Alas Photo Shoot

by Rick Kittle

Copyright© 2018 by Rick Kittle

True Sex Story: A photography session to grow glamorous Ala's confidence ends up in a cunning trick and unprotected sex that instead grows her belly

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Heterosexual   True Story   Cream Pie   Foot Fetish   .

Things were getting better for Ala now. 32 years of age she was coming out of the misery of a failed marriage with a cheating husband who made her feel low. In the past 8 months Ala had lost 20lb or so making her tall striking figure even more so. Stunningly beautiful to look at with jet black hair and piercing blue eyes, Ala stood 5 feet 9 inches tall, even taller in the strappy heels she loved to wear. Small firm breasts curved down to an ample bum and wide thighs before tapering off to thin ankles gorgeous pedicured feet with long painted toes.

As her confidence grew Ala became her old self again, more outgoing, socialising, and catching men’s eyes all over town. She didn’t want a relationship though, she was happy on her own, catching up with friends and living the years she missed out on. Ala didn’t think twice though when her friend Helen came around and said ‘Guess what babe I got us some vouchers for a modelling shoot!’ Alas mind raced for a moment, but then she thought ‘what a gift! What a way to make yourself feel better with some good quality studio pictures to put around the place.’

On the day of the shoot Helen came over and helped Ala with her makeup. Helen was wearing a patterned strapless dress which only just contained her large D-cup breasts, and some simple flats. Ala was a little surprised she wasn’t just a little more glamorous. Ala on the other hand stretched into some skin-tight black jeans with a while blouse. Finishing off the look were some diamond encrusted open-toed high heels, black, and contrasting perfectly with her coral nail polish.

Waiting in the foyer of the studio for several minutes, Ala was relaxed and just more than a little surprised when the two photographers came out to usher them into the studio. Helens photographer was Allen, short but with a nice smile and happy looking face. Ala got Jimmy, a swarthy looking Greek guy, about her height, but really nice looking and maybe in his mid twenties. In they went and took to separate sides of the studio where each girl had an individual sofa and mattress to pose with and on.

As they made small-talk Allen said ‘Ok Helen, we read your booking request, let’s have a look at what you want us to work with’ Helen slipped off her flats and then pulled down her dress in one flowing action standing totally nude in front of Allen. She was beautiful in the way a mid 30s with two kids European woman could be. Slim of frame with large hanging breasts featuring three inch round dark nipples, Helen had a flat stomach, tiny waist, and a small strip of jet black pubic hair. Ala looked shocked and stammered ‘Helen ... um ... what are you doing?’ Helen replied quickly ‘It’s ok Ala I wanted these for my husband it’s all good, you don’t have to do this.’

Jimmy sensed the uneasiness in Ala and suggested they move to the next studio. Ala quickly agreed and left the others to their nude session. Feeling more comfortable Ala posed and postured as Jimmy snapped away and he couldn’t help complimenting her ‘You really are a striking woman Ala, so who is the lucky guy?’ Ala explained her situation and Jimmy shook his head in disbelief ‘I can’t believe you are single girl, is that why there are no special shots for a man?’ Using all of his skills gained over many years of picking up single women in for photo shoots he suggested ‘How about we do something a little more risqué for when you find someone? This is the best age for it Ala, take advantage’.

You see Jimmy and Allen both had a running game with female customers. Over the course of a photo shoot they would see who could get the best success rate with a total win being the guy that could actually get inside a girl during the session. What they called a super-win was being able to cum inside one of these women and send them home to their husbands freshly fucked and dripping. Sometimes that couldn’t happen though so as a deal sealer the men had a secret stash of what they called ‘Cougar-Breeders’ in the top draw of the cabinet. These were specially prepped condoms that both of them would poke large needles through to ensure that whatever was put in them leaked straight out. It was a sneaky trick, but one these guys used time and again.

Over the next 20 minutes Jimmy convinced Ala to remove her top, complimenting her on her small breasts, the dark small nipples standing erect and proud. Ala was quite taken that someone could be quite so complimentary. As the shutter kept going Ala became less restrained with the photographs, slightly removing her hands from in front of her nipples and responding to Jimmy’s constant but pre-planned encouragement. ‘God baby you are so beautiful how about we do some pics just in your g-string and heels?’

Ala considered it for a moment and thought ‘Why not? Here is a guy that thinks I’m beautiful and all he wants to do is take pictures of me’ As Ala started to pull down the tight black jeans which almost looked to be painted on Jimmy walked over and said ‘Let me help’ Standing straight in front of Ala he peeled down her jeans his body bending down as he did so. He gently unstrapped each heel removing them from her feet and pulled the jean legs over her feet. ‘God Ala you have such pretty feet, I really love that’ Jimmy said. Ala smiled and then still bent over Jimmy lifted one of her feet and put it to his mouth gently kissing her toes. Ala was startled ‘What are you doing?’ but Jimmy was soothing. ‘It’s ok Ala I’m only helping you to relax for the camera.’

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