Raising a Kane: Ready, Willing, and Able

by Severusmax

Copyright© 2018 by Severusmax

Coming of Age Sex Story: Revised version of Raising A Kane: Ready, Willing, and Able. This version complies with the age limits by having Kane and all characters involved in intimate activities be at least fourteen years of age. In this sequel to Raising A Kane: First Time Seduction, Kane deflowers Dana and we get to see Donald and Tim in action with their girlfriends, too.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   BiSexual   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

“So, Dana, Donald, and Tim, I bet that you’re wondering why we invited you over today. Or maybe you’ve guessed it correctly. You should, given that we’ve been dating each other for how long now? Well, as you recall, yesterday, Kane turned fourteen. Now, he’s a man in our eyes, even if not in the law’s eyes. If you remember, Dana, we asked that you not ... seduce him until he was of the right age. It seems that you’re a woman of your word, which we very much appreciate. We also asked that you not fool around with anyone until he was old enough, just so that he wasn’t the only one left out of the fun. You’ve kept your promise there, too, haven’t you?” Kimberly Evelyn “Kim” Hale observed, recapping recent events for the benefit of getting everyone on the same page.

“So, now it’s time? Now the waiting is over? I get to be fucked by my sweet Kane, for as long as he’s able?” Dana cutely punned on Kane’s name, which was admittedly an odd choice for the Christian name of a televangelist’s son.

“Yes, and by Donald and Tim, just as Kane has gotten a chance to screw Kim and me,” Katherine Maureen “Katie” Hale assured Dana, her brother, and their classmate.

“What about my mother? Any more thoughts about how to get her to relax ... and maybe open up a bit?” Timothy Aaron “Tim” Matthews inquired, not being happy at the way that his mother, Kane’s math teacher Pamela Janine “Pam” Lautenberg, had taken to watching him like a hawk of late.

“Oh, that’s a distinct possibility, but for now, let’s worry more about initiating you guys into service to our mutual lord and master, Kane Abel Hale. Yes, that’s actually his middle name, which makes Dana’s pun so much funnier, I believe. Believe me, I have received assurances from our master that he will reward each of you for your loyal service to him ... and to us. He has told us to inform you that Katie and I are his deputies in command, at least for now, as well as his counselors, so bear in mind that if we give you orders, they come from him.

“Look, you knew the score from the outset, didn’t you? You knew that you’d have to be submissive, subservient to our family, including to us, your girlfriends and future brides. You’ll have to obey us, not vice versa, just as Dana will and shall. In fact, Kane told me to tell you guys that you’re at the bottom of the pecking order. It goes as follows: Kane, then me, then Katie, then Dana, then Donald, and only then Tim. Sorry, Tim, but that’s how it goes. You’ve gathered this much a long time ago, anyway, haven’t you?

“That’s the life that you agreed to live, but I’ve got some good news for Tim: if we do seduce your mother into this, you’ll outrank her at least! Also, if and when our parents get out of prison, you’ll outrank them as well,” Kim informed their guests, to the surprising result that Tim’s semi-hard dick thickened and stiffened almost instantly.

“What’s got you so excited, Timmy?” Kane spoke up at last, emerging from behind them at the bottom of the stairwell.

“Honestly ... it’s the thought of submitting to you ... to Kim, and to Katie. I’ve wanted to be trained to obey all of you for a good while now. I can’t deny that anymore, can I? It’s a fact. I’m a submissive by nature. I’m mostly submissive, though there are exceptions where I would enjoy giving out the orders. I was born to obey, but I would enjoy more pleasurable commands than what Mom gives me. It’s nothing but homework, chores, and whatnot with her of late, and I’m lucky to get time away for something like this. I’ll be lucky if she doesn’t ground me for visiting you even now. We’ll see, I guess. I wouldn’t mind ordering her around for a while, same with your parents, but as I said before, those are exceptions. I’m basically a leather slave at heart,” Tim confessed to the others.

“Nice to know, gimp!” Donald chuckled, slapping Tim on the ass, which earned both of them giggles from each of the ladies and a chuckle from Kane.

“Now, are there are any others that we might want to add to the picture?” Kane spoke aloud, truly curious.

“Well, there is the French exchange student, Fleur Cailloux, as it happens. I’ve noticed her looking at Kane rather lustfully. She doesn’t know that I’ve watched her, as she knows that I’m his girlfriend and I think that she would be afraid to admit it. She pretends that she has no interest, but that’s all due to fear of my perceived jealousy. Of course, she also didn’t know that he just turned fourteen recently, either. She thinks that he’s fifteen, in fact. Not sure why, but that’s her impression of him, due to his higher maturity levels than most folks his own age. If we could get her into bed with him, so much the better. Granted, she’s fifteen to his fourteen, but who’s worried about that?” Dana’s eyes danced as she announced her intentions to help lure the young French lady into her boyfriend’s bed.

“Well, for now, that’s all well and good, but let’s start with you guys. Kane, do you want to fuck Dana now? Dana, are you ready, willing, and able to serve our lord and master? Droit de seigneur, as the Normans and French would say,” Kim encouraged her brother’s girlfriend to do her part to service him at last.

“Oh, damn, girls, I have been ready, and you know it!”

Dana didn’t hesitate with the first part, which was to kneel before Kane, as if his armchair were a throne, spread his thighs a bit more, and start licking away at his cock. While she did this, Kim grabbed Timmy’s dick and popped it in her mouth for more than a few seconds, even as Katie did the same to Donald’s. It was an exercise in killing time, but also in making sure that both boys shot off at least one of their loads quickly. There was a method to the sisters’ madness, of course, and it was mainly that the Hales were all agreed already that Kane should impregnate all three girls before anyone else had that opportunity.

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