The Rebound
Chapter 2

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 2 - This story centers around the age old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try again."

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual  

The more he thought about it he decided not to wait till Saturday and on Tuesday after work he drove to the mall. Seeing Pam he asked her if he could buy her dinner down at the food court. She was surprised to see him but the expression on her face told him that she was glad he did stop by. Compared to last Saturday it was a very inexpensive dinner consisting of two chicken salad sandwiches and two diet sodas. Pam’s pleasant company made for a nice time.

At night the following evening Thad’s phone rang. The caller ID indicated it was Myra Clemens who was calling. Thad had known Myra for a number of years and knew she was three years older than him and a widow. Her husband had died in a scuba diving accident four years ago. She was a nice person who while somewhat young had a responsible position of an elementary school principal. That her father was a county commissioner Thad thought may have helped her in securing that position.

What struck him funny about her was that she was a tall solidly built person, probably about five foot nine inches tall and weighed about a hundred fifty pounds. While she was that big he thought she acted like she was very petite and wanted to be treated like she was the size of a small lady. Comments she had made in the past indicated to him indicated that she maybe a little attracted to him but he in no way was attracted to her.

He answered the phone saying, “Hi Myra, what can I do for you?”

“I just heard you are getting divorced. That surprised me as I thought you and Doris were a happy couple.”

“You and me both.”

“I was thinking that you could be in the dumps because of it and maybe we could go out to dinner and I could cheer you up.”

Thad immediately remembered what Johnny had said and he knew he didn’t want to go out to dinner with her. Maybe she was hoping that they could develop a relationship which he knew would never happen. Thad thought he should nip this right now before it went any farther.

“That’s a nice offer for you to make and I appreciate you doing it. Yes it was a shock to hear Doris ask for a divorce and I was on a downer for a while when it happened. As luck would have it I have already met someone who I am seeing and she has certainly has lifted my spirits. I know it was too soon for me to meet someone like that but I am glad it happened. I consider myself to be a lucky guy to have met her.”

He could hear disappointment in Myra voice as she said, “Well, I am happy for you. If I can ever do anything for you please let me know” and she ended the phone call.

Thad put the phone down thinking that he disappointed Myra who was a nice person but he had no desire to become involved with her. Maybe Johnny was right in what he said about women.

It took a long time for Saturday to arrive as far as Thad was concerned but it finally did. This time when he called for Pam she was wearing form fitting designer jeans and a crème colored sweater. She filled out the jeans nicely as well as the sweater. She blushed again when he told her that she did and he concluded that she blushes very easy.

As he had come to expect she was good company and it made for a nice time. She did put away her half portion of the veggie and sausage pizza and combined with his efforts there was no need for a doggie box to take any leftovers home. She gave him some looks while they were dining which to him indicated she was interested in him.

In parking his car at her condo she asked him if he want to come in.

Thad turned to look at her and with seriousness in his voice said, “Are you sure you want to invite me in.” He thought he knew or maybe hoped what would happen if he went into her condo and wanted to make sure that Pam knew what her invitation could lead to.

Pam in hearing his request was no dummy either and she knew what could happen and why he was asking her to confirm the invitation. She was looking directly into his eyes and he heard her say in a soft voice, “If I didn’t want you to come in I wouldn’t have asked you in the first place.”

With smiles on both their faces they exited the car and went to her condo. Once inside after the door was closed he took her willingly into his arms and gave her a long open mouth kiss. She returned his kiss with has much passion has he was giving to her. Both of their arms were around each other and his hands started to do some exploring. His kneading the globes of her ass and pressing his partially erect shaft against her stomach caused her to give a soft moan.

Ending a kiss Pam leaned back in his arms. He could see the fire in her eyes has she said, “Let’s get out of these clothes and get more comfortable.”

He started following her as she walked to her bedroom pulling her sweater over her head. He was unbuttoning his shirt while his eyes were on the mesmerizing jiggling of her buttocks. In the bedroom his eyes shifted to watching her wiggling out of the tight designer jeans. It was a crème colored bra she reached behind her to unhook. She reclined on the bed wearing only a thong.

When he was naked he joined her on the bed and resumed kissing her while at the same time he was removing the thong.

In between kisses she surprised him by saying, “I have wanted to make love with you ever since you walked into the store.”

To him hearing her say that confirmed her frank honesty and he responded, “I had the same thought as I thought you besides being nice and good looking that you were very sexy.”

They resumed kissing and were becoming intimately familiar with each other. His hand which had been cupping one of her surprising large breasts slowly moved down to the juncture of her now opened thighs. He could feel some pubic hair that was there and then some wetness when a finger entered her slit. Removing the finger from her slit his hand started massaging her clit.

“You are making me feel good in doing that” he heard her say.

Thad had the thought that if she thought that was good he would do something that she should think was even better.

He moved down first to nibble on her stiff nipples and continued down to her most private part. There he gave her slit a few licks and then concentrated on licking her clit.

“Oh God, that is so good. Don’t stop, please don’t stop. I am almost there and I feel it cumming.”

She clamped her thighs against his head and he could feel her shuddering as she climaxed.

When she released the pressure on his head he resumed doing what he had been doing. In a short time he heard her say, “Oh God, I am going to be cumming again” and he could tell that she did.

He moved up to where he was alongside her.

“Thad you should know that it has been a while since I made love. You certainly know what you are doing and you made me feel good. Now how about I put your big friend which is pressing against me in me and see if I can give you equal pleasure.”

Pam moved to where she could put a leg over Thad’s hips and grasping his shaft positioned it in order for it to enter her warm wetness. She was tight but in a short time his shaft was fully seated in her.

“You are big” was a comment she made. While it was nice to hear her say that he thought his shaft was only a little bigger than average.

Pam started to move her hips and she developed a nice slow rhythm in doing this. Periodically she would move her head down and give him a nice kiss with a lot of tongue.

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