by Salteena

Copyright© 2018 by Salteena

Coming of Age Sex Story: This not really a is a dialogue between siblings...the rest is up to the reader's imagination

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Brother   Sister   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Voyeurism   .

Of all the aphrodisiacs in the world the most powerful is being a twin ... Hey, Darren, come quick!

Don’t you ever knock?

Waddaya mean, knock?

On the door, before you come in my room. I may be just your brother, but I’m entitled to my privacy, y’know! Waddaya want anyway?

Privacy? Why do you want privacy for?

WHAT do I want privacy for, dumbo!

Stop correcting me!

Try getting it right then!

Ok smartass, WHAT do you want privacy for?

Well, I may have been doing something, you know, personal.

Like talking to some girl on the phone?


Hmmm. I know! Jacking off!

Sissy! What the fuck?

I’ve often wondered if you do, you know, jack off, you’re only just fourteen after all, I thought you might still be too young to do it.

You’re in a way crazy mood! Why should I be too young to jack off? You’re only fourteen too, remember, twin sister!

Girls are much more advanced at our age than guys. We are more mature. You are still kids.

I that so? What a shit stupid idea! Anyway, if you really, really want to know, I’m not too young. Ok? Satisfied now?

Hmmm ... most of my girlfriends think a guy jacking off is gross. I don’t though. I think it’s kinda cool. Well done bro!

So that’s why I always knock on your bedroom door first. Just in case YOU are jacking off, or whatever you girls do. Do you? Like, you know?

Get myself off? Yeah! Of course I do. It helps me go to sleep.

Hohohoho! I’ll have to try and catch you out sometime. How long have you been doing it?

Since I was about ten. How about you?

Sheeit! I had a wet dream when I was twelve and a half; and that freaked the crap out of me. But ten! I don’t believe it!

I told you girls grow up faster. Anyway, I had feelings way before that. But Mom always got cross with me when she saw me, like, scratching down there, so I was usually too scared to touch.

So, how did you start?

I was in my room one time after Mom said goodnight. The itch was so sharp! Anyway, I started rubbing it away and it felt so good I couldn’t stop. I felt like I wanted to pee, but at the same time I didn’t want to. It was weird. Then wonderful feelings started, and I certainly didn’t WANT to stop! That was the first time I cummed. It felt so good I’ve done it lots ever since.


You’d be amazed. How often do you do it?

Ummmmm, often. What’s it like for girls? Cumming I mean.

Mmmmmm, for me it’s like I’m surfing up the face of a big wave.

You don’t surf UP a wave.

Do you want to hear what it’s like, or not?


So, shut up and listen! Then, when I get to the crest I fall over the other side. And my whole body goes crazy and I feel like everything’s collapsing inside. Afterwards I just feel like I’m floating. Warm. Relaxed. What’s cumming like for you?

Kinda like a pain. Only it’s not pain. It’s pleasure. Intense. It feels like I AM my cock for a few seconds.

Only a few seconds?

It doesn’t last long. Not long enough! But then, I guess if it went on much longer it’d blow my mind.

You don’t have to knock, you know.



Ok, so now we both know we’re normal teenagers and help ourselves out, what was it you were so urgent about just now?

Shit! I forgot! Mom and Dad have gone to the Mall, shopping. They’ll be away for ages. Mel and her boyfriend are downstairs in the lounge making out. The Dad’s den door is open a little way and you can see everything they’re doing. Put that stupid book down and come and watch!

She’s with that guy Jerome?


Ok, let’s go!

We’ll have to be quiet. Whispers only or they’ll find out we are watching.


Look, the door’s still open.


Don’t get too close or they might see us.

Wow! They’re kissing. He’s got his hand up under her shirt!

Hmmmm, feeling her tits. Have you ever seen Mel’s tits? Or felt them?

No, I’ve tried to see plenty of times, but she’s always too smart for me. And she’d never let ME touch them!

They’re nice. A lot bigger than mine are. Nice shape too.

Well, she is sixteen. Anyway, you’ve got nice tits too. Or, I imagine you have, cos I haven’t seen them recently.

Yet? That’s sweet of you. Do you really mean it? Not just saying it? Recently? My tits I mean.

Of course I mean it. I did see yours once. Have you touched Mel’s tits?

Nooooo! When was that? When did you see my tits?

Hmmmmm, a couple of years ago. They were only just sprouting. Bumps. Mostly nipple. I thought they were kinda cute; still are.

Really? I didn’t know that. Cute eh? They’re still a bit small yet but thank you! Do you think about seeing Mel’s tits when you jack off?


What do you think of then? My tits? Or Mom’s maybe? I Know! That girl Renata, at school! Her tits are huge!

Not telling. Ok Missy Nosy, what do you think of when you are diddling yourself in bed? Some jock on the football team with a big cock, I’ll bet. You cheerleaders are all into that!

No, nothing like that; not exactly.

Hohohoho! Perhaps it’s Mel’s nice tits then? Hey! Don’t pinch me like that!

Shush! Or they’ll hear us. You would be surprised what I fantasise, my dear brother, but just know I am NOT lezzie.

Hmmmm, sounds like a topic for another time.

Ooooo, look! He’s put his hand on her knee.

He’s rubbing her leg. And pushing her skirt up. Wow! She’s got nice thighs.

Ummmm, nicer than mine.

No they’re not.

Rounder. Hey, look. She’s wearing pink panties.

Not for long, I reckon.

Aaaaah, he’s rubbing her pussy through her panties.

Yeah! She likes that. Look how wide she’s opening her legs!

Ummmmm, I’ll bet it feels great.

What colour panties are you wearing?


Let me see them?

Noooo! Omg! Mel’s undoing his jeans!

She’s gonna get his cock out for sure!

Look! He’s pulling her panties down! Wow! See her pussy? She has lots of hairs. Do you?

And her skirt. Do you have many hairs yet?

No, not many.

Well then, it’s the same with me. Hmmmm, she looks wet. She’s hot for it!

Do you get wet like that when you’re getting off?

Now who’s being nosy? But of course I do, it’s natural.

Shit! She’s pushing his jeans right down.

And his underpants! Wow! Look at his cock! It’s BIG! Is yours as big as that?

No way! But I suppose it could be when I am eighteen or nineteen like he is.

He must be eight inches at least! How long is yours? Do you measure it?

I’d give him seven only. But, that’s a lot above average, or so I’ve read on the Net.

What’s average?

Between five and a half and just over six.

And yours is?

Five and a bit. But I’ve got some growing to do yet, I hope!

Hmmmmm, so you do measure it. Jerome’s cock looks so stiff and hard! Have you got a hardon?

From watching this? What do you think?

Let me see it.

Fuck, Sissy! Are you nuts?

Yeah, I’m nuts to see it. I’ve never seen a real cock up close. Especially a hard one!

Well ok, but you’ve gotta take your shorts and panties down too.

You wanna look at my pussy?

Ohhh, yeah!

Ok, but close your eyes while I undress.

You too.


Wow! It’s kinda pretty. I wanna see your tits sometime.

Thank you! I’m glad you like my pussy. I might let you see my tits too if you ask nicely. Your cock is nice. It looks bigger than five inches.

Thanks! Can I see your tits now? Pretty Pleeze!

Ok, here.

Wow! They really ARE cute!

Mom says I’m gonna have to start wearing a bra soon. Oh look. Mel is jacking him off! And he is fingering her pussy. See how he’s pushing one right up inside!

Fuck! She’s luvvin’ that! See how she’s pushing her pussy up to get his finger in deeper.

Yeah! Oh wow! Two fingers now!

Jeez, she’s so wet! See how it’s running down to her butt hole!

This is soooo sexy! Do you wanna jack off?

Yeah! And how about you? Do you wanna diddle yourself?

Yeah, later maybe! I wanna watch you cum.

I wanna see you cum too.

There’s not a lot to see with girls.

But lots with boys! Hehehehe! I’ve read about girls who squirt.

Well, I don’t. Your cock is so nice. Can I hold it?

If you really want to.


What do you think?

It feels kinda unexpected. Kinda hard, but kinda soft as well. Rubbery. And smooth. And very hot! Hey! I didn’t say you could do that!

Your puss feels kinda nice too. Wet and slippery. And warm. You want me to stop?

I suppose, seeing you are there now you might as well stay. Just go up a bit. That’s right. There!

That tiny hard bit?

Yeah! Ummmm! That’s my clitoris. It feels good! Oh wow! It does feel good!

I wonder what Jerome is whispering in Mel’s ear?

Whatever it is, she’s ok with it ‘cos she is nodding her head.

Omg! She’s getting on her knees between his legs!

Just look at her naked ass and pussy! She’s fucking amazing!

You’re certainly getting a good show!

So are you!

But I am not turned on by girl parts like you are! Are you thinking what I am thinking?

I hope so! Yeah! She’s gonna suck his cock!

Oh my! That’s soooo hot! If she’s sucking, why do they call it a blow job?

I dunno. Have you ever sucked cock?

Nooooo! I told you already. I’ve never ever seen a real one before now.

You could have had your eyes closed.


Wanna try?

Suck yours?


Ummmm ... ok.

Get on your knees. Alright! Shit! That feels awesome!


Why did you stop?

No pushing!

Oh, ok. Ohhh, Sissy! Sorry, but that feels so fuckin’ amazing!

Well stop trying to push it down my throat. Ok?

Got it!


Why have you stopped again?

Hold my head like Jerome is holding Mel’s.

Ok. But why?

Like we’re together. Not just, I dunno, not remote.



Jeez Sissy! That feels fantastic!

Urgggh! You peed in my mouth!

No I didn’t, I swear!

What was it then? Something came out of your cock.

I almost lost it. But I kept control. It must have been precum.

I see. Oh wow! It looks like Jerome has really lost it. See how hard he is pushing it in Mel’s mouth!

I think he’s going to cum.

He is! Look! And she’s swallowing it!

I’ll be that feels fuckin’ great!

Cumming in a girl’s mouth?


You wanna do it with me?

Oh Christmas! You WANT me to?

Yeah! Come on then! I won’t swallow though.


Ohhhhh, Sissy! Keep on doing that and I’ll ... oh fuck, I can’t hold it! Aaaaaargh! Oh Sissy! You are so ... Wow! That seemed like a lot. I felt your cock swell up and start jerking.

You swallowed!

You took me by surprise. It wasn’t too bad a taste though. Swallowing seemed like the best thing to do. Otherwise you could have unloaded on my face.

Don’t give me ideas!

Hmmmm, maybe. How was it?

How was what?

Cumming in my mouth.

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