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Fantasy Sex Story: Prologue - Lucy Draven has an emptiness inside her after losing her husband. When she doesn't think that void can ever be filled along comes Roman Marks, a man that seems to possess the qualities of her late husband.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Cream Pie   Oral Sex  

Lucy wakes up with a start. Moon light comes through the window, bathing her bed in a soft glow. She casts a glance over to the other side of the bed, finding it surprisingly empty. Brea isn’t there. It doesn’t even look like has even been to bed. With a sigh, Lucy feels lonelier than ever. Brea isn’t supposed to be gone; she isn’t supposed to leave Lucy alone. Lucy begins to thinks awful thoughts, the same thoughts she had a year ago when suddenly she feels a hand touch her. Her head snaps around and she expects to see Brea standing there, but she isn’t—no one is. When Lucy looks back to the empty side of the bed, her eyes go wide.

There he is—Lucy’s husband! He is just inches away from her. His smell fills her nose. She opens her mouth to speak and she can hear him shush her, though nothing meets her ears. His hand glides up her side on top of the covers, lighting a trail of fire through her body. Lucy moans against her will, her eyes drifting almost closed. Then he is there, his mouth gentle and firm on hers. She kisses him back without thinking and the kiss becomes fiercer, nipping at each other’s lips. His hands wrap around her, pulling her closer to him and pressing her breasts tight to his chest.

The covers suddenly seem so confining. He agrees and pushes her away for a moment. Then he rips them aside, tossing them to the floor. His eyes settle on Lucy lying on her back with her shirt—his shirt—pushed up her legs, nearly exposing her. She can feel his hunger, his want. He slides up onto his knees, reaching up to tear his shirt over his head, his hair disheveled.

Still staring into his wife’s eyes, he reaches down and slides his hand up and over her legs, touching every inch. A moan sounds in Lucy’s mind as he feels their smoothness, memorizing every curve and bend. Lucy is putty in his hands, letting him part her legs slightly when he moves between them. His eyes never leave hers, his smile never falters. That smile that she has missed so much sends tremors through her just as his hands did.

His eyes finally leave Lucy’s to glide over her body while he delicately takes the bottom of the shirt and lifts it higher and higher, pulling it over her head. Lucy’s arms move up to allow him to remove it completely, tossing it to join the sheets on the floor. Then he is staring at her again, but this time it’s harder. She can feel his gaze on her skin. His hands slowly wind through her hair, down her shoulders, over her breasts. They lightly teas her nipples for a moment before continuing lower and lower to skirt her crotch. They end up on her inner thighs, causing her to suck in a breath. He taunts her by not touching her where she so desperately wants him to touch.

Lucy blinks and in that brief moment he moves. Suddenly his mouth lands on her clit, his tongue reaching out to encircle it. Lucy moans loudly, her hands tentatively moving down to dance into his hair, almost surprised that he is there to touch. He sucks gently on her before moving to slip his tongue deep inside, tasting every inch that he can reach. Lucy clutches him tightly, her hips grinding up against his face, her head thrashing from side to side. The woman’s moans come more and more frequently now. And she finds herself climaxing with such intensity that almost causes her to pass out. Her husband’s tongue reaches inside her again, licking harder and harder, extending her orgasm until the darkness begins threatening to take over. Her back arches higher and higher until she is unable to even moan anymore.

Then his hands are sliding under her, lowering Lucy back to the bed. Her husband’s mouth moves to tease, bringing her down from her peak just as slowly as he returned her to the bed. He moves away, staring again at her. His hands go to his pants and Lucy can’t fathom why he is even dressed in the first place. But in no time they are sliding over his hips and finally off his legs. Lucy sits up slightly, her hands going straight to his member. It is beautiful and long and so hard to the touch, just as she remembered it. His head falls back when her fingers glide over the flesh, teasing him as he had her. The unreality of the situation makes Lucy more daring. She reaches out and lightly flicks the tip with her tongue, feeling him jump above her. She slides him into her mouth slowly; her tongue dancing around in search for the spots she remembers would make him moans. His fingers find her hair, holding it out of her face with one hand, his other caressing her cheek lightly. Lucy looks up to see him no longer smiling but looking down with an infinite tenderness deep in his beautiful eyes.

The woman works him in and out of her mouth, occasionally stopping to tease the tip with her tongue, grazing him across her teeth. She can feel his pleasure inside her, her own body responding, aching for him. His taste is potent and wonderful. With a mental groan, he suddenly pulls her away from him to bring her up for another kiss, his tongue picking up where the dance left off.

Together they fall back across the bed, his weight pressing into her, and with one swift movement, he is deep inside her. His belly rubs against her clit, making waves of almost unbearable pleasure to cause Lucy to shake and convulse. With smooth, steady strokes he moves inside her. His kisses keep the moans inside her chest. His hands are everywhere, teasing her breasts, stroking her hips, tracing her face. Then Lucy is climaxing, her arms pulling him tight.

He rolls her over, pulling her up onto her knees and sliding back inside her from behind. His arms wrap around Lucy’s chest, pulling her upright. With her back against his smooth chest, the woman angles her head back to kiss him again. One hand twirls her nipple lightly, making her gasp even stronger. The other slides down to nestle between her legs. Lightly stroking her clit until she moves in shaky jerks against him, while his stokes continue so confident and slow.

Lucy can feel her next orgasm rising already with her husband’s mimicking hers. His movements become more and more unsteady. The moans are stronger and stronger in her mind. Then they climax at the same time. Lucy screams when he pulses deep inside her. His entire body shakes while his hand tightens almost painfully on her breast. Slowly, they sink back onto the bed with his hands running across Lucy’s body. His voice is gently in her mind, whispering of love and promises.

Lucy closes her eyes, wanting to stay in this moment for as long as she can. When she opens them again, her husband is gone. Besides her is her daughter, sound asleep. Lucy lets her hands trace down to her sides, slipping her fingers back inside, letting the blankets fall away and bringing herself to climax with the sound of Brea’s breathing in her ears. It isn’t as satisfying as the dream. Lucy knows what she has to do, but first she needs to really get off and that requires Brea’s help.

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