Cocktails at Candy Pass

by Benjamin J Conrad

Copyright© 2018 by Benjamin J Conrad

Erotica Sex Story: Here is the sequel much requested of a sleepy towns swinger antics. Sybil sets out to reclaim her hubby at another 'cocktail party'.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Coercion   NonConsensual   Slut Wife   Group Sex   Black Male   White Female   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Big Breasts   Public Sex   .

Jane Anderson put the teapot on the stove. “What you need is a proper drink!” she said out loud.

In her living room; a few feet away, sat her sister-in-law, Sybil; upset because she’d discovered her husband Jake was cheating on her! Jake sure was a handsome hunk, given half a chance Jane mused...

Jane went over to the cabinet and took out a bottle of brandy. She supposed she ought to be a little more sympathetic, because her own husband Eddy was Sybil’s brother!

Jane was tall and buxom, her dark hair framed her face in such a way that many people compared her to Jane Russell. She always laughed whenever anyone said this, but was inwardly pleased at the comparison. Her full breasts were always an asset wherever she mixed with men; she was proud of them.

Sybil’s surprising story, of her husband Jake taking part in an orgy, had given Jane lustful thoughts. Christ it would be great to do some plain old fucking with a stranger! Oh for an orgy she laughed!

She took a small tray with the brandy and the tea pot and cups into the living room.

Sybil had been reluctant but after giving it some thought, she’d come over to Jane’s who she’d always found rather crude and common. But she knew that the older woman had more experience with men than herself; and hoped to get some kind of useful advice from her.

“You’d better drink some of this brandy rather than tea Sybil and tell me the rest! Now tell me, did you actually go to this orgy yourself?”

Sybil nodded her head solemnly. “Oh, Jane,” she said setting her brandy glass down, “I know I may have done the wrong thing ... but I just had to know the truth about Jake!”

Jane let her sister-in-law tell her her story of the spiteful message which had lured her to witness Jake taking part in a sex ritual with a girl at the house on Turnabout Lane. Jane listened, her face as passive as she could make it, considering the fact that she was getting more and more excited by Sybil’s description of the three-way orgy between to grown men and a small girl!

“Whew!” she exclaimed, “That must have been really something ... seeing them on that bed buck naked and all...”

“Oh, please, Jane ... don’t ... PLEASE!” Sybil protested.

Jane felt a sensation of hostility toward her sister-in-law. It was probably her fault that Jake had looked elsewhere for a little excitement. She was secretly glad that something had at last happened to shake up the prim little housewife! Further more Jane longed to be among the swingers of Candy Pass if another orgy took place at Winthrop Morgan’s place.

Jane Anderson had gone to a lot of trouble to find out about the next party on Turnabout Lane. She’d been forced to contact an old flame who was in on such things in Candy Pass.

She’d also had to be unduly ‘accommodating’ to him, before he was prepared to reveal the information! Still, it had been a win – win situation for Jane; a warm-up for the party ahead.

She also found out that he had seen Jake Larrell at the previous ‘Cocktail Party’ with the young girl and that the handsome young banker was almost certain to attend the next one with her; judging from the things he had `seen! ~

Now with the night of the sex party at hand Jane saw Sybil walking up to her front door in a snazzy cocktail dress! She had certainly dressed for the occasion she smirked.

Jane had persuaded Sybil to shock her husband by her presence at the cocktail party as being the only way she would break him away from his young mistress and win him back!

Jane was thrilled at the prospect of what may be in store for Sybil; but it was also Jane’s ticket into the hottest gathering in town, and she would have to make the most of it since it was only Sybil as her decoy that she was escaping her husband’s eagle eye!

Eddy Anderson cautiously closed the door behind the two women, and continued to peer out from behind the curtain watching them walk down the driveway toward the VW that Jane drove.

There was something very strange about the whole thing! Jane was dressed casually in a sweater and skirt ... but his flaxen-haired sister, Sybil, was wearing a cocktail dress; a very revealing one at that ... It had raked-up the uncomfortable desire he’d always secretly had for his sister.

Still, it really didn’t explain why Sybil had avoided eye contact. And then there was the fact that Jane and Sybil were going out to that movie in Havers Falls ... something called “Women In Love” ... the sexy kind of thing that Jane might be interested in ... but Ed hardly thought his classy sister would enjoy a Swedish sex-movie. And, finally, the two women had never been friendly before, and Ed could understand why, what with Sybil being sophisticated, married to a banker, and Jane being ... well, down to earth. Why were they suddenly so buddy, buddy? Goddammit! They were up to something!

Formulating these thoughts, Ed was out the back door and with an image of his sister Sybil in that cocktail dress, making her look to damn sexy for a movie, he climbed into his beat-up Chevy. The car started right away and the snow tires crunched upon the ice in the driveway.

“Christ!” Ed intoned out loud. “I know that I can’t trust Jane as far as I can throw a stick ... but with my sister, Sybil? What in the hell are they up to?”

He reached the corner just in time to see the red VW turning right at the next corner. Eddy knew that definitely was not the road to Havers Falls!

Sybil was terrified! She and Jane were greeted at the door by two males wearing masks, and to her horror one of the men was naked to the waist, and clad in red tights from the waist down. His rather large and ungainly feet were encased in a pair of high heels! It was so bizarre Sybil would have bolted had not Jane kept a tight grip upon the soft, naked flesh of her arm.

Jane seemed to know the one in tights very well, and he provided two feminine face masks that left only the mouth and chin visible. Sybil chose the face of a cat covered with silver sparkles.

Jane’s was a fox mask, and Sybil couldn’t help thinking how much the animal suited her.

Sybil felt considerably less nervous with the mask on; and less self conscious about having worn such a revealing cocktail dress. What had she been thinking when she chose that!

“It’s like a fiesta, girls!” one of the men was saying. “Come on in now! ... Ever been to Rio during Carnival? ... That’s what tonight’s like ... Plenty to drink now!”

Within seconds cocktails had been placed in their hands.

“Well, let’s just sit over here, honey,” Jane pointed out a sofa that was on the side of the room. They sat and sipped their cocktails apprehensively. Sybil looked around her, “ I certainly want to thank you Jane for to helping me out like this. You’re definitely right ... I have to meet Jake on his own ground!” She spoke with a slight quiver of her lower lip.

“Oh, God,” she thought, “I’ve got to have another drink ... Suppose Jake were to walk in now, what would I do?” The way she had visualized it was totally different from the actuality of the party. It really didn’t seem so very different from any party that she’d been to.

Earlier, she had imagined herself deep in conversation with some handsome, very attentive man. She had brought along a package of cigarettes in case she needed to do something with her hands. The handsome man would be lighting her cigarette, and she would be contemplating going out for some air with him ... he would beg her to leave the party with him, and just then Jake would come in with that little snip. He would be tiring of her already, for he would have found out that there was no substance to her ... no real substance. And she, Sybil, would laugh up into the stranger’s face, blowing out the smoke of her cigarette, and Jake would rush over to her and angrily take her away from the party. She would know that he still loved her, and that night ... oh, she knew full well, that that night in bed she would respond to him.

Sybil was snapped out of her reverie by the realization that Jane was getting up. The man she had noticed earlier had approached them and had asked Jane to dance! Her only ally was deserting her! How could she do this?

A feeling of utter loneliness came over her as her dark- haired sister-in-law disappeared in what had become a sea of people. To keep from spinning into a panic she gracefully moved and perched herself onto a bar-stool, ordered a drink and took in her surroundings.

She was impressed by the sumptuous décor of the house. It was more elegant than any she and Jake had ever been invited to in their usual social activities. Her second scotch tasted good. Then she became aware that an older distinguished gentleman across the room, clearly had her in his sights. Now he had thrown her a little smile; any moment he would be over! She was afraid of being approached by anyone, and yet she was more afraid of being alone. She came away from the bar. Perhaps she could find the bathroom; some place she could relax for a while!

She wandered down a short hallway. A dimly-lit study-room; it’s door open; there was a sofa; she entered and closed the door;

She dropped into the sofa; sighing with relief. But after a short while she jumped out of her skin at the sound of a man’s voice behind her.

“What’s new pussy cat?”

She whirled around and let out a sharp cry upon seeing a huge black man! His friendly smile only frightened her!

“Excuse me ... sir, I didn’t know there was anyone in this room...” She stuttered.

The large Negro pulled himself up to his full height; well over 6 foot!

“What’s your hurry ... why don’t you stay ... talk a while ... northing’s happening out there...

“Oh, God!” she said, “You mustn’t think ... I’m one of those out there. I’m only here because my husband...”

“Yeah ... Daddy wants to swing, and his bitch wants know what he’s doing, rather than have him do it behind her back. After the first time the little lady is raring to go ... never knew a strange cock could go down so good; is that it?”

“OH NO ... I ... NO, IT’S NOTHING LIKE THAT!” Sybil stepped back, her hands automatically covering the bared part of her breasts. The black man kept on talking as though she had not said anything.

Suddenly he was holding her around the waist from behind. She heard him chuckle, and she was overcome with dreadful apprehension as she felt a stiff bulkiness moving ominously against her soft buttocks. She struggled and twisted to free herself, but he held on fast.

“HEY!” he cried, “Don’t pull away Honey!”

“No ... no, it’s not that ... you’ve got to listen to me.” Sybil made a last ditch attempt to reason with the man, trying to remember that she was a grown woman with intelligence who could certainly explain her situation to him. It just didn’t seem possible that she could be placed in a position where all her upbringing and her recently attained status in the town couldn’t help her. But her voice came out a thin quaver, that was not at all what she had intended.

“I ... came in here ... this room ... because I wasn’t feeling well, and now I’ve got to get some fresh air ... my husband should be arriving at any time now ... to take me home...” It didn’t make any sense, but she tried to say something that would make some kind of impression on the big black man who stood watching her, his hands now on his narrow hips as he listened to her pathetic story. Absurdly, she noted that he was very well dressed. Perhaps he was someone very well known, she thought ... like that movie star she had seen in a movie once ... certainly he was no product of a slum, this man ... he could be reasoned with.

“Fine...” he said, “We’ll just wait for that lucky man ... judging from those fine knockers of yours ... and that nice, high-class ass. I bet you like to get your pussy tickled; Huh.”

Sybil stiffened at his vulgarity, sensing her confidence of a few moments before commencing to falter. She blinked her eyes tightly shut, and in spite of herself she could feel tiny unwanted sensations flitting through her stomach again, like when she’d thought of Jake earlier and imagined them making love.

“HOW ... HOW DARE YOU!!!” she cried, tears beginning to rise in her eyes. “How dare you talk to me like that!”

“Oh, come off it...” He put his head back on the sofa and peered up and back at her insolently. “You’re not gonna tell me that you’re not the least bit curious to know what a good, stiff, black prick would feel like up in your little blonde pussy!”

Sybil made a sudden dash for the door, and she was pulling desperately at the handles when she felt him overtake her. His long arms wound around her waist, and he removed the cat-mask from her face! “Ha; that better; I like to see who I’m having sex with!” he chuckled.

“Oh ... Oh ... please...” she shrieked, “Don’t force me to do anything ... I couldn’t possibly ... I’ll do anything ... money ... I’ll give you money!”

He was holding her tightly now ... holding her around the waist from behind, and she could feel him pulling her closer. She heard him chuckle, and she was overcome with dreadful apprehension as she felt a stiff bulkiness against her soft buttocks. She struggled and twisted to free herself, but he held on fast.

“I don’t believe it ... you’re gonna offer me money, too??? I’m gonna get to fuck the shit out of that little pussy between your legs ... and get some bread, too??” His hands moved down from her waist, over her stomach, his fingers caressing until he reached the soft mound of her pubic mound hidden beneath the skirt of her cocktail dress.

“No ... PLEASE ... don’t touch me ... you can’t make me do anything ... I’m a married woman ... no one but my husband has ever touched me!”

“Well, in that case, I’ll bet he’ll be thankful that someone else showed you a few new tricks ... Nothin’s worse than an old lady who don’t know how to fuck and suck!” His lips came onto hers in a soft silky kiss.

“That wasn’t so bad now, was it...” he said, grinning down at her, as his hand began to stroke the softly warm flesh of her breast down inside her low cut dress. “Just relax,” he whispered, “and let yourself go ... in a few moments you will be wiggling and groaning, pulling your legs way back and shoving your cunt in my face, so’s I can lick your little hot clit!”

The effect of the drinks she’d had and the abject fear she’d been experiencing combined to turn her into a loose bundle of raw nerve ends, and she felt herself rapidly losing control. She knew in her bones that to plead anymore was useless; she made no effort to stop his fumbling inside her dress. Closing her eyes and biting her lower lip, she felt him cupping her breasts, sending out flames of passion. The heat of the big man’s breath seared her ear, and once more he was moving his head to bring his wet hungry lips down on hers.

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