Rosie Kowalski's Introduction to Sex

by Peter Duncan

Copyright© 2018 by Peter Duncan

Coming of Age Sex Story: Fourteen year old Rosie moves across the street from Toby Wakefield. Becoming a friend of Kathy Warren with whom Toby and her brother Ray is having sex with, Kathy entices her to join them in the woods to learn the ropes. Toby who has already been introduced to sex by the Mother Superior at the local Catholic Church (see Penguin's Preference) is the perfect mentor to Rosie because of his fast-tracked sexual knowledge.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   .

The summer of 1954 presented me with the most preposterous sexual adventure that any young man—any man of any age for that matter could hope to experience. Sometimes I pinched myself to remind me that I am awake now recalling how awakened I had become back then and was not dreaming.

I’m sure there have been countless stories of sexual experiences with neighbor girls or girls in the family but I’ve never told anyone, not even my closest friends about my involvement Kathy and Rosie. They were part of my coming of age which might have been more than most boys going through puberty experienced. But that kind of story is not unusual. My involvement at the convent at St. Bartholomew’s Catholic Church however was peculiarly unusual for a young boy who was not even member of the Catholic faith. (See Penguin’s Preference) In retrospect though, maybe it was because I wasn’t Catholic that made my role in it possible.

Because of Father McNamara’s sexual role with the nuns of Saint Bartholomew’s before he was replaced by a gay priest, what happened with me after I arrived on the scene while unusual still made sense. That the Mother Superior of the convent found me both desirable and trustworthy enough for that kind of confidence greased the skids for my sexual experiences there to continue for a period of four years before I went on to college. I would never have betrayed any of those confidences while that particular priest or any of those sisters were still alive. Mary Cecile, the youngest of the nuns, with whom I was actually in love, passed away just two years ago. She was just five years older than me.

Having related much of what happened at St. Bart’s in Penguin’s Preference, this story gives a little more insight to what went on in the neighborhood, specifically with Kathy and her brother Ray and another neighborhood girl, Rosie Kowalski whose family moved into the neighborhood in 1954. In that story I related my friendship with Ray Warren and our involvement with his younger sister Kathy. Here I tell of how the girl across the road from me became involved in the scenario.

When the Kowalski’s broke ground to build their new house across the road from ours it was an exciting event for us. Nothing new had happened there for a couple of decades. When the bulldozer, crane and dump truck came to excavate the Kowalski’s property and started breaking ground for the house it was a new beginning for the entire neighborhood. From time to time we would see the Kowalski’s visiting the construction site. I couldn’t help notice that they had a cute daughter that appealed to me. Just before the house was finished I noticed the girl, Rosemary, playing with Ray’s sister Kathy.

When the Kowalski’s moved in my mother and father insisted that we go over as a family and welcome them to the neighborhood. I was about halfway through my fifteenth year. Up close I could see that Rosemary, “Rosie” as her dad called her, was cute as a button. She was a willowy girl with newly developing breasts. It was easy to tell that she was flirting with me, though rather shyly. My fantasy libido, knowing no bounds, demanded that I add her to my stable of females with whom I dreamed of while masturbating. I had already become involved with one of the nuns at St. Bart’s but even so Rosie was in my fantasies most nights after the lights went out.

The fact that Kathy and Rosie were playmates made me wonder if Kathy was playing it straight with her (she and Ray and I) or whether they were sexually connected in some way. Kathy and Rosie were new friends. Rosie was Catholic as well, a new addition to St. Bartholomew’s. I don’t know why that should mean anything, other than the fact that I was Protestant while all of my sex partners in my teen years were Catholic.

~Girl Talk~

“Good morning Rosie,” Mrs. Warren said as she opened the door that Saturday morning. She was surprised that Kathy’s new friend was at the door so early. “You’re early sweetie but it won’t hurt Kathy to get up, I have lots of things for her to do today. Why don’t you go on up to her room and introduce her to the morning.”

Shaking Kathy, Rosie was too energized to be gentle. “Wake up Kathy I have to talk with you.”

Lifting her head with sleepy eyes Kathy smiled as she said in torpid surprise “ROSIE,” and asked, “What time is it?”

“It’s about a quarter to eight but I have to talk with you Kathy.” Just then the noise of a door opening and closing came through the wall. There was the sound of a dresser drawer being opened and a quick slam as the drawer was closed.

Kathy put her finger to her lips. “Shh, Mom’s in her room.”

Wide-eyed, Rosie with a surprised murmur said, “You’re parents’ room is right next to yours too?” Kathy nodded her head. “So is my parents’ room, it’s like the walls are paper thin in our new house. I can hear everything.”

Kathy rose up on her elbows, smirked and said, “You should hear them (directing her head to the wall).”

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Rosie said, blushing deeply red.

Putting her finger to her lips again for Rosie to keep her voice down Kathy said, “You don’t need to be embarrassed Rosie, I know what you’re talking about he-he-he.” She stifled a serious giggling stream. Rosemary laughed a little too loud too. Kathy stifled her again with, “Shh. And you should hear some of the words they use.”

“Mine used the F ... word a lot,” Rosie said, looking around like someone might be listening

“ ... and cock and pussy,” Kathy said. Rosie looked at Kathy out of the corner of her eye. She wasn’t sure she could completely trust her yet. “What is it Rosie,” Kathy said trying to figure out what was on her new friend’s mind.

Rosie cleared her throat. “Um ... I-I have an idea what ‘suck my cock’ means but don’t even have a clue what, ‘eat my pussy’ could mean?”

Kathy giggled and said, “You talk like a virgin Rosie.”

“What do you mean by that Kathy? Of course I’m a virgin.”

“I’m just teasing Rosie I’ve never met a girl our age who isn’t a virgin. I would just like to talk to one who isn’t so she could tell me more about what sex is like.” Abruptly changing the conversation to what they were talking about before. “My parents say things like, ‘suck my cock too, he-he-he or fuck my cunt.’”

“And ‘eat my pussy,’” Rosie reminded her. She broke into an uncontrollably, nervous giggle that she had to suppress from turning into laughter.

Kathy’s mother’s door opened then closed. They could hear her footsteps down the hall and then going down the stairs. The uncontrolled laughter became louder. Then as fast as it had started it seemed like all the levity had been sucked out of the room. Kathy said. “I had always heard Mom and Dad carrying on in their room at night but it never meant anything to me. But when Ray talked me into playing “doctor” with him last year I saw how much different we were, particularly when his thing got hard, it all began opening up to me.”

Other than her aunt’s little baby Rosie had never seen a naked boy. Amazed she asked, “You saw your brother NAKED?”

“I’ve seen both of my brothers naked before but we were really small at the time. Three years ago Ray told me that one of his friends told him about playing doctor with his sister. We kind of ... um ... explored each other. He touched my thing and let me put my hand around his.”

“You actually touched and HELD it?” Kathy smirked and nodded her head. “What did it FEEL like?”

With a pensive look she said, “It wasn’t hard like you might think hard would be. It was stiff but warm and firm. He-he-he I could feel his heart beating in it. And (her eyes were filled with amazement), the skin on the outside is like a loose sheath. You can hold his penis in your hand and move the outer skin up and down like it was some kind of loose casing. Everything about is amazing Rosie.”

“Do you ever wish that you could do the things with your brother that you hear your parents doing Kathy?” It was just like when she was in bed the night before when she was listening to her parents through the wall. She was getting wet between her legs like she had then, her panties felt like they getting damp. Because Kathy told her about playing doctor with her brother Rosie took for granted that Kathy had already touched herself between her legs. She needed to confess something to her friend and decided to be bold. “Yesterday when you picked up that nasty rubber that was lying beside the road Kathy I thought I might get sick. When I went home I thought about the way we talked about what those kids were doing in their cars?”

Kathy smiled and nodded. She didn’t let on that she had already gone all the way with her brother Ray and Toby Wakefield. She wanted a friend her age to confide in but had to be sure Rosie could handle it if she decided to take her into her confidence and let her know what was going on.

Rosie continued, “Then last night when I heard my parents um ‘doing it’ on the other side of the wall I got all ... um ... wet between my legs thinking about what we talked about yesterday and listening to how they talked in that silly way. It was dirty talk Kathy but it made me feel funny and I started touching myself.”

She had to find out if Kathy had one of those too. “Do you have a bump at the top of the crevice in your vagina that makes you feel tingle if you touch it Kathy?” She notice how intensely her friend was looking at her and how her hand went below the covers and she to rock started to rock then wiggle.

“I do Rosie and it does more than just tingle when I touch it.” She grunted as she wiggled.

“I was afraid you would tell me that you didn’t have one and that I was just some kind of freak.”

“Oh I DO have one Rosie and it’s more than a bump. It feels wonderful when you rub it,” wanting to tell her, “You should feel it when somebody else touches it.

She thought about Kathy telling her about playing doctor with Ray and was sinfully envious. “I have a confession Kathy. I’ve been thinking about Ray and you, wondering if you and he ever do anything. I’m really jealous that I don’t have a brother to play doctor with.”

Kathy couldn’t believe how delighted she was that Rosie had just said that. At the same time she was already making plans for Rosie in regard to something else she was curious about. “Um ... would you like to play doctor with me Rosie?”

What Kathy had said to her was so unexpected; she had always wanted to see another girl naked. Kathy was her friend so what had come out of her mouth caused static and white noise in her ears, like they were buzzing. “Oh Kathy, do you think we COULD? I-I don’t even know how to begin.”

Kathy was dressed in a short kind of nightie. She was still under the covers and was playing with her pussy with her hand. “I can show you what to do Rosie. I’m wearing a short nightie and no panties. I’ll sit at the head of the bed and show you mine. You can sit at the foot of the bed and show me yours. But you’ll have to take off your pants and panties, what do you think?”

What her friend suggested was more than ok with her. She sat on the bed and quickly removed her tennis shoes, undid her pants and took them off even before Kathy got out from under the covers. Though blushing and unsure of herself as she peeled down her panties she so eagerly wanted to be naked with somebody else that it didn’t matter whether the “somebody” was male or female.

Throwing back the covers on the bed Kathy rolled over, sat with her back to the headboard and hiked up her nightie. Sitting cross-legged at the head of the bed she ogled Rosie who was cautiously opening her legs. She giggled when Rosie’s eyes widened as she opened hers.

“Wow,” Rosie said in a quavering voice, “I’ve really never really been able to take a good look at mine. Yours is so fascinating. It’s pretty and strange, kinda like a flower.”

Having never been naked with another girl either Kathy was thrilled to be in this “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” game with Rosie. “When I played doctor with Ray,” Kathy said, “we examined each other. Would you like to examine me?”

“Really?” Rosie said betraying her fascination with her excited voice.

“Mm hmm,” Kathy confirmed as she took off her nighty. Rosie took the cue and stripped her t-shirt top, completely exposing herself. The girls studied each other’s bodies. Rosie’s nymph-like puffies had only started to develop. Her legs were already showing signs of becoming sculptured beauties, she had an outie navel, her mound was completely bare. Kathy noticed that her outer vaginal lips were much thicker and puffier than her own.

Kathy’s breasts still had room to grow but they were already nicely formed between and A and B cups. Her mahogany colored Spanish peanut-like nipples were encircled by one inch areolas of the same color. She already had nicely shaped legs and ankles and an innie navel. Her pubic area was fleshier and more pronounced with a small number of hairs growing out and beginning to curl. Her vaginal lips were more delicate than Rosie’s. Because her legs were spread wide her lips were partially opened, showing the pinkness that was framed by her outer lips. At the top of her vee was the distinct presence of a clitoris that was bulging just where her lips parted.

“Well?” Kathy said, inviting Rosie to inspect her.

“Oh,” Rosie said, coming out of her awe filled stupor. She lay out on the bed on her stomach, edging closer to Kathy propping herself up on her elbows. Reaching out she touched and tested her friend’s labia. “This is so exciting,” she said. “I’ve touched mine.” She felt strange telling another person. “But touching another person’s is ... is ... it’s CRAZY.” She looked into Kathy’s eyes. “It’s wonderful Kathy but isn’t it wrong?

“Does it feel wrong Rosie? Besides, what harm can we be doing?”

She felt all around Kathy’s mound, put her pinkie in here innie navel. “Mine doesn’t go in like this.” She tested the puffiness of Kathy’s mound. “Mine’s not as spongy as yours. And he-he, I don’t have any hair.”

“That’ll come and your breasts will get bigger too,” Kathy said.

With a hopeful look on her face she said, “Can I open your lips?”

“He-he-he Rosie, sure,” Kathy replied.

“This is so exciting he-he-he.” She pressed on Kathy’s labia and opened them. OHMIGOSH, it’s so PINK he-he-he. I’m SO excited.”

“So am I Rosie, this is so naughty but so much fun isn’t it?”

Rosie’s eyes were taking in all of what she was seeing: the pink wetness, the hole that opened when she spread Kathy’s lips wider, how there didn’t seem to be a rounded definition to the hole itself which opening in a jagged kind of manner, and the juices that seemed to be bubbling inside. “How can I see your h-hymen Kathy?”

“You can’t Rosie; I tore mine with my fingers. I’ve never seen it myself but I bled when I tore it.”

“Did it hurt?”

“It felt like something snapped. It hurt real badly for just a few seconds ... then I bled a lot for maybe less than a minute or so.”

Rosie was almost too embarrassed to tell her. But since she was already looking at the inside her friend’s vagina she had to tell her what she discovered about herself. “I touched mine last night I think. I tried to put my finger inside my hole but only got it in a little way. My finger ran into something that wouldn’t let me inside. I pushed on it and it was kind of springy. But I was afraid I would hurt myself. It must be my hymen.”

Kathy leaned forward abruptly, swung her legs to the floor and sat up. “I want to see it. Sit up Rosie and spread your legs, ok?”

“Darn it,” Rosie said as she sat up while Kathy pushed her legs further open “Is there any way I can see yours too?”

Ignoring her friend’s questions she said “Put your heels on the edge of the mattress Rosie and spread your legs further open.” Excited about what they were doing Rosie quickly did what Kathy said. Kathy pushed on Rosie’s labia, opened her lips and spread her vulva wide. Looking inside she said, “My GOODNESS ROSIE your hymen is ... is like a PLUG inside you but it has a tiny hole in the middle of it.” She put her finger inside and tested the tautness of it.”

“Be CAREFUL Kathy, don’t HURT me. Darn, darn, DARN I wish I could see it.”

“It’s so cool Rosie.” She thought for a second. “I think I can help you see it though.” Standing up she went to her dresser, bringing back a hand mirror. “Spread yourself open Rosie,” she said as she squatted down, holding the mirror at an angle so her friend could see it as well.”

“Move it up a little Kathy, There. Oh WOW, that’s so COOL. It does have a hole in it. It’s like a little donut he-he-he.” She eased a finger inside herself, testing it. “I can feel the little hole now Kathy,” She pushed a little harder. “It’s going ... IN.” She eased her finger to the second knuckle and she smiled. “It doesn’t hurt at all. It feels good. And it feels um ... spongy.”

Kathy, having stared at Rosie’s vulva for so long and watching her push her finger insider her had become excited and wet. Her finger was now on her own clitoris moving it in a firm, circular motion. “Um Rosie?” she said, breathing heavily through her nostrils, we were talking about those crazy things our parents were saying when they were ... um ... um... doing it?”

Rosie wiggled as she moved her finger inside her vagina and worked her thumb on her clitoris. She raised her eyebrows. “Like ‘fuck me’ and ... and ‘eat my pussy?” Her breathing had accelerated. Kathy nodded, imagining her father eating a cat. But knowing it had to be something else she giggled and said, “It sounds like the silliest thing.”

“I know what it means Rosie.” Rosie’s eyebrows raised and she returned a look of profound interest. “Would you like me to show you?”

“To do what?”

Kathy’s answer was not a complete lie. She had been looking through the keyhole of her parents’ door when her mother had said it to her father and he’d gotten on his knees and put his mouth right on her mother’s vagina. She said nothing to Rosie about her brother Ray doing it to hers—and then Toby. It was heavenly.

Not sure she was ready to go that far yet Rosie was hesitant “Well ... um ... maybe ... ok, if you think it’s alright.”

Taking her friend’s hand she coaxed her finger out, leaned forward and pressed on the lips of her pussy—opening it. She raked her fingertip upward in Rosie’s groove until it touched her clitoris then put her lips on Rosie’s large vaginal lips.

Her friend jerked and said, “GEEZ-O-MAN Kathy, what are DOING?”

Kathy looked up and with an impish grin and said, “I’m eating your pussy Rosie.”

“WOW, I was so surprised but it feels so GOOD.” She reached out, placed her hands on her friend’s head and, not wanting to be too forward, gently let her know that she wanted her to continue. Kathy began lapping in Rosie’s groove and she squirmed and sighed. “What if your mother comes in Kathy?”

“We’ll hear her when she starts walking up the stairs.” She kissed the lips of Rosie’s pussy then inserted her tongue between her labia. “By the time she makes it all the way down the hall I’ll have my nightie back on and you will have time to put on your panties, pants and socks back on.” Her mouth covered Rosie’s pussy again and she started lapping.”

“Kathy?” Rosie said. Kathy grunted her acknowledgement. “Do I smell bad down there?” She grunted “uh, uh” as she masturbated Rosie’s clit and then pushed her finger inside her own pussy. Holding the finger she had just been touching Rosie’s pussy with she held it to her friend’s nose. “It’s hard to describe what it feels like,” Rosie said. “But it smells real nice.” Kathy told her that they smelled pretty much the same. Then she told her to taste her finger. Tentatively Rosie touched the finger with her tongue and sucked it into her mouth. “It’s hard to describe what it tastes like too but I like it, I think.” Resuming her lapping, her tongue finally got to Rosie’s clit and circled it.

For Rosie it was like a firecracker had exploded, her ears were ringing and she was breathing heavily, shuddering and gasping. “You just came,” she heard her friend say through static-filled ears. She didn’t know where she had come from but she knew that what had just happened in her body was the nicest feeling she had ever experienced.

All of a sudden Kathy was on the bed beside her, sitting with her legs spread. “You do mine now.”

When Kathy had put her mouth between her legs Rosie’s first thought was how disgusting it was and that it had to be wrong. But when she began feeling the pleasure she was getting from it she became an instant convert. She pictured her father doing it to her mother and though the picture was strange, she understood the ecstatic way her mother had moaned and sighed.

Eager to give Kathy the same kind of pleasure she had just been given Rosie was quickly on her knees opening her friend’s pussy. “OMIGOSH Kathy,” she said, “Your bump is HUGE.” What she had felt of hers and seen in the mirror that Kathy had held in front of her, was a definite bulging prominence with a pink tip poking out of the suede-like sheath. But it was infantile compared to the long, fleshy appendage that filled the top of Kathy’s slot.

With her face soaking in Kathy’s wet vulva, its indescribable scent and taste filling her senses, Rosie felt like she was sampling some kind of elegant delicacy. She suckled, lapped and skated the velvet top of her tongue in Kathy’s slick groove. Sucking the wafer-like inner labia between her lips she tried to probe into Kathy’s tunnel, wallowing her tongue in the spongy wonder between her friend’s legs. Once centering on Kathy’s clitoris she suckled and nibbled it and rubbed it in a circle with the top of her tongue. When Kathy exploded she felt a surge of some kind of sexual juice flow into her mouth which surged over her nose, in her mouth and down her chin...

When Kathy and Rosie came into the kitchen Mrs. Warren said, “Well, you girls look like you really enjoyed yourself. I bet you silly things were just giggling your heads off.” Rosie gave her friend’s mother a demure smile as she pictured Kathy’s father “eating” Mrs. Warren’s pussy. Before she had come to the Warren’s house that morning she knew so very little about sex. All of a sudden her horizons had begun to grow.

After “going down on each other” Rosie realized that Kathy knew so much more about sex than she did. She had no idea how much experience she had but she knew she was curious enough to not let convention get in her way. With an older brother like Ray Rosie was sure Kathy would have been exploring more with had he let her. They had played doctor after all and Rosie was sure they must have done more. Has he eaten her pussy? If he were doing this with his sister would Ray want to do here too?

Hanky panky

That summer Mrs. Warren had a tighter grip on Kathy. She knew that healthy, hormone-ridden boys were on the prowl so it was becoming increasingly difficult for Kathy to get off their property and make it to “the Glade” where she cavorted with Ray and me. But one particular Saturday, just a couple weeks after the Kowalski’s moved in, Ray assured me that Kathy would be there. When I asked if his mother was going somewhere for the day he told me that she wouldn’t be but that Kathy would be coming with Rosie Kowalski. “Since Rosie and Kathy have become friends,” he said, “My mother has loosened the restraints on my sister. As long as she’s with Rosie Mom doesn’t seem to worry as much about Kathy getting into trouble hanging around with the boys.”

I thought Rosie was hot but I was afraid she might throw a wet blanket over what Ray and Kathy and I had been doing together. But Ray told me that Kathy said that Rosie was “hot to trot” ... that she and Kathy had done the ‘girl on girl thing.’” Then he told me this story:

“I was cleaning the basement one day when my mom was gone,” he said. “Kathy came down with Rosie. We started playing around, you know like tickling and wrestling and stuff. Rosie put her hand on my cock which she did unintentionally—at least she acted like it. And she really acted embarrassed about it. She got all red in the face and apologized but I got the idea that she did it on purpose. Kathy told me that she had hinted to Rosie about some of the kinds of things the three of us have been doing together. She said that Rosie was real interested about it. Out of the blue Kathy asked Rosie in front of me if she wanted to see my pecker. Rosie acted shy and embarrassed but hemmed and hawed and finally said she did. When I pulled it out I almost laughed out loud when Rosie looked at me all squirrely like. Then Kathy, slapping at it all playfully with her finger, made me get a boner. Rosie looked like she couldn’t believe how big it got. Kathy said to Rosie, “Watch this,” then bent down and put my cock in her mouth. She bobbed on me a few times then asked Rosie if she wanted to try it. (Apparently they had been talking about sucking boys’ cocks). It took her a while to work up the courage but she finally did. And she did it for a long time and really seemed to like doing it. She started me jacking me and bobbing faster like she wanted me to come and I shot in her mouth. I couldn’t believe it was her first time because she swallowed my jizz without even stopping when I shot. After we were sitting around joking about it Kathy told me that they had eaten each other’s pussies. Kathy then told Rosie that I had eaten her pussy and Rosie asked if I would do hers too.”

“Did you?” I asked

“Yeah, I did it in the basement that day on Mom’s pile of dirty laundry on the floor by the washing machine.”

I was excited yet a bit jealous that Ray had already done that with the girl that I wanted to have sex with.

“Have you done anything else with her?”

Ray said, “I could hardly believe it Toby. A few days later when Mom went over to have coffee with Mrs. Kowalski Rosie sneaked over. I fucked her in Kathy’s room, she sucked me and I ate her again.”

It really made me feel left out. I couldn’t get over how much Ray was blabbing to me about having sex with Rosie and Kathy. I started getting afraid that he might tell other to guys about it too. Having never told anybody about it myself I told Ray that he could get us all in trouble if he kept talking about it. I never heard any rumblings from other people but you never know what’s being said behind your back and what people will say if they know about it.

“Anyway,” Ray said, “Rosie’s definitely not a wet blanket.” He snorted and frowned when he said, “Kathy really pissed me off when she told Rosie that you were better at fucking than I was. (I felt real good about that). But she told me that she just said that so that Rosie might get interested in coming to the Glade with us and finding out. But now I feel kind of funny about it thinking that you really are better at fucking than I am.”

I figured I was better at it than Ray. How could a kid have a mentor like Sister Natalie—the Mother Superior at St. Bart’s—and have as much sex as I had with the other nuns and not be better than a kid that was only fucking his younger sister?

Kathy and the nuns should have been enough for me but since Ray and Kathy were setting me up with Rosie I knew which end was up and I wanted to make it as nice as I could for Rosie.

Kathy knew that the issue of her going to the Glade was no longer a problem, at least for the time being. She had a girlfriend and her mother thought we wouldn’t like being around them because they were always being so silly. So when it seemed that Kathy had a safe passage to the woods where we would do whatever we wanted she was pretty excited about it. Rosie was on pins and needles about it though.

When the girls got to the Glade that first day Rosie was nervous but she was flirting with me in an almost childish kind of way. I could see that she was nervous being with someone new so I said to Ray, “Why don’t you and Kathy take over the Glade while Rosie and I go for a walk.”

Rosie shot Kathy a questioning glance but Kathy silently formed the words, “It’ll be okay.” She was clearly uneasy about it when we started walking away. But as we walked further into the woods I held her hand with such ease that it soon became relaxed in mine. I kept talking with her as we walked saying things like, “I remember when they began excavating the hole for the basement of your house Rosie.” She was interested but nervously so. “I thought it was so cool that a new house was finally being built in our neighborhood. Then right after they finished the foundation and laid the floor I remember your family coming out one Sunday. That’s the first day I saw you. I was in my bedroom and could see across the road. You were too far away from me to get a good look at you Rosie but I remember how cute I thought you looked and wished I could get closer to see you better.”

Getting into the conversation she said, “I saw you mowing your lawn one day when we came out with my aunt and uncle. You didn’t have a shirt on and I was kind of shocked. I hadn’t seen a boy as old as you with his shirt off before.”

The way she was holding my hand I could feel how much more relaxed she had become. She was finally holding my hand like she really wanted to. I wanted to get to the point where I understood why she had come to the Glade with Kathy and said, “So you and Kathy have become good friends, huh?” Looking over at her I saw that she was blushing. Going on I said, “I ... um ... I mean we’re both here for a reason, right?” She looked at me as if I was threatening her. I felt like a fool for being so uncool.

“I’ve talked about it with Ray and with Kathy so I know what you have been doing with them.” Her face clouded over and she pulled her hand away and held it with her other hand on the lower part of her tummy like she was protecting herself. Jesus I thought I’m supposed to be more sophisticated than this. “Oh ... I’m not ... um ... saying that it’s bad. Ray and Kathy and I have been playing together here for a long time. It’s just something we’ve gotten used to and we all like it a lot.” I reached for her hand again and she reluctantly let me take it. But I knew that I had to handle the conversation better until I might say something that would cause her to respond. Or do I have to do something to make it happen?

We’d walked for close to a hundred yards when we came to the spot where there was a little waterfall in the stream. There was a big spreading elm that was surrounded by a circle of mossy grass. We stopped and I said, “Shh, do you hear the sound of the squirrel chattering?” She looked at me and smiled then grinned. “It’s mating season and he’s trying to interest his girlfriend.” I laughed. “And that’s a Blue jay harassing a Robin that’s nesting. Do you hear it.?” She squeezed my hand. This time hers seemed softer and warmer. She seemed to be more at ease. “Spring seems to bring out these feelings in animals Rosie.”

Still holding her hand I turned to face her. I cleared my throat, I was nervous. “And it makes me feel funny too.” She squeezed my hand almost wishfully—at least so I thought. “Rosie?” She looked up at me with wide eyes and I could see a different kind of anticipation. Her breathing had increased to the point where her nostrils seemed to flair. She asked me ‘what?’ and I said, “Do you think it would be ok if I kissed you?”

I saw her chest sink in like she just let out stored air and with a kind of relief in her eyes I noticed a welling of what must have been tears pooling at the bottoms of her eyelids. I could tell that my soft kind of approach that she hadn’t expected seemed to calm her. Letting go of her hand I placed my hands tenderly on either side of her cheeks and coaxed her head slightly upward. Leaning down I pecked her lips. They were taut and unaccustomed to kissing.

Softly working hers with mine I managed to get across to her to relax them. She began to quiver. I hugged her close and said in a whisper, “Just relax Rosie you’ll be fine.”

The sounds of the woods were abundant: squirrels chattering, various birds singing and the screeching sound of a hawk overhead, all merging with the sound of the bubbling brook that was no more than five feet away. “It’s so neat,” she said. “I’m glad that Ray and Kathy are back there Toby and we’re here alone. We shouldn’t be doing this, ya know and I’m SO nervous.”

“I know you are Rosie, that’s why I suggested that we find a place of our own, away from Ray and Kathy. We need to be alone I think, to get to know each other a little better so we can be more comfortable.”

“Do you think that Ray and Kathy are ... are doing it?” she said.

“Yes Rosie,” I said with a smile, “I’m sure they are.” I took her hands in mine again and looked deeply into her eyes. “But there’s a much nicer way for us to ... um ... get together than by just ‘doing it.’

Her eyes told me that the way I was approaching it was much more appealing to her than just getting naked in the woods and ‘doing it.’ I kissed her again. Her knees quavered and her chest began rising and falling. When I pulled her against me she tensed before her body seemed to melt into mine. When I probed her lips with my tongue her mouth sprung open. She’s done this before. But I’d hit a trip wire. Her breathing became panting and she pushed her hips into mine—it must have been instinctive. Later she told me that it was her first French kiss and she loved it.

As I pushed my body against hers I seated my bulge between her legs. She wiggled against it. Because of my experience with the nuns I had become more of a romantic. But I was shocked when Rosie said with the voice of a little girl, “Do you want me to suck your ... your thing Toby?”

Leaning back so I could see her face I was grinning when I said, “Kathy always goes for it right away and I know you did that with Ray.” Her cheeks reddened further. “But older girls (I almost said women) like a little more um ... mystery about it. They’re more romantic.”

I smiled, kissed her forehead and nose then said, “You’re such a sweet girl Rosie and I know you want to please me.” She smiled upward with a tiny but nervous nod of her head. I kissed her eyelids the way Sister Natalie liked me to do hers.” She giggled. “Let’s get your top off,” I said and pulled her t-shirt out of her denim pants—the kind with a gusseted waistband—and pulled it up over her belly. “Lift up your arms sweetie,” I said as I pulled her shirt over her head and off her arms. She immediately crossed them over her tiny breasts that were clad in the next progression from a training bra.

There was an air of panic in her voice when she said, “I’ve never had my shirt off with a boy before.”

“Not even Ray?”

Her face colored again. “We ... um ... did it with my shirt on.” Taking hold of her wrists I gently pulled her resisting arms away and she blushed as she told me, “There’s not much there for you to look at Toby” her face turning deeper crimson. “Kathy has a lot bigger bosoms than I do.”

With a genial smile and warm chuckle I said, “You look like Peter Pan, Rosie. Your breasts are like a fairy’s, so petite and delicious looking.” Sister Natalie had advised me to always say something nice about a girl’s breasts. “Do you think they will feel nice against my bare chest?” She lowered her eyes, captured her lower lip in her teeth and seemed to be getting redder. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it on the moss. When she looked up her eyes were wide, full of both fear and anticipation. Reaching around her back I undid the hook of her bra, pinched the straps from her shoulders and let the delicate garment fall among the green and blue fabric of our shirts and pants on the ground. Pulling us close I pushed my chest against hers, flattening her tiny breasts between us. With a sigh I said, “Oh Rosie, doesn’t this feel great?”

Her “YES” was an almost ragged shout as her body quivered.

Hugging her while she was still shaking I said, “Do you realize that you had an orgasm Rosie?” How many fourteen year old boys know about orgasms? I was one of the lucky ones.

Her response was an extended exhale that said, “Something happened Toby, I’m tingling all over.” Our hands were now moving and exploring each other’s bare skin. She laughed and said, “My n-nipples are numb like when my foot goes to sleep.” In an almost reverential voice she said, “You seem to know just what to do to make me feel good Toby. You’re so much gentler than...”

“I know Rosie,” I said, not wanting her to feel badly about speaking negatively about Ray. We were all new at this and there was no point in comparing, which I was reluctant to do anyway. It’s just important for me to make YOU feel good Rosie.”

I turned her so her back was to my chest, cupped her puffies and pulled her back tightly against me while I kissed the side of her neck. I felt so sophisticated while I silently thanked Sister Natalie for what she taught me. I kissed her ear and whispered, “You’re such an exciting girl Rosie,” and gently fondled her under-defined nipples, caressing them like I was holding a baby sparrow between my fingers and thumbs.

Shuddering again she said, “Oh my.” I pushed the bulge of my fully erect penis into the cleft of her bottom as I smoothed the flattened palm of my right hand on her tummy, knifing my fingers underneath the gusset of her pants. When they touched the elastic of her cotton panties I said, “Suck your tummy in Rosie.” She did and I eased my fingers to her hairless mound, gently scratching its puffiness with my fingernails.

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