Oh Oh

by oldgrump

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Drama Story: It started with the question "What is your fantasy?"

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Reposted after editing by Rexford Dam

Further screwing with it by me. As always, all mistakes and Faux Pas are mine.

I am George Caldwell, married, a DINK (Dual Income, No Kids), and was one pissed off hombre with a very short fuse.

We, my wife Cathy and I, were relaxing in bed after a round of lovemaking; when Cathy asked “what is your fantasy?”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about (so sue me, I thought of a lot of fantasies) so I asked back; “What kind of fantasies are we talking about?”

“I want to know what your sexual fantasy is.” She replied as if it was the most innocent question in the world.

“You have got to be kidding; we have done everything that I have ever desired sexually, what could we possibly do without adding people, which by the way, ain’t happening.” I was mad because Cathy had a reputation for bad choices before we got married.

Cathy got a stunned look on her face, and just started to stammer something when I got out of bed and said, “Do not even think of adding people. I believe in my vows ‘forsaking all others’.”

I started to get dressed, and Cathy just looked more stunned. I had all of my clothes on and was putting my shoes on when she finally asked, “why are you getting dressed?”

“I am going to get my stuff for work tomorrow and sleep on the couch, you can think about what you just asked me, because even a hint of you having a sexual affair with anyone, male or female, is the end of us.”

This discussion had been going on for months, as Cathy had been hinting that she wanted to bring someone into our relationship. It was not going to happen if I had anything to say about it.

Cathy and I met in High School at of all places a football game. She was there with classmates of mine; John Collins, Frank Edwards, and Frank’s girlfriend Judy. Frank and Judy were joined at the hip it seemed. Frank’s Judy was known as “Juicy Judy” because all you had to do was take her for a pizza or a burger and you would get lucky. Frank was either clueless or did not care. I wasn’t sure which.

Cathy was pleasant when we were introduced, and the guys wanted me to sit with them to watch the game. I told them I couldn’t because my sisters and my brother were here and I had to stay with them. I was just using them as an excuse, even if it was true (and it was). I did not want to be anywhere near Judy, as she was known to take revenge on anyone who (in her opinion) slighted her. I had already told her that I had no interest in going out with her. She did not take it well, but so far had not retaliated.

About a week later I ran into Cathy at the school library and she wanted to talk. She told me about herself, and how she ended up with John and Frank. It turns out that she had made friends with Judy and the rest was history.

I warned Cathy about Judy’s rep and was just ignored, so I let it go. A couple of weeks later, Cathy asked me to the Sadie Hawkins’ Valentine’s Dance and was shocked when I declined.

She asked me why and I said “I warned you about Judy, you ignored me. If you hang with Judy, I want nothing to do with you.”

That pissed her off, and she retorted; “You’re not my dad, you have no right to dis my friends. And...”

I interrupted her; “I’m not telling you that you should give up your friends, I said I want nothing to do with you because of your choice of friends. I will not go to a dog show with you if you are a friend of the class slut.”

She started tearing up, and I just walked around her and went on my way. I thought that was the end. I was wrong.

Later that week I was invited to the Sadie Hawkins Dance by my sister Julie’s best friend Melanie. When we got there I saw Frank and Judy, John and Sally, (another girl in our class), and Cathy and someone I did not know. The looks I got from the girls were pure venom. After the stares there was a brief heads together by the girls. Then they all grabbed their dates and kept pointing at me. This did not look good.

I pulled Melanie aside and gave her a heads up and asked her if she wanted to leave before those girls could cause troubles. I explained that ‘Juicy Judy’ was used to getting her way and had rep of vengeful meanness.

Mel was surprised, confused and wary. I asked that if she wanted to leave, I would take her home. She said; “I will not let those bitches ruin our night. I will watch out, but I won’t leave and let them win. How about if I have to go apart from you, I will get a few of my friends to go with me?”

I agreed to that, and we had a great dance night. I found out what the revenge was when we left. My car had all four tires slashed, and the windshield was broken. Attached to the radio antenna was a hand written note. It read:

Ha Ha Ha Stupid,

Payback is a bitch

Of course it was unsigned. But there was a baseball bat laying on the ground next to the car.

I didn’t touch anything, called the police, and then my dad, because it was his car. He told me to also call the insurance company adjuster and gave me the number.

The police came, bagged the note and baseball bat; took 873 thousand (slight exaggeration) pictures; and Melanie’s and my statements.

After the statements were done I called a cab for Melanie after apologizing for the problems that happened on our date.

She kissed me and laughingly said, “This had better only be our first date buster. I am ruined for normal guys after having a true gentleman as my date.”

The insurance adjuster arrived and called for a roll-back tow truck to pick up dad’s car. After that was taken care of he gave me a ride home.

A couple of days later, John, Frank, and Judy were arrested and charged with Felony Vandalism. It turns out that when Judy wanted her revenge; Cathy, Cathy’s date, and Sally told those three that they wanted nothing to do with the revenge. Cathy and Sally also went so far as to give voluntary statements of the trio’s plan. Unfortunately, they did not actually see the damage being done. They also did not come and warn us.

Cathy called a few days after the dance and apologized for having any part of the mess. She also said that Judy showed her true colors when she told Cathy, “This will teach that asshole to dis me.”

I thanked her for the call, but said I felt she was part of the group so she was part of the problem. I asked her to please keep away from me. While we were in High School she did.

The terrible trio pled guilty to Misdemeanor Mischief and paid back the insurance company for all of the damage they created.

After I graduated from High School, I got a ROTC scholarship to go to college, so I chose to go to the University of Michigan and studied Civil Engineering. I lost track of Cathy and did not see her again until I mustered out of the army on a medical discharge when one of my engineering specialist hit me with a backhoe and broke both of my legs to the point that they needed rods put in the long bones. I was not cleared to return to active duty.

I went home and was starting my rehabilitation when Cathy was introduced as the new physical therapist. I started laughing and I could see Cathy had a puzzled look until I asked; “How much did you pay the guy that broke my legs?”

She finally just laughed and shot back; “Not enough, you’re a bad penny and just keeps showing up.”

As I was working out, we talked a lot, and I realized that she had changed. She admitted that she had made some very bad decisions while in school. She told me that besides what happened in High School, she got into a bad crowd in college and finally had to go to rehab for drug and booze problems.

We talked about a lot of things, and I asked if, when I was done with my rehab and got a job; if she would have dinner with me. She said yes.

Rehab lasted about 8 weeks and I had a job lined up to start the same day it ended. I told Cathy about it and she was very pleased for me.

Well things went well and 18 months later we were married. Life was great, good job, loving wife, and great sex. Neither one of us was a virgin when we married. So I was very surprised when she started on what was to be this ‘fantasy’ thing.

I slept on the couch for about a week, and finally had enough. I confronted Cathy with what was fueling my anger, and stated that I was going to look for another apartment until she got her head out of her ass and told me where the swinging or sharing ideas came from.

That really did not go over well; Cathy sat down hard on the couch and started crying. I went into the bedroom and grabbed all of the clothes that would fit in my duffle bag and suitcases. I filled a grocery bag with my shaving stuff and toothbrush. I walked out to the kitchen door and placed the bags on the floor and went in to talk to Cathy for the last time before I left.

I saw that she hadn’t moved and just had a lost, vacant stare going on. I asked; “Don’t you see what your pushing to break our wedding vows has done. If I leave here before I get some answers about where the wild hair about cheating got up your ass, I won’t be back until you tell me. Tomorrow, I am filing for a separation. I will not file for divorce unless you do not give me the whole truth. While we are separated, I will be having you watched so if you should date someone the divorce will happen.”

“Now before I leave, do you have anything to say to me?”

She did not even look at me; she just shook her head no.

I said; “Good Bye. Please understand the hurt you have caused, it would not hurt if I didn’t love you.”

With that I turned, grabbed my bags and got in my car and went to a hotel near where I work.

The next day I called the lawyer our employee plan has on retainer. He started the paperwork for a legal separation. I notified our HR department of my change in status. I asked my boss for a couple of days off. He agreed.

I started looking for an apartment and changed my paycheck direct deposit to put it into a different account. I then set up account transfer to cover half of the old apartment rent, and all of the normal utilities. I did not put enough in to cover Cathy’s Car payment or student loans.

My boss somehow found out about my status change and offered his guest house for a rent that was less than what I would pay for a normal two bedroom apartment. I took it.

I also contacted by network of ex-army friends and they set up a network that was watching Cathy.

About 6 weeks went by and my friend’s network reported that other than work, Cathy only went to lunch a couple of times a week with the same lady. They said that it appeared to them that the friendship was beginning to show some problems. They said that the last lunch ended with a shouting match in the parking lot.

They had pictures of the lady. Yup you guessed it ‘Juicy Judy’. I was furious, but did nothing about it because Cathy was doing what I told her she must until she told me everything.

A couple of weeks more went by and my friends told me that Judy tried to go to the apartment and see Cathy and had to be escorted out by security.

Finally a week and a few days after that Cathy called and wanted to set up a time to talk.

I asked if she was ready to tell me everything. She said she was. I came back with, “Anytime, complete truth, and if I detect even a little evasion I am gone permanently. Remember, you can’t lie to me for shit. I always seem to know. Can you do that?”

She said; “Yes, and I will make reservations at Milliken’s for Thursday at 6:00. Will that be OK?”

I agreed and we left things at that.

Before the meeting, I collected all of the photos my gang had taken, including of Judy being escorted out of our building.

I had several questions that I sort of rehearsed before I left for the restaurant that Thursday. I arrived early and told the hostess that I was waiting for my wife and she had made the reservations. When I gave her my name, she said that the party was already here. Confused, I followed her to a table where I saw Cathy sitting and talking to a woman who had her back to me. When I got to the table I saw the woman was Judy.

I exploded. “Didn’t you learn anything in High School. I won’t be in the same room with ‘Juicy Judy’. This dinner is over for me. I will amend the details of the separation so if my friends see you setting me up like this again, the next papers will be for a divorce.” and I left.

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