Loosening Up - Book 1: Journey Start
Chapter 11: Foursome Date

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 11: Foursome Date - Life changes dramatically for straight-laced Alice and prim husband Dave after she sees her best friend Dori fucking some guy in a car. Dori later explains and then gives the couple challenges to help them gradually loosen up, especially sexually. Changes start fairly quickly for the couple as their horizons expand to include broad changes to their lifestyle, their circle of friends, and their definitions of family and love. (tags/sex content are for entire story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging  

Thursday just after five o’clock and as expected Dave brought Pam back to the house along with her luggage. He ‘officially’ situated her in the guest room, but they’d already talked about her staying in their bed.

Alice had come home a half-hour early to be there to greet Pam. After their initial greetings, she told Dave she had also arranged for Owen to join them at dinner at a restaurant, and then for dessert at home. Dave smirked because Alice and he had been using the term ‘dessert’ to refer to the after-dinner sex they shared every night. She winked at him when he realized the double entendre.

Pam got a complete briefing from Alice after she arrived, including some of the erotic events that had transpired between the two since she left over a week earlier. Alice explained that she wasn’t possessive of either Dave or Owen, and that if Pam wanted a MFM threesome with the two of them, she would be more than happy to watch and ‘officiate.’

Pam asked, “Have you had sex with anybody other than Dave yet?”

Alice chuckled, “If by having sex you mean intercourse where we fuck a lot, the answer is no. If by having sex you mean having orgasms from fingering and oral sex the answer is yes. Owen and then some of our neighbors took me down that road last week and on Saturday. I’ve come close, but not yet.”

“I take it Dave hasn’t given permission?” Pam speculated.

“Oh, no. He’s turned me loose on my own recognizance. He feels he can cope with seeing me getting fucked by someone else. He tells me he’s worked through his worries, and we’ve talked about them.”

“His worries? What are they?”

“All sorts of different ones. He was afraid he was holding me back and that I’d grow to resent his reticence to know I had sex with someone else. Of course, he was also worried that I’d find someone I liked better and run off with them, or just that it would irrevocably damage our marriage in some way.

‘Then it was just that I split my love between him and someone else – or maybe with multiple other people. Then there was the concern that our sex life would change for the worse in some way; this concern in the face that we’ve done more new things every day than ever before. We’ve had more sex in the six weeks than in the previous seven years we’ve been married.

“He was afraid that I’d turn him into a cuckold, or the other men would. I have nothing but respect for him, and so do all the others we socialize with. That is a very remote possibility. The people I like don’t think that way.

Lastly, he was afraid the morals and mores about how we were each raised would come into play again. We’ve drifted miles from what we were taught at home and by our church, but the influence is still there. What’s that old line, ‘Guilt; the gift that keeps on giving.’”

Pam nodded, “And you’ve hashed all that stuff out.”

“Yes, but mostly it was Dave hashing it out with himself.”

Pam chuckled, “At least he seemed to be winning the arguments with himself. I’ve been in situations like that. I think it has to do with being an engineer. We can’t just look at something and take it at face value; we have to analyze it to death. I hear accountants can be pretty bad, too.” The last sentence was rendered in a teasing tone.

Alice nodded, “Oh, you’ve been inside my head? This whole idea of loosening up that our friend Dori got us started on has continually put us on the edge or outside our comfort zone. We’ve had a lot to analyze.”

“I can guess. You told me that I was only the second woman Dave had ever had sex with. I feel privileged and honored. He’s one of the nicest men I’ve ever met, and don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m in love with him ... and you.”

Alice grinned, “Me, too. Based on orgasms, you’re the second person I’ve had sex with as well. I’m looking forward to tonight, and the rest of your visit. Dave said you could stay until Monday?”

“Yes. I scheduled myself to work today, tomorrow, and Monday, at the utility. I’ll see Dave part of that time, but not always. He insisted I stay here. I hope it’s not an imposition.”

“NO!” Alice chided. “Not a bit. We want you with us. Please know that you always have a home here.”

“Be careful. I take people pretty literally. You might not be able to get rid of me.”

“Then we’ll just tell the postman that you live here, too.” Alice grinned, “And, by the way, you get all the privileges that go along with being a hot female in this house.”

Pam laughed, “Now, THAT I can handle.”

Dave returned to the room with a tray with three glasses of wine. They each took a glass and waited for Owen to arrive.

The knock on the door thirty minutes later had them all standing as Alice ran to the door with great enthusiasm.

Alice opened the door and threw herself into Owen’s arms. He caught her and staggered backwards. “Whoa!” The kisses she gave him frustrated further words.

Alice pulled Owen into the living room while hugging his arm to her breasts. “THIS is Owen,” she proudly announced, obviously pleased to share her friend with the others.

Dave promptly smiled and shook his hand. He then turned and introduced Pam to him.

Owen bowed slightly. He said, “I apologize for being a few minutes late. I had a closing with a couple of lawyers and signing all those forms took a little longer than expected. Normally, I’m very punctual.”

Dave asked, “What were you closing on, if I may ask?”

“You can now,” Owen said. “It was hush-hush for a while. I just bought that truck depot out by the Interstate, along with the adjacent five-hundred acres. It was a package deal, and I got a good deal from the state and county regarding taxes and job development.”

Dave looked surprised, “That’s a big deal, then. It sounds like lots of banks were probably involved, I’m guessing.”

“Not in this case. I just paid cash ... well, a cashier’s check. The warehouse has been for sale for almost ten years since Roadway moved out. The property has been on the market for about the same length of time. The building is sound but I’m going to gut it and start over on the interior.”

“You in trucking?” Pam asked politely.

“No,” he laughed. “As you might have heard from Alice, I’m just a simple tattoo artist.”

Alice had been standing beside them looking at Owen with her mouth agape.

Dave muttered, “Bullshit! You don’t pay cash for a multi-million dollar deal like that when you’re a ‘simple tattoo artist.’”

Owen smiled. Alice was still gawking at him; she didn’t know this side of him at all. “It’s a bit of a story but the short version is my grandfather had the Midas touch. He made a small fortune. He had one son, my father, who he cut out of his last will and testament for several good reasons, one of which dealt with the fact that my dad is still in prison for attempted murder, arson, and embezzlement, with little chance of parole given his age. Thus, I ended up being the closest and only reasonable heir when he passed. I grew up really fast and apparently also have the Midas touch. I’ve been in charge of the family jewels for about seven years, and have more than doubled the assets.”

“Impressive,” Dave said. “So, why tattoo?”

“Oh, I did that in college to earn some money. It was fun, and I made some good friends that way. Greg, the guy that owns the parlor Alice came to with her friend, is one of them. He had a guy quit a month ago, so I’ve been helping him out after work until he can find a replacement. Even then, I’d come in once in a while to maintain my proficiency.”

Pam looked at Alice, “Dave told me you got some ink. Can I see?”

Alice pointed to her calf and then pulled her scoop neck top down to show the heart on her breast. She made sure to display the nipple and areola as she did. She briefly hesitated, and then pulled her skirt up and yanked her bikini panties down until the heart with ‘Dave’ in it and the ivy showed. Her manicured front lawn also showed the way she did it.

“Wow! Cool. You’re inspiring me. You’re so conservative, yet you did that.”

Alice said, “I’m not as conservative as I was a few months ago. I’m loosening up.”

Dave herded the group outside. “We’ll take my SUV. There’s more room for everyone. We have reservations for seven o’clock, so let’s truck.”

Dinner was a lively affair. The initial nervousness each of the four felt burned off with their first glass of wine. Pam and Owen seemed to hit it off. The portent of sex with Dave and Alice with the others helped as an icebreaker. Everyone seemed to want to be further along with feelings of intimacy about each other.

As Alice and Dave watched, they could see the relationship between Owen and Pam blossom over dinner. They were clearly in harmony with each other and obviously liked each other a lot.

Among the linkages that neither Dave nor Alice had made was that Owen Bennett had been the heir to the Bennett fortune and a similarly named charitable foundation worth just under a billion dollars. Additionally, Owen apparently had his own money he’d made since inheriting. Owen had almost more money than God.

Dave boldly asked, “Owen, I like you, and I liked you before you revealed your heritage to us. I do have a question though, don’t you feel that a lot of the people you meet are after your money, and if they’re a woman, your checkbook?”

Owen laughed. “Yes and no. There are signals I get about someone’s true nature and what they’re thinking, and whether they want to take advantage of me. For instant, you aren’t afraid to address my wealth front-on; most people don’t do that, especially if they want a piece of it. Pam, you briefly mentioned it and then focused more on the tattoos I gave Alice than on my money; that showed me you put the two on about an equal footing despite their huge economic disparity. Walking in here, Dave, you insisted that you pay for the three of you; you only thought about fairness and not about the relative equity we hold. There were one or two other things, but you three are all good guys in my book.”

Pam said, “Thank you, but I am curious, where do you live? Do you have a castle someplace full of servants?”

“No, I have a condo downtown; not too far from this restaurant, actually. Nothing outrageous, and certainly not a castle in the middle of three thousand acres like my grandfather had. We could go there for drinks afterwards, although the best I can offer for swimming is the condo pool or my own Jacuzzi. The castle was old and poorly built. It’s amazing it didn’t collapse around my grandfather. I had to have it razed or pour a fortune into it in repairs; I chose the former. Consequently, I moved into a condo.”

Dave nodded, “I’d like to see it, but more from the viewpoint of what a downtown condo might be like to live in. I get tired of mowing and landscaping most weekends. Someday in the foreseeable future we’re going to move somewhere; I want some dwelling that’s much easier to maintain.”

After dinner the quartet walked about a half-mile to the building housing Owen’s condominium. There was an armed guard on the desk, and you needed a coded fob to use the elevator. Owen had the penthouse, of course.

As the group walked in, the lights automatically came on and classical music started to play. The furnishings were decidedly masculine, and dramatic. A large reclining nude with a tasteful tattoo graced one wall in the living room in a life size piece of art. The windows looked out over the city and the marina. The sculptures and wood tones added to the warm ambiance.

Owen strolled over to a bar, “Drinks? I have about everything but if you ask for something too exotic I’ll have to look up how to mix it.”

The newcomers all raved about the condo and decorating, and accepted a cordial.

“Let me show you the master bedroom. That’s where I have the Jacuzzi in one corner. It’s kind of nice, because you can sit in it and look out over the city and water. I had it installed so I could close it off with glass walls otherwise there’s a chemical smell right after the water gets its weekly treatment. It’s all pushbutton to close off the wall. No one can see in from the outside either.”

Everyone got the royal tour of the six thousand square foot condo. The master bedroom was pure bachelor pad. The Jacuzzi looked like a place one would go to worship.

Alice teased, “This is a den of seduction, Owen. I bet this bed has seen a lot of action.” She gestured to the king-size focus in the room.

Owen blushed slightly, “Not as much as you might think. I do have standards, you know.”

“And what might those be?”

“You really want to hear about my exclusionary criteria?” He sounded surprised.

Dave nodded, “Yes. Come on, we’ve all been very open with you.”

“Oooookay,” Owen said, “they’re kind of kooky. First, I don’t do airheads, married women sneaking around on their husbands, or gold diggers. That removes about ninety-nine percent of the female population right there. I also don’t like bar pick-ups, one-night stands, or zipless fucks, although from time to time I have indulged. I have a kind of bias towards educated women, so I prefer women with college degrees, although I’m willing to make an exception if someone is highly motivated about something in their life and it shows.

“I like people with goals and who are striving for something, like the three of you. I’m not into Goth, punk, rap, BDSM, or doing kinky stuff just for the hell of it. I am a human male, and so I can get caught up in certain lusty situations, as I did with you Alice when we met both the first and second time.”

Alice mused, “You interviewed me while we danced, even when we had to yell over the loud music. You asked what I did, whether I’d gone to college, whether I was married and then whether my husband knew what I was doing, amongst other questions.”

Owen smiled, “I felt a resonance with you right away, and it had nothing to do with looking up your skirt at your bare pussy, although that called you to my attention. I could tell you were pushing yourself to do something daring. I liked that.”

Dave laughed. He knew about the flashing, but hadn’t heard about the other side of it.

Owen said, “Based on the dinner talk, I assume you’re interested in a soak in the Jacuzzi.”

“YES,” screamed Alice a little too loud. Pam had also chimed in.

Dave nodded. Alice was already stripping her clothes off and tossing them into a manly chair near where we stood. Dave started next, but paused to help unzip Pam’s nice dress. Owen showed no reluctance to become naked, and also didn’t obviously ogle the women.

Owen and Alice were already situated in the spa when Pam and Dave stepped up on to the raised platform housing the spa and then down into the water.

“Oooooh, nice,” Pam said, as she sat. Her full breasts shimmied as she lowered herself into the warm bubbling water. The erect nipples atop the dark areolas were hard to ignore and seemed more of an invitation that something to ignore.

Dave sat beside Pam, watching as Alice made a show of snuggling up to Owen. Owen’s eyes shot to Dave obviously a little worried about his being with Alice in a sexual way. Dave smiled and nodded at his wife’s new friend.

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