Rick the Prick

by Anal_King

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Incest Sex Story: Younger brother catches older brother having sex with their mom. Now it's his turn!

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Coercion   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Anal Sex   Analingus   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I hate my older brother Rick. “Rick is a prick!” How on Earth can this asshole be related to me? When I tell you about the shit this guy has pulled you’ll understand why I think he’s a “prick.”

It all started when I was 17-years-old. I remember it was a Saturday evening when I returned home from a movie I’d been dying to see. When I rounded the corner of the block where my house was, I noticed all the lights were off. As I got closer to the front door, I noticed a faint glow coming from the basement window. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

When I entered the house, it was very quiet, which is strange considering there was always someone at home whether it be my sister, Michelle, my mom, or Rick. I shrugged my shoulders and fetched myself a can of ice-cold Zevia. I brought the cool can to my lips and began to quench my thirst. It was 93 degrees outside and very humid.

I closed the refrigerator door and headed for my room when I suddenly remembered the lights from the basement being on. The basement is more like a family room than a typical basement where boxes are kept. It’s where we keep an old plasma TV, DVD player and a well-used pool table. My dad loved to play pool. He used to go down there three or four times a week just to unwind. I usually got dragged along but I didn’t mind. I eventually got so good at the game that I cleaned out the wallets of many of my friends in the process. I’m sure I would’ve gotten better at the game had it not been for the accident which took my father’s life.

According to the highway patrolman who got to the scene first, my poor dad had swerved his car away from a deer that crossed at a bend in the road. The deer managed to escape unharmed but my dad wasn’t so fortunate. He slammed right into a tree and wasn’t wearing his seatbelt. Anyway, my dad loved animals and respected all living creatures. That was just his nature. Let me move on because it still kind of hurts to talk about it.

Anyway, I slowly opened the basement door. The light above the stairs was off but the rest of the basement was well-lit. I heard giggling then a deep moan. It sounded a lot like my mother. Some slurping sounds followed after that and then some more moaning. I smirked when an image of mom eating a popsicle came to mind. Was she trying to relive her youth or something?

“You taste so fuckin’ sweet, mom.” Well, at least I know Ricky’s down there with my mom but what the hell did he mean by mom tasting sweet? That’s weird. For some reason, my body went instinctually into stealth mode as I quietly descended. Luckily for me, the stairs don’t creak or I’d have been caught.

When I was halfway down, I squatted so I could peek through the balusters. I didn’t want to make my presence known and this was the only way I knew I could do that. The lights in the basement itself were comfortably dimmed but that didn’t stop my eyes from bulging when I saw what Rick was doing to our mom.

She was lying on the sofa holding her knees against her large tits. Her smooth, voluptuous thighs were wide open with Rick’s head in between them. My brother was pulling her meaty labia with his lips, stretching it out to the max before he let it snap back. Then he sucked on her engorged clit flicking his tongue up and down, side to side. Mom’s mouth was open and her eyes were closed in ecstasy. He returned to her drenched slit and made loud, slurping sounds while sucking in her vaginal syrup. Mom moaned again even louder.

“Oh my God Ricky. You’re eating mommy so good.” After a few more swipes of his tongue, Rick mounted mom and lined his cock up with her drenched pussy. In one swift move, he managed to bury his long, thick cock deep into her mommy twat. When he bottomed out they passionately kissed as he quickly pumped his hips and nailed our mother to the couch.

He pulled away from her mouth and bent his head to lick and suck on her long, rosy nipples; they writhed together like a couple who had done this many times before. Each time Rick slid his dick out, his wet shaft would shine under the overhead light. It didn’t take long for mom to cry out when her first orgasm struck. Several more followed over the span of ten minutes before she finally had enough.

When Rick pulled out, his cock was almost pointing to the ceiling. “Mom, can I please fuck your ass now?”

“Oh sweetie, I don’t know. Your brother or sister may come home early, and besides, I’ve never done that before. It’s too risky,” she said. I could see the disappointment on his face, which was not lost on mom.

“Oh alright! Since you fucked momma so good I’ll give it a try. I just hope we don’t get caught because of your perversions” she said with a smirk.

“Great! Get on your hands and knees and spread your cheeks. I want eat your ass out before I fuck it.” Mom looked over her shoulder and said, “I didn’t know I raised such a poet.” They both laughed as Ricky dove in and ravenously tongued her pink anus. Mom’s giggles quickly turned into a loud gasp.

I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I felt so confused and had a ton of questions running through my mind: How long have they been fucking? Why did she choose Rick over me? Also, did my sister know about their incestuous relationship? It was all happening so fast. And now mom is going to give up her anal cherry to my fucktard brother when she should’ve given it to my dad. How fucked up is that!

Rick pulled his tongue out and smacked her ass. Mom yelped and started to wiggle her cheeks to entice my brother even more. She really wanted this it seems. Rick’s prick stood out at a 45-degree angle with pulsing veins wrapped around the shaft. His cock was so stiff it barely bounced at all. He grabbed what looked like a small tube of lube sitting on the small end table and poured the clear liquid all over his dick. My mom watched him rub the lube into the taut skin as they both looked at each other. He took his time coating his slab of meat more for her benefit than his but if it helped her get in the mood, why not.

Then he shuffled over to mom who still had her sexy ass high in the air and squeezed out a big dollop of lube right on her anus. He dropped the tube on the floor and knelt behind her. “Just relax, mom. I’m not going in yet. I want to spread it around using my dick so you can get used to the feel of my head. Mom nodded and rested her face on her forearm and submitted to her eldest child as he took great pleasure in preparing her ass for his aching prick.

I have to admit that mom’s ass looked really good from my angle on the stairs. She could have easily starred in a porn movie for mature women who do anal and have a decent following to boot. I know I would be her number one fan even if that sounds kind of sick to some of you. Don’t judge me until you’ve seen what I’ve seen.

I could see Rick was growing tired of the prep work and wanted to get down to business. “Mom, I’m going to start to push. I’ll go slowly at first. Just relax” She nodded and patiently waited for Rick to start.

It was silent in the basement as everyone waited for the big moment to happen. Rick had his left hand squarely on her lower back while he used his right to position his cock. Mom was biting her lower lip in anticipation. He pressed the bloated head against her pink pink sphincter and pushed. After a few seconds, mom’s eyes widened in surprise as Rick let out a loud groan. Mission accomplished. “Oh my god, mom. Uh! Your ass feels so fuckin’ good!”

Even after a few starts and stops, it didn’t take long for my brother to work the rest of his dick deep into her rectum. She took it like a champ and never complained once. She was pretty much silent through her first ass fuck, but Rick, on the other hand, was loudly moaning and uttering dirty talk during their fuck session.

I was so damn jealous it hurt. I hated my brother at that moment more than any other time in my life. I hated how he fucked her ass with full-length strokes. I hated how mom responded with an approving moan. I hated the obscene sound of skin slapping against skin. I hated how he promised to fuck her ass on a regular basis and how mom nodded in agreement. I hated how her full tits swung in time to his thrusts. But in the end, what I hated the most was when Rick rammed his hips one last time before his body stiffened. He came and yelled while mom rubbed her clit and quickly joined him.

Rick was truly a Prick!

Now that the show was over, I quietly made my way up the stairs and out of the house. I walked around the block a few times trying to sort through my thoughts and what my next move should be. One thing is for sure: I will never be able to move on if I don’t at least try to fuck my mom. On the upside Rick is heading off to state Uni in another two weeks so that will leave only me, mom, and my sister in the house. I’ll make my move when he’s gone.

I think I’ll use the direct approach to get her to see things my way. I’ll admit to my spying and try to make her feel bad about her role in their incestuous relationship. She is the adult after all not to mention the parent!

When Rick finally left for school, I made my move when I knew my sister would be out for most of the day. I found my mom cleaning her bedroom. She had just changed the bed sheets which I thought was good timing on her part since we’d be doing the bulk of our fucking there. She smiled when she saw me enter. “Hey mom, I need to talk to you about something.”

“Okay sweetie, let me finish up here and then we can talk”. I put up my hand as a sign for her to stop.

“Leave the bed alone. We’re going to mess it up anyway so no need to go through all that trouble”. By now mom looked really confused and a bit worried if I read her expression right. I sat on the bed and patted the spot beside me. Still wondering what was going on, she sat on my right and waited for me to begin. “I know, mom”.

“Know what, honey?” I paused for dramatic effect making her sweat it out.

“I know about you and Rick. I saw you in the basement. I saw everything.” I could see the shock. You know, the usual open mouth and wide eyes that people get when they’ve been busted and can’t think of a good excuse to save their lives. I didn’t give her a chance to clear her mind. I went in for the kill.

“Mom, I don’t know why you allowed Rick to fuck you and how long it’s been going on but it has to stop now.” She immediately shook her head in agreement as a fountain of tears streaked her face. “Also, you wouldn’t want Samantha to find out not to mention grandma.”

She started bawling when I mentioned her mom who could be a real hard ass at times, and I know she’d give mom hell for this. “So, let’s keep this between us.” She reached out and grasped my hand in gratitude. “From now on, everything you and Rick did, we will do, especially anal since that’s my kink.”

“But ... but ... I —”

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