Naked in School - Michael Carver

by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2018 by Mark Cane

Erotica Story: Michael Carver has been placed on the Naked In School Program as a sanction for a misdemeanour. He is scared of being humiliated, but his mom and sister help him to overcome his fear. After it is all over Michael discovers that there are some positive benefits to the program.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Reluctant   BiSexual   Fiction   Sister   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Nudism   .

“Michael, breakfast. Time to get up!” Mrs Carver’s call was unnecessary as Michael had been laying awake for ages. In fact he had scarcely slept a wink the whole night. He had twisted and turned trying to think of something, anything, that would take his mind off the fate that lay before him on that bright sunny morning. The sun streamed into his room through the half open slats in the blinds beckoning him to get out of bed and enjoy what life had to offer. Michael groaned and pulled the duvet up over his head.

“Michael get up right now. You’re going to be late.” Mrs Carver tapped lightly on her son’s bedroom door before entering. She had no wish to embarrass the boy like she had a couple of weeks previously when she had walked in on him as he was furiously masturbating. He had blushed crimson, but Mrs Carver had put a reassuring arm around his shoulder, telling him that what he was doing was perfectly natural and acceptable so long as was done in private. “It was my fault, I should have knocked before coming in. You are a young man now and need your privacy.”

“It’s okay Mom, you can come in.” Mrs Carver, wearing her jade green silk pyjamas, walked into Michael’s room. Michael had one inadequate plan to avoid his fate or at least postpone it. “Mom, I’m not well. I think I must have picked up a bug.” Mrs Carver stood next to her son’s bed looking down at her 14 year old son, her brow creased in a frown “Have you been playing with your iPad half the night, young man?”

“No mom!” replied Michael truthfully. “Honest.” he added for emphasis.

“Well you don’t look poorly. A bit pale perhaps. Where do you feel ill?”

“All over,” groaned Michael.

“You haven’t done your homework have you?” Accused Mrs Carver. “Is That why you don’t want to go to school?

“No mom. I just think a day off would help me feel better.”

“Is this just another of your schemes to get to stay home on your own? To smoke some weed or watch porn?” Mrs Carver put her arm around Michael. He liked the feel of his mother’s silk pyjamas next to his bare skin. Michael was wearing boxer shorts and his upper body was naked. He could feel his mother’s breasts pressing against his flesh with just the thin silk material between them. Normally it would have given him a thrill to feel the 34B breasts so close but the magic did not work today. Michael had too much on his mind.

“No mom. I’m just a bit off colour is all.”

Mrs Carver came to a decision. She walked out of Michael’s room and returned a few minutes later with a pencil sized object in her hand. “I’m going to take your temperature. If it is over 98.4 you get to stay home. If it isn’t you get up, get washed and dressed and get off to school. Now lay on your tummy and pull your shorts down.”

“Aw mum! No!”

“Oh yes! Now hurry up or we’ll all be late.” Red-faced, Michael lay on his front and peeled his shorts down over his slim hips. “Pull your cheeks open, Michael.” Mrs Carver carefully pushed the rectal thermometer into her son’s anus and waited for the temperature to register. The sensation of a foreign object in his bottom was not a new experience for Michael. His best friend, David Chaney had introduced Michael to the pleasures of anal penetration. It had started one afternoon when they were playing on David’s Xbox. “Hey Mike, have you ever tried sticking something in your ass when you jack off?”

“No have you?”

“yeah. It’s real cool. It makes me cum real good. In fact I’ve even made myself cum without stroking my cock, just by fucking my ass with something.”

“So what do you stick in it then?”

“My mom’s dildo.” Michael thought of the lovely Mrs Chaney, so pretty, so demure. He could not imagine her using a dildo. He started to wonder if his own mom used one.

“I don’t think my mom uses one so I couldn’t do that.”

“I bet you $5 that she has one. All women do. It’s a well known fact. Anyway you’d be better trying it with something smaller to start with, until your ass gets used to it.”

Michael took David’s advice the very next night. He went to bed early, sneaking a candle from the emergency stash in case of a power cut. Michael’s heart was beating fast at the thought of what he was about to do to himself.

Michael had taken his clothes off as quickly as he could and lay face down on his bed, relishing the sensation of his naked flesh next to the cool bed clothes. He reached back and pressed a finger to his tight, virgin butt. It seemed doubtful that he would even get the candle into the tiny hole, never mind David’s mom’s dildo. He guided the pointed end of the candle to his anus and held his breath as he pushed, lifting his left leg to get a better angle of attack. Michael gritted his teeth as the candle slipped in about an inch before meeting what seemed to be an impassable obstruction. Michael’s knowledge of anatomy was almost non-existent but he knew if he was going to feel what his friend had felt he needed to persist. Tears came to his eyes as he forced the candle further into his bottom. His efforts were rewarded as the candle overcame the resistance of his sphincter and Michael was able to push the candle in and out. His penis was erect and Michael had discovered a perverse joy that within a week was to see David mom’s huge dildo deep in his rectum.

Mrs Carver drew the thermometer from her son’s rectum. “98.4. Come on young man! What’s the real reason you don’t want to go to school.”

Michael thought for a moment. He had not wanted to have to tell his mother why he wanted to skip school. It was embarrassing enough without having to admit it to his mother. In his heart of hearts he knew he would have to eventually confront the awful truth.

“I’m on the program mom,” he blurted out. “Today. I’m on the program today.” Michael blushed scarlet. Now his mother knew of his humiliation. There was silence for a few moments until it was broken by Mrs Carver.

“You mean... ?”

“Yes mom. I mean I have to be naked in school all day today.”

The program at Millfield High had been introduced by Mrs Rodrigues 6 months ago when she had been appointed head teacher. Before she landed the headship at Millfield, Mrs Rodriguez has acquired the sobriquet of Super Head from her work in bringing a sink school up to a good standard. She had achieved the seemingly impossible by a zero tolerance regime that included her own special range of sanctions. Standards had been slipping at Millfield High and the board of governors was pleased that Mrs Rodrigues had risen to the challenge. When the board of governors had interviewed Mrs Rodrigues for the job only one board member had expressed some doubt about the program. Sister Bernadette from St Ursula’s asked if the young people had to be completely naked. Could they not at least wear a pair of shorts? Absolutely not in the case of boys. They had to be completely nude to feel the full humiliation of their vulnerability. However, she conceded, it was especially problematic for the girls because of their monthly cycles so she had found it expedient to permit all girls to wear panties while on the program. Baring their young breasts was considered sufficient punishment. Sister Bernadette remained unconvinced but she was outvoted by the others on the interview panel and Mrs Rodrigues was appointed and The Program was immediately introduced. All parents were sent a letter explaining the new rules. Any parents who did not agree with the new policy were free to arrange for their offspring to attend another school. Mrs Carver had agreed to the program, convinced that her angelic son would not be caught up in it.

“What did you do to merit going on the program.” Demanded Michael’s mom. “Oh never mind now. You can tell me later. Right now you need to get ready for school”

“But mom!”

“No buts just get ready. Carvers don’t quit. Carvers see things through.” Then Mrs Carver had a spark of inspiration. “Tell you what, Michael, you can have a practice right now. I’ll go downstairs and get your breakfast ready. You go and shower and then come downstairs and you can eat your breakfast in the nude.”

“Mom are you kidding me? I can’t do that. I mean ... No I Just can’t”

“Of course you can. Then by the time you get to school you’ll be used to it. Your dad’s at work. He is on earlies today. So there will just be the three of us; you, me and Claire.”

Ten minutes later Michael, pink and glowing from his shower shuffled self-consciously into the kitchen. His 16 year old sister Claire immediately started giggling.

“Mom!” protested Michael.

“Claire stop that at once. Be nice to your brother. You might be on the program one day.”

“I can’t help it mom. He looks so pathetic with his tiny little thing.” Claire knew very well that Michael’s penis, although modest in size, was capable of growing much larger, well at least to 4 1/2 inches. He had got his first ever erection when Claire had shown him her breasts. But that is another story and not to be discussed here. Claire was not about to tell her mother that she already had intimate knowledge of her brother’s private parts.

Mrs Carver looked down at her son’s genitals as if seeing them for the first time. Michael’s penis and testicles were surrounded by only a modest down of fair hair that only served to emphasise their immaturity.

“It’s perfectly normal for a man’s bits to shrink under stress. Besides there is a draught from the kitchen door. That won’t help.”

The top two buttons of Trisha Carver’s jade silk pyjamas were undone. As Michael stared at his mother’s cleavage, taking in the curve of her 34B breasts, suddenly the thought of his mother taking an interest in his penis did not seem so bad after all.

“Look Claire, Michael’s getting used to it. He’s relaxing and he’s getting bigger.” Claire felt just a touch of jealousy that it was their mom that Michael was responding to and not her.

“Now son how about telling us how you got into this mess.”

Michael told how his best friend, David Chaney had one evening the previous week dared him to run naked over the school games field. As it was dark Michael had seen little harm in the prank and had stripped off and started to sprint over the grass. Unfortunately, he had failed to take into account two things. One; there was a PTA meeting that evening and two; the games field had a motion activated floodlight. Michael’s naked streak across the grass could be clearly observed by the PTA members. The chairperson of the PTA, one Sister Bernadette, was outraged and despite her original opposition to the program insisted it be applied in this case.

Trisha looks thoughtful. “So what about your friend, David. Is he on the program too?”

“No mum. He isn’t. He didn’t really do anything.” Michael decided it expedient not to tell his mom that David had promised to suck his cock when he had completed the dare. As things turned out Michael did not get a blowjob but instead was placed on the program for his trouble.

After breakfast Michael dressed and then with sinking heart set off to school. Claire left too and called round for her Bestie, Samantha Cummings. As they too set off for school Samantha listened enthralled as Claire told her of her brother’s fate. “Oh poor boy. He’s such a sweetie. He must be dreading it.” Claire informed her friend that Michael was indeed, dreading it.

Trisha Carver felt strange as she prepared for a shower. The sensation was one that she had no right to feel. Sexual arousal. As she peeled off her silk pyjamas just for a moment she imagined kneeling on the floor in front of her son, about to take his penis into her mouth, coaxing it to full erection. She spoke aloud to the empty bathroom “Stop it Trisha. Just stop that right there.”

His heart pounding in his chest Michael made his way directly to the gym changing room and removed all his clothes and placed them in a locker. Normally at this stage he would don suitable sports-wear but today was different. All he was allowed to wear was a pair of trainers on his feet. His hand rested on the handle of the door for a moment before opening it. He stepped naked into the corridor. No one was in the locality. He almost decided to hold his school bag in front of himself to preserve his modesty but decided against it on the grounds that it would make him look even more pathetic. Instead he strode off in feigned nonchalance. The gym was some distance from the classrooms where Michael now headed. The first person he encountered was the avuncular Mr Kelly, the science teacher. “Ah young Carver,” Mr Kelly greeted the naked boy, “So justice has caught up with you at last! Never mind son, it’s only for one day. Keep your pecker up!” Mr Kelly ambled on his way, chuckling at his own quip.

For once Michael wished he was more like Greg Machin, a youth who he did particularly care for. Greg was big and brash and thought himself above everybody else. He was a big swinging dick both figuratively and literally. He had been on the program about three weeks ago. Greg had swaggered through school with a smirk on his face, his large penis, framed in a mass of dark pubic air, swinging from side to side. Greg’s friend requests on Facebook soared. They say it pays to advertise. Michael sighed sadly. There was a bustling throng of humanity in the main corridor as students and teachers made their way to classrooms.

“Hey bucko, have you forgotten something?”

“His mom wasn’t there to dress him this morning”

“Don’t point that thing at me!” Mocking calls and wolf whistles heralded Michael’s progress along the corridor. “Morons!” He said to himself.

“I don’t care what they say. I think you look nice.” The voice came from a freckle faced girl, her red hair tied in two bunches. She had a school bag in the form of a monkey clinging round her neck. Michael had seen her around but had no idea what her name was. “ I think you look cute, much nicer than those big rough boys.” She looked up and down the corridor which, for the moment was empty. “Is it OK for me to touch it? Do you mind.?” Michael was on the point of indignantly telling her to eff off but then relented. This pretty freckled girl was the first person who had said a kind word.

“Oh, Okay then but be quick. Someone might come.” The girl gave a final glance each way along the corridor and then tentatively stretched a finger toward the object of her attention. Cautiously, as if the penis might be a deadly reptile her forefinger darted to touch the head of Michael’s penis and then quickly withdrew. “Ooh that was cool” said the girl”. She made to make another move, but then changed her mind as voices approached at the end of the corridor. “Thank you,” she said as she walked quickly away, the arm of the monkey on her back seemed to be waving to Michael as the girl skipped off along the corridor.

Michael’s first class of the day was maths with Mr Burgess. Luckily Michael sat next to his friend David. for maths. He sat down quickly, relieved that his genitals were at least partly concealed by his desk. “You okay, Mike?” inquired David. “So far, no thanks to you and you still owe me that blowjob.”

“Oh no, sorry buddy,”. teased David. “All bets were off when you were careless enough to get caught. No blowjob for you.”

“You little shit. I’ll get you back for this.”

“What are you two chattering about?” demanded Mr Burgess. “ I’m quite certain it has nothing to do with trigonometry. Am I right?”

“Yes sir. Sorry.”

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