Start Every Day With a Smile
Chapter 5

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 5 - Lucy Draven has an emptiness inside her after losing her husband. When she doesn't think that void can ever be filled along comes Roman Marks, a man that seems to possess the qualities of her late husband.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

When Roman walks up to Lucy’s bungalow, he is relieved to see that her lights are on. He walks up to her door and knocks lightly.

Almost instantly Lucy opens the door, smiling broadly and says cheerily, “Good morning.”

“Good morning yourself,” he replies, taking her in his arms for a deep, slow kiss. When he releases her, she rests against him for a moment.

“Do we need towels?” she asks.

“I don’t think we’re going to worry about needing towels,” he says, eyes narrowing “unless you have other plans today.”

“I haven’t had any jobs lined up for a while,” Lucy confirms. “Since ... well, I plan to get settled in with my daughter before I start picking up work again.”

“Then everything is set,” Roman says, pulling away from her.

“Ready when you are then.” Lucy smiles and steal a glance toward the pristine blue water in the distance.

Roman grins and pats her ass. “Have you been in it yet?”

“Not yet,” she says, catching his eyes. “Yesterday was technically my first day in my new place. I set everything up back home. Signing the paperwork was the only thing I couldn’t do.”

He grabs her hand and begins pulling her toward the water. “Where is your daughter?”

“She’s finishing up a few things for me.” Lucy looks around, happy that there are only a few people in the water. From what she learned about the planet, Prion GC3 is a tourist planet, but usually not busy in the off season. Hence why the barista said not many people actually stop to enjoy the view. She understands that the people living here probably are used to the sights, but Lucy could never get used to any of it. “She should be finished by this weekend and her at our new home.”

“You’ve got a small place,” Roman comments. “I’d expect at least a one bedroom or two.”

“That’s a story for a different time,” Lucy says quietly.

“Well, when you want to tell me about it, I’ll listen.” He stops and looks down at her. “I’m wondering, are you wearing your bathing suit under there?”

“No, but that’s where the fun is,” she says, grinning. Lucy quickly strips off her clothes until she is stark naked. “I picked this beach and planet because of their nude beaches.”

“You had this planned the whole time, didn’t you?” Roman asks, looking at her like he knows that is exactly it.

“Well, you are the one that asked to go for a swim.” She gives him a kiss on the cheek and starts for the water. “I hope you don’t get shy one me,” she calls over her shoulder.

Roman chuckles and follows suit, stripping down completely. Lucy watches, her eyes never leaving him. The twin suns shine on his skin, highlighting his taut muscles. He reminds the woman of her husband a lot, but Roman looks godlier though. Lucy feels herself getting wet just from looking at him and she blushes. This is the excitement she misses. Roman slowly enters the water, taking his time letting the cool liquid take his body and knowing that Lucy is taking in every detail of his body in the process.

The two swim and cuddle, play and talk. The beach never crowds and the suns don’t get too hot. It’s paradise! After a couple hours Lucy decides that she cannot hold herself back from Roman any longer. “All this talk and foreplay has me wanting you, Roman. How is it that you do this to me?”

“Are you complaining?” he asks with a grin.

“Certainly not,” Lucy replies. “But it is remarkable. You realize that you have to fuck me before we get out of this water, right?”

“In that case, you better get over here.” Roman grabs Lucy and pulls her into him.

She giggles. “Just like a couple of teenagers.” The man positions himself between her legs. She reaches forward and pulls him to her, murmuring, “Roman, I’m so fucking horny. Fuck me, please.” Then she kisses him, open mouthed, tongue invading his mouth. Lucy’s hands pull his head hard against her.

Roman’s hands slip to her belly, caressing it and her sides. He answers her kiss passionately while moving his hands upward to over her breasts with his palms. Her hands in return stroke his rock hard cock. She is moaning into his mouth. Lucy slides down further into the water, pulling him closer. Roman moves his hands to support himself while she guides him toward her entrance. Lucy wraps her legs around him breathing heavily. He shoves forward, making contact with her folds. Pressing forward with the lithe woman locked onto him, he spears her completely.

“Oh fuck yes!” she cries, gripping him tightly.

The man begins to pump deeply into her, going harder and deeper with each penetration. Lucy answers by urging him on, thrusting back. Being locked onto him with her arms and legs gives her grip to do so. And as he speeds up his thrusts, she begins to beat on his back with her tiny fists, compelling him further. Roman thrusts his hips forward and back as rapidly and as fiercely as he can.

Lucy’s voice changes suddenly, becoming deeper and more urgent. “Harder, Roman.” She explodes, her hips moving wildly. Her mouth plasters against his and she screams into it. Her hot juices bath his thrusting member.

Roman can’t hold back either. He pours his hot cum deep into her. He pushes forward with all his strength, trying to pound her into the soft sand beneath the churning water. They strain together, suspended at the precipice of the climax before facing the long decent back to reality. Their chests heave in conjunction with one another. They cling together, locked in place. And when their breathing finally returns to something near normalcy, Roman kisses his lover lovingly.

“You are the greatest,” he says, breathlessly.

“So are you,” she says. ‘So are you.”

Roman shifts, beginning to pull himself out of her and immediately get a whimper of protest from her. In an instant he is out and Lucy is pulling his face down to hers, kissing him again. When they break, he casts his gaze toward the shore. Silently he grabs Lucy’s hand and guides her back. They scoop up their clothes and head back to her bungalow.

“Thank you for a wonderful morning,” he says, smiling.

“The morning is not over yet,” Lucy says when they reach the stairs.

“I would love to stay, but I have to get to work,” Roman says regretfully.

The woman smiles at him. “Your loss, she says, walking up to the door, purposely swinging her hips. Roman doesn’t leave until the door closes.

Roman had intended to work through lunch just to get finished up earlier, but after this morning’s fun he threw that idea out. And the moment it is time for lunch, he is rushing out of the office. Staying fit is important for the man and today he is glad for it. It doesn’t take him long to race to the beach and right up to her front door. He knocks lightly and a moment later, Lucy answers with only a smile and a robe.

“I had a feeling that I’d see you for lunch,” she murmurs. And before Roman can even close the door, she is sliding into his arms, wrapping her arms tightly around his neck, kissing him fiercely. He returns her kiss, wrapping her tightly in his arms. With a short kick, the door clicks shut.

When she finally broke the kiss, Lucy says, “I was beginning to get hungry. I’m so glad you brought me something to munch on.” She reaches down to unzip his pants. In a moment her hand is inside his underwear and grasping his already growing member.

She kneels in front of him and releases the monster from its constraints. Lucy places her lips on the tip and starts kissing and licking the hardening tool. With his cock firmly in her mouth, the woman shrugs out of the robe, revealing her naked body. Roman’s prick grows as she sucks and caresses it. Her small hand wraps around the shaft, moving up and down, while her lips and tongue work on the large head, pushing it in and out of her warm cavity. In only a few minutes, Lucy feels his cock throbbing and knows that he is nearing the point of no return. The woman suddenly releases his ironclad rod and stands, then walks the few steps to the sofa and leans over the back of it. Bent forward from the waist, she spreads her legs invitingly.

Looking over her shoulder, Lucy grins and calls to him. “Come and get your desert. It’s hot and ready.”

Roman can’t believe what is happening but decides quickly to take her up on her offer. He moves forward and sands behind her with his hands on her ass and his cock just inches from her dripping cunt.

She wiggle before him, urging him on. “Come on, fuck me now.”

Roman leans forward and the tip of his shaft makes contact with her nether lips. A little more pressure and it is inside her. Then pressing deeper and deeper, the man thrusts his hips pelvis forward.

“Fuck yesss,” she hisses.

Roman pushes in as far as he can, pressing his lover against the sofa cushions. She braces herself, then commands him to fuck her hard and fast. He adjusts his hands to grip her waist firmly before withdrawing himself. When just the head is still inside her, he thrusts back in, pressing hard.

“Holy fuck!” she gasps. The man withdraws and thrusts powerfully again. “Oh fuck yes!” she cries. “Fuck me just like that!”

With each thrust, Lucy grunts and groans. Roman holds her waist firmly while pounding himself into her warm velvety folds. Suddenly, he changes his tactic. When he withdraws, Roman nearly stops moving before reentering her only halfway. Then he withdraws again. He starts a series of these short thrusts.

“Oh no,” she protests. “Don’t you dare tease me like that.”

After a few shallow strokes, Roman returns to the deep, powerful thrusts she loves, causing her to moan loudly with delight. Since they already had a lovely time this morning, he is able to control his lust more. In this position, the way his member rubs inside of her, he is in even greater control. Gripping, her waist, the man plans his assault. Slow and shallow, then fast and deep, then slow and shallow again.

After several repeats of this process, the woman is screaming for him to make her orgasm. “No more teasing!” she screams. “Make me cum!”

Finally, Roman cannot control his own urges anymore and starts to seriously thrust deep into his wailing lover. She feels the change in his thrusts and in the size of his cock.

“Oh yes, that’s it,” she says breathlessly. “Fuck me good and hard, baby!” He begins to race in and out of her hot cunt, his cock growing slightly larger and harder with each and every thrust. And after a few more strokes, she is near her climax. “Do it. Do it. Do it,” she chants. “I’m close. Oh fuck, I’m there!”

She screams when her orgasm strikes her. Roman can’t hold out against the torrent of smoldering juices that pour over him and coats the inside of her raging pussy. Lucy feels the sticky hot fluid enter her and screams again, wiggling her body viciously, pushing back into him. She collapses over the back of the sofa, Roman’s hands at her waist the only thing keeping her from going over. He holds her tight, not wanting to remove himself from her steaming depth. He holds her tenderly, waiting for their breathing to slow.

“Oh wow,” she groans. “That was the best fuck ever.”

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