Playing in the Woods

by Imaginator

Copyright© 2018 by Imaginator

Incest Sex Story: Two boys "experimenting" with their blossoming sexuality in the woods are found out by one of their sisters.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

My friend Rick taught me to masturbate when we were 11 years old. He was a Boy Scout, and that’s where he learned it. He lived a few streets away, close enough for a bike ride but not great for walking. His grandmother lived across the street and one house over from us. It was a house with a walk out basement. There was a living room and bedrooms on the first floor and kitchen and dining in the basement. The living room was never used, as far as I know. Even though she lived within the city limits (which ran down the middle of the street) she had goats, chickens, rabbits, and guinea pigs, along with a nice-sized piece of property. Rick had built a “fort” out of some scrap wood, and invited me to visit it. It was a tiny place, so small that two kids could barely fit in. We were just chatting about this or that, when he blurted out, “I’ll jack you off if you’ll jack me off.”

“What?” I asked. I had never heard of that. So, he eagerly volunteered to show me.

He had us both drop our shorts and underwear. Then, he laid me on my back and started rubbing my dick between his thumb and forefinger. (That’s all it took at 11 years of age.) Then it got hard, and grew large enough to hold in his hand. He asked if he could spit on it, and I shrugged, “Yes.” So, he spit on my dick and started jacking me. Dam, it felt good. Not knowing what to expect, I felt an extreme urge to pee, but he just kept on jacking. I was trying to hold back as hard as I could, not wanting to pee in the fort. Then, there was a white foam in his hand, and I felt relief, still not knowing what was going on. Rick saw the white foam and told me that I had shot off, like I knew what that meant. So, he explained my sperm and all that and I said, “Oh.” It was my turn to jack him off, and since it was not that complicated, I picked it right up and he had the same white foam that I did. We got dressed and went on playing in the fort.

The next day, alone in the bathroom, I started using my new-found trick, spitting on it and everything. It felt good, now that I knew what to expect. Still, the sperm was nothing more than some white foam in my hand. It felt good enough that it became a daily habit.

Rick was back at his grandmothers the following week, but his fort had been carried away in the trash. As I said, there was a good bit of land that his grandparents owned, including some woods and neglected pastures. Woods is an exaggeration. There were just some clumps of large shrubs, where we could go in and be nearly unseen from the outside. The shrubs grew such that there wasn’t much in the way of limbs inside, making a sort of room enclosure with the leaves on the bushes. There we stripped down and laid on the ground, playing with each other’s dicks, both hard. Rick blurted out again, saying, “I’ll suck your dick if you’ll suck mine.” This was new to me, too, so I just said, “OK”. He started on me first, showing me how to do it. That was way better than the hand job. But he said that we couldn’t shoot in each other’s mouths. I didn’t know why we couldn’t, and I didn’t ask. I figured it was a Boy Scout rule. So, he got me close, then finished me off with a handjob. My turn was next, and I didn’t hesitate. Our dicks were the same size, and we had no problem “deep throating” each other. He told me he was getting close, so I stopped and finished him off with a handjob. We stayed naked and did each other three or four times that afternoon, then his grandmother called and we got dressed and left.

This routine went on like that at least once a week for years, with new twists added in from time to time. Sucking was enhanced by using the 69 position. This was our go-to position, and we had all but eliminated handjobs. There was a clearing that was beginning to fill with tall grass that came up just above our waists. We could see nothing but trees in all directions, and it was thrilling to be naked out in that area. It was like being exhibitionists without getting in trouble, and kept us hard longer. Even though we sucked and made each other come repeatedly throughout the day, we never lost our erections. And we never thought anything about it. We also tried it in our butts. Our dicks were still small enough that it was barely noticeable, although it did feel good. Soon enough, we were shooting in each other’s butts. We played all over the property that was out of view of the house as we realized that no one ever came through there. And we were usually naked.

It was one time that Rick told me that he had been corn holing two of his cousins, sisters. I knew them both, and the older one was our age, and was rather, well, homely. The other was two years younger and damned cute. I was thinking about inviting myself to one of his adventures with them some time later, when he told me that they had told their dad, and he had told his dad. Rick said his dad took him to the bathroom, pulled his pants down, and whipped so that he would never, never, ever do that again. So, there went that plan.

We weren’t always perverts, though. We experimented with “Rabbit Tobacco”, smoking it in a hollowed out acorn and a hickory twig. The dried twig had lost its pith, and so, was hollow. That didn’t last long, though.

Our dicks grew bigger and we started growing pubes. It was also beginning to hurt to fuck in the butt, so we quit doing that. As our dicks grew, Rick’s started curving down so that the head of it was pointing straight down. Our dicks were still the same size, but Rick’s was just bent. The Boy Scouts started calling him “banana dick.” I never mentioned it. I could still suck it and jack it off. With our dicks getting bigger, the come was changing from foam in the hands to ropes and ropes of white cream. We never shot on each other, but the woods and pastures were filled with our sperm.

Rick was always thinking about ways to enhance sucking and jacking off. One day he brought a foam tube that I later found out was pipe insulation. He also had some men’s hand lotion. He poured the hand lotion in the tube and rolled it around to get it coated. It was just long enough that we could get both our dicks in from opposite ends at the same time. We worked out in time to jack ourselves off and we would shoot about the same time, filling the void between our dicks. That was way better than a handjob. We did that a couple of more times, then rinsed the tube out in the creek and I went home. He left the tube in our usual place, but he had to take the hand lotion back home.

The next week we went to the tube, but he forgot the hand lotion. So we decided that we would both spit as much as we could in one end and I would use it to jack off. After I came, Rick used my sperm for lubricant and he came. By then it was good and slippery, so I used it, again. We also sucked each other and jacked each other before leaving. By now our dicks were getting to be a good size and we had full growth of pubes. And Rick had another great idea. He decided that we would take turns putting the tube between our legs, just under our balls, and it would feel like fucking a girl. Except that we didn’t kiss or anything. Hell, we still weren’t dating, yet. That did feel good, though, like actually fucking instead of jacking off. Rick held his legs together, squeezing the tube, and I placed my legs outside of his as I entered the tube, supporting myself by my hands on either side of his shoulders. And I could feel his balls and dick on my belly as I pumped into the tube. The first time it felt so good that I came so much it felt like I was peeing, but with the total sensation of coming. My come was dribbling out the other end when I picked it up and placed it between my legs. Rick pumped into it as I had and he came more quickly than I did, but just as hard. I could tell why. It was stimulating to feel the motion of the tube against my skin, between my ball sack and my butthole. I stayed hard as he fucked the tube, then we both did it again. After we finished, Rick held the tube by one end and squeezed it downward with his fingers as gobs of sperm drained out of it. Back to the stream for rinsing, and then hiding it.

Back in those days, fucking a girl, at least the girls we knew, was totally out of the question. It was almost impossible to get much more than a kiss on a date. Our escapades went a long way in reducing our hormonal buildup. But still, we were longing for tits and pussy. Rick stole Playboy magazines and some other nude or nearly nude rags for jacking off help from time to time. Playboy showed bush, but no pink, as did all the other drug store magazines. Occasionally we found some black and white porn magazines featuring adults that must have been in their forties. The porn women were a far cry from the Playboy girls in looks and age. But they sucked and fucked for the camera.

We were looking at such a porn magazine one day and jacking each other off when my sister, three years younger than I, started calling me home. That scared the shit out of us because she sounded so close. We looked all around, but couldn’t see her, so we were okay. We hurriedly dressed and went out to meet up with her. Rick went into his grandmother’s house, and my sister, Kathy, and I took the short walk home. As we got out of earshot of anybody, Kathy asked why we were naked. So, she HAD seen!! How much? What was I going to say? How could I get out of this? The only thing I could think of was to say that we were playing a game.

Then, she asked, “Why were your things so big?”

I went with the game theme. I said, “Well, it happens to boys sometimes, and it’s part of the game to get that way.”

She asked, “Why were you holding each other’s things?”

“That’s one of the rules,” I said, “and it helps to make our things big.” Thankfully, we were home, and that ended the conversation.

That night, Kathy came in my room and stood by my bed.

She said, “I want to see it, again.”

The room was reasonably lit by the pole light in the neighbor’s yard, and made it easy to see after our eyes were adjusted. I thought that this was my chance to show it to a girl, so I threw back the sheet and pulled down my pajama bottoms and my briefs.

“It’s little,” she whispered.

I answered, “That’s the way it is most of the time.”

She asked to touch it, so I quickly said, “YES!” Not too loudly though, lest the parents should hear. It started growing then, and by the time she touched it, it was a raging hard on. That was much better than Rick touching it. She looked at it, moved it from side to side and up and down and squeezed it and felt the head and my balls. I was throbbing with excitement! She did her looking and feeling and just left without another word.

The next day Kathy and I were hanging out in the shade at the swing set, just jabbering about nothing. Then, she whispered, “I liked feeling your thing last night, do you like feeling Rick’s thing?”

I said, “Yes, it’s fun.”

“Why is his bent?” she asked.

I told her I didn’t know, but it just started getting like that when we got older. I also told her that we called them “dicks.” I also told her very firmly that she could NEVER tell another soul, especially the parents. I told her to never use the word “dick” around adults, either.

“Can I see your – um - dick again, tonight?” she asked.

I said, “Yes, but you have to show me something. And let me touch it.” I may as well get something out of it.

I was prepared. My PJs and briefs were down to my knees and I was stroking a major boner under the sheet. Soon enough, she tip toed into my room. I pointed to my tent and told her I was ready, but I wanted to see her, first. Slowly, she pushed her PJ bottoms and panties down together, but above her knees. FUCK!! I was looking at it!! Well, not her pussy, but her thin pubes, and that was close enough for me. She had pitch black hair, like our mom, and the black pubes contrasted starkly with her pale white skin. I pulled the sheet back and let her look as I gazed at her. She told me to stand up, and I did. She grabbed my cock and did the same as the night before.

I said, “OK, my turn. Sit on the edge of the bed. Spread your legs apart.”

She did just as I said and I put my left hand there, feeling her pubes just above her pussy. I reached up with both hands and spread her pussy open. I saw two holes and asked which one she peed from. She pointed to the top one. I felt all around her pussy and then put my finger in, in the hole below the pee hole. She jumped.

I said, “Are you OK? Did I hurt anything?”

“No,” she said, “it just felt really good.” Then, she said, “I’d better go.”

I was disappointed, but I didn’t argue. Instead, I pulled the sheet over me and started jacking off. It didn’t take long and I felt the come rising. I rolled over on my side and scooted over to the wall by the bed, pulled back the sheet, and unloaded on the wall. Ohhhh the come felt sooooo good.

Other guys in the neighborhood called for a baseball game the next day, and we played most of the afternoon. I returned home just in time for dinner, so there were no private conversations with Kathy. The following day, though, we walked through the neighbor’s pasture to pet the horse, although we were not permitted by our parents to ride her. It was then that Kathy brought up the subject of Rick and me, again.

“Do you and Rick play that game every time you go over there?”

“Yes, or something like it almost every time.”

“It must really be fun, huh.”

“Yea, I like it.”

“Have you ever played that game with girls?”

“No, girls would never play that game.”

She was quiet for a few minutes, then she said, “It was fun watching you.”

“Oh yea? How much did you see?”

“You and Rick naked and holding each other’s dicks and rubbing them up and down. Why do you do that?”

“Because it feels good, especially when somebody else does it.”

“How long do you have to do that?”

Now, it was getting a little further than I had planned on taking it. Our parents never talked to us about sex, and any sex in school was just about flowers and stamens and pistils. So, how much was I going to reveal now? No one was around, and we had plenty of time. So, I began.

“Do you know what sperm is?”


“Do you know what it does?”

“I think so.”

“If it goes in a woman – down there – she can get pregnant.”

“Oh, yea.”

“Well, a guy has to make the sperm come out of his body, and it comes out through his dick.”

“Out of that hole?”


“Well, how does the pee get out?”

“The same hole.”


“By the time the sperm is coming out, the pee is all gone. That’s the way it works.”


“So how does the sperm come out?”

Ughhhh. I was already sporting a boner, and it was getting uncomfortable. But it might be a good thing that I’m telling her all this.

I started. “Well, it happens in different ways. One way is to put it in a woman...”


“Down there. Do you know what it’s called?


“But we like to call it “Pussy.””

“Oh, OK. Pussy.”

“Don’t ever say that around adults, either.”

“So you just put it in a woman and the sperm comes out?”

“No, we have to push our dicks in and out to make it aroused, and then the sperm comes out.”

“What does it feel like?”

“It feels like I’m exploding out of my dick.”

“No. It feels like the best thing in the whole world.”

“Have you put it in a girl?”

“No, I make it come out another way.”

She looked at me, waiting.

“I put my hand around it and rub it up and down.”

“Like you and Rick were doing?”

“Yes, just like that.”

“When did the sperm come out?”

“It didn’t that time, because you called me and we stopped.”

“What do you call that?”

““Jacking off.” Then, when the sperm comes out, it’s called “Shooting off.””

This was going way further than I had planned. I couldn’t believe I just said “Jacking off” and “Shooting off” in front of my sister. I could feel the dampness of precum around my dick, now, but I dared not look down, afraid that Kathy would look, too.

“I want to see you and Rick jacking off and shooting off.”

That was unexpected, to say the least.

“Ummmm, I don’t know if Rick would want that, you being my little sister and all.”

She let that soak in and was quiet for a few minutes. Then, she said, “Maybe I can sneak up to you like I did when I saw you before.”

I thought about that. I wanted desperately for her to see me jack off, her being my sister notwithstanding. It could work. We had not heard her before, until she spoke. And she saw us then.

“OK, give us some time after I go up there the next time, because we usually walk around looking around there at stuff. So sneak up there, and listen so you can hear where we are. We might be at the same place, maybe not. Watch as long as you want, but when you see us getting dressed, sneak back home. And don’t say a word about it to anybody. Ever.”

“I won’t. I could get in trouble for sneaking up there.”

She had a point, so I felt better about it. We headed back to the house and I went to the bathroom to jackoff.

It was a few more days before Rick and I got together. I made sure Kathy knew where we were going, and took off. Rick and I gathered our magazines from our various hiding places and went back to the little sheltered area where Kathy had seen us. We stripped down immediately on getting there and sat down on a log to look at the magazines and jack off. Well, to just rub to start with. Looking at the magazines was like foreplay, getting us super aroused. We held each other’s boners and slowly stroked as we drooled over the hot naked chicks. I was expecting to hear Kathy approach at any time, but then I remembered that the name of game was sneaking. So, I just took as long as I could to make sure Kathy was there before we went further. We were both dripping precum and coating the other’s dicks with it. What joy. After looking at the hottest spreads for the umpteenth time, I laid on my back and Rick laid on top of me, 69-style. I had positioned myself so Kathy would get a good view, if she was where I thought she was. We sucked for quite a while, getting close to shooting, and then backing off. Although our dicks were bigger, it was still no problem to get them all in our mouths. Rick was fucking my mouth as his head was bobbing on my cock. We were both about to shoot our loads, but we stopped and stood up, facing in the direction from where we had heard Kathy’s voice before. We grabbed each other’s dicks and jacked each other off. It wasn’t long until we were spurting together rope after rope of hot come. We pulled on each other’s dicks until all the juice was out.

We laid down by the log and opened a different magazine to get hard again. We rolled on our sides, facing each other and grabbed each other’s cocks, bringing them to life, again. Rick pulled out the foam tube and we both spit in it. Rick put it between his legs and turned on his back. I spread over him and put my dick in the tube. I sure hoped Kathy was watching. I would tell her this is how it looks when a boy puts his dick in a girl’s pussy. With those thoughts, I pumped my dick in and out of the tube, savoring the warming feeling and the tightness of the tube. Then, as I came, I thrust it in harder and deeper, and held it there, until I was spent.

I rolled off of Rick and he picked up tube and squeezed shut the end I had entered. He pointed the end he was holding down to let the come fill that end of the tube, then he put it between my legs, again under my ball sack. Quickly and easily he entered the juicy, now warm tube and pumped. He pumped like hell, pounding the tube further and further back. I kept raising up my pelvis to give him good access. Then, much sooner than I did, he thrust his dick hard into the tube, our legs and bellies touching, my dick between us. That even felt good to me. We lay on the ground on our backs for a few minutes, recovering. I held my legs tightly together and I could feel come still dripping on my inner thighs. We heard Rick’s grandmother calling from the house, so we got dressed, hid our magazines, and the tube, and left. There was no trace of Kathy. Had she even been there?

When I got home, Kathy was in the kitchen with mom, and she looked at me with a big grin on her face. So, she HAD seen. We made our way outside to the swings, and Kathy was excited. She started plying me with questions, one after the other. I had to slow her down, and I just asked her what she saw.

“When I got there you and Rick were sitting on a log with a magazine and rubbing each other’s dicks. Were there naked girls in the magazine?”

“Yes, it helps us to get hard and shoot off.”

“Why did you put your dicks in your mouths?”

“Because that feels really, really good. We get real close to shooting off, but we stop before we do.”

“What does his dick taste like?”

The only thing I could think of was skin, so I told her that.

“Why do you take your dicks out of your mouths before you shoot off?”

“It’s a Boy Scout rule, I think.”

“Boy Scouts have rules about putting your dicks in your mouths?”

“Well, I guess not officially, because the grown-ups can’t know about it. It’s a secret rule, I guess.”

“So then you stood up and was that jacking off?”

“Yes, did you get to see it good?”

“Yes, but I wasn’t too close. Did you shoot off sperm at the end?”

“Yes, and it felt awesome because I knew you were watching.”

“You saw me?”

“No, but I knew you were supposed to be there.”

My dick was so hard it was straining against my whitie tighties. I stood up to loosen things up, and then sat back down.

“What did you do with that tube thing?”

“Oh, that. That’s as close as we can get to putting it in a girl. It feels so, so good.”

“Is that why you got on top of each other?”

“Yes, that’s the position for putting our dicks in your pussies.”

“Can I see you jack off until you shoot off?”

Fuck! Dam! She was asking to see it! I couldn’t wait.

Nonchalantly, I said, “Sure, come into my room tonight and I’ll show you.”

“Can you do it in the daylight so I can see better?”

“Yea, but we can’t do it around here. Do you think mama would let you go down that Widow Aiken’s abandoned house down the street?”

“Yes, if I don’t tell her.”

I liked the way she was thinking. The widow Aiken’s late husband had owned the entire neighborhood a long time ago, and they had a house that had been in his family since the early 1800s that sat in the middle of the neighborhood, and the earth was reclaiming it. The boys in the neighborhood played in it regularly, so I knew it was a safe place. That night I had another awesome jackoff session, even though Kathy did not come to my room. I just thought about the next day.

We had to wait till the right time to leave the house, which was early afternoon. We made it to the house without our friends seeing us, so I knew we wouldn’t be interrupted. We entered the house, lit only by the sunlight spilling in the glassless windows. To give us time to recover in case someone came in the house, I took her to the farthest upstairs room, which was probably a bedroom with a door that led to the floored attic. We went in the attic where it was darker, but after our eyes adjusted we could see everything just fine.

I started taking off my shirt, shorts and briefs, and Kathy just stood there. “You have to get naked, too,” I said. She hesitated and I said, “It’s only fair.” With that she started unbuttoning her blouse and took it off, revealing a bra that was larger than I thought it was. Not big, compared to moms, but bigger than I thought. I stared at her a as she undressed, drinking in the view as my dick rose to attention. Her gaze was fixed on my dick, and she seemed to forget that she was getting undressed. She just continued to disrobe without even thinking about it as I savored the view. She took off her bra and then lowered her shorts and panties together, stepping out of them and bracing herself on the door frame. We both kept our shoes on.

Without saying anything, we stood on front of each other, my dick just grazing her flat belly. We looked into each other’s eyes, and I realized that she was giving herself to me. I had never experienced that before, but I knew instinctively what it was, and my dick shared my excitement. I put my hands on her shoulders and drew her to me in a hug, while our eyes remained locked. I put my arms around her in a hug and she did the same. Her pink nipples were stiff, pressing into my lower chest and my cock raised up and was between us, on her belly. We pressed ourselves together. My hands dropped to her ass which felt like perfectly round dual globes. I could feel the precum oozing out, but she didn’t say anything.

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