Cherish What You Got While It Lasts

by Daedra

Copyright© 2018 by Daedra

Drama Sex Story: An abusive home, siblings bonding in a new way, love gained, all lost. No happy end in this one. If you are looking for "happily ever after"-incest, go looking for stories by Lubrican or Losgud. I posted this story because of the comment of one of you. There is a true story behind it, not 100%, and I am not going to reveal how much. This story does not belong to my "The Millers" series.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   True Story   Tear Jerker   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   .

When all of this happened, I was 23 years old and living in my own flat but in the same house as my parents and 15yo sister Nicole. Doors were never locked and everybody could freely go in and out. To be honest, we never really were a family in the normal sense. Sis and I were practically all we got. Parents were both alcoholics. Our mother was working in the morning and started drinking as soon as she got home and our father had his first beer for dinner. He was quite abusive. If we misbehaved or got bad grades, he would force us to pull our pants down and whip our ass with a cable that he had folded in half and then twirled up. This ... let’s just call it whip ... was a nasty device. However, even when drunk out of his mind, he was able to not leave any permanent physical damage.

One Wednesday I came home from work at about 6pm. I went straight to my flat to change for a birthday party of my best friend Brian. As I opened the door, I noticed somebody was in the living room, as I could hear sobbing. I went there immediately and saw my sis lying on the sofa in fetal position. It happened quite regularly that she would seek shelter in my flat after an altercation with our parents. But it had never been that bad. I tried to fit myself next to her on the sofa and placed a hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down. As soon as I touched her, she nearly jumped away from me retreating as far as possible on my sofa. Her face was pure fear and horror. Normally I pride myself to be physically and mentally strong, but seeing her like this felt like somebody holding my chest and slowly squeezing all the air out of my lungs.

“Oh god sis ... what happened?” I stammered.

Unable to say anything else, I tried to reach out to her, causing her to try to retreat even further and nearly falling to the ground.

“Stop sis. It’s OK. I’ll stay right here. But please don’t fall off the sofa.”

She did not respond but seemed to, at least, notice where she was and slowly slid down from the armrest. From her expression while moving, I could tell that she was in pain. Knowing my family, I asked her just one word, “Whip?”

That word was enough to trigger a reaction in her. Without her saying anything, I knew the answer by just looking at her. I thought to myself that I had to avoid pushing her. Usually it would have been enough to hug her tight or cuddle up for some time. Obviously, that was not going to work this time. There I was, sitting on one end, feeling like the helpless shit that I was and sis on the other end, crying while stoically looking out the window. A million thoughts were rushing through my mind about what to do and all I came up with was to say, “I gotta call Brian and tell him that I am not coming to his party.”

Getting up I pulled out my mobile and dialed his number.

“Hey Phil, what’s up.”


That was followed by several seconds of silence.

“You still there?”


“You know that you are supposed to talk when you call someone?”

“What... ?”

“Is something wrong?”

“Nicole is ... I cannot come over.”

“What happened?”

“He whipped her and she is having kind of a breakdown. Can’t leave her like this.”

As we had known each other since elementary school, he was aware of our family situation. He had been waiting once in my room while I had been on the receiving end in our living room.

“I would kill that fucking bastard if I were you!”

“Yeah. Sure. Whatever ... my father once crashed the windshield of a car with his fist and pulled out that unlucky fucker with his broken hand, because he thought the fucker was screwing my mother. He can go absolutely mental when drunk.”

“I know ... just take care of your sis. You could bring her along, you know. I mean when she is better.”

“Maybe. Don’t know. Happy birthday by the way.”


I was standing at the window when I heard my sis saying my name. While turning around I saw her standing next to the couch, shaking. Upon realizing that her legs were not going to support her any longer, I just let my mobile fall to the ground and rushed over to grab her. I pulled her into a tight hug. No idea how long we were standing there in silence until I remembered my phone. Only by taking a quick glance, I could tell that I would have to get a new one. But I honestly did not care, as I was just happy that she did not push me away. She even seemed to have calmed down a bit as she was just crying silently into my chest.

“How about getting back on the sofa? That’ll be much more comfortable.” I asked her.

There was just the slightest kind of a nod. After a few more seconds, I let go of her and when I was sure that she was standing on her own I sat down. She climbed on my lap, leaning with her left side onto my chest and laying her head on my shoulder while burying her face in my neck. After she had made herself comfortable, I laid my arms around her.

The next time I looked at the clock on my wall, I noticed that it was already close to 8pm. As she was playing with her bracelet, I could tell that she was awake.



“Wanna talk?”

“Can we just sit here a little bit longer? I need...”

“Sure. We have all the time in the world.”

About ten minutes later, she was moving a bit in my lap and I could hear her inhaling sharply.


“Still hurting?”

“You should know.”

“How many?”



I must have unconsciously tightened up my embrace as she whimpered in obvious pain.

“You never had that many before?”


“You should put some ointment on it. That’ll help. I think I have something in the bathroom.”

“Can you get it for me?”

“Of course ... I am nearly pissing myself but didn’t want to push you off. But as you are a bit better now.”

“Oh sorry.”

She climbed off my lap and that already was relieving. I got up, went to the bathroom and was just finished when my sis came in.

“It’s better to put it on in the bathroom. No need to close the curtains.” She said.

“As you wish. Actually, I have something for open wounds and something for closed ones. Just take whatever you think fits the need.”


“Anything else?”

“Maybe you can help me with this. Your mirror is crap and I won’t see anything.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Who else should I ask? The drunk cunt or the piece of shit downstairs?”

“OK ... I understand that. Just don’t say afterwards that I molested you just because I touched your butt.”

“Sometimes you are quite a dumb fuck, aren’t you? Fine ... I promise whatever happens in this bathroom will stay in this bathroom. Can we get this over with now? My butt is killing me.”

Facepalming myself I opened the drawer to search for the ointment. In the meantime, my sis had already pulled down her pants and panties. She was standing there with her bare butt facing me. When I took a first quick glance, I stopped breathing. I could not stop my eyes from watering when I noticed how bad some of the bruises were. How was she even able to walk around? In that moment, I knew why she could not stand any touch when I found her. It must have been some time, with me staring at her butt because she turned her head asking what I was waiting for. As she looked in my face, she must have noticed how miserable I felt. She just turned around and hugged me. Unbelievable how this little girl, that just got the worst beating of her life, found the inner power to comfort her big brother.

A little bit later, I pulled myself together and sat on the toilet seat. I told her to just stand right in front of me while I was going to have a look at the damage. The worst parts were where two of the welts crossed each other. My left hand was on her hip in an attempt to steady her while I was applying the ointment with my right hand as gentle as possible. Being focused on my work, I did not really notice her bending over to get a hold of the sink. But as I got to the lower regions I was suddenly more or less face to face with her little slit. My heart started pounding as I continued applying the ointment to her damaged skin. But my concentration was lost as I was not able to get my eyes off her pussy.

“I don’t think that there are any bruises where you currently are.” She said suddenly.

“Uh ... that needs to be applied generously.”

“Then why weren’t you that generous from the start?”

“I didn’t want to hurt you but noticed that it seemed to not be overly painful. Whatever, we’re finished.”

“And what am I supposed to do now, as I am not able to sit down like that?”

“You could just lie on the couch with your butt in the air. Just make sure to not smear anything on my things.”

She went to my living room and did as I said, while I got into the kitchen to prepare something for dinner. I was nearly starving at that time. When I came into the living room she was still lying on the couch with her butt sticking out. Then I noticed that she had put a pillow below her body to, most likely, be more comfortable. She was watching some shitty movie I do not remember. I sat down in my armchair, put my food on the table and offered her some, which she gratefully accepted. After being finished with dinner I carried the remains into the kitchen. I asked her if she wanted me to take another look on her butt to check if everything was OK. She thought this would be a good idea and I knelt next to her butt on the ground. I took an examining look and tried to spread the ointment a little better. That ended with me more or less mindlessly caressing her butt.

“That feels good.” She said, awakening me from some kind of trance. If not for that statement I could have lost myself in the moment.

“I’m just trying to spread it as evenly as possible. No idea how you are going to sit on that all day in school tomorrow.”

“Hm ... you could also try blowing on it just like when we were kids.”

“I remember that kissing it better always worked for you.”

“At least it can’t get any worse.” She said with a smirk.

I did as she said and blew on her butt in the gentlest way possible. The air flowing over her bare skin let her shiver a bit and I could see goose bumps appearing. She closed her eyes, obviously enjoying it. Without thinking I got up a bit, hovered my head over her right butt cheek and was barely touching one of the lighter bruises with my lips when she opened her eyes again. Nicole turned her head around and looked at me. Afraid that I hurt her I backed away immediately. But I could not really tell from her face what she was thinking in that very moment. She looked at me with her bright blue eyes and I was unable to say anything. I just sat there waiting for her to do ... what exactly? ... I did not know ... anything except letting me sit there staring like some deer in the headlights. It were mere seconds but it seemed to me like an eternity of me being captured in the abyss of her eyes.

Finally she let go of me by laying her head on the armrest, closing her eyes and saying, “I think it’s actually helping ... but be careful with the more severe ones.”

I was speechless.

“Won’t it be a problem with the ointment on your lips?”

“Um ... don’t think so.”

My heart was racing at that moment, my head not being able to keep up. I needed to steady myself by putting both hands on the sofa in front of me as I felt a bit giddy. After a few seconds I was able to catch myself, got up on my knees again and had a look at the little butt of hers. That was when I noticed that I had moved my finger just next to the bruises earlier. That could clearly be seen in the distribution of the ointment. But I did not have time to think too long about what I was going to do. I laid my left arm over her bare legs and placed gentle kisses all over her battered skin. No matter how soft the touch was, I could tell from her reactions if that specific kiss was painful or not. One must have been especially aching as her body tightened up completely and I noticed her stop breathing for some seconds. But she did not stop me, as I thought she was mostly enjoying it. I had some cartilage damage in my left knee (sport is good for your health they said), therefore I could only kneel for so long. Even though I had a pillow beneath my knees and tried to ignore the increasing pain, I could not take it anymore and sat down on said pillow leaning my head against the side of her thigh. Of course she noticed that I stopped, got up on her elbows and turned her head to look at me.

“Thank you.” She said nearly whispering.

“For proper healing I recommend follow-ups every 12 hours for the next few days.”

I was not looking at her, but I was damn sure I could hear her thinking. The gap was already turning into awkward silence when she announced, “Ye are herewith appointed to personal physician of her royal highness princess Nicole!”

It was not until I burst out laughing that I became aware of the tension that had built inside me. But it had already been gone as she joined in and we were figuratively laughing our asses off. This time I did not mind the tears filling my eyes. It was good to hear my little sis cracking it up. We continued discussing the particular duties and that she had to consult me first with all health related issues and I would refer her to a specialist if it could not be treated with hugs and kisses.

By the time we were finished it was already close to midnight. I told her that from a medical point of view she should try not to sleep on her back.

“Then you better should make sure that I follow your instructions.”

“I should tie you to your bed.”

“If I stay here you can personally watch over me.”

“You wanna stay on the couch?”

“That is not really what I was thinking about. As far as I know your bed is big enough for both of us.”

“I’m not sure if this is a particularly good idea...”

“Come on. Don’t let me beg. I don’t wanna go down. I am afraid that I will not be able to stand meeting mom or dad today.”

“Most likely they already went to bed.”

“Let me stay with you ... please.”

She nearly whispered the last sentence while her eyes started watering. The good mood we were in was lost. She was once again a helpless little teenager, desperate for support from her big brother. I crawled to her, took her head in my hands, gave her a rather long kiss on the forehead and told her, with a shaky voice, that she could stay as long as she wished. I apologized at least a dozen times for whatever I thought I had done wrong. She got up from the couch and we shared a long tight hug.

As my sis did not want to go down at all I had to supply her with toothbrush and such. Finding something for her to put on for sleeping posed itself as a bigger problem. An old shirt of mine was found quite fast but she did not want to put her panties back on as she feared that her ass would not be too pleased. I offered her some rather loose shorts but she declined my generous offer. In the end we decided that for the first night she could sleep with a bare butt. That way it would also be easier to continue with the prescribed therapy.

Luckily nearly all of the ointment had already been absorbed by her skin when we got into bed. In bed we talked some bullshit I do not really remember. After switching of the light she asked, “Phil?”


“I wondered if...”

“Just tell me whatever you need or want. I know that at least I need some sleep.”

“Would you mind holding me until we fall asleep? My mind is still racing and I believe that will calm me down.”

“Then come on over. I can’t be bothered to move my ass anymore.”

She wasted no time crawling over to my side of the bed. I lay on my side facing here. As could be expected she went for spooning but was very careful to not make too much contact with her aching ass. It was more or less just her back against my chest. After some seconds I noticed her upper hand grapping mine. Wondering what she was up to, I just let it happen. She wrapped my arm around herself and it ended up between her small tits with her face snuggled into the palm of my hand. As she was asleep within minutes, it must have worked for her.

At the same time I was lying in bed unable to sleep. Thinking of what had happened earlier caused my heart to be pounding heavier. I knew that the whole situation was most likely going beyond normal social standards. On one hand it was exactly what I wanted to do, and would most likely repeat the next morning after waking up, on the other hand I was afraid of what might evolve from that. It was safe to assume that we both liked it. I could not deny the thrill of it and lying in bed holding her just felt sooo right. It took me at least one hour before I finally fell asleep. My alarm got off at 5.30am, as I set it to wake me half an hour earlier than normal. Although it felt like I had not slept at all I was glad that I had the awareness of giving us some extra time in the morning.

I had not yet made up my mind on where I wanted this to go when she said, “My butt is much better than yesterday evening. I think my personal physician selected the perfect therapy. And if I remember correctly, I need a follow-up now...”

While speaking she rolled over on her belly and put the pillow below her hips to get the butt up a bit. All I could do was stare at her bare butt as I was virtually torn apart between what I wanted to do and what my head told me to do. Nicole could sense that something was wrong. She turned to me with a worried look on her face.

“Something wrong?”

“I don’t know if this is a particularly good idea.”

“What do you mean?”


She got up on her elbows looking at me with her wonderful eyes. I wanted to tell her how wrong this was. How this was not how siblings should behave. A thousand different reasons to stop were circling through my mind. But I just lay in bed unable to say anything as I knew that some piece of me would die internally if I pushed her away now. All I could do in that moment was to stroke her face and try not to get lost on those blue eyes of hers. I moved closer to her until we were lying directly next to each other, she on her belly and me on my side.

I moved my hand through her hair, back to her face, down her neck, over her shoulders to her back, just touching her with my fingertips, sending little shivers through her body every now and then while keeping eye contact all the time. When I reached the end of the shirt there was no hesitation anymore. I was completely lost in her blue eyes that seemed to fill me with confidence that, no matter what I did, I could do absolutely nothing wrong in that moment. I just continued my way down, touching the skin of her butt as gentle as possible, following the contour of the bruises, exploring the bare skin that was within reach.

Nicole got up on her elbows, leaned over to me, planted the softest kiss in the history of mankind on my lips and whispered, “I love you”. My mind went blank and I just leaned forward to steal another kiss from her. My hand was resting on her thigh, not moving any more, just stabilizing myself while keeping the skin contact with her. When my lips found hers I did not know what to expect, but the kiss was longer this time. My whole being seemed to be focusing on the sensation on my lips and the chain reaction it sent through my body. Feeling her reciprocating the kiss was one of the happiest moments of my life. It was not about lust but just love and desire.

I let myself get carried away kissing my sweet little sis, when we heard the door downstairs being shut. It was our father (writing this I just can’t get a picture of Homer Simpson out of my head ... and there are some obvious similarities between those two ... from now on we will be the Simpsons ... there is no Maggie ... who cares ... our father will be called Homer, Mother = Marge, Sis = Lisa and me = Bart ... nah, Nicole and Brian we will remain, but I like the idea of Homer and Marge) ... Homer, on his way up to us. They must have noticed that Nicole did not sleep in her bed last night. We both started to panic a bit. I reacted first, covering her up with the blanket and moving out of the bedroom to my living room. My plan was to make it look like Nicole had slept in my bed and I had stayed on the couch. I barely made it there when the door to my flat opened and Homer stepped in.

“Brian!”, he yelled.

“In the living room.”

“Have you seen Nicole? She has not been in her room all night.”

He entered the living room, obviously not having taken a look into my bedroom.

“She is sleeping in my bed. You got her quite bad yesterday and she was afraid to go down again. I allowed her to stay as she was in a really bad condition.”

“I ... was not myself yesterday. You know that I would never hurt you or your sister.”

“Yeah. Whatever. I think that she should stay at home the rest of the week. I don’t think that she will be able to sit on those shitty wooden chairs all day.”

“Is it...”

“Just call her school and tell’em she is sick. I’ll take care of her.”

“Don’t you have to go to work?”

“Let me handle that and you go call the school.”

I hated him for all the pain he caused and hated him even more for being such a whiny coward when being sober. Just by thinking of him I could bring myself to throw up.

After he left my flat I returned to my bedroom to see how Nicole was handling the situation. She was still lying motionless in my bed, just as if she was sleeping. She was facing away from the door so I could not see if she was actually asleep. Slowly I approached the bed, crawled onto it and started to remove the blanket carefully. She must have been waiting for me as she turned her head to me blazingly fast with a wonderful smile on her face.

She had obviously overheard my conversation with Homer as she said, “Then it will be just us too all morning?”

“Yeah, guess so. Going to call in sick for the rest of the week.”

“But what shall we do all these long hours?”

“How about picking up where we stopped and afterwards giving your butt some treatment?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Having said that, Nicole rolled on her side and pulled me in for another kiss. This time it was not just some gentle kiss. She got a little more aggressive, now also opening her mouth and initiating tongue contact. I could not resist her and we were tongue wrestling hard. My free hand wondering aimlessly from her head to shoulders all the way down to her thighs. When I touched the bare skin on her leg I moved my hand up again, but letting my fingers get caught under the shirt and pulling it up. That way I managed to get shirt up quite a bit, but ultimately it got stuck as she was lying on it. Until then, I was not even sure if she had noticed as she seemed being completely focused on the kissing.

The next time my hand was on its way up, Nicole just lifted her body a little bit and the shirt slipped up all the way under her body. Nearly her whole body was exposed to me, and there was nothing left hindering me to explore her body with my fingertips. My heart was pounding heavily as I went for her small, still developing breasts. There was only the faintest moment of hesitation in my movement, but when I circled her nipple I could sense the shivers being send through her body. To my surprise she kept her eyes open all the time, trying to keep permanent eye contact with me. That was a little bit weird but I did not care at that moment.

Gently I started pushing her shoulder, signaling her to roll on her back. She understood and obliged, but I could see the change in her face when she got to rest on her butt. It was obvious that it was aching a bit, but she signaled me with a slight nod that I could go on. I pushed the shirt up completely to expose her tits and started kissing her chest slowly moving to her nipple with my lips. I gave it a gentle suck and she suppressed a moan. Homer and Marge were still downstairs and we both knew that we needed to be silent. But that did not stop me from covering her body with kisses and licks and some small bites. This went on for some minutes until she pulled me up into a kiss.

No idea how, but she manage to roll me onto my back while simultaneously climbing on top of me. Kissing continued with both my hands now caressing her body, going down to her butt and ... grabbing it. That was one of the most stupid ideas of my entire life. How could I forget about it? She stiffened up, rolled down from me and let out an “Ouch!”. I was just lying there mumbling, “Sorry, sorry, sorry”, again and again. She just lashed out at me with her right arm hitting me in the side, sending stinging pain through my body. We lay on my bed. Nicole breathing deeply to get through the pain and me simply trying to breathe despite the pain. I later found out that she had cracked one of my rips.

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