Revenge at Candy Pass

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2018 by Benjamin J Conrad

Erotica Sex Story: Events at Candy Pass continue to amuse and arouse followers who have demanded more!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   Incest   Brother   Sister   Analingus   .

Jake & Sybil Larrell – Leading Couple

Eddy & Jane Anderson - ( Eddy is Sybil’s brother.)

It was a week since the sex party; at which Sybil had fallen from grace.

In a chilly up-state town such as Candy Pass you can expect any scandal to get circulated and Sybil had fallen into one more juicy than normal; because she was the respectable wife of Jake Larrell; President of Candy Pass Bank!

As with any circulating gossip, details become ever more lurid; even that her orgy included an animal of some sort; a dog maybe? But each version did state a white woman thought to be Sybil, being drilled back and front by a white man and a black man; simultaneously!

Sybil realised her reputation could be really slaughtered if other facts became known; That at an earlier sex-party she had watched her own husband sharing obscene sex with Winthrop Morgan and Anita Bramble! So why had she tuned up at the next party?

Sybil realised Anita was an accomplice of Winthrop Morgan; and that her husband Jake was being manipulated. She’d been desperate to rescue her husband from the grasp of Anita but it had landed her into a shameful threesome with Spade Adams and a white man.

If Sybil was to reclaim her dignity; if she had any hope of reclaiming the moral high ground over her husband Jake, the identity of the white man in the threesome had to remain a secret; so her brother’s support was imperative.

She needed some prime time alone with her brother; not to talk about what had happened between them ... but just to feel one of his bear hugs; renew their old loyalty to each other. She picked up the phone and rang Eddy’s number.

Eddy open his front door onto his snow covered drive and Sybil stepped into his hall-way, gracefully rubbing the snow from her shoes before shedding her coat. She sure looked tasty thought Ed; her flaxen hair falling onto that graceful neck; the soft wool sweater clinging over the thrust of her tits.

The past week had altered things. Her attitude had always been superior; she’d married well; Ed was blue-collar; he’d not married so well. But now Sybil needed him; needed his sympathy; and for once that put Ed in the driving seat.

Sybil broke the silence, “Thanks for having me over Ed, I just needed to see you ... since ... you know...” They suddenly hugged; then kissed heavily and sexually; both aware of the incest involved.

The threesome that happened by chance last week had broken taboos for both of them; apart from sex with a Negro there was the incest between them with Eddy snatching the opportunity of oral sex with her; although she’d been unaware the cock in her mouth was his at the time.

Eddy boldly took her hand and led her into the kitchen.

“Where’s Jane?” Sybil asked nervously.

“Don’t worry, she’s out; won’t be back for a while. He held her closely, his hands tracing the outline of her bra-strap. Sybil felt a little dizzy; she’d stopped fooling herself; she knew what she had come over to her brother’s place to do.

Sybil’s hands moved along Ed’s waist, worming inside his pants but her eyes looked into his. Slowly she unzipped his fly and felt his sturdy penis throbbing hot against her fingers. Then she withdrew the expanding stalk of hot flesh from his pants and spoke to him sternly.

“You have to promise Eddy; promise on mother’s life you’ll never tell.”

He cried out, “I swear; I swear on mother’s life!” Eddy was breathless with anticipation.

Sybil was already crouching down in front of him and he looked down lovingly on her flaxen hair. She began sliding his foreskin in a slow magical rhythm that caused Ed’s meaty cock to ache with longing. She knelt onto the tiled floor; her wetly parted lips hovered a scant few inches over the moistly pulsing head of his penis. She held it tightly between both her hands, stroking it between the flat of her palms in a teasing up and down motion that caused his hips to move in time to her maddening caress. “That’s a good boy. Mommy’s so proud of her big, big boy!” She crooned.

“OK, do it like before.” he groaned.

Then her head dropped slowly down toward his pulsating hardness and, suddenly, her tongue darted forward, snakelike, the tip of it teasing at the wetness of the gland.

Ed sucked in his breath from the sudden contact. The delicious sister he had secretly masturbated over for much of his life was about to suck his cock!

A shiver rippled along the back of his spine, bringing the low rumble of a lustful moan to his lips as his sister brought her mouth down all the way, enclosing the whole sensitive cock head in a moist pressure. Her soft lips tightened around it just below the head, trapping it inside her mouth.

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