by Mark Cane

Copyright© 2018 by Mark Cane

Fan Fiction Sex Story: A weird sex fantasy that takes place on Chesapeake Shore. It is populated by characters from TV and a premier movie. One of the protagonists is non human.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Lesbian   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Public Sex   .

Angie stretched luxuriously on the sandy Chesapeake Shore. Her clothes lay in a neat pile beside her. Although the beach was deserted she chose to keep her underwear on. Her neat white brassiere and matching panties could easily be taken for a swimming costume at a distance. Many girls would have taken off their bra and sunbathed topless, but Angie shuddered at the mere thought that there might be someone with high powered binoculars observing her small but perfectly formed breasts from afar. Besides, sunbathing topless was forbidden by State Ordnance and Angie was a law abiding young lady. It had been oft times said that butter would not melt in her mouth. Angie was on a field trip with her high school class, but most of the other kids had elected to go on a visit coordinated with the nearby naval base at Norfolk on Chesapeake Bay. They would not be back yet and she would make sure that she was dressed before they got back. She certainly didn’t want Jimmy Mercer and Tim Myersfield ogling her in her undies, giving them something to think about as they jerked off.

Angie must have dozed off because suddenly a shout roused her from her tranquil relaxation.

“Hey look guys, it’s Angie. She’s just wearing her bra and pants.”

Angie looked up, startled and horrified to see 20 teenagers racing across the beach, their feet kicking up the sand as they sped towards her. Oh no! This was unbearable. Angie knew she simply didn’t have time to put on her T shirt and shorts before the cheering kids reached her. She looked desperately round for an escape route. In her moment of panic her next move was not very logical. Had she had time to think it through she might have taken a different course of action. Unfortunately time did not allow her time to think through the consequences of her decision. Next to her was an inflatable raft. The sort they sell at beachside shops for kids to play with on at the beach. Angie quickly launched the raft into the sea and leaped aboard. The momentum of the launch propelled the raft away from the Chesapeake shore into the ocean.

“Angie’s topless,” yelled Jimmy Mercer. “She hasn’t got a bra on,” he added to emphasise his observation.

Angie looked down. Sure enough she was wearing only a pair of panties. Her face turned pink as she desperately tried to cover her breasts with her hands. She didn’t recall taking her top it off. When did she remove it? Where is it? The unspoken question was answered by Tim Myersfield who shrieked with laughter as he picked up the missing item of clothing and held it against his chest as if covering his own breasts. “Look at me Angie. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

“Yeah show us your tits, girl.” Chorused the gang.

Two of the boys jumped into the sea and began to swim toward the raft. Angie picked up the little plastic paddle and started to push it through the water, putting distance between her and the shore. Soon the swimming boys gave up the chase and Angie on her toy raft was out at sea. The little paddle was no match for the wind and the currents and Angie was at the mercy of nature’s peccadilloes.

The change in direction of travel started slowly, imperceptibly. The little craft began to move slowly on a flow tide but then an undertow had the dramatic effect of pulling the inflatable this way and that. The sea frothed and foamed and the raft spun and rolled in the breakers. Angie was spun overboard and sank beneath the swell. Angie could not feel the sea bed and the surface was elusive. Panic started to set in when suddenly a firm hand grabbed her wrist and yanked her to the surface. A young woman, wearing nothing but a black leather two-piece swim suit pulled her effortlessly to the sandy beach.

“Thank you,” wheezed a breathless Angie. “I thought I was a goner.”

“My pleasure,” replied Angie’s rescuer, her eyes appraising Angie’s naked breasts.

“Hey I know you,” gasped Angie. You’re Kalinda! Kalinda Sharma from The Good Wife.”

“That’s right, Angie.” Kalinda smiled knowingly, almost sardonically.

“I’ve always wanted to meet you,” stammered Angie.

Kalinda’s smile turned to a frown as she looked Angie up and down. “You’re a cute kid Angie, I know you want me, but I like my women to have some experience - to give as good as they get. I’m sorry kid, but you’re just not up to it.”

“But I am. I mean I know what to do Kalinda. Just give me a chance. That’s all I ask. I’ll do anything you want Kalinda.”

Kalinda cocked he head to one side and looked Angie up and down again. “Come here. Come closer.”

Mesmerised, Angie slowly covered the short distance between herself and Kalinda. It was hard to interpret Kalinda’s inscrutable gaze. She searched Kalinda’s brown eyes for a clue. Was Kalinda interested in her sexually or was she mocking her teenage nativity? Kalinda put her arms around the teenager and drew her close. Their lips met and Angie thrilled to feel Kalinda’s tongue probe between her own slightly open lips. Angie put her arms around Kalinda and fumbled for the catch on her leather bra. Kalinda eased away momentarily to allow her unclipped top to fall onto the sand. Their bare breasts pressed together as the they French kissed. Angie clenched her buttocks as Kalinda slipped her fingers down the back of her panties. “Relax,” instructed Kalinda with a soft whisper. Angie surrendered and Kalinda’s finger slid down the crease between the two soft globes and found it’s way into Angie’s teenage bottom.


“I’m not hurting you, am I?”

Angie caught her breath “No. No. It’s fine.” Kalinda, her favourite character from The Good Wife, was fingering her ass. She had rescued her from the sea and now she was kissing her and doing wonderful things down her panties.

The finger pressed deeper and Angie could feel the thrill in her vagina. Kalinda’s finger expertly worked Angie’s bottom while their tongues intertwined. “Oh, you’re making me cum.” Gasped Angie as she pushed back on Kalinda’s finger. Their mouths locked together as Kalinda slowly removed her finger. They both laughed and flopped down on the warm sand.

Angie looked at Kalinda’s breasts, wondering if she should take the initiative and caress them. Then, before she could do anything she saw a movement in the outer periphery of her vision. Something was moving just below the surface of the water. It was a creature of some sort. Not a shark, she was sure of that. It was more like a lizard. Then it stood up and ... Holy cow ... she could see that it had the shape of a man, but with the scales and appearance of a lizard.

“Look out Kalinda it’s getting out of the water. Oh shit it’s gonna get us.”

Kalinda looked at the creature calmly and showed no sign of wanting to move. Angie was on her feet and ready to run. “Sit down, Angie. That’s Aquaman. He’s my friend. He won’t hurt you.” Kalinda turned to the creature and beckoned it over. The creature made a guttural sound, that may have been a sign of pleasure. As the creature moved on two legs the sun shimmered on it’s fishlike scales. At first glance the scales looked grey, but as they caught the light from different angles they shone in shades of violet and emerald green.

“It’s looking at me Kalinda,” panicked Angie. The creatures head was human in shape, but the features lizard-like. The look in it’s eyes was not unfriendly. Curious might be an apt description.

“He wants to be your friend, Angie. You’ll make me jealous.” Kalinda pouted her lips. “Don’t you dare steal my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? You don’t mean ... do you?”

“Have sex with him? Believe me, Miss Innocent, Aquaman is a hell of a lot more fun than Cary Agos.”

“You’ve fucked Cary Agos, Kalinda? I knew you’d fucked Peter Florrick but Cary?”

“Yeah” the corner of Kalinda’s mouth turned down in a frown. “He’d been trying to get into my panties for ages and finally I owed him a favour and let him have me. He was okay I guess,” Kalinda shrugged, “but nothing special. Not like Aquaman - he’s just great. Thing with Cary, he’s okay if you just want a leisurely Sunday afternoon fuck then Cary’s your boy. Nothing fancy, nice average cock, but pure vanilla. If you want a butt fuck, then forget it. Now Aquaman - Well that’s another story.

“But how? I mean he hasn’t, huh, he hasn’t got an er, appendage.” Angie stared at the creature’s groin, which was just a continuation of it’s scaly belly. No sign of any genitalia at all.

Kalinda gave another of her sardonic smiles and beckoned the sea creature over. Aquaman gave a grunt of what could easily have been anticipation as he lumbered awkwardly over. He was clearly more at home in the water than on land.

Kalinda fumbled in the area of the creature’s crotch and an almost invisible flap of scaly skin slid to one side and a worm-like appendage came into view. Kalinda wrapped her around the little tail and caressed it expertly. The worm became a snake - scaly and glistening in the same way as Aquaman’s other scales, shimmering between lilac and sea green. The snake grew before Angie’s eyes. It was on average only about an inch in diameter at its widest point but was at least two feet long. There was no penis head as such, but the appendage terminated in almost a point, like a spear. “Here feel it,” ordered Kalinda.

“What me? No way. I can’t...”

Kalinda took Angie’s wrist and guided her hand to the snake-like appendage. Angie touched the thing cautiously with one finger. It felt just like a snake she had held at a zoo some years ago. Aquaman grunted in pleasure at her touch. “Stroke it Angie,” urged Kalinda. “He wants you to stroke him.” Hesitantly Angie clasped her hand around the creature’s penis. She could feel the sinuous member ripple in her fingers.

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