Selfie Stuck

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2018 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: Mr. Adams is already having trouble coping with the increasingly persistent flirting of his seventeen-year-old student Sabrina. When she somehow obtains his cell number, sends him nude selfies, and then shows up at his apartment, he knows he stuck - and fucked.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Blackmail   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oral Sex   Teacher/Student   .

Just a few more months, he thought as he erased the blackboard, avoiding the show that Sabrina was no doubt putting on as she rose from her desk at final bell. Only when the room was empty did he breathe a sigh of relief and put down the eraser.

Jacob picked up his things in preparation to leave, but there was a new vigil to observe first. He waited for a half hour, watching out the window, until Sabrina’s red Audi pulled out onto the street. Only then did he make the trek to his own car.

The day before, he had found a folded piece of paper under his windshield wiper. Upon examining it, he discovered it was Sabrina’s phone number, sealed with a lipstick imprint. Already shocked and embarrassed, he received a second jolt when he looked behind him to back out of the parking spot. His blonde student was sitting in her car, parked in the space directly behind him, giving him her trademark sultry stare and crooked smile.

Her increasingly aggressive flirtation wasn’t the unnerving part - his sexual dreams about her were.

In a way, he couldn’t blame himself. He was thirty-five, two years divorced, and a month outside his last sexual relationship. Having a stunning seventeen-year-old making a play for him was certain to stir things up. He still kicked himself for secretly lusting after her, though.

Thankfully, there was no note on the windshield this time. The mantra from earlier returned as he drove home. In a few more months, she’d graduate, and be off to college. He only had to survive that long.

Back at his apartment, he contemplated whether to take a shower or make dinner first. Before he could make a decision, his phone sounded an alert for an incoming text message. He pulled it out of his pocket, unlocked it, and stared at the message in confusion. It was from an unknown number, and simply read, “Guess who?”

He didn’t have long to ponder. Only a few seconds later, another message arrived from the same number, and it was a picture. He froze, staring in openmouthed shock at the thumbnail of Sabrina in a pink hoodie, which was opened to reveal her shirt was pulled up, exposing her bra. Two more pictures arrived in rapid succession. In one, she had pulled her pants and panties down, showing off her bare-shaven pussy. In the final picture, she was completely nude, lying with her legs spread wide on a bed.

Even as part of him screamed to tap the thumbnails to see the full sized pictures, he quickly deleted the entire conversation, wondering how she had obtained his cell number. He’d barely erased the evidence when she sent another message asking, “You like?” with a string of emojis he was too scattered to try to interpret.

That message likewise vanished into digital oblivion, and he began to pace. Her already troublesome flirting had just taken a quantum leap forward. However briefly, there had been nude pictures of his seventeen-year-old student on his phone. He had to find out how to change his phone number - immediately.

She sent him another message that said, “Hello?” He deleted it. He thought about turning his phone off, but realized that wouldn’t stop her from sending him messages, but would prevent him from deleting them. Another message followed. This time, “Hello,” was in all caps, with an exclamation point. He erased it as well, and wiped his brow, which was beginning to dampen with sweat. Then he called his mobile provider.

While in the midst of negotiating the customer service menu, two more messages arrived. He ignored them, continuing on to find out how to change his number. Finally, he was connected to a representative - or rather, put on hold waiting for one.

He went back to pacing, half listening for the music to stop while considering the hassle a changed number would cause. He would have to update the bank, his credit card company, all his friends and relatives, the school...

A knock on the door snapped him out of his musing. He walked over, looked through the peephole, and nearly dropped his phone when he saw Sabrina standing in the hall.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! he thought as he backed away from the door. She has my number and knows where I live. How in the hell?

She knocked again, and he faintly heard her say, “I know you’re home, Mr. Adams. You can open the door, or I can stand out here in the hall yelling through it.”

As if he wasn’t panicked enough, that nearly pushed him over the line into an anxiety attack. Naturally, the customer service rep decided to pick up at the exact moment Sabrina called out for him to open the door again. He quickly ended the call and opened the door, but didn’t unhook the chain.

“Sabrina, you need to leave,” he said without looking through the crack. “I don’t want to have to call the police.”

A foot slipped into the door, and she said, “I wouldn’t be the one who had to explain things to them.” With that, she stuck her phone through the door.

He glanced down at the screen and couldn’t believe his eyes. On her phone was a nude picture of him in a Twitter DM coming from his account.

“You’d better let me in,” Sabrina said. “What would the neighbors think?” She pulled her phone and her foot out of the door.

Trapped like a rat, he swallowed hard, closed the door enough to unhook the chain, and then opened it. She slipped past him - giggling - and turned to face him while he closed the door and locked it again.

Sabrina grinned at him - the same lopsided smile she always affected when flirting - and then looked down at the picture of him on her phone. “I could tell it was big. But wow.”

“I didn’t send that to you. How did you get it?” he blurted out.

“The same way I got your number, and your address, and pretty much everything,” she said while walking over to the couch.

She sat down, and it was only then that he realized she was wearing the same pink hoodie and pants from the pictures she’d sent him. His face burned as he remembered the tiny thumbnails of her body.

“You were trying so hard not to look at me last week that I could see your address in the email you were sending,” she explained. “And Mrs. Dunstan’s.”

The moment she mentioned the other teacher’s name, he knew what had happened. The two frequently sent each other funny pictures and links. His laptop had frozen after clicking a link she’d sent him a couple of days before. He’d restarted the computer, and all seemed well, but obviously, it wasn’t. When he mentioned the email to Abby, she didn’t recall sending it.

“You hacked me,” he muttered.

“Nobody says hacked anymore,” she said, and giggled. “But, yeah, that gave me remote access to your laptop. The pictures of you were an unexpected bonus. Now, I want to see the real thing.”

His eyes widened, and he took a step back. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh, I’m so serious,” she said as she unzipped her hoodie and shrugged it off. Her top wasn’t pulled up, as it had been in the picture, but she remedied that in a hurry.

Jacob stood frozen, his eyes wide as saucers, and his mouth slowly dropping open as she discarded her top. She walked toward him. Slowly. Sensually. She reached behind her, unclasped her bra, and slipped out of it without breaking her stride.

Sabrina came to a halt in front of him, bare-breasted and smiling. Even as she let her bra fall at her feet, she reached for the buckle of his belt.

“Sabrina, please don’t do this,” he said with his voice quavering.

She ignored him and opened the buckle with practiced ease. “I’ve got you. You have to do whatever I want, or I could ruin you. So just relax and enjoy it. You know you want it. You can’t take your eyes off my tits.”

Somehow, his face flushed even hotter, because she was right. His eyes were focused with laser intensity on her firm, young breasts. They were taut, unblemished, and capped with rosy pink circles that surrounded her visibly stiff nipples. The effort required to look away from them and up into her eyes was shamefully difficult.

“Why? Why do you... ? Why me?” he asked.

She shrugged, and then popped open the button on his slacks. “My friends and I were checking you out that first day this year.” She grasped the tab of his zipper and pulled it down with agonizing slowness as she continued. “Somehow, I ended up in a bet that I could fuck you. Originally, I just didn’t want to lose the bet. Now that I’ve seen a picture of it, I just want this cock.”

Jacob shuddered as she parted the V of his slacks.

She glanced down, chuckled, and said, “Boxers. Guess you need the room down there, huh?”

He gasped when, without further preamble, she reached into his shorts and fished out his cock. Nerves and shock had only let him swell slightly despite the half naked young woman in front of him.

“Oh my,” she breathed as she squeezed it. She then began to stroke him and gave her shoulders a shake, making her magnificent breasts jiggle. “Make it hard for me.”

For a moment, he thought he’d found an out. If he could keep from getting hard, perhaps she’d abandon her scheme. He tried to focus his thoughts on something else, and homed in on the thoroughly unattractive vice principal. The image in his head evaporated almost immediately, boiled away by the sensation of her soft hand sliding along his length. It was hopeless. He swelled rapidly in her grip.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned as he hardened. “God, it’s fucking huge.”

He couldn’t hold back his groan as he reached full hardness under her ministrations. Though she was blackmailing him, he was still ashamed of what he was doing, despite a small, reptilian part of his brain screaming to rip the rest of her clothes off.

Her fingers still curled around his hardness, she looked up at him, moaned, and said, “Bedroom. Now. I can’t wait to have this inside me.”

A flash of inspiration caused him to seek another escape route by saying, “I don’t have any condoms.”

She tugged on his engorged member, forcing him to walk with her toward the hall. “Good,” she said, dashing yet another fleeting hope.

She released him after a couple of steps, and he followed her to his bedroom in a curious reversal of the walk of shame, which usually happened when leaving the bedroom. To avoid stepping on the legs of his pants, he tugged them up, slipping his cock back inside in the process.

Sabrina glanced back, and she affected a pout for a moment upon seeing that he’d concealed himself, but then laughed as she stepped across the threshold of his bedroom.

He followed - his heart racing and his cock throbbing. It obviously shared none of his reservations.

She didn’t pause or even look around. Instead, she proceeded straight to the bed and sat down to remove her shoes. They landed with unceremonious thumps on the floor, and her socks quickly followed. He stood a couple of steps away, still holding his slacks closed. Sabrina rolled her eyes, stood up, and dropped both her pants and panties with a quick push.

“This is happening,” she said matter-of-factly. She then took his free hand, pulled him toward the bed, and forced him to sit.

Jacob drew in a deep breath, and let it out slowly. His teenage student stood up in front of him wearing an amused grin, but with her hands on her bare hips and one exquisite foot tapping. He reached up and began slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

Sabrina gave a shake of her head and stepped in. She stooped down, grabbed his leg, and lifted it to pull off his shoe without bothering to untie it. He had only managed to unhook three buttons by the time she dispensed with both shoes and his socks.

“Hurry up,” she said as she climbed into the bed.

He continued to stare at the doorway while she settled in, and he finished unbuttoning his shirt. He slipped it off, and at a loss of what to do, let it flutter to the floor.

“Not bad,” she cooed at the sight of his bared chest.

He glanced toward her when she spoke, and immediately wished he hadn’t. She was caressing her right breast with one hand, and the other was between her parted thighs.

“Get them off and come here,” Sabrina instructed.

He sighed, stood, and pushed his pants down. She moaned at the sight, and the hand between her legs moved slightly faster for a moment before she used it to beckon him into the bed.

Sabrina bent her knees and parted her legs wide as he climbed into the bed. As if they had a mind of their own, his eyes homed in on her revealed pussy. It was the perfect pink of youth, with not a stray hair or razor bump to mar its beauty. The lips were thin and dainty, parted just enough for him to see a glimmer of wetness between.

“Why don’t you warm me up a little first?” she suggested, and then licked her lips.

Jacob dropped down onto his hands, knowing that there was no turning back. After fighting a desire he knew he could have easily satiated for so long, the battle was over. He moved into the V of her legs, and the first hint of her arousal tickled his nose. Then he breathed deep, filling his lungs with her need, and surrendered to his own.

Sabrina let out a warbling yelp and scrunched the bedclothes in clawed fingers as his tongue slipped into her wet heat.

His hunger, so long denied, could not be contained. Jacob devoured her sweet young pussy as if it was his very first taste, so long ago. But it wasn’t. His tongue roved over her folds and clit with skill learned through experience. Moans and groans rumbled in his throat as he lapped her nectar, breathed deep of her scent, and reveled in the sound of her pleasure.

“Fuck yes! Oh yeah!” she cried. “Just like that. Oooo!”

Her writhing grew more pronounced with every passing moment, and he curled his fingers around her thighs to hold her in place. He refused to let her sweet pussy escape him for even a fraction of a second. Her wetness grew more abundant and sharp in flavor as he pushed her closer to the edge, and still he wanted more.

“Now. I need you inside me,” she cried.

Though he heard her, and understood the words in a distant, disjointed way, he was too intoxicated on her juices to relent. She squealed loud and long when he pulled her clit between his lips and sucked it hard.

“I need that cock,” she reiterated while pushing on his head for emphasis.

His grip on her thighs tightened.

“N-n-now!” she cried, and this time, pulled a fistful of his hair - hard.

Tears welling up in his eyes, he snapped out of his pussy-drunk stupor and lifted his head.

“Fuck me. Now,” she demanded, using the handle of his hair to force him to look into her eyes before releasing him.

The shame returned as he sat back over his knees with her teenage juices dribbling down his chin. It didn’t quell the bouncing of his cock in the slightest.

Before he could open his mouth to again beg her to reconsider, she sat up. She grabbed his erection, pulling him toward her. He awkwardly knee-walked forward, until she pressed the head of his cock against her hot, slippery folds.

Her eyes intense with both desire and demand, she said, “Give me that fucking cock.”

In a flash, his burning shame was shot through with anger, and he gave her exactly what she wanted.

Sabrina squealed as his cock dived into her tight embrace. Despite how wet she was, and how hard he was pushing, her walls clamped down on him like a steel trap with barely a quarter of his shaft inside her. A foot slapped against his hip and abdomen as well, effectively stopping him from penetrating deeper.

The words all running together, and her voice a loud squeak, she said, “Oh my fucking god!”

Jacob closed his eyes, clenched his teeth, and grunted. Her hot, wet pussy was wrapped around him like a second skin. He could feel her walls irregularly relaxing, only to immediately clench again. He could hear her panting for breath - each exhale tinged with a whimper. His body trembled, a response to the war going on in his head. Half of him wanted to pull out, while the other half wanted to jerk her restraining leg out of the way and shove his cock in her to the hilt.

She shivered as well, the quake transferring through his stiff organ inside her and the foot pressed against him. Then she breathed, “Oh wow.”

His eyes opened, and he saw hers. They were wide in amazement as she lay propped up on her elbows, marveling at the sight of his cock stretching her. Her eyes lifted to his - still filled with wonder - and her foot dropped to the bed.

“More,” she said.

Her firm young body and tight little pussy offered only one option - unconditional surrender. He pushed against the still considerable resistance, feeding her a little over half of his throbbing cock. The sound of her high-pitched groan and the sight of her eyes rolling up in her head spurred him on.

She gasped as he withdrew, the ridge of his cock helmet popping out of her canal far enough for her pussy lips to kiss it. Then she yelped as he pushed back inside her. He grabbed her legs, taking control, and thrust again. Once more, she cried out as he penetrated a fraction of an inch deeper.

A groan. A squeal. A yelp. Her voice sounded out with every thrust, each louder than the last. Growls rose unbidden in his throat as he pushed deeper, slowly opening her up. His fingers tightened on her thighs, and hers curled into claws, clutching at the bedclothes.

Instinct took over. He changed his stance and manipulated her legs, changing the angle of his thrusts into her depths without warning. He would give her several rabbit-quick thrusts, and then end with a hard, lingering slam. Her face grew flushed, the crimson glow spreading down her neck. He could feel sweat beading on his forehead, and see her skin beginning to glisten.

He snapped a hand to her clit.

Sabrina let out a long, warbling scream as he slammed into her, furiously rubbing her clit. When the sound died down, she sucked in three noisy breaths, and then her mouth dropped wide open, her eyes closed, and her back arched.

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