High Noon at Candy Pass

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2018 by Benjamin J Conrad

Romantic Story: It's just like it says folks - some get lucky - some even - and some get something rather unexpected! Thanks for staying.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Black Male   White Female   .

The Cast:

Jake & Sybil Larrell – Leading Couple
Eddy & Jane Anderson - ( Eddy is Sybil’s brother.)
Spade Adams - Black drugs Baron.
Winthrop Morgan – Corrupt white Mayor of Candy Pass
Anita Bramble – Teen-aged accomplice of Winthrop.

Jake’s bedside alarm awoke him at 7am. It was Monday and he groaned upon realising the week-end was over. He rose from his bed and drew a curtain to reveal the dawning sun. He noticed Sybil pull the covers back over to resume her slumber. Their marriage was was currently in a storm.

Slipping into his dressing gown and slippers he dragged himself to the kitchen and began brewing the coffee. As he stood there gazing at the kettle he groaned again; it was the recollection of his week-end misbehaviour at Winthrop’s; with Anita and Sybil’s sister-in-law Jane! How had Jane become involved in this affair for Christ sake! He knew of course; it all revolved around Winthrop Morgan.

It was 8am as Jane Anderson gave her husband Jake a cheery wave as he drove off to work in his van.

Things had been surprisingly sweet between them over the weekend considering the extra-marital activities they’d both been engaged in.

Eddy had spilt the beans like a naughty schoolboy; when she’d virtually caught him in a flagrant sex-act with his sister in the kitchen!

But what he didn’t know at the time was she’d just returned from an even steamier session with his sister’s husband; Jake Larrell!

It was 9am that Monday morning as Winthrop Morgan stepped from the shower and began drying himself off with a luxuriously fluffy towel. He too had some of the week-end’s activities on his mind; particularly the sex-threesome he had manipulated Jake Larrell into.

He had particularly enjoyed prying on the fornicating trio. That new married woman he’d recruited, Jane Anderson; she had done a beautiful job on fucking young Anita with that strap-on. That had really hit the spot.

As Winthrop towelled himself his mind raced with the potential of the pair as a Mother and Daughter act! Anita’s flexibility was more than impressive!

Anita had appeared at an event he’d held over a year ago. She’d barely been sixteen but what struck him was the confidence with which she inter-mingled with middle aged men. The kind of businessmen that he dealt with all the time.

Although she’d been a raped regularly at the age of twelve; it seemingly had no ill affect on her appetite for sex! She was a smart white girl who wanted to move up in the world and escape her blue-collar background. That impressed Winthrop who had set out in life with the same fire in his belly. And so he’d drawn her into his team; got her to drop-out of college and made her his ‘personalized’ helper.

Eventually he’d given her the important assignment of seducing Jake Larrell.

You see Jake was vice president of Candy Pass Bank and that made him an interesting individual to Winthrop Morgan. Bank’s can move money about; even dirty money that Winthrop occasionally found himself holding like a shitty diaper; especially when he’d had dealings with Spade Adams.

But this morning Spade Adams was slumbering in bed somewhat later than was usual; for he’d been making love to Anita until the early hours.

It had been a chance encounter between them, with Spade inviting her to join him for dinner.

Their evening began in a civilised way. He’d wined and dined her in a pleasantly small restaurant; their conversation had become interesting as each began sharing their past lives. He’d invited her back to his place and she’d graciously accepted.

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