Loosening Up - Book 1: Journey Start
Chapter 6: Visit From An Outsider

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 6: Visit From An Outsider - Life changes dramatically for straight-laced Alice and prim husband Dave after she sees her best friend Dori fucking some guy in a car. Dori later explains and then gives the couple challenges to help them gradually loosen up, especially sexually. Changes start fairly quickly for the couple as their horizons expand to include broad changes to their lifestyle, their circle of friends, and their definitions of family and love. (tags/sex content are for entire story.)

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging  

Wednesday morning, Dave reminded Alice, “Remember I’m bringing my consultant lady friend home for dinner – Pam Hodge. You’ll like her. She’s smart, analytical, and very social. After dinner, I’ll drive her back to her hotel.” The couple talked about arrangements for dinner. Dave allowed as how he would drop some groceries off over the lunch hour, and Alice agreed to play chief cook that evening. The pair made a grocery list together and then left for work.

Alice arrived home right at five o’clock. Dave was right behind her and alone.

“Where’s your friend?” Alice asked.

“Turns out she has a rental car. She’ll be here in an hour. I gave her a really complete map, plus she has an app on her phone that’ll bring her to our doorstep. She’s very savvy with technology.”

Alice teased, “We have time for a quickie? I’m really horny.”

Dave rolled his eyes. “AFTER she leaves. Come on, I’ll help you with dinner. I do want to comment that I love your new and steady focus on sex. I’ve become that way, too.”

An hour later, the doorbell rang. Dave and Alice both went to the door and welcomed Pam into their home.

Pam was a pretty brunette with long, lustrous hair, a pretty face, and what Alice had always called bedroom eyes. She was also shapely. Pam presented them with a bottle of white wine, and they immediately opened the selection and soon shared a glass as Dave gave here a short tour of their home and the pool area.

“You’re so lucky to have a pool. The season is so short where I’m from that if you do have a pool, it’s most likely indoors. The outdoor pools in Minnesota sometimes freeze completely solid; six or eight feet depth of nothing but ice. Even on the Great Lakes, you can sometimes drive a semi-tractor truck on them fully loaded because the ice is so thick.”

The dinner table conversation typified each of them learning about the other. Alice felt warmly about Pam, and could see how easy it was for Dave to flirt with her. For his part, Dave had ramped up his flirting, especially touching Pam’s arms, hands, or shoulders, and showering her with well-deserved compliments. At one point while helping serve, he stood behind her and massaged her shoulders as she purred.

The three of them went outside beside the pool in the gentle evening air after dinner. Dave brought out several liqueurs and demi-glasses. He poured one, and then brought it to where Pam stood.

He said to Pam, “I want to try an experiment. I’m going to kiss you, and I want you to kiss back.” She looked surprised, but smiled in pleasant acceptance of the idea. Alice was right there so she knew that no cheating was taking place, if that were even a concern.

Dave took a sip of the Brandy and Benedictine liqueur, and then kissed Pam. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and once sure he was being welcomed, he squirted the liquid fire from his mouth into hers.

Pam moaned and deepened the kiss into a long and passionate one, driving her own tongue into his mouth in response. They parted and she said, “Wow! That was hot. I hope you plan to do that again.” She gave a sideways glance at Alice to be sure there was still acceptability there.

Alice smiled at the couple.

Dave repeated the liquid kiss, this time feeling Pam’s entire body react by pushing against his in a sexual fervor. She gasped as they parted, “My God, you are the sexiest men I’ve ever met.”

Dave took a moment to give a liquid kiss to Alice, who had a similar reaction. She said, “Oh, wow. I can feel my response in some very intimate areas of my body.”

To their surprise, Pam then took the demi-glass, sipped from it, and then gave a fiery kiss to Alice. She smiled as they parted. “I just felt we should somehow connect the other side of this triangle.” She gestured between the three of them.

They sat and were silent for a minute. Pam eventually said, “Do you swim at night?”

“Oh, yes,” Alice replied. “Would you like to?”

“No suit,” Pam said.

“You don’t need one. We’ll skinny-dip. If you’re too embarrassed I can turn off all the lights, even the ones in the house, or lend you a suit. What would you prefer?” Alice tried to sound highly accommodating.

Pam stood and kicked off her low heels. As she did she smiled at Dave and Alice. She muttered, “Not shy.”

Alice went next, shedding her top and struggling to get out of her stylish shorts. She said, “Used to be shy. Learning not to be. Loosening up!”

Dave stood and was naked in ten seconds just as the women achieved that state. They all walked down the stairs into the pool. Dave had dimmed the pool lights a bit some the glare into the night from inside wasn’t as bright as usual.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah,” Pam emoted as she floated into the water. “This is truly magnificent. You may have to pull me out of here tomorrow morning to go back to work.”

Dave pulled a couple of pool noodles from the side, and soon they were each effortlessly floating around the large pool.

Pam got near the couple, she softly said, “Am I allowed to kiss you both some more even when we don’t have the liqueur to facilitate things?”

Alice nodded with a smile. The liquid kiss from Pam had stimulated her in ways even her husband hadn’t.

Dave saw her affirmation and said, “Yes. I’m glad you like us that much. Very glad.”

“Oh, you turned me on with those earlier kisses. Heck, you turn me on just by being in my presence.”

Pam floated up to Dave and into his arms. They embraced and spent a couple of minutes making out as their naked bodies rubbed against each other. Each of them checked with Alice to be sure there was no adverse reaction to what they were doing. Pam visibly stroked her tits across his manly chest between and during the kisses.

Dave became harder than rock, especially after Pam rubbed her breasts and nether areas against his body as they kissed. She had some pubic hair that he could feel, and the sensation was highly arousing.

Pam pulled Alice into a three-way kiss, and then focused on her for a few minutes. Alice said, “It’s all right to just focus on Dave, if that’s what you want. I’ll watch if you don’t mind. This is new for us, just so you know.”

Pam fondled Dave’s cock under the water. Finally, she said to him, “Sit on the side.”

Dave hitched himself up, and immediately Pam was in front of him playing with his cock, and then going down on him. She inhaled his shaft, gaining immediate satisfaction as he completed the hardening process.

Alice watched the blowjob progress. They’d watched some porn the night before, but this was better – much better, plus it was her husband’s cock that was disappearing into his friend’s mouth. This was a live sex show, and she liked it much better than watching a small computer screen.

Pam deep-throated Dave several times, and he was no small man to accommodate. Alice watched in fascination and awe. She’d have to teach herself how to do that. She realized in her thinking that she wanted to please Dave, but also the other men she’d been flirting with at their Saturday night gatherings. She could really envision herself deep throating Dev or Sean or Ty, and even having them cum in her mouth just like the men in the porn film they’d watched had done with the lovely porn star they then fucked. She wondered if Pam would have Dave do that with her.

There was some moving around and then Pam sat on the side of the pool. She coaxed Dave, “Your time to eat me.” She spread her legs wide and lay back on her elbows. She pointed at her twat. She had shaved between her legs, but not removed the hair on her mons. Again, she made eye contact with Alice to be sure what was happening was okay.

Dave almost dove into her pussy, his lower half still in the pool water but his hard-on showing right at the water line. There was enough light from the dimmed pool lights and the house that he could easily see her sexy body as he went down on her. This was the first pussy he’d tasted directly other than Alice’s. Dave must have been good at what he was doing for Pam, because she started to make little mewling sounds and hold his head, slightly directing him and encouraging him to continue.

Pam suddenly thrust forward into his face and came, squirting girl juice all over him. “Oooooooooh, God. So good; so good,” she crooned.

A few seconds later, after a passionate kiss with Dave, Pam lay back and spread her legs again. “Fuck me, Dave. Please. Do it.” Oh, Alice, you have to let him be with me.”

Dave glanced at Alice. She smiled and motioned for him to continue. Still he was frozen in position looking at her. Alice moved closed to the pair until she was at Dave’s shoulder.

Alice said in a soft and loving tone, “Do what the pretty lady wants, David. She wants you to do her. Do it. Fuck her. I want to watch. I need to watch. I’m horny, too, so save some energy and cum for me.”

Dave immediately rubbed the head of his cock along Pam’s slit a few times, and then joyfully thrust into her. This was the second woman he’d ever had sex with. He recalled thinking ‘I must be loosening up’. The feeling of Pam’s velvet sheath around his long shaft overtook all other thoughts, and the two kissed with renewed intensity and meaning.

Pam made sweet love to the man with his cock in her cunt. She kissed him all over his chest, neck, and face, focusing on his mouth with deep sensual French kisses.

Dave noted that Pam felt wonderful. She tasted divine, and now felt heavenly with her feminine warmth wrapped around his manhood. Pam kept moaning and extolling the virtues of Dave and his large cock, how she hoped for many repeat performances, and how she hoped he was getting supreme enjoyment from her hot love box, as she called it. She claimed he was the most satisfying man she’d ever been with.

Alice was rubbing her own pussy, frantically, in fact; trying to bring herself to the brink so that when Dave exploded into Pam she could explode with him. The evening had turned magical and even mystical.

Pam came first, her pussy clenching down around Dave’s cock. The result was that he exploded into fireworks of cum that jetted into Pam’s vagina with rope after rope of potent semen.

Pam kept gasping, “Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!” and then sagged back on the pool’s edge with her legs hanging limply in the water, but with Dave still happily embedded deep in her cunt.

Dave slowly extracted his long dick from inside her, deriving further pleasure on the act, but stayed close enough to affectionately smooth Pam’s quivering body.

Alice came over to Pam’s reclined body, and added her hands to her husband’s in smoothing Pam during her afterglow twitches. Suddenly, she lowered her face to Pam’s sodden pussy and started to lick and suck and inhale the essence of what her husband had left there. She brought her face up once to look at Dave, and from cheek-to-cheek, and nose-to-chin she was covered in his cum and Pam’s lubricating juices. She returned until there was nothing left to find, leaving behind Pam shuddering from two more orgasms that she’d induced.

Pam finally sat up, “My God, you two are the sexiest couple I’ve ever encountered. I hope we become best friends for life.” She caressed Alice’s face and added, “I hope you’ll let me return the favors you just gave me in a minute or two after I’ve recovered just a bit more.”

Alice smiled, “We might be more comfortable in our large bed. I’m certain Dave isn’t done for the night, and since you’re the second woman he’s ever had sex with, I’m guessing he’d like a repeat of what just happened.” She looked at her husband and they nodded at each other with large smiles.

Dave said to Alice, “So long as we’re OK, and there are no uncertain feelings that have surfaced.”

Alice said, “I’m more than fine. That was really hot. I’m very aroused. I’d love to have Pam do me, and you too if you’re up to it. I really want to see you do Pam again. Maybe she can come back the next couple of nights ... and then all of next week and the week after ... and the week after that...”

Pam laughed. “We’ll have to see about that. I travel a lot, but not always to this part of the world. You do want to make me change my whole life around though. I’ve never felt the way I’m feeling about anybody the way I’m feeling about the two of you. I have a lot to think about here.”

The trio got out of the pool and rinsed off in the shower beside the house and then dried off. They gathered up their clothes, and naked, Alice led them to the master bedroom.

Alice worried that her shrieks of joy and orgasms would awaken their neighbors. Pam couldn’t get enough of the couple, or they of her. Dave ended up sleeping between two naked women for the first time in his life.

Pam and Dave both went off to work with others on the utility team that day, but they returned at the end of the day for another dinner, swims, and lovemaking sessions between the three of them. Friday, Pam had to fly back north for other commitments, but she made a dozen pledges to rearrange her schedule and come back to them, even if some of it was on her own time.

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