass out many times at the engineering firm where we both worked. I designed machines and he built them and made them work in spite of my designs. We respected each other’s skills and we knew we could depend on each other as well.

I had bailed him out financially a number of times and he had scrupulously paid me back. When he retired and they moved back to the family farm in the Ozarks, I knew he was a happier man. Just no way to make a living there but his pension check and Social Security set him up very well in the backwoods.

We wrote real letters back and forth. He didn’t have or want TV or internet. He sent some pictures of the more-than-century-old family house. You’d probably consider it a shack but it has no mortgage and was big enough for the extended family that seemed to be popular in those parts. I’d heard many stories about his growing up there, so when he invited me for my vacation, I decided to see it for myself.

He told me to call from the little store/gas station because I’d have to leave my car there. He’d get me in his truck. OK, he always knew what he was doing.

I had to wait a little while after the call so I wandered around the sleepy village. After ten minutes I’d thoroughly explored it and was sitting on the store porch sipping on a cold beer when I saw the same ancient Ford truck he’d had at work throwing up dust. He never replaced anything that could be fixed and he swore by that ‘51 with a flathead V8.

He’d brought along a granddaughter who helped put my things in the truck bed. The cab was small so she sat on my lap, actually a treat because she was a pretty and slim adolescent just sprouting tits. As we drove the motion of the truck moved her tight ass on my lap. I wasn’t sure if it was all road-induced however, but her butt caused the typical male reaction to having female flesh in close contact.

Ole Bill had just turned sixty-five but I was barely fifty. My last romantic interest had moved away a few months ago so I was horny.

When we turned up his driveway I understood why my car would not have survived. The much more vigorous bouncing really got my rod reacting and I was sure that little Lulu was keeping it positioned just where she wanted it. I’d hear little whimpers from time to time. Ole Bill kept up a running commentary about the scenery and seemed to be oblivious to Lulu’s actions.

We finally pulled up next to the structure in the photographs he’d sent. The yeller dog stood up and gave a big “Woof” to signal our arrival and a passel of people emerged from the house, barn, and other outbuildings of a real farm. All they could grow was rocks and hay, but it was a farm.

Lulu hopped off my lap and said she’d liked riding with me, flashing a big grin before she grabbed my luggage. Ole Bill’s wife, Linda Lou, came up and gave me a big bosomy hug and offered me a beer like the one she gave to Bill.

Now that hug was especially bosomy but not just because she had big pillow mammaries, but because they weren’t covered with any clothes. They were all “nekkid”.

Bill explained that they were having a hot spell and there was no air conditioning. If you were nekkid and got too hot from whatever you were doing, you just went over to this here shower head at the end of the porch and pulled the chain and some cool water would help. Wearing wet clothes wasn’t good so nudity was very practical.

He started to take his Big Smiths off and Lulu came back from her task in the buff. Yes, her tits were developing and her bush was filling in too. Very cute and definitely a pecker-pleasing sight. She marched up to me and said she’d put my clothes away. I bowed to the inevitable and joined the crowd. With the unaccustomed quantity of naked flesh moving around me, my pecker started to fill. Lulu returned, apparently feeling like she was my personal assistant.

When she saw my average sized pecker start to fill, she blurted out, “Granpaw, his dickie looks differn’t.” Sure enough, mine was the only circumcised one I could see.

Ole Bill said to her, “Well, thets hew them city boys get’s em trimmed when ther just little. Ah kin not tell yew why. It appears thet he’s got the itch so take him in the house and do whut yew know ter help thet.”

I was puzzled as she led me to the couch and got me another beer and knelt down in front of me. Her little hand grasped my shaft, then her head bent over the top and I felt a hot little mouth engulf my mushroom head. OMG it felt good! Then she started working on it. Shit! I hadn’t had a blow job so well done in years. She hummed as she played my skin flute and I told her. “It’s coming”. She nodded her head and I blasted off and she grinned as she swallowed.

When I finished she carefully cleaned my knob off and gave me a little kiss, then scampered away to play with the other kids. I was paralyzed. If this was life on the farm, I’m leaving the city ASAP.

Linda Lou stopped by where I was sitting and checked that I still had beer, leaning over with her big bazooms swinging. I got a good shot of her jungle crotch growth and wondered how Ole Bill ever found where to put his pecker. “Is yer pecker feelin better now? We alles want our guests ter be relaxed.”

I found my vocal chords and said, “I sure as hell am.” I didn’t know what else to say. I went to find Ole Bill.

He greeted me with, “If’n yew gets horny yew kin ask ma wife fer pussy if’n yew’d rather have thet. Lulu tole me she likes yer pecker the way it is. She’s real good, aint she?” I guessed he knew first hand.

As we walked around the farm, wearing boots, taking care of things with me shadowing, I asked many questions and it was like the old days with his ready answers and being pleased to be listened to.

After a big country dinner we went for a walk out to a pond. “This here’s good for swimmin if’n you get hot. We’ll have a picnic on Sunday after church. Might be some neighbors too. I’ve tole them about yew and they wants ta meet yeew. Oh, if any of them girls wants to fuck yew be sure to ask em if it is a safe day.”

I told him that I had a vasectomy so they were all “safe days”. He needed that explained and said the girls would like that a lot. There would be a mix of kids, grandkids, and cousins from other family farms in the area.

When I said I was going to bed, Linda Lou accompanied me. “If’n you don’t mind, Ah’d like to try that different pecker of yours. Lulu told me about it and Bill said yew didn’t have a girlfriend neither.”

I just had to put her on top to play with all that tit-flesh. She made sure my cock got in the right place and we had a helluva good time for half an hour. She was delighted, “Bill can barely last half thet long. Kin Ah come here if’n he don’t finish me off?” I nodded and she left happy.

Well, word got around and I was propositioned by most of the gals old enough to fuck. Wanda even nursed her two-month old son as she rode my cock one afternoon. Linda Lou ALWAYS made sure my prostate was empty each night but then Lulu slipped into my bed in the wee hours and I was awakened by her incredible mouth. She got me fully hard then begged, “Please fuck me. Ah want you to be my first. Ah like your speshul pecker the best. It won’t hurt cause Ah’ve been puttin things in me to get ready.”

How could I disappoint such a cutie who had been so nice to me? That would have been criminal. I ate her out and she put her hand over her mouth to stifle the shrieks. When I slid in she took it like a veteran and thrashed as I stroked. She orgasmed repeatedly and almost continuously. When I slowed down she urged me to keep going. “Put your juice in me!” she begged. I didn’t have a lot after Linda Lou’s recent draining but she felt it anyway and damn near sucked my tongue out of my head as she deep kissed me.

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