by Red Czar

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True Sex Story: After four months of dating, Jamie and I find ourselves alone at her house after a morning run...

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

I met Jamie at a track meet. I went to watch my friend Michelle compete and cheer her on. I ended up spending the whole day eyeballing the cute little blonde with the perfect ass. As it turns out, she was actually one of Michelle’s teammates, so I begged her to introduce me. Eventually Michelle gave in and introduced me to Jamie.

I spent the rest of the meet with the both of them, cheering them both on for every event. Michelle told me I was making a fool of myself, but I didn’t care. I couldn’t help it. She was probably right though because every now and then Jamie would roll her eyes and let out what could only be a pity laugh. I still couldn’t stop. Her face just lit up every time she laughed.

Unfortunately the meet ended and Michelle and I had to leave but you can be sure that I was at every one of their meets I could attend for the rest of the year. I would flirt with Jamie every time. She would laugh and giggle right back. Finally I got up the nerve to ask her out, and that was the beginning of Zane and Jamie.

We started dating and in no time we were quite the item. Jamie went to a different school than I did so during the day time all I could do was text her and make do with pictures on my phone, but we would get together almost every day after we both finished our respective sports practices.

When we were together we were all over each other. I couldn’t get enough of the girl. We would kiss and make out for hours. I had my hands all over that tight little body all the time. In no time at all we would find ourselves in my room with her shirt off and her pants undone. Her tits were perfect just like her ass. I could spend hours worshiping them. I would lick and suck and squeeze and tease. Jamie would just moan and hold me tighter wherever she wanted my attention.

This wasn’t one sided though, Jamie would be all over me as well. We’d barely sit down and her hands would be sliding up my leg and over the bulge she had created. The first time she took my cock in her mouth I almost died and went to heaven. She said she’d only done that once or twice but she sucked me off like a like she knew what she was doing, swallowed it all, then got me hard again and did it all over. I often tried to return the favor and get my mouth on that sweet pussy, but she refused to ever take her panties off. Jamie was a virgin and wanted to stay that way. She figured if she didn’t take them off, nothing else was getting in. That didn’t really work out though as I managed to get my fingers in that tight little muff all the time. I could make her scream and cream just as quick as I liked, and so did she.

This all brings us to the first time Jamie and I actually had sex. It was about four months after we first started dating. It was very much unplanned. Jamie was always telling me that she was saving herself, she was still a virgin and she wanted to stay that way. I was perfectly happy with the way things were, but the events of the day would play out differently.

It was a Saturday afternoon and we were at Jamie’s house after going for an early morning run together. We got to her house and collapsed on the couch in her rec room. No one else was home so naturally we started kissing and touching almost instantly. I slid my hands up her side and grabbed the bottom of the tank top she was wearing. This came up and off easily. Then I moved my hands to her chest. I squeezed and fondled her tits while we kissed. In no time at all her nipples were as hard as stone and poking through the sports bra she had on. I leaned down and put my mouth on her nipples bra and all. Jamie was giggling but still holding me tight and moaning for more.

I moved my hands to the bottom of the bra and started to push up and under it. I was able to push it up enough to expose those beautiful tits, and my mouth went right back to them. They are so much more incredible when uncovered like that. Jamie loved when I licked and sucked on her nipples. She would make the most sensuous sounds and pull me against her so tight. She stopped me long enough to sit up, pull the bra off and throw it on the floor. She sat back against the couch and pulled me right back to where I was. While I was doing this, I slowly slid my hand up the inside of her thigh.

While I was paying attention to her tits, her hands were sliding down over my ass. I was loving that and getting harder by the moment. Jamie slid her hands up to the top of my shorts, hooked her thumbs in and started to push my shorts down. I looked up at her. She just looked at me, winked and smiled.

Jamie rolled me over onto my back and pushed me down on the couch. She then pulled my pants right down and off leaving my cock standing straight up in the air. I was watching her face the whole time. She had that same smile that I love so much lighting up her face as she took my cock in her hands and started to stroke. I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she started stroking my cock and massaging my balls. Mmmmmmm.

The next thing I felt was her mouth closing around the head of my cock. Oooooooooooooh god that’s so good. One hand still massaging my balls, the other still stroking my cock, and her mouth sucking on the head for all she was worth. Her tongue started dancing around my cock as she licked and then sucked, then sucked and licked. My hands found their way to her head and held on as she continued. I could feel my balls building more and more. Jamie looked up at me, smiled again, and then lowered her mouth over my cock one more time. She slowly took almost the whole thing in her mouth. I held her head there. This was always her best move. She pulled up a little and then lowered her mouth down even farther, sucking for everything she could get. I just exploded in her mouth. I could feel her throat closing around me as she swallowed every shot. I couldn’t help but let out a moan as I pumped shot after shot into her mouth. She looked so sexy with cum dripping down her chin.

Jamie pulled back off me and crawled back up on top of me. I said “Oh my god that was so amazing, how did you get so good at that?”

She just smiled and laid down on top of me.

Now it was my turn. My hands slowly slid down her back and over her ass. I did the same as her, and hooked my thumbs into her shorts, then started to push down. She started to object but I said “At least take these off”, so she let me push the running shorts off. Now I was naked, and she was in just her tight little undies. Her ass was so smooth and perfect, it was already making me hard again.

I slid my hands down inside her panties and was massaging her ass. I loved the smooth soft feeling of her cheeks. I still just felt every part of her was perfect. We started kissing again, and Jamie straddled her legs right over me. She started to move her hips against me with her own little rhythm. Now I was definitely hard again and she was grinding right down on top of my hard cock. She stopped kissing my lips and started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears. It was making me crazy.

I moved my hand to her front and slid into her panties, down over that smooth patch of hair. Once my fingers slid over her pussy she grabbed me tight and hard and pushed her hips against my hand. I teased her and touched her and made her squeal. She was losing control. My fingers found their way into her pussy and then she just moaned and pushed back onto them harder.

The situation was a bit uncomfortable, so I pulled my hand out of her panties and just slid my hand down between her legs. I pulled her legs wider and then pulled her panties to the side so I could continue what I was doing. My thumb found her clit and she started moaning instantly, taking deep breaths and holding them while she pushed down against me. I continued and worked her up into a frenzy. She was working her hips in a rhythm against my fingers, and at the same time sliding over my cock.

Jamie was moaning and holding on to me tight, but just as I sensed she was about to orgasm, she pulled up and away. I’m sure it was just part of the rhythm she was working against my fingers. What happened though was that she pulled away from my fingers, and when she pushed back again, with her panties pulled to the side, her sweet pussy was right up against my cock. I made no attempt to put my fingers back, fighting the urge to just grab her and plunge myself into her.

As it turned out, I didn’t need to. Jamie pulled up again, and pushed back again, and my cock slid right into her tight little hole. Not a lot, just the head, maybe a little more, but oh it was magnificent. She let out a soft moan. I let out a moan of my own to counter hers. She pulled up again, not entirely off, and then pushed back again, taking more of my cock inside her. I was maybe half way inside her at this point. I couldn’t force myself to stop now, and she kept pushing farther. I knew she was a virgin. I knew she kept saying she wanted to wait. I also knew she was pushing herself down onto my cock, taking it deeper and deeper inside her pussy. She had to know that was not fingers pushing into her. At that point, the only thing I was thinking about was the beautiful naked girl riding my cock. My hands slid up over her ass, I grabbed her hips, and the next time she pushed back, I pushed back too. She was so wet that there was no resistance whatsoever. I slid all the way up into her. Her pussy instantly gripped me like a vice, she was so tight. I was in heaven.

As we both moaned while my cock pushed deep up inside her. I pulled back, and then pushed deep up inside her again. The sensation was incredible. Jamie suddenly stopped. Her eyes popped wide open and she quickly pulled herself off of me saying “Oh my god what are you doing?”

I couldn’t think, none of the blood was in my brain. I said “What? What do you mean?”

She said “Oh my god, I told you I wanted to wait, we can’t”

I said “YOU were pushing down onto me I thought you wanted to”

She replied “I didn’t even realize. It felt so good I wasn’t even thinking”

I said “It did feel good didn’t it? It felt amazing. Come on lets finish”

Jamie sat up at my knees and looked in my eyes. Her hand was between her clenched legs, I could tell she was rubbing her pussy. Between our gazes my cock stood straight upright covered in her juices. She said “It feels like it’s still in me”

I kind of laughed and said “well it COULD be...”

She got a bit mad and said “Shut up! You know I wanted to wait. You know I’m still a virgin”

I looked at her, took her hand and wrapped it around my cock and said “Jamie, it was all the way inside you, you’re not a virgin anymore. Doesn’t it still feel good though? Now that that’s over, don’t you want to keep going? I promise I won’t tell anyone.”

She sat there lightly stroking my cock with one hand, rubbing her pussy with the other, and closed her eyes. After a few moments stoking her own pussy, thinking with her eyes closed and realizing that she in fact was not a virgin anymore, she said “Well I guess it’s too late now ... you have to promise you won’t tell anyone?”

I said “No one, ever, I promise”.

She sat for a moment more, looked at the cock she was holding in her hands and then did something she hadn’t done with me before. She stood up, and then pushed her panties off. I finally got to see that glorious golden bush. She climbed back onto the couch and straddled over me. Then she leaned down and kissed me again as she took my cock in her hand and lined it up to her entrance. She moaned once, softly and said “I can’t believe I’m gonna do this”

Slowly she lowered herself down onto my cock. Just as before, she was so wet that it just slid right in all the way. I grabbed her hips and pushed up into her. She was so tight, it felt incredible to be inside her. She sat on top of me like that for a few moments with my cock deep up inside her.

She said “Oh my god I can’t believe it’s in me. It feels like a fucking telephone pole”

I laughed. I admitted “I’ve wanted to do this since the first day I saw you”

She leaned down to my face kissed me and said “you wanna know a secret? ... So have I” and smiled.

I held on to her hips and pulled out about an inch or so, and then pushed it right back up into her. She let out a moan that was mostly pleasure, but maybe just a little pain as well. She wasn’t used to having her pussy stretched out like this. Slowly we started to build up a rhythm. She was pushing back and stopping, pulling up, then doing it again. Every time, I would get all the way into her and I could feel her pussy tighten around me. Having already cum in her mouth before this, I was lasting forever. It was awesome. We would go fast for a few moments, then very slowly for a few more. She would say “oh yes, that’s so good, more of that”. Then I’d slow down and let her recover. In a short while Jamie discovered that if she pushed the right way it stimulated her clit too, and that really got her going. She started working that rhythm. She was getting faster and harder. She was holding me tight and grinding her hips into me. I was building up fast. She was also clearly approaching orgasm fast. I was pumping into her hard and ready to blow.

I told her “Jamie I’m gonna cum, you gotta get off”

She had her eyes closed and between her moans and grinding herself into me she managed “No ... not yet”

I said “No really, I’m gonna cum if you don’t stop, you gotta get off”

She just pushed me down and kept grinding into me. I grabbed her hips and pushed into her hard.

I said “If you don’t wanna get pregnant you gotta get off of me now!”

She was so involved in what she was feeling she just said “I don’t care”

That was when we heard the car door. At least I heard it, I’m not sure if she did.

I said “Jamie really you gotta get off”

Still with the eyes closed and the head thrown back and pushing onto me for all she was worth.

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