Start Every Day With a Smile
Chapter 6

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 6 - Lucy Draven has an emptiness inside her after losing her husband. When she doesn't think that void can ever be filled along comes Roman Marks, a man that seems to possess the qualities of her late husband.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

Roman arrives at the bungalow early and is about to knock when the door swings open. Lucy, smiling and wearing an oversized shirt, greets him warmly with a hug and a deep kiss.

“Good morning,” he says happily. “Did you sleep well?”

“Most definitely,” she answers, stepping back. “I went to sleep right after you left and slept all through the night.”

“I take it that you don’t have a swimsuit under that,” he surmises, tipping his head as if trying to sneak a peek.

“Nope.” Lucy shakes her head and smiles devilishly. She lifts the edge of the shirt up to show that she isn’t wearing anything. Roman licks his lips in anticipation. “I’m as naked under here are you’re going to be.”

Hand and hand, they cross the warm sand to the wave lapping gently onto the shore. Roman strips off his shorts and when he looks up, Lucy is tossing her oversized shirt into the sand. “Last time we did it in the sand, how about today we do it in the surf?”

The man shrugs and offers her a grin. “Remember, I’m just trying to keep up.”

Lucy giggles and sits down on the wet sand, spreading her legs in invitation and holding her arms out to him. Roman quickly drops to his knees, his cock already hard and instantly pointed directly at her twinkling entrance. He moves forward, leaning in to kiss her warmly. His rigid prick slides up her hot thigh. Lucy wraps her legs round him, begging him to fuck her. Roman shoves his pelvis forward to acquiesce to her request. She utters a gasp when his cockhead breaches her opening and then sighs deeply when he penetrates her completely with one lunge.

“Yes, fuck me,” she coos. “Fuck me hard.”

Not wasting any time, Roman begins plunging deeply into her streaming depths, withdrawing to the tip and then retreating just as quickly as he can. The eroticism of the beach, the public and this woman’s lust is too much and he knows he isn’t going to last long. “Fuck, I’m not going to last.”

“Then cum, baby,” Lucy urges. “Fill me with your cream.”

Roman plunges again and again into the hot depth of the wailing woman and in short order he is pushing his hot cum deep into her. He thrusts into her as hard as he can, connecting to her to become one. He holds Lucy tight, waiting for the final drops of his cum to spurt onto the back wall of her womb. She tightens her grip on him as well, holding her breath and pushing herself over the edge.

Their breathing comes in gasps as they try to regain control of it, holding each other tightly, still locked together. A moment later, Roman hisses her gently and Lucy changes her grip from a life or death hold to a warm embrace, rubbing his shoulders while her tongue twists with his.

“Someday, I’m just going to explode into nothingness.” She giggles. “This just keeps getting better. I’m never letting you go.”

“In that case I’ll just have to accept my fate as your lover,” he quips. “But we do have a lifetime ahead to experiment.”

“Most definitely,” she agrees. “There are so many things we can try. Oh, you are so wonderful. You’re so open and anxious to please.”

His grin gets bigger. “The more pleasure you receive, the more I do too.”

“Mmm, you keep growing in me like this you’re never going to get to work,” she muses. “Oh, I wish there was a way to just keep you inside me.”

“Then that would be boring, love,” he chuckles. “You wouldn’t have anything to look forward to and you wouldn’t be so excited every time I see you.” He leans down latching onto a nipple and biting it gently. He feels her hot juices again and is satisfied that he took her to orgasm yet again. But now it is time for him to get to work. Reluctantly he slips out of her. “I’m going to need a shower this time. I can already feel the sand getting ready to irritate me.”

They gather their miniscule clothing and head back to the bungalow. Lucy turns down the offer to shower with him because they might not make it out in time. Instead, she opts to sit on the bed, watching him. Not touching herself is one of the hardest things she has had to do, but she manages to resist. When the water cuts off, Lucy jumps from the bed to the kitchen area.

When he comes out, Roman is wrapped in a towel, his hot body steaming and dripping with water. Lucy smiles at him, resisting the urge to just jump him. “I finally went out and got a coffee maker. I like coffee and you like coffee. I figured we could save time for other activities and drink it here.”

“That sounds wonderful,” he says, closing the distance between them and kisses her deeply. He runs his hands over her back and down her ass. He quickly grasps it, pulling her tightly to him, a move she doesn’t resist in the least.

“Do we have time?” she asks. “I’m ready if you are.”

“You’re always ready and you always get me,” he states with a smile. “Where would you like to do it this time?”

“How about right here on the counter,” she suggests. “We haven’t done anything here yet.”

Roman nods and picks her up by the waist, sitting her on the edge, her legs dangling over. Lucy reaches out to grasp the counter with her hands. He releases the tucked in part of his towel and frees his erection. The counter is the perfect height, so he takes her legs and lifts them onto his shoulders. Lucy leans back against the wall, giving him a nod to let him know she is ready. Roman pushes the oversized shirt up, giving him access to her breasts, standing so that the tip of his shaft brushes the insides of her thighs. In his hurry, he immediately pushes forward, entering her well fucked pussy.

“Push it all the way in,” she demands.

He backs out and raises his cock slightly so that when he pushes forward it slices through her clit covering to rub her nub.

“Fuck, Roman,” she complains. “Fuck me, don’t tease me.”

The man repeats the sliding motion along her clit a few more times, eliciting loud growls from the woman. He smiles and finally enters her completely.

“That’s it you teasing fuck,” she howls. “Yes ... yes...”

Once he is in her, he instantly begins to seriously fuck her. In and out, faster and harder, Roman holds her by the waist with her legs settled securely over his shoulders as he plunges desperately into her pulsating pussy. In less time than on the beach, he is shooting his hot seed into her womb.

“Oh fuck,” she breathes. “I can feel your cum.”

His orgasm seems to trigger hers and seconds later he feels her hot juices bathing his already boiling cock, encouraging him to press fully into her. A few moments later, they are again breathing almost normally with Roman leaning over to kiss her belly and breasts.

“You are fantastic and you taste delicious,” he says, looking up between the valley of her chest. “And as much as I’d love to keep enjoying you, I’ve got to go.”

His cock slowly slips out of her wet cunt and she leans forward the kiss him warmly. “I guess I won’t see you for a couple days.”

“Hopefully when I do come back, I’ll have my hover bike license.”

“Really?” she asks.

“Really,” he answers. He kisses her lightly one more time and then leaves.

Though she isn’t going to see Roman for a few days, Lucy isn’t alone. Brea is back for good. They have dinner and shop a little, spending some quality mother and daughter time before returning home to the bungalow. Brea makes coffee using the new machine while the two converse about everything that has happened over the past week.

“So who is he?” Brea asks. When Lucy only gives her a lift of her eyebrow, she continues, “You know, this guy that is getting you so hot.”

“I didn’t think it showed that much,” Lucy says.

“Besides the fact I know you better than anyone, you mentioned him already before,” Brea informs her. “Plus, you weren’t yourself when we were shopping. You haven’t been like this since Daddy.”

“Well, he’s very anxious to please,” Lucy offers.

Brea scoops up the two cups of coffee and sits at the pub table. “Tell me all about him.”

“His name is Roman and he works in advertising,” Lucy begins. I bumped into him the day before you came in. We talked and after he got off work, we fucked.”

“Damn, Mom,” she says surprised. “On the first day?”

“The very first day and every day since,” Lucy admits, and then she smiles. “Sometimes multiple times a day.”

“Sounds like fun,” Brea murmurs.

“Oh it is,” her mother agrees.

“What have you told him about me?”

“I told him about you finishing up college and us moving in together so that we can be closer.” Lucy shrugs. “It’s mostly the truth.”

“When do you plan to introduce me?” Brea asks, giving her mother a serious look.

“You’re the one worried about having to fuck him,” Lucy protests.

“I’m just worried about losing you, Mom,” Brea concedes.

Lucy drops off the chair and grabs her daughter’s hand, pulling her to the sofa. She reaches out to wrap her arms around her daughter, kissing her warmly on the cheek. “You won’t lose me, Brea—never, ever. And if he accepts us, which I suspect he will, we’ll always have him.”

The two women move their conversation outside to the deck to watch Prion’s twin suns sink into the ocean. They talk about their new lives here and all the places they’d like to visit. Once the coffee dries out and darkness settles in, they head back inside.

“It’s getting late,” Brea observes. “I’m ready to have a lazy couple days. This move has been hectic.”

Lucy agrees and together they get everything shut down, undress and climb into the bed with each other. Brea reaches over to kiss her mother but Lucy brings her daughter into a warm embrace. They kiss gently, mouths slightly open, tongues barely touching.

“Good night,” Brea says. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Same to you, sweetie,” Lucy counters.

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