My Legacy of Love

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Erotica Sex Story: When a terminal illness struck Don, it brought his family together in ways they never imagined. Clarissa did everything humanly possible to make her son's final days the best possible. His sisters Jayden and Kym helped as well.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Nudism   .

Author’s Note: This story was written with the approval and permission of a family that lived through the basics of the story. I thank them.

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

This ride was one I prayed would never happen. My sixteen-year-old son had been taken from our family. He fought bravely too the end but his body weakened after many treatments was unable to sustain life itself. Tears run down my face and that of my daughters who, like me, did everything possible to make his last days memorable to him and to us. Riding home gave me time to reflect on how we came to this pivotal point in my family’s life. The ride seemed to take forever. The events of the last three years flashed through my mine.

My family was like the majority of families in Abbotsville. We enjoyed a close relationship with each other. Our three children were two years apart in age and were my reason for living. Jayden was the oldest then, Don and Kym was the youngest. All were very active in sports with all three in the local soccer leagues. None were outstanding in the sport but they all gave one hundred percent of their ability. My husband Ralph favorite sayings was ‘it isn’t if you win or lose but how you play the game’. Nobody could give more then there very best effort.

A bit about me, my name is Clarissa Maxwell. At forty-two and after three kids the youngest being fourteen I still took great pride in my body. I exercised daily to keep in trim and had been mistaken numerous times as being in my early twenties. I got many a wolf whistle that proved it. I was born in Abbotsville, as was my husband. I was quadruple blessed with three fine healthy children and a loving understanding husband. Ralph’s great ability was to earn reams of money, which allowed me to be a stay at home mom. I enjoyed my children and my home. So far my children were very respectful of each other and all the people they had come in contact with. They did very well in school and all were in the top quarter of their classes. I was a very proud mom.

We were practicing Christians. I believed it did wonders for the children giving them a balanced view of life. As a close-knit family we had very few secrets from one another. One avenue all the family enjoyed was the fact we were active nudists. Yes that was another reason I kept my body in shape. It was on display every weekend during the summer on a beautiful private beach and in the winter at large clubhouse our nature club built on the property. We as a family had our own winterize cottage on the property as do many others who enjoyed the practice of nudism all year round.

I had been able to watch my family grow literally. Jayden at fourteen was showing signs of puberty. Her breasts were very evident and the tuff of hair above her vulva was thick matt of dark black hair. Don had been growing steadily his penis had to be at least seven inches at fifteen years old a fact that hadn’t been unnoticed by the numerous beautiful teen girls in the park. He was following the footsteps of his dad who was well endowed at ten inches. When Ralph’s cock hung flaccid it was seven inches long and nearly five inches in circumference. We had a very active sex life. I enjoyed every inch of my husband in every opening I had. I learned early in our marriage the joys of oral and anal sex. Sometimes I felt that everybody knew I liked anal sex. When I leaned over people could see the heavy wrinkles on the rim of my rosebud, the joyous result of Ralph’s very sizable large cock.

Over the years of our membership in the club, I was increasingly aware that men of all ages enjoyed looking at me. I kept my pubic hair trimmed and my very thick outer luv lips were always very evident. When I got excited they would swell with blood making them doubly noticeable. Ralph loved them and enjoyed licking me to climaxes at every opportunity. The Sunday morning brunch at the nudist camp often proved embarrassing for some couples, as cum slowly seeped from the women’s pussies as a result of an early morning romp. I personally thought it was wonderful sight of family love. A family that enjoyed being close together usually stayed together and one of the cements for that bond was a very active sex life.

Young Don discovered the beauty of girls at a very young age. He discovered masturbation at nine. Many pairs of his shorts showed that he had mastered the art. The volume of his young cum was very plentiful by the size of the stains. At the park I had often watched him playing with the others in his age group both boys and girls, he was always in a semi erect state. Many of the girls went out of their way to display their beautiful teen charms. I couldn’t blame Don for being interested.

Jayden had also matured and realized the wonder between her legs and the sensitivity of her bosom. The sounds of her masturbating in the evenings penetrated her bedroom door. A couple of times I quietly opened it and enjoyed watching her. I did have beautiful daughter.

The next three years were as perfect as any family could get. Ralph and I were still deeply in love and looked forward to our private time in our bedroom. He filled my every opening on a regular basis. I truly think our very active sex life kept me fit and desirable to him and many others in our club. As for our children they had grown as well. Jayden now uses my bras. I think she filled them better than I did. She was continually raiding my lingerie draw. I found my missing thongs, bikinis and G-strings in the dirty clothes hamper. Many panties had crusty residue coating the crotches from her adolescence juice. As a mother I hoped she wasn’t sexually active but with her looks she had many a boy panting for her company. I must have a talk with her about the birds and the bees before it was too late. As for Don he continued to grow everywhere most noticeable his cock. He had to be at least seven inches soft and very formable girth. He would surpass his dad. I could only hope he had the same respect for all his female friends as his dad had for me.

Then it happened.

When Don turned fifteen it seemed that someone had let the air out of his balloon. Over a short period of time he became listless and very irritable not his usually robust humorous self. After numerous trips to our family doctor and many expensive specialists we got a call urgent call from our doctor. He wanted to see Ralph and myself as soon as possible. We arranged an appointment the next morning. We were hustled into the doctor’s office. Our doctor was looking very grim.

“Glad you could make this visit. Mr. and Mrs. Maxwell please take a seat.”

“What is this all about? Don?”

“I am afraid what I have to tell you will be very disturbing to say the least. As you are aware we have tested Don to determine the reasons for his drastic personality changes and his failing health. We have the answer.”

For the next twenty minutes we listened heartbroken as the doctor explained. Don had a very rare terminal disease. It struck one in ten million. No one knew what triggered it or what the source could be. The most devastating comment was that there was no cure. Don life expectancy was eighteen months to two years. There would be no noticeable changes when it happened, the organs just stops working causing immediate death. My son had been given a death sentence at fifteen years old. He further explained that there were similar diseases with medications that should work on Don to return him to his former self, concerning the personality changes. The doctor held out the carrot that new cures were being found daily and Don optimistically had two years. Before we left we got a list of appointments for Don, the first one was tomorrow. The ride home was very quiet. The tears flowed from my eyes. Why Don? He had always been as healthy as horse, he didn’t smoke, drink or do drugs. I would gladly change places with my son to give him a chance at life.

Once home we didn’t tell the children what had transpired. Tomorrow after Don went to the clinic would be soon enough. Jayden saw I had been crying and her woman’s intuition gave her a good sense of what happened.

“Mom what’s wrong. You’ve been crying. What is wrong with Don?”

“Oh Jayden you will have to wait till tomorrow. Don has an appointment. Tomorrow at dinner we will have a family discussion.”

That night Ralph made love with me. The passion between us was explosive. He started the evening kissing and eating my pussy in an attempt to take my mind off the terrible day we both had just been through. Gradually my body took my mind off the serious day and allowed me to relieve the stress through numerous climaxes. Slipping down Ralph’s body I took his enormous cock and sucked. I was always amazed at the size of his balls in his sack. Our private joke had been if he ever strayed I would cut off his sack and make a carryall out of it. His balls were the size of golf balls. I felt his hand on my face and looked up. He wanted to mount me. I moved into position and felt massive cock enter me. After three mind boggling climaxes he lifted his body removing his cock from my pussy. Knowing what he desired I roll on my stomach and then felt my bum cheeks being spread. His tool slipped into its third home. I pushed back to make sure it was in my anal cavity to the hilt. What seemed hours later he ejaculated heavily into me? Every searing sting of cum gave me great feeling of pleasure. After he slipped out of my pucker, we cuddled spoon fashion and went to a listless sleep, my dreams centered on Don.

Both Ralph and I accompanied Don to his appointment. He seemed to sense something ominous was coming. He was holding up better than I was. I was fighting back tears. Don took all the information surprisingly well. He asked the doctor a number of pointed questions. The drugs would control his personality changes and for all intents and purposes he would appear healthy. When the time came it just happened. The doctor assured him that he could continue his life as before. We all knew that was just a dream. The thought would be in our minds. It would be very hard for me to keep up a good face. Why? Why?

That night at dinner we dropped the bomb on his sisters. Jayden and Kym turned on the waterworks and I followed. Don who should felt the worst was comforting us telling us not to worry. After dinner Jayden took Don in her arms and rubbed her full body against him. She kissed him passionately. It was not a brotherly kiss; it was a lover’s kiss.

“Bro if there is anything I can do for you all you need to do is ask.”

“Thanks Jayden. I will let you know.”

After three days of the new drug Don appeared to be himself again. He returned to school and to his sports activity, appearing to live each day to the fullest. My life took on new meaning throwing myself into exercising and committee work. Keeping busy kept me from dwelling on ‘the what ifs’. Watching him at the nudist camp Don never lets up on his activities. His friends were not aware of personal situation. A large number of young sexy teen girls seemed to adore him. When he went swimming they were all near him splashing and yelling. It made me wonder if perhaps he was sexually active.

Don’s affliction didn’t seem to have stunted his growth. Over the next two years he gained seven inches in height just a hair taller than his dad and at least an inch and a half more length in his penis. The young girls really took notice of him now. Why he wasn’t in a continuous state of arousal I would never know. Most of the young girls were very well endowed and made no bones about wanting to be with Don. Some of them shaved, others trimmed and some had full bushes. For a male the view had to be breathtaking. Actually I enjoyed the view of the young girls as well.

Four months before his birthday Don suffered another reversal. A visit to the doctor confirmed the disease had advanced. The family bonded together and focused on Don. We were at his beckon and call. Many evenings I had said good night with tears rolling down my face between my breasts down through to my pussy. Tears of sorrow mixed with a surge of luv juice. For some reason I got excited crying.

The doctor confirmed that Don’s body wasn’t been following the normal cycle of events with his malady. He had good days and some not so good. Many an evening I sat with him in his bedroom and we talked. He told me of his dreams and me of mine. I always made sure I was made up and looked as attractive as possible hoping when he looked at his mom: he saw hope not a heart broken mom. Often I saw his sheet rise when I came into his room. Don’s hardon was formidable. It hurt me to the core that he won’t be allowed to share his cock with some of the girls he knew and enjoyed the feeling like his dad did with me. What a loss. Looking at him I wanted to slide my hand under the sheet and caress him till he came.

“Don, how are you holding out?”

“Good mom considering everything. Jayden has been a real help to me.”

“Is there anything your mom can do for you?”

“No right now mom.”

My curiosity got the better of me. What was Jayden doing for Don?

“So you sister helps you feel better?”

“Yes mom.”

“What has she being doing?”

Don didn’t say anything but his deep blush had me thinking. What did Jayden do for him that would make him blush? She hadn’t been having sex with him? Sucking him? I kept looking at Don.

“She hasn’t been having sex with you?”

“No mom she offered but I said no.”

So she had been giving him hand jobs, blowjobs or both. I wondered.

“Can I help you like Jayden?”

The blush took on a deep hue of rosy red and I saw his cock twitch under the sheet. Sliding my hand under to this cock I felt the large growth of hair at the base of his engorge organ. His shaft was hard and long.

“Mom you don’t have too. Please.”

“But I want too. Is this what Jayden does for you?”

He nods yes.

“And more?”

Again he blushed deeper. She had been sucking her brother. Any other time in our lives I would be upset but Jayden was doing it because she loved her brother. I pulled the sheet down. Don’s cock was near his dad’s in length and girth. It was a magnificent sample of what a cock should be. His foreskin was back from his cock head slit with pearl of precum forming as I gazed upon it. His ball sack was larger than his dad’s. It looked like two baseballs were hiding there. It was massive.

Grasping his shaft I slowly pumped. Don sighed and closed his eyes. With the other hand I fingered the head of his cock flicking a bead of precum on a finger that I put to my lips. He tasted much like his father but milder. I wanted to suck him but wonder what Don would think if his mom did engulf him. Not realizing I had brought him to the brink and surge after surge of cum shot straight up in the air nearly three feet. I couldn’t believe the volume it was way more than Ralph’s.

“Mom I am sorry I didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Well I did. I know it will make you relax.”

Sheepishly he nodded in agreement. I wiped him clean. Leaning over him I kissed him good night. Once in the bathroom I licked my son’s cum off my hands and arms. What a waste of sperm went through my mind. What wonderful children Don could have fathered. Later with tears running down my face I looked in on Don. He was relaxed smiling as his sister sucked his cock. Jayden didn’t see me so I softly closed the door.

The image of Jayden sucking her brother stayed with me all night. In the morning I woke in sweat. Ralph had already gone to work. A note on his pillow told me to have a good day and not to worry. Easier said than done.

During the day I was with Don three times, each time I brought him to a climax, each time wanting to lean over and suck him dry. The thought of Jayden sucking Don stayed with me all day. When Jayden came home from school she rushed in gives me a quick kiss and hurried to see her brother. In a way I was jealous of her nerve to be sucking her brother.

That night in bed with Ralph we made love like there was no tomorrow. Ralph commented on my enthusiasm.

“Ralph I feel so helpless I wish I could take Don’s place. I love you Ralph but I want our son to live.”

“So do I Clarissa more then you will ever know. All my praying has been for whatever ails Don to take me instead. I have had some life and he will have none. I wanted to see his children my grandchildren.”

That night we slept spoon style. In the morning the results of his massive dose of cum was all over my nighty. Jayden met me coming out of the washroom and saw the mess and smiled knowingly. I had a quick shower and went to Don’s room. He was in a good mood and I noticed his was not erect. Jayden had been to visit him before going to school.

“I see Jayden has taken care of you.”

The blush confirmed it.

“Does she do it by hand or suck you?”

“She likes to suck and I love her doing it. I wish she would have been willing to do it years ago.”

The look of shock on my face had him laughing. I would have been so upset if they had been practicing incest before but with Don’s illness it seemed right. Was Don doing anything for her? Jayden was a very beautiful girl well-endowed great body and carried herself like a model. She had many boys attempting to date her without success. She said she was not ready for a boyfriend. She did have a number of very close girlfriends. I wondered. They had sleepovers nearly every weekend. Maybe she liked girls. But she also liked boys as shown by her love for her brother.

That night I watched as Jayden slipped into Don’s bedroom wearing a see through nighty with no panties. My pussy got wet thinking about the possibilities. Jayden had a good head on her shoulders and I didn’t think physical desires would get the better of her. I planned to talk to her tomorrow after Ralph went to work.

“Jayden you and I should have a talk.”

“Sure mom, but can’t it wait? I have to go to school.”

“It won’t take long and I want to talk to you when dad isn’t home.”


We were both eating breakfast. She was dressed for school in her uniform her face radiant.

“I saw you going onto your brother’s room last night with just your nighty on with no panties. What are you doing with Don?”

“Don wanted to see my pussy close up. I let him.”

“Is that all?”

“No he fingered me and then had me rub my pussy on his face so he could lick me. Mom it feels so good. Now I know what you and dad do.”

Now I was blushing. I could feel the heat concentrate at my pussy. I was embarrassed about what I did with her dad while she was explaining that she had her brother eat out her pussy. This was strange but my mind had me in her place.

“Anything else?”

“Like sex?”


“Not yet.”

“What do you mean not yet?”

“He hasn’t asked me.”

“And if he does?”

“I will let him take my cherry. All the guys at our school have wanted to date me and attempt to take it. If Don asks me I will give it to him willingly.”

With that she jumped up from the table with a shouted ‘see you tonight’ and disappeared from the room leaving with my mouth open from her last comment. During day I gave Don one hand job and in the afternoon I got up enough nerve to finally give him a blowjob. He still had strength in his legs as he dug in and raised his lower body as he exploded in my mouth. I managed to swallow every drop. I could see why Jayden enjoyed sucking Don. His cum was tasty and very thick.

The house became noisy as the girls came home from school. It was the usually bedlam. Kym came into the kitchen and got a glass of milk.

“Mom: can I ask a very personal question?”

All kinds of thing run through my mind. Kym was at the age of questions and wonderment about the world. I never knew what she would ask.

“Of course Kym that is how you learn.”

“Last night I looked in on Don, Jayden was with him.”


“She was sucking his cock. Why?”

“Don is going through things in his life I hope you will never have to experience. What Jayden is doing is taking his mind of those problems. It makes a man feel good when someone sucks his cock.”

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