Loosening Up - Book 1: Journey Start
Chapter 20: Club Ecstasy

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 20: Club Ecstasy - Life changes dramatically for straight-laced Alice and prim husband Dave after she sees her best friend Dori fucking some guy in a car. Dori later explains and then gives the couple challenges to help them gradually loosen up, especially sexually. Changes start fairly quickly for the couple as their horizons expand to include broad changes to their lifestyle, their circle of friends, and their definitions of family and love. (tags/sex content are for entire story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging  

Friday evening, Dori and Alice headed off to the Club Ecstasy right after an early dinner. Dori explained that there was probably an hour of prep that Alice would have to go through before she was ready to dance. For one, she needed to do all the government forms that would get her paid; for another, there was extensive makeup required to give her an appealing but tarty appearance as one of the sexy dancers. Dori also wanted her to meet the bouncers, the bartender, and the other dancers.

Dave was told to appear at the club around eight-thirty. As he strolled in and paid his cover charge, he could see the place was buzzing with activity. There were few females in the place, maybe one for every five or six men. The bar was crowded and doing a fast-paced business under the care of one male bartender and two sexy females. Several waitresses also scurried around the place, each trying to service multiple tables on each trip from the bar where they picked up drinks.

Along one wall there was a high top counter with bar stools every couple of feet. The tables all seemed to be occupied, but Dave could get a seat at the counter. He sat down, and immediately a cute blonde waitress without much on in the way of clothing took his order for a beer.

He whispered to her that he was the husband of one of the evening’s entertainers and got a big smile from her.

She said, “You must be Dave.”

He nodded.

“I’m Christie Lee. Alice is so nice; I met her a short while ago backstage. She’s a little nervous, but she’s primed and ready to go. I helped her a little. I think she’s going to go on stage a little after nine and then at eleven; in between she’s supposed to circulate and give lap dances if she feels like it. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes and I’ll keep you plied with beer. By the way, I go on a short time after her. I’ll be by to see you later.” She winked at him and left, whirling by ten minutes later, and dropping off a bottle in front of him with a smile and a flirty rub of his neck and arm.

Dave had stopped on the bank on the way home and picked up a hundred dollars in one-dollar bills and a couple of hundred in fives. He had plans to reward Alice for her daring by priming the pump with money stuck in her garter belt or thrown onstage.

About ten minutes after nine, the lights dimmed and a stentorian voice over the P.A. system asked everyone to welcome a newcomer to the Club Ecstasy stage – Alice Angel. I loved the stage name; we’d all have a lot of fun with that later in life, I felt sure.

Alice sauntered onstage looking about as unlike a stripper as you could get. There were a few small changes about her that Dave observed as he looked at her more closely: bright red nail polish on fingers and toes, false eyelashes, and light blue eye shadow and eyeliner. She stopped mid-stage and appeared to look around, as though she were wondering where she was and what to do. She didn’t engage the men at all. Several made catcalls.

Alice gave a big sigh and fanned herself as though she were getting warm. Dave guessed that it was warm under the intense lighting for the stage. She removed a small vest, fanned herself some more, and then unbuttoned a few buttons on her blouse that had been closed up to her neck. With each button, she looked around, pretending to want to unbutton without anybody seeing her. In fact, every eye in the place was watching her. There were a few catcalls, but nothing outrageous. Alice fanned herself some more.

Alice feigned really being over heated. She did her look around to be sure ‘no one’ was watching and then in a masterful stroke, pulled off her panty hose without showing too much leg from under her skirt. She stepped back into her CFM shoes with ease. Additional fanning with both hands, led to the blouse being removed leaving her in a pretty lacy brassiere.

Alice walked around the stage and even took a little swing around a pole some of the girls used during their shows. More fanning. Looking up and then around surreptitiously, and then she unhooked and unbelted the skirt, slowly and teasingly lowering the apparel until she stepped out of it. The crowd of men applauded and cheered. Alice acted oblivious to the men. She did move around the edge of the stage and a few men tucked folding money into the elastic on the boy shorts she wore. More than one also copped a feed of her pussy as they withdrew their hands.

Dave raced up and added to the money tucked into her elastic, returned and sat again, enthralled by what his wife was doing. Except to pause in her walk near the edge of the stage, she ignored Dave and everybody. In a billion years, he never would have guessed he’d ever see her dancing around a stage in a strip club teasing the patrons. In terms of loosening up and responding to Dori’s challenge he couldn’t imagine her doing more.

To Dave’s surprise, Dori appeared with Alice’s iPhone in hand. She was filming the dance routine. She kissed Dave and then sat in a vacant stool next to him as she continued to point the camera at the stage. She turned to him as she steadied her shot, and said, “Isn’t she great? She’s a natural and a fast learner.”

The two of them watched as Alice pretended to still be overheated, and that in turn led to her shedding her bra and adding that to the pile of clothing towards the rear of the stage. Alice shimmied her breasts at the men and rubbed at them as though in an effort of relief and to cool off, and the whole room gasped in awe. She was one gorgeous woman, and this was one very sexy dance routine. Alice did dance around the stage after that, collecting more ‘contributions.’

Alice paused and hooked her thumbs in her boy shorts, teasing the audience about removing them. The catcalls started again. A number of bills got tossed up on stage to encourage her. Alice collected the money making sure to swing her large breasts as she did, and usually that was very close to the donor so he got an up close and personal viewpoint. She still acted as though she were simply picking up things from the floor rather than soliciting the money or joshing with the crowd.

Alice then did push the boy shorts down her legs, but the audience was disappointed because under the white shorts she was wearing a skin colored G-string. Besides the shoes, this had to be the last article of clothing she wore. She danced around the stage, used the pole a little, danced some more, fanned herself, circulated to collect money in the waistband of her thong, and then tucked that collection of bills into the pile of clothes.

As Alice was bent over with her ass to the audience, messing with the money and her clothes, she shook her breasts and ass. There was significant cheering. With her back to most of the crowd, she slowly pushed the thong down her legs, kicked it off both feet, and then started dancing in time to the sexy music that was playing acting as if she were alone in her own bedroom. Alice was the epitome of the perfect woman: she had a stunning face, perfect hair, a small crop of pubic hair, breasts to die for, and a sultry attitude that carried over to her audience. More money rained onto the stage and many of the club’s patrons applauded her as she did her little sexy dance.

Alice then looked at her wrist watch, made some expressions to signal to everyone that she was late for something, picked up the money and her clothes with the other money tucked inside, and then ran offstage, waving as though she just seen somebody she was supposed to meet.

She got a thunderous round of applause and then the stage lights dimmed, and the din of the club and the bar took over.

Dori said, “Well, what do you think of your little wife?”

“I think she’s the sexiest woman alive ... present company excluded, of course.”

Dori laughed, “Nice save. I do, too. She was so much better than what we rehearsed last night. I think the audience turned her on.”

Christie came by and dropped another beer off, and got Dori’s order for a beer, as well. Dave indicated that it should go on his tab.

About five minutes later, Alice appeared wending her way through the crowd of horny males towards Dave and Dori, wearing only her G-string. She smiled, and Dave heard her promise to come back and see a couple of guys in a few minutes.

When she got to Dave and Dori, she gave each of them a really hot and sultry kiss that melted anything metal within fifty feet. Dave looked at her and said, “Wow! You are one VERY sexy babe.”

Alice teased in a loud voice, “Oh, you want a lap dance?”

The next Dave knew, Alice had him sitting in a regular chair, and had settled her ass and pussy into his lap. He reached up to touch her bare breasts, but she slapped his hand away. “No, no, Sir. Club rules. No touching the dancers. We can touch you, but you can’t touch us.”

Alice squirmed and wiggled around his lap, feeling his hard-on. She whispered to him, “You are so going to fuck me a dozen times after we get out of here tonight. I am wondering if I’ve ever been this horny, having displayed my entire body to a hundred horny men that want to fuck me.”

Dave laughed, “I might squeeze out four for you before I become a lost cause. I can sure give you lots of orgasms with my tongue.”

“Oh, Sir, I’m going to count on it.” Alice gave a few final wiggles, rose, patted and rubbed the bump in his pants, and then returned to the circle of men she’d spoken to earlier.

The men surrounded her, and Dave could see their hands roaming all over her body, especially her taut breasts and nipples. Her ass got a lot of attention, too. One guy stuffed a large denomination bill in her G-string, and Alice then proceeded to give him a long lap dance both facing away from him, and then straddling his body so she could kiss him and slap his face with her breasts. She scolded him when he tried to fondle her breasts. That said, she kept her hands busy in his crotch, fondling and toying with his cock through his pants.

Alice moved on and repeated her lap dance with two other men in that group and then moved around the club and got several more offers. Dave wondered what the going rate for a lap dance was. Having never been to a club like this, he had no idea about the going rates or anything.

Alice disappeared back stage after visiting with the audience for about forty-five minutes. Dori left Dave to go see whether she needed any help or encouragement from her.

While Dori and he had been watching Alice circulate and give individual performances, Christie had done her strip and dance. She was good and more of a traditional stripper. Dave’s attention often diverted to her as her nubile body heated him. Christie was also a ‘hot’ babe. Dave felt a little outclassed by her. In high school or college she wouldn’t have given him the time of day because he was too nerdy and too straight laced. He wondered whether the loosening up activities of the past months showed up in some subtle way in his demeanor to make a man like him more desirable to a woman like that. He decided that must be the case.

Dave went up while Christie was dancing and put a few bills in her G-string and added another in the lace of her thigh high stockings. He winked at her. She laughed and gave him a warm smile and a return wink. Once Dave sat down, he wondered what those gestures had meant; he decided that she was routinely flirting with him.

Watching Alice squirm and wiggle her bare ass on the clothed crotch of a dozen horny men really got to Dave. He was full of mixed emotions and numbly sat trying to analyze what he felt. About then, he realized that she was probably playing him; purposely making him see her interact with other men to drive him crazy and make him horny.

On the positive side, he really was aroused. He’d had stiff wood the entire time he’d been in the club, watching Alice and then Christie, and then just thinking about how the theme of sex rippled through the place. He knew this scene was part of Dori’s scheme to loosen up not only Alice, but also him – to get him to the point he wasn’t so up tight about sex or about seeing Alice expressing her sexuality, in this case as a stripper and lap dancer in the Club Ecstasy.

On the negative side, Alice was being fondled and groped by practically every male in the place. Men were touching her in places only he and, more recently, a few carefully chosen neighbors and friends had touched. This club scene was almost as though Alice was saying; ‘I’ll take on all comers.’ He wondered if she wanted to fuck any of the men, even though they were strangers. Was her commonsense eroding away? Was she being a genuine slut? Were they both becoming degenerates?

As he dropped deeper into the muck and mire of his nightmares, a pair of lips found his and kissed him hard, jarring him out of his downbeat reverie.

“Christie!” he exclaimed.

She laughed. I bet I know all the negative things you were thinking. You looked so forlorn and despondent.”

Dave nodded in embarrassment.

Christie straddled his lap and he woke up to the whole person in his presence. She was wearing her CFM shoes and a small G-string. Her breasts were right in his face.

He leaned forward and kissed her left nipple, getting about a ten second suck in.

“Oh, you bad boy,” she crooned. “If people weren’t watching I’d give you about three days to stop that.” She giggled.

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