Loosening Up - Book 1: Journey Start
Chapter 22: A Tough Decision

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 22: A Tough Decision - Life changes dramatically for straight-laced Alice and prim husband Dave after she sees her best friend Dori fucking some guy in a car. Dori later explains and then gives the couple challenges to help them gradually loosen up, especially sexually. Changes start fairly quickly for the couple as their horizons expand to include broad changes to their lifestyle, their circle of friends, and their definitions of family and love. (tags/sex content are for entire story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging  

Dave thanked Ritchie Rich for the opportunity to observe the filming of a porn video. Pam just gave him a large grin from slightly behind Dave.

Richie explained a little about what the scene would entail. “Christie and I are going to play the part of a married couple who are kind of getting carried away in our living room. We start having sex, but then two of my friends come by, walking around the back of the house to see if we’re by the pool. They happen to look in the window and see us, and then they join in. We end up having a small gangbang with Christie, with each of us leaving a large load of jizz either in her pussy or on her face or both.

“We’re using four cameras for this. Unlike the Hollywood productions, which if you notice are really a series of very short film clips spliced together, we just start the cameras running and focus on one thing or another as the camera staff see fit. We sort it out errors or overlaps or where another camera appears in a scene in editing, and yes, occasionally we miss something, but not too often with this many cameras.”

Pam said, “Do the guys really cum in her? I’ve always wondered.”

Richie laughed, “About half of the time. The rest we use a turkey baster and a recipe for a white viscous fluid that is impossible to tell from the real stuff. We always have it ready in case we need it. If we do, at least one of the cameras focuses on her face, the guy fucking her pulls out, there’s a quick injection by one of the crew, fucking restarts, and then we film the creampie with ‘semen’ leaking from the girl’s pussy. We’ve also got ways to augment what the guys shoot on a girl’s face or tits, too. If we do it right, we can make it look like a guy can shoot six feet.”

Richie got interrupted with some questions by one of the women on camera staff. They went off to talk about camera angles and backgrounds in the shots. Dave noted that the camera crew were dressed in black.

Alice and Christie strolled back to the living room from wherever they’d been applying makeup. Christie had long luscious eyelashes, black eye shadow gently applied, rouge to highlight her cheeks, and she wore a very upscale dress with CFM heels.

Alice said, “After they do some shooting Shirley and Denise are going to see whether they can disguise my face. I thought it’d be fun to try, regardless of what decision I make.”

Another man talked to Richie, and then announced through a battery bullhorn, “Shooting will start in five minutes. Places everyone.”

Richie and Christie moved to just outside the front door. The four cameramen dispersed, leaving one to capture their entry into the house.

One of the stagehands appeared with a clapperboard. When the director yelled, “ACTION,” he held it in front of one camera to announce the start of the video.

Richie and Christie came in the front door, obviously having difficulty keeping their hands to themselves. They kissed wildly and passionately, and then made their way to the long couch in front of a faux fireplace. They made out, and clothes started to disappear. Soon, she was naked, and Richie was close. He went down on her, and there was a long film sequence of her being eaten out and fingered to several orgasms. Alice noted the orgasms were real or Christie was one of the best actresses on the planet.

Dave and Pam were watching from behind much of the lighting and production equipment. Despite the distance, Dave hardened in his slacks. Pam leaned over and whispered, “I’m dripping. This is making me really horny.”

The scene went on with a blowjob with lots of sloppy oral play with Richie’s cock. Christie was good, and knew how to play to the cameras without revealing that she knew they were there. The couple segued to fucking, only making it look like this was a very romantic lovemaking session.

One camera captured the appearance of two men outside the back of the house on the pool patio. They looked around the pool area and then peered in the window, saw what was going on, talked briefly, and then invited themselves into the house by way of a door to the patio off the living room.

The couple feigned complete surprise at the arrivals. The men kissed Christie while she was impaled on Richie’s cock and apparently joked with him. He gestured to Christie. She blushed, but nodded, and then started to undo the zipper on one of the new arrival’s pants. She extracted his cock and started to suck on it while Richie fucked her. The other man soon offered his cock to her as well, and she went to work on both of them.

There was a lot of switching around and changing of positions. Each change was filmed, and it was made obvious that she was fucking someone new. The theme of romance had given way to one of group lust. At one point Christie was in a DP, and then she was made airtight. Eventually, the men started to cum and cum and cum. She became drenched in the emissions, and was leaking semen from all holes. The men feigned complete fatigue as Christie posed in her drippy state for the camera. Fade to black.

“CUT. FILMING IS OVER.” The bullhorn announced the end to the afternoon.

Dave checked his watch. He said to Pam, “Shit, I can’t believe that we just watched all that happen over three hours; talk about non-stop fucking.”

Richie had come over to them; he was nude. He arrived just in time to hear Pam respond to Dave’s comment. “Well, you, Alice, and I fuck for three or four hours, and we have lots more orgasms. You’re more endowed than any of those guys are, anyway.”

Richie looked questioning at her. “Say that all again a little slower, please.”

Pam blushed, “Oh, you all put on a great performance for three hours and filmed it really well. I can hardly wait to see the finished product. My comment was just to Dave, and that was that we’ve fucked at least that long, some nights. He can go on and on for hours, just like the Energizer Bunny. The last part of my comment, and please don’t feel emasculated, is that Dave is a lot larger than any of you three men in this video.”

Richie turned to Dave, “Are you?”

Dave said. “Yeah, especially once I get excited. Pam, Alice, and I were playing back behind the cameras a little, so I got a little worked up. We even snuck out for a bit for a couple of quickies.”

“In the interest of science, would you mind revealing yourself to this producer. I may have offered stardom to the wrong person a week ago.” He chuckled.

Dave turned towards the wall and dropped his trousers down. The move wasn’t so out of place since the four actors and actress were still milling around the set completely nude. His cock rose from his pants, partially inflated. Christie was wiping off her face and body with a towel, but grinned over at Dave’s ‘show ‘n tell’.

Pam reached over and stroked his shaft, adding a second hand, and still not encapsulating his entire rod. Richie looked in awe.

“You, sir, have a great future in this business if I can talk YOU into being in some adult films.”

Dave jerked his pants up and buckled up. He laughed, “I’ll think about it. I’ve heard the rates are lower than for women.”

“True, but you’re still amazing. Maybe we could do a film with the three of you. That’s it. Maybe Pam would even like to join you and Alice?” He turned to her.

Alice, Pam, and Dave chuckled. “A definite maybe,” Alice said. “I need to see about a disguise.”

Alice went off and came back fifteen minutes later with a completely different look: an auburn wig, tinted eyelashes, colored contact lenses, mouth inserts that changed the profile of her cheekbones, some additions to her chin and nose that changed her profile. The whole makeover had been covered up with makeup that attempted to make her look more gorgeous than she already was.

“What do you think?” Alice asked.

Dave and Pam both examined Alice with a critical eye. He finally said, “I give it an ‘A’, I think only a few of us would know you. Let’s take a couple of pictures and show them around to the neighbors and see if they can guess who you are.”

Pam giggled, “Pose with Richie. He still hasn’t put his clothes on yet.”

Alice grinned, “Okay.” She sidled up beside Richie and even took his cock in her left hand to hold for the camera.

A few minutes later, Alice, Dave, and Pam thanked Richie for the privilege of letting them watch the filming and further to testing out Alice’s gloss over and concealment. Richie urged her to consider his offer again, and he reiterated the offer he’d made to Dave earlier that afternoon. The found Christie and said goodbye to her, and then left.

The three were strangely quiet on the drive home.

As they neared home, Alice said, “Pam, come with me to Kat’s house. I want to see how fast it takes her to know it’s me.”

Dave stopped in front of the Marbury’s house; Alice and Pam got out. Pam led the way to the front door, and Alice uncharacteristically followed behind the way a guest unfamiliar with the neighbor might do.

Kat answered the door and glanced at the two of them, focusing on Pam.

Pam said, “Hi Kat. I wanted to introduce you to my friend Angel. She’s also danced at the Club Ecstasy and done a few other salacious things, but I thought you might find her an interesting person to get to know, given your own newly discovered interests in things physical and sexual.”

Alice put her hand out to shake and said in a slightly falsetto voice, “Angel. Glad to meet cha.”

Kat shook her hand, and then did a double take, and then a triple take. She said slowly, “Alice ... is that you?”

Alice broke into a smile. “Yes. Do you like my disguise?”

“Errr, yeah, but why? It’s not Halloween, or am I missing something.”

Alice smiled, “We went and watched an adult movie being filmed. I’ve been asked to do some filming, too; but I don’t want anybody to recognize me. A couple of the makeup girls did this for me as a kind of test.”

Kat studied one of her best friends, “Even when I asked, I wasn’t entirely sure. Just the couple of words you spoke, even in that silly voice, make me think of you and then I started to see the complete picture and connected the dots. If you hadn’t said anything, I might still be wondering who you are.” She paused and said, “Let’s try this on Sean. He’s working out back. Let me get him.”

Kat escorted Sean into the room a moment later. “Sean, you know Pam and this is her friend Angel. She’s going to start dancing at the Club Ecstasy, but Pam knew her so decided to bring her by to meet some of the neighbors.”

Pam spoke before Alice could say anything, “Angel is one of my best friends now, and someone contemplating a slight change in her career path, by adding adult films and photography to her resume. Sean, do you think she should do that? Kat, you, too?”

Sean took a closer look at ‘Angel.’ “Well, she’s a looker, if I may use those words Angel. I don’t know what all acting skills you need in that new line of work, but if looks are important, you have those nailed cold.”

Alice said in her falsetto voice again, “You don’t think I’m too old?”

Sean studied her critically, “No! Not at all. You have a very youthful appearance, and I’d guess you’re ... what ... mid twenties?”

“Almost thirty.”

“Well, you fooled me.”

Kat said, “Angel why don’t you tell Sean about where you live and who else you know in the neighborhood.”

‘Angel’ smirked but spoke in Alice’s own tone, “Well, I’ve been living with Dave Prentiss for the past seven years, and Pam just moved in with us a couple of months ago. I’ve even fucked you blue, Sean.”

Sean gawked and stared, his eyes betraying him. “Alice? Really? That’s you? What the fuck.”

“Intentionally disguised, but the question is real. Am I disguised enough that if I made a film looking something like this that no one I know would recognize me?”

“Hell, yes!” Sean declared. He got right up close to her face to study her disguise.

“I think so, too,” Kat chimed in. As I said a few minutes ago, “Just don’t talk. You have a unique cadence and accent to your words that someone else might pick up on the way I did.”

“Thank you. Now, I want to pull this on Wendy and Dev.”

Alice got a similar review of her disguise from Dev and Wendy, although they were each intrigued more about Alice having been asked to do adult films. Neither was surprised when they learned that Dave had also been asked to take a role. Wendy laughed when Pam told her about Dave displaying his sexual equipment to Ritchie Rich.

Alice ruminated about doing a porn film all the following week. She did dance at the Club Ecstasy on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. Dancing those nights enabled a couple of the regular girls at the nightclub to take the day and evening off, setting them up to work for the weekend when Alice had begged off because of the stress of the large audiences.

Christie was also working those nights, so Alice got several opportunities to talk to her about the porn business and doing films.

“How long have you been doing adult vids?” Alice asked.

“Five years,” Christie said. “I lied about my age and used my fake ID for my first couple of gigs, but I was already out on my own and had my high school diploma. I didn’t want to go to college, and that looked like fun when I got introduced to the subject. I’d already fucked half the high school.”

“Any regrets?”

“None so far,” the twenty-two year old said with certainty. “Oh, I’ve had some bruises and come away from a day really sore, but overall nothing to complain about. I love the sex, and they’ve involved me in some really kinky stuff but nothing that left permanent body marks. At some of the other studios the guys can get really rough; Richie won’t put up with that shit.”

“Have you ever had a boyfriend complain about what you do other than what you mentioned earlier to Dave? He told me about one situation.”

“I’ve had two serious relationships since I started; one for a year, and another for a year-and-a-half. Neither guy seemed to care, and if they did they didn’t let it show. Both relationships just kind of ended with a whimper rather than any big explosion over something. Each time, we’d just move on to something new, but it wasn’t the porn that caused them to end.”

“You were in love?”

“I’m not sure I know what love is at this stage. I’d say we were loving with each other, but a large part of those feelings were based on sex and lust. I’ve never had a relationship like you seem to have with Dave where you have deep feelings for each other on many other planes – intellectual, spiritual, for instance, and where all those come together to reinforce how you feel about each other as you motivate, inspire, and encourage each other. In my serious relationships we’ve had a short time horizon. I bet you think about stuff decades into the future – your commitment to each other, how you’ll weather certain stormy life events, kids, and so on.

“One thing I’ve learned during one of my down times is that you can’t receive love from someone unless you have the same or more to give. I’m just learning how to love myself, and now I think I know how to give love to another person.”

Christie paused and then said in a serious tone, “Alice, I watched you and Dave, especially how you reacted to each other when I joined you to fuck him last week. I want what you guys have. I was so touched. I even think I might love both of you for what you showed me.”

Alice mused, “Christie you’re profound. I think you’re right about love and about Dave and me.”

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