The Salesman Conclusion

by peterbeater

Copyright© 2018 by peterbeater

Sex Story: a happy, happy ending

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Harem   .

Now besides his ex, Irene and Rene, that three way with Jean was getting to be a lot of effort she was always after him and Gail, for some reason neither he nor Gail were going to question, Jean had a need to come over, strip, and announce that she was theirs to do what ever they wanted. First couple of times the spankings were fun, then after a while your all that happened was they got a sore hand.

For Gail the best was she always got licked out, one time she kneeled over Jean for a good thirty minutes and slowly dripped into her mouth. Peter had his ass hole licked until there was no hair left! Jean would still bring Jack for four ways, in a lot of ways Peter liked those more, it was fun to have someone’s wife sucking his cock in front of hubby and it was always hot to match one of his girls suck a different guy in front of him,. Probably the best part was knowing that they were doing it because he told them!

One of the furniture lines he had been selling approached him about being their regional rep, yes they’d take his office staff, yes the money was good and he would get an override on any piece of their furniture sold in his 6 state area. The boss offered him a partnership, small but a partner. It was very very nice to tell him, “Shame you didn’t offer that before this, sorry I already told them yes” He had been tempted to tell him to go and ... but now he was a real salesman, he wanted those orders.

When he saw the new office he almost wet himself, when you rep for a top line office furniture company you have to sell the sizzle besides the steak. The place was stunning, he found out later that the wall paneling was over 50 years old rescued from some mansion. Besides Martha, Gail came with him and Dorthy was his super hostess. It turned out Dorthy was as good a salesman as himself, people would come in to look or ask questions and by the time he got to see them they damn near had a pen in their hand. After the first month he put her on commission, Both Martha and Gail were getting quarterly bonuses based on volume so everyone was happy. No one was happier than Peter there was not a floor sample in the offices that didn’t get “christened” Every two months he would make a two or three state swing, just bird dogging, he always took two of his ‘gals’ with him. They were out with Jack and Jean and Martha was telling about their last sales trip. “After Peoria, I had to take a day off to rest my poor little puss, we’ve got two big clients there and they wouldn’t let up on me and Dorthy”

Irene broke in, “Jack, can I go on one of those trips, please honey, Sounds like so much fun!”

Peter saw a hot iron and struck, “Jack if that’s OK with you, I’d give you one of the gals for the week we’re gone, Hey they still got to work, but you’d have them all weekend and all nite!”

Laughing “Do I get to pick?’

“Gee if I let you pick do I get to keep Jean for a couple of extra days?” Strangely not one of the girls got upset as the guys bargained for their bodies. After lots of good natured bargaining it was decided that Peter and Dorthy would pick up Jean at 2 PM next Sunday. Jean immediately grabbed Martha and grilled her about what she should pack.

That night Peter slept alone, he knew he would be a busy guy with that Jean for two weeks, but he had already worked out a list of “A”: customers he planned on turning her loose on. As he went to sleep his last thoughts were ... small towners see if they can keep up with that crazy bitch...

Peter had talked his bosses to spend some big dollars and he had a traveling showroom of an extended van. Three of the latest chairs, a super desk, a regular secretary’s desk, and two of the latest file cabinets. Driving the van was not the highlight of his life, but sales were so improved that the super honcho had called him to headquarters to help design the next six vans for the entire country. On this trip he would set up Dorthy and Jean in the office/van. They rehearsed using desk drawers and filing cabinets. Jean was a little upset, she thought it was going to be all sex all the time, this was her vacation! “Hey Jean, this is a real business, we got to bring in the bucks during the day so we can play at night.” Later she found it was a lot of fun to pretend to be some sort of office drone during the day and then ravage those guys that evening. Both Dorthy and Peter were sort of shocked, Jean had become a monster when out of town. As Dorthy told Gail, “I couldn’t resist, Jean was sucking this guy, I mean putting her soul in it, this guy had never seen anything like that. I sorta feel sorry for his wife after that one. Anyway, I handed him a pen and asked him to sign the order, he just signed, never looked! Could has sold him the Brooklyn Bridge

For two weeks it was business attire and attitude from 9 to 4 and back to motel to change, First town they hit that was big enough to have a decent woman’s store. Peter bought Jean three new blouses the kind with extra cleavage! They would meet two maybe three buyers one night and the next night it would be owners, Peter found that it didn’t pay to mix employees with bosses. No major stockholder wanted a flunky seeing him getting a blow job. Yet three owners had no problem walking around naked getting fucked and sucked, Peter put it down to some sort of class pride!

It was Jean that got them a new treat, one of his super customers, he had continued his list of super customers and this guy sort of lead the list. With six branches when he bought it was big business, plus Peter had convinced him that not only did the latest office equipment improve productivity but really impressed clients. Since he had recently got a big order from him, this visit was courtesy rather than serious business. While the thee were changing for dinner he asked Jean to give this guy a special treat. True to her nature Jean was all over the guy. Even asking if she could take a Polaroid of his cock, “because it’s so nice. I’d like a memory of it.” Late that night, after the party was over Jean asked. “Tell me about this Homer, he asked me if I’d like to get together with him and his wife?” Both Dot and Peter did a mild double take. “Hey, I told him I’d have to check with the boss.” She nodded towards Peter, “You know, right after Dot and I got done with each other, boy you guys sure like to watch that stuff. Anyway, he asked, well I remembered how you said he was an “A” customer so I told him that if it was OK with you I’d be glad to play but I wanted you there for at least the first time, was that OK?” Both Peter and Dot hugged her.

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