Julie 2 - Our Second Time

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

True Sex Story: Julie came home from cheerleading camp with a lot of stories, a lot of rumors, and plans. Then she showed up after school one night ready for our SECOND time.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   .

Julie 2

After our first time, Julie and I didn’t get a chance for a repeat performance for quite a while. Actually, I didn’t even see her for another four weeks, as she was off to cheerleading camp for the end of the summer. I saw her a little bit after she returned, but her mother was doing whatever she could to keep us apart. We did get to talk a little, but by now school had started and took up most of our time.

One afternoon, a few weeks after school had started, I was sitting in the kitchen doing homework when who should knock on my door but my favorite neighbor girl. I invited her in and we sat around catching up on everything that had happened since “that day”, although neither of us mentioned it.

Our conversation started out pretty normal and boring. How are your classes? How are your teachers? What sports are you doing? Any girls you like? Any guys you like? I didn’t tell her about Kassidy, just that she missed a lot of fun pool parties. Then she told me all about camp.

Apparently, all the girls at camp talk, a lot. Julie looked at me, smiled shyly and said

“I know we promised not to, but I kind of told the girls at camp about us having sex”

I thought about that for a minute. I didn’t really care If she wanted to tell everyone she knew, I was okay with it, but I did still promise her that I wouldn’t say anything, and I hadn’t. Should I make a big stink about it?

“Who did you tell?” I asked.

She told me that the girls in her cabin were all talking about their first times and she didn’t want to be left out. Especially since she really did have a first time, and she knew some of the other girls were just making things up or repeating stories from movies they’d all seen.

She said that the girls in her cabin were all from other schools and I didn’t know any of them, except Sara. Sara was one of the other cheerleaders on the squad with Julie. Actually, Sara was really cute. Short, blond hair, blue eyes, big smile. I didn’t mind Sara knowing all about it. Let her think of that every time she saw me. Julie said it was okay though because she never told them who I was. Just some cute neighbor boy she hooked up with.

There were some other girls from our school at the same camp with them though, and “somehow” those little stories leaked out about who was a virgin and who wasn’t. This lead to more little rumors about who the girls who were having sex, were having sex with. It didn’t take them long to figure out who the “neighbor boy” that Julie had been fucking was.

So, all of a sudden, before I even knew it, I had something of a reputation at school. I don’t know if the rumors had spread any farther than just the cheerleaders, who all hung out as a tight little pack, but I wasn’t going to complain. I had noticed I was getting much longer looks from some of Julie’s friends. Now I knew why. They really were checking me out. Oh yeah!

I told Julie I was fine with it.

We kept talking. Julie told me all about the rest of camp, and the beginning of school. The cheerleaders were the same tight little clique they always were. Then she started listing all the new rumors she had heard. Suddenly, she got a little quiet for a moment, then shyly turned to me and asked

“So, hey, you know that girl Kassidy?”

Uh oh, what had she heard?

“You mean Kassidy C? Of course I do, she goes to the same gym with me, why?”

Again, the hesitation, and then the question

“Well, I was just wondering ... did you fuck her?”

That question caught me off guard. I jumped as if she had hit me with a taser.

“WHAT?” I said. “Where did you hear THAT?”

She let out a heavy sigh. She seemed relieved at my total surprise. She answered

“It’s just another rumor that I heard. Everyone knows she’s been having sex with her boyfriend, but there’s a little rumor that something might have happened at one of your pool parties”

Wow. One of those rumors stuck. That could be both good and bad. Good because people would think I was fucking Kassidy, bad because her boyfriend might think I’d been fucking Kassidy.

I answered “Are you crazy? Have you seen that guy she’s dating? He’s a gorilla. If he thought I was screwing his girlfriend, don’t you think he would have pounded me into a pulp by now? NO, nothing happened between me and Kassidy.”

Deny, deny, deny.

Julie visibly relaxed after that little fib. She took my hand in hers and leaned up against me as we sat on the couch and continued to talk.

Julie wants some more

This move of Julie cuddling up against me was new. We had made out once or twice before on her birthday, after a little booze, or maybe at one of our parties when we may have been “under the influence”, but never sober and just hanging out on the sofa. I had to wonder where this was headed.

Julie lifted my hand in hers and gave it a quick little kiss. Then she seemed to steel her resolve and leaned right over and started kissing me. I was surprised but I made no effort to stop her. I started kissing right back. In no time at all we were going hot and heavy on the living room sofa. The next thing I knew she had her tongue in my mouth, flirting with my own, she was practically on top of me. I felt her hand slipping all the way up my thigh. Then she was rubbing my dick through my pants.

I stopped kissing for a moment and asked in a little sing-song voice

“Hey Juuuuuuuuuuuuulie?”

She answered “yeah?”

“Whatcha doooooo -ing?”

Julie kept her hands on my crotch and said with a little smile

“I never got to ... you know ... see it, last time. I kinda wanted to try something, you don’t mind do you?”

A huge smile spread across my face, and as I reached down and started to unbuckle my pants. I answered

“Well that’s a stupid question, you can try anything you like!!”

In the blink of an eye, Julie had my pants and boxers off and her hands wrapped around my cock. She started to stroke it and play with it, feeling and touching and exploring all it’s various parts. Then she started playing with my balls as well. She was fascinated with the whole package. I just lay back and enjoyed while she explored.

Julie said “It’s so big” because obviously I was completely hard by now. “I can’t believe I you got this whole thing inside me”

I answered “Keep on playing with it like that and it’s only going to get bigger” even though I was sure I was at full capacity.

She touched the tip, getting a drop of pre-cum on her fingers. She smeared it around, then all over the head of my cock. Her fingers were magical. She took another drop and gently brought it to her mouth, sticking her tongue out to taste it.

“It doesn’t really taste like anything” she said.

I told her “That’s because you need more than just a drop”

She looked at me, grinned, then dropped her head and wrapped her lips around the head.

Julie gave a little suck on the head, and then I could feel her tongue twirling all around it, tasting everything she could. That little taste opened up the flood gates, and suddenly Julie was a cocksucking little whore. She started sucking, and licking, and stroking. She licked the shaft, she even made a feeble attempt to suck on my balls once or twice, although she clearly liked the full shaft much better. She couldn’t take the whole thing in her mouth like Kassidy, but she was doing just fine for her first blow job. At least I thought it was her first.

I started to moan and groan every time she increased the suction. She was bobbing her head up and down on me trying to take a little more in her mouth. She started to stroke the base faster and faster. I was building fast.

I told her “Oh my god I’m gonna cum” a couple times, but she just kept sucking away.

She took her mouth off me and said “I wanna taste it”

Naturally I told her “Just keep going you’ll get plenty to taste”

Julie kept sucking, harder now, and increased the pace with her hands. I could feel my cock hitting the back of her throat, she was really committing to it. The moment arrived, I warned her, and then exploded my first shot in her mouth. She took it, and then immediately pulled back, closing her mouth. As she pulled back, I shot off two more streams that covered her chin. Some got in her hair, the rest went all over her shirt.

She closed her eyes and flinched, and then swallowed down what was in her mouth. She made a face, obviously not loving the taste, then said

“mmmm ... it’s not awful, just weird. I’ve never tasted anything like that before”

Then she wiped the rest off her chin and tried a second taste. She didn’t make the face this time, just swallowed it down. Then, of course, she noticed it in her hair and worse, on her shirt.

She said “Geeez couldn’t you control yourself, this shit is everywhere. This is gonna stain my shirt dammit”

I looked at her and said “That’s not really something you can control Jules, it just shoots! If you had kept your mouth on it, it only would have gone in one place”

She just looked at me and smiled again, then asked “Did you shoot that much into me when we did it?”

I answered “I don’t know, probably”

She thought about that for a minute and added “I didn’t know there would be so much. How the hell did you not get me pregnant with all that?”

I didn’t have an answer for that.

We sat there for a moment and she kept feeling and touching my now deflating cock.

Finally, I had to ask her “What the hell brought that on?”

Julie said that when she told our story at camp she may have embellished it just a little bit. The other girls were like “It lasted for hours” and “I did this, and that, and this” So she made our story longer than, we took our clothes off quickly and just did it. All the other girls had been describing giving blowjobs, and she had never done it, so...

She answered “I wanted to try it, and I didn’t think you’d mind”

I replied “On no, I do not mind at all, you can do that any time you want!”

She asked “Really? Was it good?”

I told her “Oh my god, it was good. You’ve really never done it before? On anyone?”

Actually, I already knew her dating history. Julie told me about all the guys she dated, and what they tried, and how much she had let them get away with, and none of them had ever gotten past putting a hand in up shirt. I knew she’d never done that before.

She answered “No I promise, yours is the only one I’ve ever even seen”

I smiled back at her and said “Well, seriously, you can do that any time you want”

She continued to smile at me and asked “What if I want to try something else?”

My answer, of course, was “I would do anything for you, you know that”

Julie smiled at that. Then she looked up at me again and asked


I immediately thought of fucking her again. And again, and again...

I leaned forward, kissed her, and only inches from her face answered “ANYTHING”

Julie perked right up, gave me her own lascivious little grin and said

“Good, cuz I wanna do it again”

With that, I took her hand, put it back on my cock, which was starting to grow again, and said

“Okay by me, just give it a couple minutes...”

Julie pulled her hand back and said “No no ... I want to do IT again” and then she offered me that sex crazed look again.

By that time, it was getting late. I knew that my parents would be home any minute, not to mention my brother, so whatever we were going to do, we wouldn’t be doing it tonight. We talked and figured that the best time would be on Saturday. Her dad would be out golfing as usual. Her mom usually spent Saturdays shopping or having lunch with her friends. So, we could spend the whole day at her house and no one would know.

Julie’s mom already knew we’d had sex before and was kind of alright with it, as long as she didn’t have to hear it, or know about it. She had also gotten Julie on birth control and bought her a couple of boxes of condoms. She didn’t want any STDs either. We figured as long as we locked the door, no one would barge in on us.


Saturday came, and I had an eye on her house, just waiting. When I saw her mom finally drive out, I was knocking on her door before her mom could make the turn at the end of the street. Julie was opening the door before my hand could hit the door a second time.

Julie was wearing a tiny little black tank top that I had never seen before, it looked about two sizes too small for her. I liked it. She also wore a pair of very tight, little shorts that did a lot to show off her ass and left nothing to the imagination. I didn’t know when she developed this amazing body, but wow was she sexy as hell right now.

I whistled, then commented “When the hell did you get so dammed sexy?”

She smiled at that and answered “You just never looked at me that way. I never saw you that way either”

I told her “Well I’m sure as hell looking at you that way now!”

Julie wasted no time, she took my hand and led me back to her room. She locked the door, jumped on the bed, and patted the mattress inviting me up next to her. I was there in seconds. She pushed me down on the bed, leaned over me and started kissing. My hands just went wild wandering all over her body. Her back, her shoulders, her tits, that firm sexy ass. Mmmmmmmmm.

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