Start Every Day With a Smile
Chapter 2

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 2 - Lucy Draven has an emptiness inside her after losing her husband. When she doesn't think that void can ever be filled along comes Roman Marks, a man that seems to possess the qualities of her late husband.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

The next morning, after a great night’s sleep, there is a knock on the door. Lucy, dressed in only a loose fitting blouse, pads barefoot to answer it. When she opens the door all she can see is a huge bouquet of exotic flowers. At first she thinks it is Roman, totally forgetting that her daughter would be here.

“Hi, Mom,” comes a voice from behind the flowers.

She opens the door wide and steps aside. “Is it that late already?”

Brea pokes her head around the flowers and smiles. “You must have had a good time. You never sleep late.”

Lucy laughs. “You just don’t know,” she says, ushering her daughter in and closing the door.

Brea places the flowers and her bag on the coffee table and then turns to face her mother. They hug and kiss warmly, their tongue lightly touching.

“It isn’t much, but it is the biggest single bungalow the beach has,” Lucy says. “Unless you think we should have upgraded.”

“It looks comfortable,” Brea says, looking around.

“Want some coffee?” her mother asks.

“That sounds great,” Brea answers with a smile. “I wanted to stop at one of the shops but then I thought about how you like coffee too.”

“Well, we have quite a bit of time, but I haven’t had the chance to get a coffee maker,” Lucy says. “How about we go to one of those places? I know of one that has a great view of the ocean and can be private.”

“A view that’s better than this?” Brea asks.

“A view of the entire bay,” Lucy says with a wink.

Mother and daughter take a seat on the balcony of one of the local coffee shops. Like Lucy said, the place offers a fairly private view of the ocean beyond the beaches. They are the only ones on the balcony. The lovely barista downstairs told them that it is visited rarely as it seems people are too busy these days to stop and enjoy the view.

“Well, what a nice surprise,” Lucy coos. “The view is spectacular up here.”

“I’m glad we chose to move here,” Brea remarks, taking a sip of her coffee. “Mmm, this tastes marvelous.”

“Yes, it is,” her mother confirms. “These are made from beans from Mount Demesne. But I thought I was the only marvelous taste in your life.”

“Mother!” Brea grimaces. “You know that’s only an expression. You know I am only faithful to you.”

“You are wonderful both in and out of bed,” Lucy says. “But your faithfulness is going to have to extend further.”

“I’m okay with that,” Brea says. “But right now, I’d like to spend my time with you.”

“Then how about you get rid of some of those clothes?” Lucy says with a wink. “You are wearing far too much.”

Brea pulls out her communicator and sets it on the table. In a few seconds music begins to filter out. The song is one that Lucy recognizes quickly as it was hers and her husband’s before becoming hers and her daughter’s. Brea is up on her feet, standing before her mother and closing her eyes. She starts to sway with the music, knowing that her mother is watching her every move. Lucy sits back in the chair and watches her daughter intently.

A thought suddenly strikes the woman of how Roman will probably be watching her in this same way before too long. The very thought of pretending to be him raises her blood pressure considerably. Lucy begins to see her daughter in a whole new way. While it’s true that Brea is just a modified clone of herself, she definitely has a sexiness that Lucy has never thought she had about herself.

By now her daughter is swaying to the music, running her hands slowly over her body in a most seductive manner. Lucy feels herself beginning to get wet and presses her hands to her thighs. Slow. Make it last. Brea is thinking the same things as she dances. She can see her mother licking her lips and pressing her hands to her thighs to try to control her lust. These moves only make Brea more determined to force her mother to lose control.

Brea begins to caress her breasts through her shirt, breathing heavily while she pinches her own nipples. Then, as slowly as she can, she begins to raise her shirt. Higher and higher it rises, until at last her nipples are peeking from inside the lace of her bra. The shirt comes off and Brea supports her breasts with her hands, offering them to her mother over the top of her bra. Lucy licks her lips rapidly and slides her hands between her thighs and then squeezing them together, her breathing coming on faster and faster.

Brea does a slow turn, showing her mother her back and then leans forward from the waist. This move has the desired effect. She can hear a low growl from her mother’s throat when she wiggles her ass seductively. Then Brea is straightening up and unsnapping her bra. Not letting it completely drop, she turns slowly toward Lucy and very slowly removes the garment, setting her breasts free.

Lucy catches her breath at the sight of her daughter’s chest. Those large nipples of hers are just begging to be licked and kissed. Brea lets her breasts jiggle for several long moments before continuing with the strip show. But Lucy can’t stand the tension any longer and removes her blouse, setting her breasts as free as her daughter’s. She caresses her own breasts in response to the heat that Brea’s show is generating in her. When her eyes close when she is pulling on her nipples, Brea suddenly stops the music.

Lucy’s eyes fly open. “What happened?” she asks quickly. “Did someone come up? Did we get caught?”

Brea steps over to where her mother is seated and stands in front of her, legs spread and hands on her hips. “I supposed to be the center of attention here,” she pouts. “I expect m audience to pay attention to me, not to be amusing themselves.”

Lucy reaches up with both hands and grasps her daughter’s nipples. She pinches them between her fingers until Brea bites her lip against the rising pain. “You’re too good for me to sit here without doing anything,” she whispers to Brea hoarsely. “Come here and kiss me.”

Brea leans forward and places her mouth on her mother’s, sliding her tongue into the warm, waiting receptacle. With the touch of Brea’s tongue, Lucy releases her daughter’s nipples and lightly caresses her breasts. This action causes the girl’s tongue to go wild inside her mother’s mouth. In the next instant, Brea is on her knees between Lucy’s legs, crushing her breasts into her mother’s.

When they come up for air, Brea says, “Speaking of getting caught, how about we take this back to the bungalow?”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Lucy agrees. When she begins to rise from her knees, she reaches forward and presses her knuckles into her daughter’s already hungry cunt. She rubs Brea’s wet folds with the back of her hand, through her panties and the girl freezes in place. She closes her eyes and holds her breath when the delicious feelings begin to build in her. After a few strokes, Lucy moves her hand away and says, “We better go now before I can’t hold back.”

Lucy slides out from under her daughter. Brea cannot believe the frustration that is building up in her. She needs release and she needs it soon. With great effort and Lucy dress hurriedly, leaving their coffees behind and race back to the beach. When they slip into the bungalow, Brea digs in her bag and pulls out her strap-on. The long, thick fake cock is attached to a base that fits nicely over her pussy. On the inside of the base is a smaller version of the phallus so that they both can feel something inside of them at the same time. Alongside it is a separate toy to be used by hand.

Lucy quickly undresses and when she sees that her daughter hasn’t undressed yet, she protests. “What’s taking you so long?” she asks. “I’m horny, damn it.”

Brea turns toward her mother and begins to slowly peel off her clothes. “I was just getting ready for the real fun.”

The two naked women face each other. Lucy holds out her arms and Brea comes forward. They embrace and kiss deeply, each of them running their hands over the warm body of the other. They are equal height, equal body shape. Their breasts mash hard against each other and their pussies rub when they press forward with their pelvises.

Lucy takes control of the action now. She begins kissing her daughter’s neck and ears, roaming her hands over Brea’s upper body. Her hands caress the girl’s back, ass and the sides of her waist. Brea is holding on to her mother and breathing very hard, her eyes closed and her pelvis bumping into Lucy’s as they stand by the bed.

“Lie down,” Lucy whispers into the girl’s ear. Brea obeys almost without releasing her mother from her grasp. “It’s my turn now,” Lucy whispers. “You just enjoy it.”

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