Start Every Day With a Smile
Chapter 4

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 4 - Lucy Draven has an emptiness inside her after losing her husband. When she doesn't think that void can ever be filled along comes Roman Marks, a man that seems to possess the qualities of her late husband.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

Roman sits back in his chair, reaching for his coffee cup. As he takes a sip, he begins to reflect on recent events. Not only was coming here from Cueria a life changer, but meeting a beautiful woman so soon is the topping on the cake. I hope this hasn’t been a dream. Waking up now would be absolutely horrible.

Breaking him from his thoughts is the beeping of his communicator. He reaches over and hits a button. Above the device a green hologram of Lucy appears. “Hey, Roman,” she says with a small wave. “I just wanted to call to say thank you and that you are wonderful.”

“Just say what’s on your mind, Lucy,” he instructs with a lopsided grin. “Please don’t beat around the bush. And are you sure that you mean me and not just a specific part of me? After all, we just met yesterday.”

“Yes, I know that,” she says quickly. “And I mean the whole of you.”

“Well, it’s only been a few hours,” he laughs, disguising the fact that he is thinking about her. “How are you doing?”

“Fabulous,” she answers. “I wouldn’t trade today for anything on this world of the next. My whole body is still reminding me of you. Are you free for dinner tonight?”

“Does dinner include food?” he asks. “I seem to have used up the energy I had from breakfast.”

“Of course it means food,” Lucy says sarcastically. “I’m not a nympho. I’ll even let you pick the place.”

“I don’t know any place to eat except the little dinner right around the corner from my apartment,” he explains.

“Then meet me at my place and I’ll take us someplace good,” she compromises.

“I’ll be there,” he says.

“I’ll see you there.”

The hologram disappears and leaves Roman alone with the silence of his office.

Prion’s twin suns are setting by the time Roman leaves the office. He quickly heads to her bungalow on the beach where the view is even more spectacular. He takes a moment to enjoy the setting suns as their rays of light splash across the water. There is only one thing more beautiful than the sight before him and that is of Lucy standing at the door to her bungalow.

“Hello,” she says walking down the short set of steps onto the sand and over to him. She leans up to kiss him.

Roman returns her kiss lightly and says, “Hello yourself.”

“I’m sure you’re hungry,” Lucy observes.

Roman nods. “I’m famished.”

“Well, I know of a cute little place close to here,” she says, lacing her fingers between his.

A few minutes later they are seated next to each other in a booth, examining the menu. Lucy’s hand in on his thigh with her leg pressed against his. Roman’s arm is stretched across her upper back with his hand nearly touching her breast. Roman can smell the fresh scent of her with each inhale and he thinks of how he has never smelled anything so lovely. After a few minutes a waitress comes by the table and they place their order. The woman shifts in the booth to face her lover more directly.

“Roman, we have to talk seriously, but there is so much to say I don’t know where to start.” Lucy looks at him like a helpless child, looking for someone to guide her.

“You talk,” he offers. “Ask questions. I would much rather here you speak about you more than I would of me. I think as far as compatibility goes, we’ve got the sexual aspect down.”

“Yes, we certainly do have that,” she agrees. “If you have any questions don’t forget to ask.”

Roman nods. “Agreed.”

“Well, I was married once to a marine in the Galactic Alliance,” she begins. “We were newlyweds with our whole life ahead of us. We planned for a child and where we would live our lives once he retired.”

“Is this where your daughter comes from?” he asks.

“No,” she says. “That’s a long story.”

Roman get to hint not to push the matter. Instead he hugs her closer and asks, “What happened to your husband

“There was a training accident,” Lucy says, holding back the tears that threaten to pour out. “And I have spent the last year mourning him. I never thought love could be possible until I ran into you on the street.”

“So it was love at first sight then?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at her.

Lucy begins tracing small circle on the inside of his thigh. “You can say that.”

The fire that blazes within them glows brighter, and both know that at any moment it could explode. They quickly eat their food and pay, wasting no time in getting back to Lucy’s bungalow. She unlocks the door and opens it wide to allow him to follow her in. Roman closes the door behind them.

“You didn’t ask anything about me,” the man acknowledges.

Lucy comes close and puts her arms around his neck. She being to kiss him lightly, speaking between kisses. “If that’s ... what you want ... you can ... talk later.”

Roman gives up and kisses her back hungrily, his hands roaming over her back and ass. She responds to his movement by pressing her pussy hard against his hardening erection and by thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth.

“I could take you right here,” he murmurs.

“As exciting as that sounds...” Lucy lets go of him and starts to walk toward the bed, undressing herself along the way. “ ... but the floor is a bit hard for my taste.”

By the time they reach the bed they are both naked. Lucy turns to embrace her lover. She kisses him, open mouthed, tongue to tongue, without saying another word. While they kiss, Roman begins mover her backward, toward the edge of the bed. When she feels hers legs touch, Lucy breaks the kiss and just holds him, breathing heavily. Her hand brushes along his arm, over the indention of his serial number. His muscular body is beautiful, far more than she thought it would be. But for Lucy, the beauty isn’t on the outside, but the inside. He is everything she wanted. Roman lays her on the bed, moving her body to the middle while remaining between her legs. He leans forward and takes a breast in his mouth, eliciting a moan from her as her hands clasp behind his head, pressing him firmly to her breast. The man begins to lick and suck her breast, running his tongue around the nipple. Each flick of his tongue across it causes the woman to moan.

After spending some time on the one, Roman moves to repeat the procedure on the other one. “We don’t want to neglect anything, now do we?”

“Oohh, nooo,” she purrs. “Not at all.” Lucy begins moaning in earnest now, begging him to continue. “Oh, Roman. Suck it. Lick it. Oh fuck, bite it.” She thrashes around on the bed, making him hold her firmly to keep from losing her breast. Then he moves downward, licking and kissing down her belly to the spot just above her clit. Her hips pump up and down rapidly, fucking the very air. “Please don’t make me wait.”

Roman sits back on his heels between her legs with his knees nearly under her ass. His pulsating member is rock hard and standing straight out before him like a ballistic missile.

Lucy opens her eyes and asks, “What’s the matter?”

He grins at her and replies, “Nothing.” Roman then leans forward and grasps the twisting, moaning woman by the hips and pulls her slowly toward himself. While her ass slides up his thighs, his cock edged closer and closer to her steaming cunt. She is mesmerized. The sight of his monster erection poised just inches from her drenched pussy is intoxicating.

Fuck, that thing is huge! She grins. “Fucking put it in me,” she demands. Put that beautiful monster inside me! Her hunger grows as the beast inches closer to her devouring channel. He pulls the woman ever so closer until the tip of his shaft touches her nether lips. “Push it in!” she wails. Still moving slowly, Roman pulls her onto him. As he does, his rigid member slides deeper and deeper into her effusively wet, waiting cunt. Fuck! That is so delicious!

Lucy moans when his monstrous prick fills her. As each inch disappears from view inside her, she begs him to hurry, yet Roman moves very deliberately. When he is finally completely inside her, she locks her legs around him to trap him there. He places his hands flat on her belly and begins a slow massage up and down, around in circles along her body. The woman’s head falls back to the bed, her eyes closed. Her body begins to sway and buck under his hands. Lucy moans softly with each shift of his hands on her forces his abnormal cock to contact the inside of her in different ways. Her hips begin to bump and grind in earnest, moving faster and faster. Roman moves his hands in time with her hips, brushing that spot above her clit again, but never quite touching the sensitive button. The woman is going absolutely mad with desire. Lucy moans louder with each circle of her hips. She begins chanting fuck me while he caresses her belly and mound before finally sliding his thumb through the valley to lightly press against her clit. Lucy explodes at his touch.

“Son of a bitch!” she shouts. Roman repeats his caress and she screams out again. “Oh fuck!”

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