Loosening Up - Book 1: Journey Start
Chapter 29: Sister-in-Law. Conflagration

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 29: Sister-in-Law. Conflagration - Life changes dramatically for straight-laced Alice and prim husband Dave after she sees her best friend Dori fucking some guy in a car. Dori later explains and then gives the couple challenges to help them gradually loosen up, especially sexually. Changes start fairly quickly for the couple as their horizons expand to include broad changes to their lifestyle, their circle of friends, and their definitions of family and love. (tags/sex content are for entire story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging  

Julie was mostly quiet over dinner. Alice noted that Owen, Dave, Pam, and Heather had all noted that she was braless. She wondered whether her father had noticed, but assumed he hadn’t otherwise he would have admonished his youngest adult daughter.

After dinner, Myron and Elsie opted to head off to the motel that Dave had arranged. He explained that all they had to do was stop at the desk to pick up their key cards; everything was paid for. They were surprised and frowned when Julie opted to stay and sleep on the sofa. The family agreed that they should meet the next morning at the restaurant next door to the motel for breakfast at about eight-thirty.

Julie got her small suitcase from the car, and then Myron and Elsie drove away. There was a huge sigh of relief by everyone left in the house.

Alice said, “I thought we were in a lot of trouble when they first arrived.”

Dave temporized, “I think they need to talk to each other and to compare notes on how we all interacted. We were pretty ‘normal’ or whatever passes for that in their book.”

Pam said, “You mean we didn’t get back into our usual Sunday afternoon sexual orgy mode?”

Heather chuckled, “That would have been all they needed to see. We’re supposed to be helping Alice, not screwing up the rest of her relationships with her family by doing our usual thing.”

Julie popped up suddenly, “You mean ... you really do have a Sunday afternoon orgy?” Her eyes were the size of saucers.

Pam teased, “It’s usually Saturday night, but it can lapse into the next day quite often. We’re very affectionate and so are some of our neighbors.”

Owen patted the arm of his chair. “Come over here, Julie. Alice said that you needed to be shown a taste of our warm heartedness.” He smiled.

Julie stood and took a few tentative steps towards Owen. When she got close enough he took her hand and gently drew her in, helping her sit in his lap and lean against his chest as he started to cuddle her. Initially, she was stiff as a board, but gradually relaxed over the next couple of minutes. Alice thought, she probably does need to loosen up.

While the others chatted, Owen had a small private conversation with Julie in low, nearly whispered tones. After a few minutes, Alice watched her lover and sister engage in a few kisses that became increasingly hotter as time passed.

Owen was a tremendously handsome man. Julie was a beautiful woman and obviously Alice’s sister, with the equal traits and features of her sibling. She was gorgeous. Alice briefly wondered whether Julie could be her surrogate in a deep relationship with Owen. Time and again, Owen had told Alice how he wanted her as ‘his.’ Julie had no strings the way Alice did ... at least not yet. Julie even looked much like Alice did at the same age.

After putting Matthew to bed, Heather had snuggled up to Dave as they supposedly watched TV, only no one’s eyes seemed to target the television. The kisses and intimate touches quickly consumed the couple.

Next to them on the same sofa, only a few feet from Julie and Owen, Pam and Alice started to also make out. Julie’s eyes got as large as saucers.

Alice teased her sister, “I’m guessing from the way you’re reacting that you’ve never seen two women kiss or make love?”

Julie nodded somewhat numbly. “Never.”

“Well, Pam and I love each other, and we also love to give each other beautiful orgasms, especially when Dave happens to be making love to Heather or someone else and Owen isn’t available.”

“You ... you ... you really do all have sex together?” Julie stammered.

“We really do,” Alice assured her. “If this is embarrassing to you, we can take the scene to our bedroom. Very soon, if we don’t, a lot of nudity and sex will occur in this room.”

“You ... you wouldn’t mind me seeing you?”

“Why would I? We love you and want to help you loosen up the same way Dave and I did. Seeing other people naked, having fun, and even having sex is a beautiful experience. We’re all sort of voyeurs and exhibitionists at heart, too.”

Almost to prove the point, Heather sat up and pulled her scoop-neck top over her head. Her full and jiggly breasts shimmied around for a second before Dave latched onto one with his mouth and fondled the other with a hand. Heather moaned and said a few encouraging things. A few seconds after that, Pam and Alice both removed each other’s dresses, leaving them naked save for some small thongs they each wore, and those disappeared quickly. Heather also got rid of her jeans about then, as well.

Julie’s eyes grew even larger when Dave’s cock got revealed as Heather pulled off his Dockers and black men’s briefs.

Julie was only vaguely aware that as she’d been playing voyeur and totally captivated by the revelations on the nearby sofa, that Owen had unbuttoned her dress down to her navel and pulled the material apart revealing her taut breasts. She moaned when Owen’s mouth completely surrounded the nipple and areola of one breast. Things were moving so fast for her – very fast, and she loved it.

Julie had to split her time between watching and enjoying what was happening to her. Dave was lying back on the sofa and Heather had started riding his cock, slowly sliding up and down his long shaft as she obviously pleasured herself. Julie mumbled aloud, “My God, his cock is the biggest I think I’ve ever seen.”

“Does it excite you?” Owen whispered to her.

“Yes. Yes, it does.”

Owen looked at Dave and Heather. “Dave, your sister-in-law is mesmerized by your equipment. I think she’d like a sample. Could you come and please her for a few minutes.” He paused and added with a smile, “I’ll gladly keep Heather busy.”

Heather rose off Dave, and moved aside. Dave’s buff nude body closed the distance to Julie as Owen arranged her in his chair and pulled her dress off her shoulders and then unbuttoned the rest of it until it fell open beneath her, revealing her nakedness.

“Julie, I would like to make love to you,” Dave said.

She nodded somewhat enthusiastically, her eyes glued to his engorged shaft that stood at ninety degrees to his body wavering in front of her.

He shuffled in front of her, knelt on a pillow he pulled off the sofa, pulled Julie towards him, and then slowly leaned in and kissed her mons. He then licked, and slowly started to move his tongue around Julie’s private area. Julie wasn’t even aware when she started moaning.

Not to much later, he put the first couple of inches of his cock inside her vagina. She was wet and ready. He pulled out and pushed in again, going only slightly deeper. He repeated his slow penetration of her body over the next couple of minutes, until finally, with his last long stroke, every inch of his meaty cock was inside his sister-in-law.

Dave had visually checked in with Alice and Pam. Alice nodded at her sister’s lover and had whispered, “Do her!”

Dave whispered to Julie, “Where am I, honey?”

“You are deeper inside me than any man has ever been. I love this. I love you.”

Owen was fucking Heather with long slow strokes. From their positions and actions, Dave could tell they were putting on a small sex show for Julie. They were each making sure that his strokes into her body were completely visible to Alice’s sister – large cock sliding in and out of tight pussy. Heather also had started to use some dirty talk to her new lover, praising his cock, the feelings he was giving her, and the fullness she felt.

Dave rearranged Julie, stripping away the dress from beneath her so she could ride him and be in control. “I want you to ride me – to fuck me just the way you want. You can make me go as deep as you want. You could even stop, if you don’t want this to happen. You control the speed, and when you’re ready you just cum on me as much as you want. If you want my cum you tell me and you’ll have it.”

Julie immediately went to town, stroking down on him until her pubes ground against his. She had every millimeter of his cock inside her and squirmed atop him to find even more. She then started to ride him – hard and fast, but pulling off until he barely touched her sex and then plunging every inch of him inside her on every stroke. Her eyes closed and her hand went to her clit; she masturbated herself as she rode.

Julie gasped, “I’m cumming ... fast ... really big ... NOW!”

Dave felt the spasms of her cunt around his shaft as she froze with him at full penetration. Her pussy started to spasm around his cock. He released his own orgasm at that point, splashing her insides with his spend. Julie fell into his arms and they kissed the most passionate kiss in her life as she felt his pulses deep inside her filling her cavern with his seed. He cuddled her firm body and kept kissing her as she floated in some other universe from the largest orgasm she’d every experienced.

Dave grinned to himself; she only thought that was the largest climax she’d ever had. He glanced around. Owen and Heather were still fucking. Alice and Pam were in a very active sixty-nine with tongues and fingers going wild on one another.

Dave pulled Julie from the chair onto the plush carpeting, kissing her the whole way down. She was sucking on his tongue in her eagerness. He pulled down a throw pillow and put it under her head and kissed her again. He started to finger her, slowly adding fingers, and then tucking his thumb into his palm and fisting her as his entire hand popped inside her.

Julie studied him for a moment and then put her complete trust in her brother-in-law. She was so ready and so primed that the G-spot orgasm was a no brainer for him. It took a little longer to find her A-spot, in part because he’d left such a rich deposit of sperm inside her right at her cervix.

He massaged Julie’s A-spot as he also lapped at and sucked on her clit, driving the young woman up a wall and right back deep into that alternate universe of pleasures. Julie’s body slowly arched upwards as she tried to maximize contact with his fingers inside her and his tongue outside her nether region. She could feel the tsunami of an orgasm approaching and screamed out its arrival to the others. The orgasm hit her like an unstoppable meteorite. She felt herself disintegrating and then only blackness as unbelievable pleasure touched every pore and organ of her body, radiating out pleasure and love in all directions like a huge explosion of her soul and then the elating reintegration of a hedonistic universe in her head.

Julie awoke two minutes later feeling tender loving kisses along her temples. She looked up into David’s eyes. “I love you. I loved you before, but not like now. You own me; you can’t get rid of me. I am yours forever and ever. I will only love you deeper and better as I discover the ways that I can.”

Dave leaned over and kissed her lips. “I love you, Julie. We all do.”

She looked around. The others in the room were watching her and smiling in love at her. She said, “I love all of you. I can’t believe the pleasure that you’ve given me. Alice, you shared your husband with me. I feel released and like a huge weight has been lifted from my body ... and my soul.”

Alice went and kissed her sister, a romantic kiss and not a very sisterly buss. “I love you, too. We want what’s best for you. You shared yourself with Dave. Now, it’s time to share yourself with Owen, and then the rest of us – me included.”

Julie didn’t get to sleep until past two a.m. She’d made love with Dave, Owen, Alice, Pam, and Heather. She slept between Dave and Alice in their king size bed, wrapped in Dave’s arms and holding her sister’s naked body against hers with hands on her breasts. They were nude and she could feel his tumescent cock against her body.

Despite the late night, Julie was aware of people moving around the house at an early hour. She stood, and then realized that she was naked. Alice and Dave weren’t in the bedroom.

The experiences from the night before flooded back into Julie’s consciousness, aided by the feeling of someone’s cum running down her leg. My God, she’d fucked TWO men multiple times and made love with THREE WOMEN the night before – one of them her SISTER. She’d never even come close to anything like that in her life, never even heard of anything like it, and never ever dreamed or fantasized about such an orgy of pleasure and love. What had happened was many orders of magnitude beyond anything she knew. Her brain short-circuited on a lot of negative words: adultery, incest, slut, queer, faggot, lezzy, out of control, and damned.

Alice came into the room naked and carrying a cup of coffee. “Oh, good; you’re awake. I brought you some coffee. I assume you still like it with a little milk.” She set the cup down on the dresser, and went to her sister. She embraced her and kissed Julie very tenderly.

“Julie, you were wonderful last night – so loving, so giving of yourself, and so exciting to watch unfold sexually. I love you more now than ever before.” She wrapped her sister in her arms and again kissed her tenderly on the lips, pushing her bare breasts to her sister’s.”

“I ... I ... I ... did a lot of sexual things. I’ve never...”

“Of course you did. That’s the kind of people we are, too. You allowed us to make love to you and you often reciprocated. We are so appreciative and thankful that you trusted us the way you did. Now, don’t worry about anybody judging you or casting dispersions on you or anything bad. All we are feeling are good thoughts and carrying love for you. Bring your cup if you want, and then we’ll shower and head out to meet Mom and Dad.”

“Oh, God. How will I face them?”

“The same way I do,” Alice replied. “You’re an adult. Consenting adults can do whatever they like about sex. That’s not what they believe; they want to approve and judge every little thing that you or I do. I deny them that privilege. One thing for sure, I recommend, is that you DO NOT tell them what you did last night. I worry they’ll disinherit me, but you’d be on the outs for sure right along with me ... and Dave ... and the rest of us. Dave and I can handle it; we’ve talked about it. But if you want a relationship with them, keep quiet. I am always available to talk.”

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