Confusion - Resolution

by Daedra

Copyright© 2018 by Daedra

Romantic Story: Two teenagers - Questions - The one person, they want to turn to, is nowhere to be found - They only have each other - An answer they will not find - They don't care

Caution: This Romantic Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   .

Jenny and Martin were sitting in Jenny’s room. Jenny had summoned her brother to discuss their current situation. Over the last couple of years, nothing had been like it used to be. Rebecca, their mother, had moved with her children into the house of their Uncle Vincent and Aunt Dorothy. That had been three weeks after John, their father, had vanished from their lives. Ever since his disappearance, every trace of secrecy about the relationship of their mother to Uncle Vince had disappeared as well.

“Martin,” Jenny said, “What are we gonna do? Since dad disappeared, everything seems to be going downhill.”

“What the fuck do I know? If I had any idea where we could find dad, I would pack our things, throw you over my shoulder and run as fast as I could.”

“Yeah, that sounds nice. But you won’t have to carry me in that case, as I’ll be already ahead of you.”

“Do you think he is still alive?” Martin asked in low voice, that made Jenny shiver, “I wouldn’t put it past mom and Uncle Vince to ... you know?”

“God, Vince is a creepy bastard. Ever since I started growing boobs, I try to not be alone in a room with him.” Jenny had to stand up. Just the image was making her restless, ready to run. “The way he looks at me disgusts me.”

“You don’t think he would touch you, do you? Mom would kill him.”

“Don’t be so sure about that. Mom has changed a lot since Dad is gone.” Jenny said, “Remember the first few weeks? Instead of trying to find Dad, she just took us to Vince and Dorothy all the time. Did you notice that they were fucking like monkeys? Ewww, that makes my skin crawl.”

“I know. Until then they had been discreet about it. Ever since, there has not even been the pretense that their relationship was just platonic.” The look on Martin’s face told Jenny everything she needed to know about how Martin felt about this situation.

“Have I told you that I have two theories?” Jenny asked, once again sitting down. The subject was still unsettling to her, but she did not feel as restless as before.

“Maybe, but I’m sure you will tell me anyway.”

“Damn it, you know me too well.” Jenny said, while hitting him on the shoulder, “Theory number one says, that Dad finally found out about Mom fucking Vince behind his back. But how could he be so oblivious for all those years?” How she wished, that this theory was true. “The second theory says, that they killed Dad, got rid of Dorothy and plan to get married to live happily ever after.”

“You’ve been watching Disney movies again. Happily ever after.” Martin spat, “That shit only applies to fairy tales. Happiness is definitely lacking right now. How Vince disposed of Dorothy in the divorce was crappy. He had been fucking mom on the side for years. Aunt Dorothy fucked some guys for promotions and he called her a whore. He didn’t even care for Anne and Beth. He just threw all of them out of the house. All that happened in such a short timeframe, it just screams the word ‘setup’.”

At that point it was Martin’s turn to walk around the room. Both families had been ripped apart. He was wondering what exactly had happened back then. Jenny went to her window, deep in thought, contemplating much the same questions as her brother.

“You know,” Jenny said, “In the end, it is all about sex.”

Martin was stunned. Thinking about her assessment, he had to admit, that it made sense. “I guess you are right. Mom fucking Uncle Vince, Dorothy fucking other guys, just sex, sex, sex.”

“Martin?” Jenny nearly whispered.


“Have you done anything yet?” She asked, “With a girl I mean.”

That brought Martin to a stop. Open mouthed he stared at his sister, unsure if she had really just asked that question. Unlike many other guys his age, Martin not even thought of lying or embellishing anything to his sister. Both had agreed to never lie to each other, after what happened within their family.

“Um...” Martin said, clearly embarrassed, “not really. Megan let me kiss her, like French kisses, you know? Once I got a hand on a tit, outside her shirt. That’s it pretty much.”

Jenny could see, how hard it was for Martin to admit that. At age 15, many of their friends had already lost their virginities. She knew, that it was now up to her to open up.

“I’m 14 and I haven’t even been kissed with tongue. We’re pretty pathetic, aren’t we? No sexlife, no dates, nothing, and I wouldn’t trust any of the guys I know.”

“I could show you.” Martin clutched his hand over his mouth. The sentence got out, before he had a chance to think about it. He immediately turned a deep shade of red. How he wanted to take it back, but he was unable to say or do anything, but to wait for the explosion he expected to come from his sister.

Jenny was not exploding, she was not shouting at him, she was not hitting him, she did nothing. Standing there, rooted in her spot, all she could do was stare at her brother, unbelieving what he had just proposed.

Time and the conception of it are odd things. Imagine how, from one moment to the other, everything seems to slow down, your own movements, the ticking of the clock, but at the same time, your mind seems to be working at light speed, without producing any results. That is what happened to both of them. Seconds ticked away and each was sure eternities had gone by while they stared at each other.

Jenny was first to recover. “You serious?”

“Um ... maybe ... um ... I didn’t want to offend you. I just thought ... um ... if you’d like to know what it’s like ... um ... you know?” Martin was slightly shaking. He did not even notice, that the bomb had not gone off.

Jenny was equally nervous. She was not revolted by his proposal. Although she knew, that you normally did not do such things with your brother, she was considering it. Martin was a boy of whom she was sure that she could trust, maybe the only one.

“How would we do that?” she asked, “You showing me how to kiss properly, I mean.”

Martin had to sit down on the bed again. Jenny had not killed him. To him it seemed, that she wanted to try it. He began sweating, his hands became moist and his mouth dry. Suddenly he was not sure, if he would be able to show her anything, at least not teach her how to do it. Thinking about her question made him aware, that he did not really know that much himself. This had the potential to become embarrassing.

“Um, Jenny,” he began, “um ... would you rather be standing or sitting?”

That seemed to be an odd question to Jenny. She asked herself, if it mattered at all. Not coming to a conclusion, she went with the most comfortable solution. “I’d like to sit down.”

“Um ... fuck ... um ... would you mind ... um ... fuck ... like ... um ... to sit on my lap, like straddling my legs? Then ... um ... we would not have to turn our heads awkwardly and such. Face to face would be that much easier, you know?”

Martin was proud, that he seemed to get a better grip of himself. He did not even stutter much at the end. Unfortunately his calm was short-lived, as he noticed that he might get a boner while kissing his sister, and sitting like that, she would surely notice.

Feeling her heart beating faster, Jenny started walking towards her brother. Step after step it seemed more and more inevitable, that they would cross a line. Kissing her brother, French kissing her brother while sitting on his lap. Her smile was unsure, her hands were clasping at the hem of her shirt, but a few steps later, she was standing in front of her brother, staring into his face. Would she have the courage to actually straddle him?

Although he felt like running away, Martin reached out with his hands and took hers, slightly pulling her to him. Jenny could feel, that her brother was as nervous about this as she was, maybe more so. This knowledge gave her the conviction that she could go through with it. Taking the last step, she slowly began to straddle him, one leg after the other. Time, once again, seemed to slow down.

Martin felt his sister as she slowly slid up his legs. It was already enough for him to grow erect. He was afraid, that Jenny would stop, if she noticed that he got a boner for her. Feeling like a pervert, he hoped that she would settle down on his legs, far enough away from his crotch.

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