Shopping Then Fun

by uksnowy

Copyright© 2018 by uksnowy

Fiction Sex Story: Two mature ladies have orgasms from an unusual least for one of them

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Zoophilia   Bestiality   .

A found story, anglicised, characters aged and renamed and all hopefully put in a better form.

Hazel and Gertie had been good friends since their days in primary school – now nearly fifty years back. In their 60s and both married to successful business men, they met up several times a year at each others homes to catch up and do what they had always called girly things. One weekend it was Gertie’s time to host the ... in their minds the momentous event. After a full day of shopping, the two mature ladies were at Gertie’s house relaxing and intending to open a glass of chilled Sauvignon Blanc, from Lidl.

“I must admit Hazel, that totally white outfit is so attractive and pretty. Is it new?” gushed Gertie as they settled on two massive cushioned loungers in the leafy, part shaded well tended garden. “Thank you, well part of it is yes, the other ... you’ll laugh...” “Go on try me.” “The top is new from Debenhams, the skirt’s from the Sage Concern charity shop would you believe. It’s got some age ... like me,” Hazel trilled. “The lady said it was pre 1940 and came from a well to do house.” “What a bargain. That’ll cost well over a ton anywhere, twirl again, just for me.” Her bulky friend obliged, showing off the foot deep embroidered pattern round the hem, which gave way to smooth high quality cotton narrowing from it’s flowing style to cling to Hazel’s rotund bum. “And I like that gold anklet. I know that is new.” “Yes John bought it as an anniversary present, marking forty years since we met.”

“Stunning, now sit down and tell me Hazel, what’s bothering you? All day I’ve noticed that you seem distracted?” Gertie asked.

“Oh no, it’s nothing.” said her long time friend. But Gertie wouldn’t settle for that and pressed her for an answer. Hazel finally relented and began to explain to her long lasting friend. “Yes, well I suppose I am distracted like you say. It’s just that lately whenever my husband John and I have had sex, he always seems to finish so quickly that I never quite got satisfied, you know? Now don’t get me wrong Gertie, I love him dearly, and I’ve never let on to him that I’m not completely happy with our sex you know. I even do have an orgasm some time, but it’s always just a little one, and it never seems to really satisfy me, you know what it’s like when you’re really in the mood?”

“Oh yes men!” chuckled Gertie with a disparaging expression and gesture. “I’m not always in the mood and just let him do it, think of England and turn over. He does that most times anyway,” They both giggled and sipped their wine. She mused on her husband Robert’s poor prowess in bed and shrugged, he had fathered two good children...

Gertie’s black Labrador Retriever, Rave, was lying on the floor at their feet and Hazel absent mindedly scratched his ears as she talked. Gertie looked at her friend’s troubled face and seemed to make an inner decision. She leaned forward, elbows on her knees, glass in hand. “Look Hazel, I’m going to tell you something. Something very intimate and personal, and I don’t want you to get upset, okay?” Hazel looked back at her friend. “Yes OK, what? What is it Gertie? You know you can tell me anything,” she added seeing Gertie biting her bottom lip and frowning.

Gertie lowered her voice and said, “Well, it’s a secret, and you can’t tell anyone, okay?” Hazel was quite concerned. “Yes yes, I promise I won’t tell anyone. What is it?”

Gertie composed herself and began. “OK, well I’ve had the same problem as you ... God knows why I am whispering, he’s not here he’s at the gold club,” she chuckled, sipping more wine. “You know with Robert. He does exactly the same thing.” “What, you mean he cums so quick that you don’t get yours?” getting a nod from Gertie.

“Yes, and after this has happened with him so many times, I decided to do something about it ... God this is awful...”

Gertie had Hazel’s full attention now. “Really? You’ve taken a lover ... not a toy boy? “ Gertie shook her head. “Well what did you do? Tell me! Tell me, please.” pleaded Hazel leaning forward, joining Gertrude Manifold in conspiratorial mode.

Gertie nodded toward Rave and simply said, “I’ve trained him!”

Hazel looked at the big dog and then back at her friend. “Trained him? Eh? What do you mean? Trained him to do what? He’s so good and well behaved.”

Gertie smiled a sly look and said, “Trained him to satisfy me.”

Hazel seemed completely confused and said, “Pardon? What do you mean?” “Simply put, I have trained him to fuck me. I have him do it whenever I really want to get satisfied. And believe me, I get satisfied beyond a woman’s wildest dreams.”

Hazel stared at her friend and spilled some wine on her bare legs, swiftly swiping it with a napkin. Her eyes were wide open and her mouth agape in bewilderment.

“I’ve found a lot of information on the subject...” she went on. “ Out on the web over the last few years. It was all from other women who were in the same situation that we’re in on Mums Net you know?” Haxel nodded and gave a dismissive gesture, not liking the so call feminine web site. “They were also in relationships that weren’t completely fulfilling for them sexually. So from what I learned on a private message, I took the plunge and over the last ten months, I’ve been training him, and after careful instruction I have now got myself a sex partner that is ready and willing whenever I am, and one who will satisfy my every wish.”

It was finally dawning on Hazel what her friend was telling her. “You mean to say you have sex with your dog? Gertie, you have your dog fuck you?” she asked, incredulously.

Gertie said nothing, but just smiled.

After the initial shock, Hazel asked a million questions and Gertie answered each one of them patiently. The two women talked for over two hours after opening another bottle of wine and Gertie sensed that Hazel seemed to be getting very much into the idea. Gertie finally asked Hazel if she thought she might want to try doing it with Rave. Hazel blushed and ran her hand through her mop of bleach blonde hair. “Well golly, I don’t know, Gertie. Are you sure it’s all right. I mean we’re not in the first flush of youth are we?”

“Hazel, not only is it all right, it’s fabulous! I’m sure you diddle yourself, you know like we did at first school ... remember?” The both shrieked with mirth. Hazel nodded. “Course I do - tell me a woman who doesn’t?” she snickered. “Well age doesn’t come into it ... oh that’s a funny choice of words ... cum into it. It does in me,” she screeched. She excused herself and went for a piss. Hazel gazed at Rave who was lazily licking his arse as dog do. His testicles were glossy shiny grey in the sunshine and now he had come into the conversation, they were large ... She saw his big floppy sheath. Her mind raced. John and her didn’t have a dog for a start. Too much bother when they went for their many holidays, walking twice a day and all that cleaning poo. no Hazel Hotchkiss, your home and lifestyle just don’t fit to a dog. When Gertie returned, Rave got up and trotted to her and she hugged, cooed to him and patted him lovingly. “Look Hazel you’re 61, same as me, of course I’m two months younger!” she trilled good naturedly. Her friend took no offence at the age old age jibe. “I still want to cum, my juices are still live, it’s completely private here at home, Robert knows nothing. You’re as fit as me and we’ve still got a bit of shape and like to think we’re sexy yes?”

Hazel was convinced after much more discussion, because when Gertie took a phone call from Robert that he wouldn’t be home till near eleven that night due to being invited to a ‘bit of a do’ as he told her, the mature wealthy ladies had the rest of the warm day to indulge a new experience for Hazel led by her good old friend.

“First of all, lets get undressed,” suggested Gertie, immediately beginning to take off her denim shirt. Hazel unbuttoned her white top As the two women started to get naked, Rave noticeably perked up. He began to quickly circle the two women and sniff at them as they disrobed. He approached Hazel first, his wet nose tickling her chubby legs. She stood and bent over to remove her white prettily patterned panties, he nuzzled her ass cheeks and crotch making her jump and giggle. “Wow! he’s really frisky, isn’t he, Gertie?” “Oh yes! It’s because he knows he’s going to fuck.” came the answer, as the dog owner dropped her plain cream slacks, then her sensible plain black knickers. Rave continued to jump around and it was hard to keep him calm as they finished undressing. Hazel rubbed her bounteous boobs now they were unencumbered from a stout underwired brassiere. The taller thinner Gertie hadn’t worn one.

Both women were now completely naked. “OK now just sit back on the couch and spread your legs. He seems to really like you, fresh meat U s’pose, see what he does, it’ll be OK let him go ahead. I think he’ll lick you.”

Hazel grinned. “Oh right! OK like this?” slouching back and spreading her legs. Rave quickly stuck his big nose right into her crotch and his tongue lashed out.

“He doesn’t mind if I don’t shave down there, “ Hazel’s eyes wide open in delight and sudden surprise. “Oooo! Damn that’s good. Oh wow, he really licks everything doesn’t he?” she exclaimed. “Oh yes, he doesn’t mind hairy bits, I’ve tried him with both, but he’s a bloke isn’t he, do they care? Robery doesn’t. Rave really likes to lick pussy and arsehole and everything else down there. He’ll go on for a long time if you want him too.”

Hazel swooned as the big dog’s tongue laved her entire crotch and inner thighs. “Um! Damn that’s good!” she moaned. “He’s amazing.”

The big dog licked Hazel’s crotch for several more minutes, making her moan. But then after a bit more, he moved over to his mistress’s pussy to give her the same treatment. Hazel’s eyes opened a lazy smile on her face as she watched Rave lapping away between Gertie’s widely spread slender legs at her completely bald snatch.

The big dog licked and nuzzled his mistress’ crotch for some time. Her breathing was getting quite ragged and after a few moments more, Gertie began to stiffen and groan. As the dog continued to lick her, she obviously had an intense orgasm with her body shaking violently. She finally closed her legs and Rave moved away from her.

When Gertie recovered from her intense orgasm Hazel was quite impressed and told her friend that it was incredibly exciting and wanted the same. Under Gertie’s instructions, she patted her cunt and called Rave who wandered lazily to Hazel and recommenced licking her. To make sure, knowing her clitoris was well tucked away not only behind her thick, fair, hairy outcrop, she pulled her wide textured labia wide and exposed her clit hood, jumping as the dog’s long pink tongue immediately found it. Soon the new canine lover was gasping with excitement, one leg twitching, her body trembling and then she climaxed very intensely. Gertie grinned from her couch and said, “Well if you think that’s exciting, wait until he actually fucks you.

Hazel was obviously beside herself with anticipation. Trembling, panting, hugging the dog and peering down at her soaking crotch and apologising for the wet stain on the cushion, she finally asked. “Okay, well how do we go about it? He doesn’t seem to have a hard-on. How’s he going to fuck me without one?”

“Just feel him down there and stroke him a little, and it’ll come out.” Gertie told her,

Eagerly with a whole new sex life unfolding before her, Hazel did as she was told, after laying a cushion that was behind her head on the patio slabs and dropped to her knees next to Rave. She carefully and very very cautiously grasped Rave’s cock through his hairy sheath and slid it back and forth. “Is this right?” Gertie told her she was doing it right, but warned her not to fool with his balls, because unlike a man, he was very sensitive about them and didn’t like anyone to touch him back there. The dog’s cock began to emerge from his sheath, Hazel squealed. “Oh yes! There it is! It’s starting to come out.”

“Good, now just keep playing with him like that and he’ll get fully hard.” Gertie advised. Rave stood quite still, but his back arched a little and his haunches began to hump slightly. “Okay, it’s all starting to come out now,” Hazel said, bending down to watch the dog’s cock protrude. She giggled as she played with the ever expanding dog’s cock, but then she gasped. “What? What is it?” queried her friend. “Well look at the end of it,” a stunned Hazel gasped. “It looks so funny. It doesn’t have a head on it at all, like a cock should. It just comes to a little point!”

Her friend assured her that was what it was supposed to look like.

“Oh my God, look how big it’s getting. And it’s so thick in the middle! Damn it’s huge! And it’s all red! Oh! Oh no!”

“What? Now what?” asked a slightly impatient Gertie.

“Oh! There’s some piss coming out of it!”

“No, no, that’s not piss, just his pre-cum you know ... like a bloke’s dick gets damp and slimy.”

“Really? Well there’s a hell of a lot of it!” retorted a deeply concerned Hazel.

“Yeah, he’ll leak like that for quite a bit. It’s there as a natural lube. I know it’s thin, but don’t worry, it’s not piss. It’s all OK, and it’s completely pure and clean and natural. You want to taste it by the way? It can’t hurt you.” chuckled Gertie, stuffing some green olives in her mouth and swigging her wine.

Still a bit unsure, but completely curious, Hazel caught some of Rave’s pre cum in her other hand, brining it up to her lips and tasted. She had a questioning grimace on her face. “Well, it doesn’t taste bad, but it doesn’t taste like cum. In fact, sort of metallic tasting. I normally like a man’s cum well John’s, but this is different.”

“Well I think it’s an acquired taste. That’s just his pre-cum anyway, the actual cum that he unloads later has an even different taste. You’d like it.” said Gertie assuredly. “Jesus! What’s this now?” squeaked Hazel leaving go of Rave’s leaking monster cock.


“This huge bulge on his cock! Did I do something wrong?” Hazel asked, worried.

“Oh no, that’s just his knot. All dogs have it It’s OK.” Looking down, Gertie chuckled, enjoying this slow educational session even if it could be hurried up.

“Wow! Look how big it’s getting.” gasped Hazel, now gently stroking and cupping Rave’s knot. “Yes, it grows like that as he gets more excited.” Gertie said, nodding.

As she still stroked the dog’s growing cock, Hazel was stunned.

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