Another St. Patty Day Parade

by Jack Spratt

Copyright© 2018 by Jack Spratt

Romantic Story: A Story from 2003: Don abhorred St. Patrick's Day and all the crap associated with it. However the day of the local parade he got called to the office. When he attempted to leave, all the exits from the parking area were blocked because of the parade he had done everything to avoid. As it turned out, things happened that had him reconsider his views. A young red headed Irish dancer had him mesmerized.

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Oral Sex   .

Special thanks to Pete ‘the old fart’ 2018 for his expertise in reediting and reproofing.

The staff at the office had been changing the color of different items to green for the last two weeks leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. Personally, I thought it was a load of crap. I really was not a person who got taken up with the entire so-called holiday, celebrating something I couldn’t care less about. So, I tolerated many a small indiscretion on the part of my fellow employees. They all knew my views and made sure my life was as miserable as possible. Me, I didn’t get angry I got even.

Everywhere in the office green appeared. Even the urinals were belching green water; how that was managed I really didn’t want to know. All my correspondence was green on green. The closer the St. Paddy day got, the more innovative the staff became. I patiently waited for sanity to return.

My name is Don Parson. The lunatic bin where I work was usually filled with sane people. We specialized in computer networking and software. My specialty was viruses and when time permits I dabbled in software solutions. I am fifty-one, a widower for the past twelve years, live alone in a large house that was my matrimonial home. It was much too big for me but it was paid for and very comfortable. It holds my memories of a lifetime. My children were long gone, living in all parts of the country. We might see each other once every three or four years. This suited all of us.

In Abbotsville, the ‘St. Patrick Day’ parade was the Saturday before the holiday itself, tomorrow to be exact. I made a mental point of staying away from the down town area. Friday ended and for some reason I felt exhausted and went directly home. After a quick meal and a shower I hit the sack. The next morning I woke up feeling refreshed ready to meet the day. The sun was out and everything seemed to be perfect that - was till the phone rang.

“Don, it is Jim. We need you to come to the office. We have a problem with the McKay contract.”

“Ok give me twenty minutes.”

I rushed to get ready and left. I entered the office at twenty to ten. Jim met me at the door with a fresh cup of coffee.

“I am sorry to bother you on Saturday but I really need your expertise here. I’ve searched for the problem but can’t locate it.”

Ten minutes later I was leaving the office. Jim was exuberant that I found the glitch in the program. Jim was an excellent software tech, but sometimes fresh eyes could pick out the problem in the code that your mind had been accepting as correct. This was the case today.

Leaving the building I sensed something was wrong. That damn parade was tying up all exits from our parking lot. Since there was no sagacity fighting it, I accepted that I had to be here and decided to watch it. Float after boring float passed by. I was just about to leave when I noticed the next float was carrying a group of young girl dancers dressed in Irish costumes. One red head really stood out; she was in the fourteen to sixteen age group, with long flowing auburn hair, the color the likes of which I hadn’t seen in years. Her light skin and her stunning hair made her a focal point for me.

Her body was well developed, amply displayed in her tight ethnic costume. As she danced her breasts moved enticingly up and down. I was close enough to see her devilish green eyes sparkling as she went through her routine. Her beauty bewitched me. Our eyes met and she appeared to be looking into my soul. My body reacted oddly with feelings I hadn’t felt in twenty years. Before our eyes broke contact, she smiled and blew me a kiss. Then she was looking elsewhere as the float proceeded down the street. For some reason I could still feel her presence. It was eerie. When my senses finally returned I put it all to my vivid imagination. A young girl such as that beauty certainly couldn’t be interested in an old retread like me. The rest of the parade was like the first part, very boring.

A young girl dressed in colorful Irish attire approached me with a flyer. The dancers were performing at the city center hall at the end of the parade. There was going to be an auction of box lunches, etc. The only thing that interested me was I might get another look at my mystery girl. I followed the crowd to the hall. Inside was a bundle of activity. If you were Irish or an Irish wannabe it must be great. To me it was a shitty way to spend a Saturday morning. I got a coffee and found a table close to the stage to suffer through until the dancing started. A variety of dancers performed, some actually were not too bad to look at. Then my body felt her presence; I had the eerie feeling again. My dream girl appeared. She did a solo that garnered the attention of the mob. They actually stopped long enough to watch the young redheaded sex goddess. I was spell bound by her beauty. Again she made eye contact and that feeling surged into my lower being. Twice in one day, this had to be a record for me. I watched as her dance ended and she left the stage. As I was about to leave but an announcement came over the speaker system. When you purchased the box lunch you also got the company of the young lady that prepared it. The term young lady caught my attention. Could she be offering a box lunch?

Young lady after young lady with her decorated box lunch was auctioned off. The auctioneer was emphasizing all the money raised was going to the Irish Children’s hospital so bid high. It was easy to pick out the boyfriends of the girls being auctioned because they were overbidding everyone else, likely due to the threat of death from their girlfriends. The highest so far is one hundred and twenty seven dollars, a very expensive box lunch. I was just about to leave again when the mystery girl appeared on stage with her decorated lunch box. She was still in her costume. Now that she was standing still I could actually look at her beauty. Her legs were very well developed and toned from dancing. The rest of her body was a perfect match. The small skirt flared from her hips her bottom was incased in skintight panties matching her costume. Her breasts were full. It was her hair that I couldn’t get enough of. The long, flowing red locks came to the small of her back. Its luster in the light was obviously the result of continuous brushing and nurturing. My dirty mind wondered if she was red-haired all over.

Again she picked me out of the crowd and we made eye contact. She smiled this time and turned away giving her skirt a twirl exposing those tight panties hugging her shapely bottom. Again I felt stirrings I hadn’t felt in years. Females in my life had been few and far between. The last time I had sex was six months ago with a neighbor. She needed me and I needed her. It only happened once.

The bidding started at fifty dollars. I just watched as two young males fought it out. Every now and then a third or fourth bidder would jump in but the main two just kept increasing each other’s bid, not to say that she wasn’t worth it. The crowd had become quiet again watching this battle of young suitors. The last bid was at two hundred and forty seven dollars. The auctioneer was trying to get a bid of two hundred and fifty that would be the highest of the day. Just as he was about to say sold I put my hand up to bid.

“We have a new bidder. Sir?”

“Three hundred and fifty dollars.”

Now that put a crimp into the party of the two young bidders. They both looked at me with daggers in their eyes. If looks could kill my funeral was next Monday. Needless to say I won the damsel and her boxed lunch. It was likely tuna sandwiches that I despised. After paying the cashier I was presented with a chit that I was to give to the young lady for her company and her boxed lunch.

I noticed a line of males in front of a counter. A number of young ladies were holding their boxed lunches waiting for their successful bidder. Finally it was my turn. There she was, radiant as ever, again the direct eye contact. The charged feeling was getting stronger every time we did it. She walked directly to me with her hand out for the chit. We walked to a table in the corner of the room.

“You paid a lot of money for peanut butter and jam sandwiches.”

“Well at least they are not tuna.”

She smiled, showing beauty I hadn’t witnessed in years. She had even white teeth framed with very full kissable lips. I could feel tingling of anticipation running through my body. Hell she couldn’t be more then fifteen and she had me feeling like a young kid. I didn’t know if this old carcass could handle it.

“Thank you for your bid. I really didn’t want to be won by either of those boys. They are both obnoxious. I’ve refused to date both of them so they thought they would have me trapped, with the auction. Thank you for coming. My name is Jayden Kelly.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you Miss Kelly. I am Don Parson.”

When our hands touched the electrical charge was positive. Again we made eye contact; her eyes were shining and appeared to be laughing at my discomfort. A chair at the next table hit the floor with a bang and broke the trance for both of us. She gave me an inquiring look.

“Mr. Parson, do you feel it too?”

I was surprised at the comment. I thought it was my imagination and wishful thinking.

“Yes I do. I never experienced anything like it.”

“What do you think it means?”

“Likely nothing, just the excitement of the parade; mind you the only reason I am here is I couldn’t get my car out of the parking lot.”

Jayden’s giggle could disarm a terrorist. It was soft and soothing. Hell, her lips now had me mesmerized. Lowering my eyes to her bodice that was straining to hold what only my twisted imagination could dream up. Her breasts were very much evident in her costume. Then I realized she had a mystic scent about her. It was very exotic and my reaction was more than positive. I was actually uncomfortable.

All through our box lunch that we hadn’t touched we studied each other. Jayden’s eyes, her lips and her radiant smile reminded me of the sirens in folklore luring men to their doom. If anything ever happened between us it would be my doom.

“How old are you, Don?”

“Fifty-one, and you?”

“Fourteen, I will be fifteen next month, on the twenty-ninth.”

Like the telephone company I wanted to reach out and touch someone, Jayden. With the knowledge of my age I figured this young fantasy would soon be history and only be a vivid part of my dreams for the next millennium. Surprisingly she was still studying me. Now I was no prize even when I was younger but I was fit and carried myself well. We continued our mutual admiration and then Jayden commented.

“Do you know there is a ‘St. Patrick Day Dance’ tonight? All of dancers will be there, including me. The money raised will also go to the hospital. Will you be here?”

“I hadn’t thought of it. I usually never go to dances since I have two left feet. Anyone as beautiful as you must have a date.”

“I don’t but it isn’t because I wasn’t asked. Those two buffoons that were bidding are two of many that asked. I refused them all. But I will be here.”

Now I was feeling uncomfortable. What should I read into what Jayden was saying? Our eyes locked again and again my body was charged with the mystery emotion. Maybe I would be smart to get up and run for my life. But you know that wasn’t going to happen. I just stared.

“It would be nice if you came. I would be glad to show you how to dance.”

“You want me to come?”

“Yes. I don’t know what it is but I feel special when I look at you. I felt it when we first made eye contact during the parade and again when on the stage. I can feel your presence.”

What I thought was my overworked imagination was exactly what Jayden was feeling. I was a science fiction and paranormal fan and had watched many a program about increased senses but never thought anything like it was in the real world. Today was full of new experiences. Common sense told me to get up and say goodbye to Jayden and get back to my mundane existence of order and forget this morning of wonders. At my age I should know better than to ever dream of getting involved with a young teen even as enticing as Jayden.

“What time will you be here?”

There, I had put my foot in as deep as possible. That question told Jayden I was interested in her. Curiosity was going to kill me. Jayden appeared to glow with the question.

“I will be here at six. The dance runs till one. My parents will be here too. I hope you will meet them.”

Now there was a happy thought. Me, fifty-one, meeting the parents of a teen seductress at a dance, what could possible go wrong? Maybe it was for the best. They would be shocked and tell Jayden to keep to her own age group. I would leave the dance discouraged but breathing a sigh of relief. I was too old for complications like this in my very organized life.

“Can I offer to pick you up and drive you?”

I couldn’t believe I just said that. The stupid part of my brain had taken over from the sensible side. I think I needed a bigger shovel to dig a bigger hole. Being this close to Jayden only made me want more of her company. There was no fool like an old fool and I was feeling very old and foolish today.

“That would be nice Don. If you come before six you can meet Mom and Dad.”

It might be a short night for me. Her dad might meet me at the door with a big gun and send me packing. Something had to happen to bring me back to my senses. Jayden gave me her address and telephone number. We never had any lunch.

An hour later I was on my way home in hellish traffic. This allowed me to think about Jayden and what had happened today. The smart thing to do would be to call Jayden and excuse myself from the offer and get her out of my life forever. That was the smart thing! Nobody ever told me I was smart. On my way home I got the Suburban washed and the interior cleaned. Was I smitten or what?

After showering, I picked out a conservative suit with coordinating shirt and tie. My shoes were shined. Looking in the mirror reminded me of dates in my younger years when I wanted to impress a young girl. Tonight I felt the same way. I really wanted something to happen but knew it was stupid of me to even think of it. I tried not to get my hopes up. Jayden’s parents would put the kibosh to this ridiculous budding relationship. I was setting myself up for a big fall.

Jayden lived in a middle-income neighborhood. The homes were all single dwellings on manicured lots. There were two late model vehicles in the driveway. As I went up the walk, the stupidity of this came into full focus but I was committed at this point. The bell rang in the interior of the home. When the door opened I saw a version of Jayden in years to come. It had to be her mom.

“Hello you must be Don Parson. I am Marsha Kelly please come in. My husband will be down shortly. Jayden said you would be calling for her. You really must love peanut butter and jam sandwiches for what I heard you paid for them.”

That broke the ice but not my spirit. Mrs. Kelly reminded me of Maureen O’Hara, a beautiful striking woman. She had the same beautiful hair as Jayden. Following her to the living room was a treat. Her body flowed as a woman’s should and I was wafted in her scent. The room was in good taste. Mrs. Kelly directed me to a chair. She sat opposite me. When she crossed her legs, the view of her smooth well-developed legs had me wondering what wonders they were concealing where they joined. Marsha noticed me appraising her and smiled. She shifted her body causing her dress to ride up higher. A sound behind me caused me to turn. A man dressed in eveningwear appeared.

“This is my husband John. John, meet Don Parson, the gentlemen that paid all that money for peanut and jam sandwiches.”

This was her husband? John had to be twenty or thirty years older than Marsha. He appeared very spry and healthy but his gray thinning hair gave his age away. He came over and gave Marsha a loving sensual kiss.

“How are you, Mr. Parson? I hope you enjoy the dance tonight. Jayden is still in her room getting all prettied up. Can I offer you a drink?”

This was not what I expected. By this time I figured I would have been tarred, feathered and thrown out of the door. But Jayden’s father was offering me a drink.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I don’t drink and drive. Even if it is only one.”

We continued small talk for nearly twenty minutes. I learned that the family was well to do as a result of Mr. Kelly’s prior business that was sold at an obscene profit four years ago. He had a very successful manufacturing firm with clients all over the world. In his words, his current family and his child’s family would never have to worry about any financial matters. He was a self-made man.

“Well, I hear Jayden moving. She will be down shortly. What do you do for a living Don?”

After a short explanation John changed the topic to the trouble he was having with his Internet connections and he asked if I had any suggestions. I told him that I would be glad to look at it for him. Then I got this tingling feeling; Jayden was near. I heard Jayden clear her throat for attention.

She was behind us. The feeling I had this morning, was back. It was like I could sense her presence, like a Star War’s character. Jayden was standing at the bottom of the stairs. Her outfit must have been tailor made for her body. The designer had captured every lovely curve. The graphic patterns of black and grey accent matched her vest and full trousers. The stirrups on the pants made the fabric flow with her body. Needless to say, my body was stirring in places thought dead for years. I could feel the adrenalin flowing. Jayden looked ravishing. Her makeup was flawless, just the right amount to make her features stand out even more. Her lip-gloss matched the color of her nails and accented her hair. The overall effect was magnetic.

“Good evening, Jayden. You look ravishing. You will make a lot of young hearts go wild tonight.”

“I hope some older ones as well. I see you have met Mom and Dad.”


“Well I think we should go. Mom and Dad will come later. Dad doesn’t like dancing.”

“Well that makes two of us.”

Helping Jayden with her wrap that covered her shoulders, we left. The magnetism I felt towards her was unreal. Something beyond description was pulling us together. The trip to the hall was quiet. We kept stealing glances at each other. I was sure Jayden felt it as much as I did. Once parked, I was a gentleman and opened her door. When she touched my hand the electrical energy between us was very obvious. My desire to reach out and hold her close to me was so strong. It was really crazy since we just met this morning. But something was drawing us to each other.

The dance was crowded with people many dressed in all types of combinations of green. The green beer must have had been flowing all day as many appeared happily under the influence. The energy of the room was flowing through everyone. We found a table then sat for a moment.

“Would you like to dance Jayden? I might as well show you how bad I am.”

Offering me her hand, we moved to the dance floor. Fortunately it was a slow dance so I shouldn’t inflict too much damage. Then she came to my body and I felt the length of her luscious body against me. Every point of contact felt like it was on fire. Jayden’s scent engulfed me. With our height difference I was looking at the top of her head. Jayden had her face pressed against my chest. Surprisingly my feet actually moved in unison with hers. We completed the first dance accident-free.

“What would you like to drink Jayden?”

“Diet coke with lots of ice please.”

At the counter after ordering, my body was still reflecting the awareness of Jayden’s presence. It seemed to be drawing us together every time we parted. Again I was staring at her. She must be aware of the effect she had on me. She licked her lips after sipping her coke in a manner that didn’t need any interpretation. Was I having the same effect on her?

“Do you feel the attraction, Jayden? I get this weird feeling every time you are close to me. What about you?”

“I have to admit I felt something come over me before I spotted you watching the parade. It felt like fingers running up and down my spine. It happened again at the auction then when we sat together. It is accelerating. I don’t know what it is but I don’t want it to stop.”

We danced several times, either I had drastically improved or the magic we were experiencing also improved my ability. Each time we got more personal. The last dance had Jayden rubbing her tummy against my erection. There was no misinterpreting. She was fully aware of my raging hardon. My hand explored her back. I knew where her bra fastener was and the fact she was wearing a thong. The narrow back band was easy to locate under her dress pants. Once, my hand slipped down her back to her full bum cheeks, grasping her softness. At that point I wanted to leave the dance floor and go somewhere private and discover just how Jayden really felt about me.

At eleven the lights come on and it was time for a late lunch. Jayden volunteered to retrieve our plates, as she knew all the servers and could bypass the growing lines of people. When she left my body told me I had been pushing my luck. Everything started to ache at once. My old body doth protests.

When Jayden returned she had two full plates. Leaning over the table, she set one before me. What a view as her blouse fell forward giving me a look at her lacey black bra overflowing with Jayden. We ate in silence doing our mutual admiration thing. The balance of the dance was a blur, other than my recollection of Jayden. We enjoyed the last dance and slowly walked back to the Suburban. The drive to her home was subdued. What was going to happen next, likely nothing? I walked her to the door.

“Don, I enjoyed our time together. I don’t know what it is but I am attracted to you.”

“Well it could be the day, likely tomorrow I will be a memory. I had a wonderful time. I haven’t danced so much in a long time. Thank you.”

Then she moved against me. Feeling her firm breasts pushing against me we hugged. Kissing the top of her head she moved her face up. Her lips were partially open and appeared to be begging to be kissed. I was foolish enough to lower my head just as the outside light came on. The door opened. Looking foolish, I took one step back from Jayden. Her mom was at the door.

“Did you have a good time Don, Jayden?”

“Yes we did, at least I did. Your daughter is a fine dancer. I had better say good night and be off. It was nice to meet you Mrs. Kelly.”

Turning, my exit was quick to the Suburban. When I turned both were still at the door waiting. Jayden’s hands were in front of her waving when I looked up she mouthed ‘Call me.’ At least that was what my lip reading told me. I nodded okay. My drive home put some very perplexing thoughts in my mind. Should this evening be looked on as a one-time adventure in stupidity? Should I actually call Jayden?

It took a long to time to get to sleep as question after question presented itself. Finally sleep over took me. It was nearly two o’clock in the afternoon when I come to. I had a raging hardon and Jayden’s face was vividly on my mind. After breakfast, household duties took my mind off Jayden. That evening I got involved with a ball game on television and then retired.

To say Jayden didn’t come to mind would be a lie. The sensible part of my mind had taken control and counseled me to be smart and forget Jayden as nothing positive could result from pursing my dubious feelings about her. The eerie feelings I had on Saturday never came back. It must have been the excitement of the parade and dance.

On Friday when I retrieved my email I found a note in the in-box from

‘Please call me. jk.’

Jayden Kelly was the first thing that came into my mind. How in the hell did she get my email? Then I looked at the addresses it was sent too. There was fourteen possible combinations every one of them that could be me. Jayden had found our business site on the net and then sent this email hoping one of them would be my address. I replied.

“Is this who I think it is? Don.”

I provided her with my home email address then forwarded her message to myself at home and then deleted it from the company data records. Then all hell broke loose and we had a crisis to resolve. By the time we were done it was seven in the evening. Everyone who was on the crisis team, bid each other good night and disappeared for home. Before leaving, a call to my favorite pizza parlor provided me with an instant dinner; I stopped at a party store to pick up some Kahlua and Vodka. I needed a Black Russian, maybe two. The Suburban was filled with the aroma of hot pizza. With a large Black Russian I enjoyed my late dinner. Two drinks later I had a buzz. Truthfully, I very seldom drink, tonight was the exception. Recalling this afternoon’s email I checked my computer. As I waited for the mail to download I enjoyed another drink. There were four emails from jk.

The first one is ‘Why didn’t you call me? jk’.

The second is ‘I am still waiting to hear from you. jk’.

The third is ‘Why haven’t you answered? I do want to hear from you. I don’t care about your age. jk’.

The forth is ‘If you had to work late and are reading these late tonight Friday please call me at 456-7890 it is my private line. I DO want to hear from you. jk’.

The quantity of drinks had me in a very jovial mood. My stupid side said to call and was supported by the lower part of my body. I was hurting again thinking of Jayden. My sensible side suggested I wait till morning when I didn’t have a glow on and had controlled all my senses. I decided to have a shower and then thought about calling Jayden. At the end of the shower I turned off the hot water and let the cold water do its stuff. Many of the cobwebs in my head were cleared. In front of the computer I re-read all Jayden’s email. I wanted to call her.

Shutting up the house I got to my bedroom and lay down. I called. Jayden answered.

“Don, is that you?”

“Yes, Jayden.”

“It is good to hear your voice. I had hoped you would have called during the week. Why didn’t you?”

The sound of Jayden’s voice activated the eerie feeling. My body was tingling with desire, desire for Jayden’s young body. I wanted her lips, her breasts and the heaven hiding between her legs. I wanted to see for myself, was she red all over?

“I thought the better of it. This can’t go anywhere.”

“Age is just a number, Don. I don’t care.”

“Well fifty one minus fourteen is thirty seven, a very large number of years between you and me. It is too many years.”

“Mom and Dad are nearly thirty years apart. Mom never mentions Dad’s age and she loves him very much.”

“I am happy for your parents. You can do better than me.”

“I don’t want to do better. I haven’t done anything with you other than dance. Who knows, we may find that we hate each other’s guts.”

My thoughts were there was no way I wouldn’t want Jayden physically, the thoughts of her body had my body tingling now. No, it wasn’t just the Black Russians.

“I doubt that and so do you, considering the attraction we had for each other last Saturday. What are you suggesting we do?”

There was a pregnant pause on the line as Jayden was thinking of a response. I could hear her breathing and was imagining her breasts rising up and down. She smelled so good at the dance; she could only smell better nude.

“Can we meet tomorrow?”

“What do you want to do?”

“I just want to meet with you to find out if what I feel when I am close to you really means something.”

“Where would you suggest we have this meeting?”

As we talked my body was shaking with anticipation, this was crazy. Talking to a teenager shouldn’t have this effect on me. Never in my life had I ever looked at young girl with the feelings I had now for Jayden. I wanted her as I wanted a woman - in bed, making passionate love.

“Well I have dancing class tomorrow morning; you could pick me up when I am done. We could talk about it.”

“Okay, what is the address and what time are you done?”

Jayden gave me the pertinent information. She would be waiting for me at the corner of Grant and Fenton Street at the bus stop. Even after we hung up my body was still shaking with excitement. Finishing off my last drink, my mind had a hard time shutting down to accept sleep. Visions of Jayden teasing me with her body kept running through my mind. She was naked but her hair always seems to be covering the areas that appealed to me. Finally sleep took me.

At nine twenty I was parked near the middle of the block watching the corner. Every time the door opened my heart swelled just to be let down when it was not Jayden. Then the eerie feeling came over me. My senses heightened. Jayden came out looking both ways on the street. Even from this distance it was apparent to me her face beamed when she spotted the Suburban. Still dressed in her dancing costume, she waited as the vehicle moved towards her. She had a small knapsack. She climbed into the seat. It was hard for me to keep my eyes off her nylon-coated legs. Her beautiful red hair was done in a ponytail. There was no way I could control my body. My slacks were tenting.

“I wasn’t sure you would come, Don. I am glad you did.”

Jayden’s eyes were on my growing bulge. A small smile flowed across her beautiful face. The way she was made up didn’t help my personal problem. The gloss on her lips shone and the well-applied eye makeup created magnets for my senses. My knuckles were white as I squeezed the steering wheel. The desire to ravish this young lady heightened with every blink of my eyes.

“Jayden you are ravishing as usual. Do you want me to drive you home to change?”

“No I have a change of clothes in my knapsack. You don’t mind if I change?”

With the vehicle moving I assumed she was going to the back seat to change. You could imagine my shock when she slid down her bottoms that consist of her plated skirt and attached panties. Jayden’s was in her sheer pantyhose and sheer red Tonga panties. I realized this distraction was a recipe for disaster. I had to stop. I pulled into a super drug store parking lot and drove to the back.

“Jayden you shouldn’t do that in front of me. I nearly ran over that mini-van.”

She was watching my reaction as she lowered her pantyhose. My eyes were glued to her Tonga. I was sure I could see traces of reddish hair showing. Jayden reached in her bag and brought a pair of matching red net stay-up stockings. The effect magnified my uncontrollable hardon. Watching Jayden pull the stockings in place, then adjusting them so they were straight with no wrinkles nearly caused me a heart attack. Then she wiggled into a red skirt. All the while, she was watching me. When she took her top off I devoured the view. Her bra that matched her panties was brimming with Jayden. Her light skin magnified the effect of the red she was wearing. My grip on that steering wheel tightened. Finally she slipped on a semi sheer red blouse.

“You like Don?”

I could spank her. She was enjoying teasing me. I tried to say something but then checked myself. What could I say to distract her from knowing how I felt after witnessing her dressing? My blood pressure was racing. This was certainly not doctor recommended.

“Jayden that display was completely unnecessary. You could have moved to the back seat.”

“And have you miss looking at me? No way. I wanted you to see me.”


“Because I can feel your desire for me. Don’t you feel my interest in you?”

So that was how Jayden was interrupting the eerie feelings we have had about each other. There was no doubt I wanted Jayden but I didn’t think my feelings would transcend to her mind but they did. If Jayden was more perceptive to my feelings then I was to hers, she knew how much I wanted her. I realized I was staring at the bare skin between her stocking tops and skirt. When I looked up Jayden smiled and moved closer to me. Her arms quickly circle my neck and her lips covered mine giving me the kiss I missed when we were at her door after the dance. The feel, the taste and the smell of Jayden combined to reduce my common sense factor to zero. We were in a public parking lot kissing. My hand found her naked skin and traveled up her thigh. I felt her leg move outward giving me easier access to her upper area. When I touched her Tonga thong Jayden softly moaned in my ear and tightened her grip around my neck. The dampness and heat welcomed my fingers, allowing me to slip my finger inside, exploring her full luv lips. Jayden was dripping wet.

“Jayden, I shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Yes you should. It is all you been thinking about since we met. I know it and so do you. I want you to feel me all over.”

My finger found her engorged clitoris. For someone so young, all of her assets felt well defined and willing. My first thought was Jayden’s clitoris was long enough to suck.

“Jayden we have to go somewhere private. I do want you.”

“Don, I have never felt like this. All the guys I know usually make me sick. All they do is want to paw me. I used to be embarrassed because I was wearing a bra when I was ten. The girls envied me because I had breasts. I thought I was a freak. Now I think my body is a curse. Lots of high school guys ask me out but I know what they want.”

“We can’t stay here. Someone may recognize you and cause some embarrassment for both of us.”

“Where do you live, Don?”

“Do you think that is a wise choice? Who knows what may happen? Maybe we should go to the mall and sit down in public and think this out like responsible adults.”

She looked at me. My hand was still caressing her soft pussy. A smile spread over her seductive face.

“Do you really want to stop what you are doing so we can talk about doing it?”

“No, Jayden. I want you but we have to leave here.”

She disengaged my hand and moved away from me.

“Ok let’s go to your house - NOW.”

Jayden might have moved away from me but her skirt was still up exposing her now very damp thong panties. Her thighs were white and flawless. I could see why the males in her life wanted to get close to her. Quickly I sniffed the finger I had in her pussy and the effect was immediate. My cock was hard before but her scent had me hurting. I had read that the secretion from an excited pussy was actually an aphrodisiac; after inhaling Jayden’s scent I concurred. It had certainly done its job on me.

It took me twenty minutes to get home; I made it in record time. Fortunately I had an attached garage with an electronic door opener. The door was opening as we turned into the driveway and closed as the bumper passed the sensor.

“Jayden, are you really sure you want to do this? I still say we should go to the mall and talk about it.”

Jayden’s answer was hugging and kissing me. Her tongue was playing footizes with my tongue. She did taste great. Her hand was on my bulge in my slacks, moving it around like a shifter. The feeling was something wonderful. We broke and left the garage. She followed me to the kitchen.

“Would you like a coffee?”

“Only if you are.”

The sensible side of my brain was trying to rein in my stupid side with some common sense. With the coffee starting to perk, I turned and stared. Jayden had removed the band holding her hair in place and was now shaking it out. What a beautiful sight. Looking at me with that smile of hers, she slowly walked towards me. Her movements did not help my raging hormones. Jayden wrapped her arms around me, grinding her body against my erection. There was nothing held back in the way we felt about each other. Again, I was sucking her tongue. My hands were massaging her bum cheeks pulling her tight against me. Lifting her upwards I felt my cock flip forward as her body passed. Then I lowered her with my cock pushing against her Tonga panties. My mind sensed the only thing between me and Jayden’s heaven was three thin layers of cloth.

The coffee was ready. I lowered Jayden, my body heaving with heavy breaths. How much of this could I take? Stumbling to the cupboard, getting two mugs, I poured the coffee. Sitting down was a relief; my old body wasn’t used to this type of excitement. Jayden was radiant.

“Don thanks for the coffee and everything else. It feels good when you poke me between the legs. Does it feel good when you are inside a woman?”

Reality hit me. Jayden had never seen a man’s tool before. She was unaware of the feeling of making love. Jayden might be developed like a grown woman but she was still a young girl, a very sexy, desirable young girl. My sensible side seemed to be winning.

“Maybe we should just finish our coffee then I can take you home.”

“Maybe you can forget that! I didn’t have you bring me here just for a coffee. I know you like me and I like you. I am not too young. My friend Jyssica is younger then me has a boyfriend. She says they do all kinds of things together.”

“Yes but how old is her boyfriend?”

“I really don’t know but he is in his thirties. They do all kinds of things together. Her mom works evenings and he lives at their house. She kept teasing him by walking around with no clothes on. Then one day she sat on his knee and kissed him. She tells me they enjoy each other’s bodies.”

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