Fun With Alyssa and Abbie

by Flying-Circus

Copyright© 2018 by Flying-Circus

Sex Story: I was having fun with Alyssa and suddenly I was having fun with her sister Abbie too. There was even an unexpected fun in my future.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Light Bond   Spanking   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   .

We had Alyssa sideways on her bed with her head hanging over and Chris steadily and easily face fucked her. Her face was a mess with cum drool and saliva dripping down her face. Or was it up her face since she was upside down? It looked fun.

From the other side of the bed, I just deposited a good cum load in Alyssa’s ass. It was a good way to start fun with Alyssa.

“Hello?” a strange voice said.

I jumped and turned toward the voice. It was a girl with shoulder length blonde hair.

It was Alyssa’s sister, 19-year old Abbie. She stood naked in the doorway holding a paddle and leather wrist cuffs. Oh ... she also had nipple rings.

“Can I play too?”

“Uh...” I stammered.

I glanced back at Chris and he was surprised too. He stopped fucking Alyssa so she slowly bobbed on his cock. I turned my view back to Abbie.

Abbie was two years older than Alyssa. They looked very similar so anyone seeing them would think they were sisters. Besides the longer hair in contrast to Alyssa’s short hair, Abbie had rounder, fuller tits and more defined hips. Alyssa was absolutely beautiful in my book and nothing would change that fact but Abbie had more the shape, the figure of a ... woman. Two years evidently could make a difference.

Abbie presented the paddle. “Here.”

I mindlessly took it. I was still feeling mild shock.

From Alyssa’s box of items on the end of her bed where we got the clothespins currently compressing her nipples, Abbie dropped the wrist cuffs then took the dog collar and fastened it tightly around her neck. She then took the dog leash and attached it.

She attached the leash to her nipple ring on her right tit!

Not to the collar!

Abbie dropped the box to the floor then faced me and handed me the end of the leash. Again I dumbfoundedly took it.

“I guess you want to spank me now,” Abbie said. “The leash is better than the wrist cuffs so you can yank me around by my tit and do what you want with me.”


“Or you could do both.”


“If you want.”

My brain refused to activate.

“I’ll lay down.”

Abbie moved to the side of the bed at the foot. She bent at the waist and placed her torso on the bed then spread her legs.

I still held the leash and the paddle. I looked at both then dropped the leash and walked behind her.


Abbie had a black butt plug in her ... well, her butt obviously.

My breathing slowed as I took in the sight of her filled ass and her pretty pussy. What was going on?

I looked at Chris. He still hadn’t resume fucking Alyssa’s mouth but he gave me a thumbs up and now I realized what we now had.

Complete awesomeness!!!

We already had Alyssa to use and fuck but now we had Abbie to use and fuck.

I think...

I gave a small swat on Abbie’s right ass cheek.

“I know you want to get it nice and red before you fuck me.”

YES! That confirmed it. I was about to fuck Abbie.

I smacked the same ass cheek. This time it gave off a sound.

“Uhhh...” Abbie groaned.

I honestly didn’t know if that was pleasure or pain.

I paddled Abbie’s ass. As always, I didn’t know where the line was ... especially since it sounded like it gave hurt and gave pleasure.

“What’s your name?” she asked.


“I’m Chris,” my friend spoke up. He had basically much stopped fucking and just let the head of his cock rest in Alyssa’s mouth. He was too interested in what was going on with Abbie.

“I can feel the heat,” Abbie said. “Is my ass nice and red?”


“Can you take a picture so I can see?”


I found my phone, took the picture, and showed her.

“I look ready. You’re going to delete the picture? We wouldn’t want it accidently seen so we couldn’t play again in the future.”

Wow! We barely started and she was thinking of doing this a future time? Even more complete awesomeness!!!

“Deleted,” I said.

“You are so nice.”

I just gave her a solid red ass spanking. I was nice?

What she said a moment ago returned to my mind. “Ready for me to fuck you?”

“It’s always your decision.”

That was an easy decision. I returned to behind her, lined up my cock, and pushed into her pussy.

Abbie hissed out.

“Good?” Chris asked.

“It’s pussy,” I replied. “Of course.”

Chris laughed at the realization how stupid his question was.

I slowly fucked Abbie. I was so excited that I was fucking a new girl so I knew I might cum fast so I did my best to prolong it. My thrusts would bump my body against her red ass causing her to gasp out in soft pain but instantly followed by a low sensual moan so basically the sound was two sounds melded together.

I wasn’t in her for very long and I tried my best, I really did, but my mental stimulation brought my cock to a quick conclusion and I spurted a good cum load into her pussy.

“Did you like fucking me, Michael?”

“Oh, yes!” I said.

“I thought you should know that I’ve never had cum in my ass.”

“I ... uh...”

“I thought you would want to know.”

“Yes ... uh...”

“Do whatever you want with me.”

“I’m going to fuck your ass and put cum in it!” I declared.

“Yes, Michael.”

I felt I had Alyssa fairly figured out now though there were always things that were still new like just today with the clothespins and the box of goodies. However Alyssa rarely spoke and just let I or Chris or both of us decide how to use her. She would never ask me to fuck her ass and if I asked she would just tell me she wasn’t my girlfriend. Alyssa was for me to use however I wanted.

Abbie acted submissive ... somewhat. I felt like I could decide and tell her what to do but right now she was ... suggesting what to do. That wasn’t a bad thing. I had trouble coming up with ideas and Abbie could draw the line where too far was. At least, I hoped that was the case. If I knew anything it was that I would be constantly reevaluating who Abbie was.

I grabbed the butt plug and slowly pulled it out. I watched her hole open wider and wider. And wider still! Until finally out popped a tapered butt plug but the widest part looked to be more than five inches around.

I didn’t know what to do with the butt plug. I didn’t want to put it on the ground and so I spastically waved it around until I finally decided to put it on the top of Alyssa’s dresser.

I lined up my cock with Abbie’s hole. A thought came.

“Are you an anal virgin?” I asked.

“Yes. That’s why I’ve never had cum in it.”

“I’m going to change that.”

“Yes, Michael.”

The response reminded me of Alyssa. Submissive. I can do what I want.

Chris groaned and brought my vision temporarily to them. He finally came in Alyssa’s throat. I returned to the beautiful view before me.

I pressed forward and was surprised that it took a little effort to open her ass up considering I just took that big butt plug out. She grunted when my cock achieved entry and I slid all the way in. She now breathed heavily.

I rested. I just came in her pussy and while I loved the idea of fucking Abbie’s ass, a new ass to fuck, I had no urgency to cum. I didn’t think my mental excitement would overrule this time.

“It’s so big,” she panted.

That sure felt good especially considering the butt plug.

I remained still. Abbie’s quivering ass felt amazing around my cock but I was great just as I was ... my cock in her ass.

Then surprisingly, it was Abbie pushing back at my cock. From her position on the bed, she couldn’t move much but she most definitely was fucking my cock with her ass. The rubbing motion and the visual notion that she wanted my cock was too much. I took over. I fucked her ass.

I started with long, slow strokes. Almost bringing my cock head out and a couple of times slipping out then easing my cock fully back inside her. Tremendous sensation. The only sounds in the room was her panting. Chris watched from where he just finished with Alyssa and Alyssa sat up on her bed.

I could only maintain the slow thrusts for so long. The stimulation grew and grew until I fucked her with a steady moderate motion and finally the need to cum grew and grew and I fucked her hard and fast until it was time.

“Yes! Yes!” I shouted. I did two final hard thrusts then held my cock deep. I gasped out as I released.

“I feel it!” she said. “I feel your cum in my ass!”

I came much more than I expected considering I came twice already. The new excitement Abbie provided must have caused the quick cum reload.

My cock slipped out and I looked at her hole covered by a white cum blob.

Chris said, “I’m going to fuck you now and put more cum in your ass.”

“Let’s go to the floor so Michael can play with Alyssa,” Abbie said.

She stood then lay down on her back on the floor at the end of the bed. She opened her legs.

Chris climbed on top of her and pushed into her pussy.

I turned my view to Alyssa. Seeing her sitting there made me smile. I climbed onto the bed.

“Lie down,” I said. I helped her by pulling on her legs.

Once on her back, I opened her legs and the sight of her wonderful pussy made me happy. It was not fucked today ... yet so it was clean and I knew what I wanted to do.

I brought my face down into her pussy and I kissed those lips. Yum! I grabbed a fold between my lips and gently pulled and then did the same on the other side. I spotted her clit and I gave it a lick. She responded with a hiss. I clamped my lips around her clit and sucked it in. She gasped and as I continued she bucked up.

I eased off and pushed my mouth into her pussy then thrust my tongue in. I soon discovered when I licked the inside of her folds, she gasped and squirmed. My face became wetter and she released juices but I didn’t care. I loved how she responded and I loved exploring her pussy.

Alyssa’s clit was what really made her react. When I licked and nibbled on that, she frequently gasped loudly and often thrust her pussy up into my face. I loved, absolutely loved, how she responded. As I continued, her noises turned to a soft but fast, mewing pant.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out and held her hips up pushing her pussy into my face. My lips and chin were soon covered in a new release of juices. She collapsed back to the bed panting rapidly.

I felt happy. I made her cum!

I slowly kissed straight up her body only deviating to kiss over each of her tits. I removed the clothespins from her nipples and she unexpectedly gasped as if it hurt. I continued by kissing up her neck to her chin and finally her lips.

“I like when you cum,” I whispered.

As always, Alyssa said nothing.

I pushed my cock into her warm, wet pussy.

I heard Chris shout, “More cum for your ass!”

I slowly fucked Alyssa, staring into her face still flushed from her orgasm.

“Look at me,” I said.

I really enjoyed watching her eyes as I thrust in her pussy. I knew I would last a good while which made me glad.

“I think I love you,” I whispered.

She shook her head. “No, I’m not your girlfriend.”

“I don’t care.”

Alyssa stayed silent.

I heard slurping sounds so I think Abbie was sucking Chris’s cock but I stayed focused on my girl Alyssa.

“You may be right,” I said. “I may just love your body. I may just love fucking you.”

Alyssa nodded in agreement.

“But maybe that’s enough for me to love you and I think I love you, Alyssa.”

No surprise that she didn’t say anything but she did look like she was thinking about what I said.

I increased my intensity to work my way toward a cum. I kept thrusting until the rubbing inside her did its predictable magic and in combination with a loud gasp I deposited love juice into her pussy. So good!

“See?” I whispered. “I told you that I love you.” I knew that was kind of non-sensical to say but I always wanted her to know unequivocally that I thought I loved her.

I rested on her for a couple of minutes.

As soon as I got off Alyssa and sat up, Abbie said, “Are you going to fuck me again?”

I looked down at my spent cock. Not happening. “We need time to rest before we fuck you both again.”

“Oh, okay. Do you want to lie on the floor with me and spoon up against me? It’s Alyssa’s bed so she gets the privilege of getting fucked in comfort.”

I laughed.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes,” I replied. “Sure, lie down.”

Chris said to Alyssa, “I’ll spoon with you.”

So I got off the bed and Chris got on. Abbie lay on the floor on her left side and I got down next to her.

I scooted up so my chest was against her back. She reached over and pulled my arm to her front onto her tit closest to the floor and I liked the feel of her being in my arms ... or make that arm singular. I didn’t like the dog leash hanging down so I detached it and pushed it away. I then grabbed her tit again. It felt good.

We rested this way for only a minute or two before Abbie reached around and grabbed my cock. She gave it a couple of squeezes which naturally hardened it somewhat then unexpectedly she inserted my cock into her ass.

“I thought you might want to feel even closer,” she said.

Only my cock head was inside and it felt like I might slip out so I gave a thrust and put all of me into her ass.

“Now we rest as long as you want,” she said.

“Yea...” I said trailing off in thought. Abbie was definitely a different girl than Alyssa. How did I figure her out? I didn’t think I could use much of what I learned about Alyssa with Abbie.

It was natural to play with her nipple ring. It was right there and the metal contrasted from her hard nipple and her soft squishable tit. I moved the ring up and down while often pulling on her nipple. Simply put it was fun!

Abbie said, “I can buy a chain that connects my rings and that way you can pull me around by my nipples.”

“Uh...” I responded.

“Would you like that?”


“You can control me by yanking on the chain so I will do anything you want.”

“Wouldn’t that hurt?” My thoughts finally cleared. It was the same struggle I had with Alyssa. I only wanted to fuck her. I didn’t like hurting her however Alyssa told me she liked having an element of pain. Apparently it was the same with Abbie.

“You own me.”

The bed bounced and I could hear Chris’s breathing so I knew activity started above.

“Own you?” I questioned.

“You’re the first one to put cum in my ass so you own me.”


“Just like Alyssa.”

This was a revelation. “So I own Alyssa too?”

“You were the first one to put cum in her ass.”

This didn’t make sense but I didn’t want it to make sense. This was a good thing as weird as it sounded and I had no idea what Abbie’s reasoning was ... or Alyssa’s ... and I don’t think I wanted to know.

Chris groaned which brought a question to mind.

“What about Chris?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Does he own you and Alyssa too?”

“There can only be one first.”

“And you’re okay with him fucking you too?”

“Doesn’t matter. You decide who gets to fuck me. I just thought since you let him fuck Alyssa that it would be okay to let him fuck me.”

“Uh ... yes. It’s okay.”

“Thank you, Michael.”

“This is kind of confusing.”

“What is?”

“The whole ... never mind.”

No! I didn’t want to know. I didn’t want to take any chance of ruining this. However I still wanted to know a little more.

“Did Alyssa tell you I fucked her ass?”

“No, I didn’t know you owned her until I heard you fucking her.”

“How did you know it was me and not Chris who owned her?”

She laughed. “I can tell. You look like you’re trying to still figure things out.”

That was true.

“Today wasn’t the first time I fucked her ass.”

“I know. It was a few weeks ago. When I noticed Alyssa became a quiet submissive I knew she was owned.”

“Even at home?”

“Our parents wouldn’t know and her friends wouldn’t know but I could tell she was owned. I knew.”

“And now you’re a submissive?”

“To you. You own me.”

“But not so quiet.”

Abbie laughed. “Do you want me to be?”

“No,” I truthfully said. “I want you to be you. I like that you’re different. Thank you for helping me understand.”

“Thank you for fucking me however you like and not give me a choice in the manner.”

“I notice you do suggest things and Alyssa won’t say anything.”

“I just want you to be happy. You can do to me what you want. Alyssa wants to be silent with you unless you command her to speak.”

“I wish she’d talk more.”

“You can tell her to do so but it’s not in her nature so she probably will become quiet again. Ohhh!” Abbie suddenly spouted.

I realized I was repeatedly grinding my cock into her ass trying to get deeper and she responded to it.

Conversation ended. I wanted to fuck her and so I changed to hard thrusting within her ass. Abbie panted and I gripped her tit tighter and I fucked her with deep, powerful thrusts.

“Oh! Oh!” Abbie cried out with my every hard, desperate thrust.

I pounded her ass, eager and desperate to cum. The heat, the tightness, the mental excitement drove me closer and closer. I wanted to put more cum in her ass and make an additional statement that I owned her.

‘Yesssss!” I hissed. “Here it comes!” My cock throbbed and opened up releasing cum into Abbie.

“I feel it. I feel it,” she gasped.

I’m not sure why but that was an extremely satisfying fuck. Probably because of what she told me.

I whispered, “What happens when Chris puts cum in your ass?”

“What do you mean?”

“Does he own you?”

“You’re the first. Don’t worry. You can have me get fucked in the ass by one hundred guys and I’d still belong to you. Alyssa too.”

I needed to hear that. Not the part about one hundred guys but the reaffirming that I owned her and Alyssa no matter what. I guess I just didn’t believe it when she told me earlier.

I rolled to my back and opened my legs. “Why don’t you suck my cock?”

“Yes, Michael.”

She moved between my legs and soon bobbed on and licked my cock.

“Take it into your throat.”

“I’ve never done it before and I’m afraid of gagging. You might have to force my head down.”

I grabbed the back of her head and pulled it further down my cock. I could feel her throat spasm as my cock head triggered her reflex but I kept impelling her down until I slipped into wonderful tightness. I held for a few seconds then let go of her head so she could come up.

“Wow! That feels weird,” she said. “Did you like it?”

“Yes and you’re going to have to learn to do it yourself.”

“Unless it’s more fun to force me.”

I thought about it for a second. “Even so you’re going to have to learn.”


I smiled. “But not right now.”

I grabbed her head again. She choked and instinctively tried to lift up but I pulled her down and soon had my cock imbedded in her throat again.

“Look at me,” I said. I finally watched some porn to learn things and remembered what it looked like to see a girl with her lips touching your skin while your cock was fully in her and now it was happening in real life and in the videos it was cool when the girl looked at the guy and it was even more cool seeing Abbie look at me right now.

I let her up and she gasped for air. Drool dripped down her chin.

Back down. And up. Back down. And up.

It continued for a while.

Over time Abbie got used to it and my cock slipped into her throat instantly and easily. Also over time I developed a readiness to cum and so I held her head in place and I thrust up pushing my cock into her throat with every stroke. This wasn’t the best position for throat fucking, it was better when Alyssa was on her knees or Chris fucked Alyssa with her head hanging over, but I was determined to make it happen as we were and the tightness of her throat certainly made the stimulation grow until it was time.

“Yes,” I said. “Swallow it! Drink my cum!”

I held her down and delivered directly to her throat and only letting her up when my cock spasms subsided and there was nothing left to release.

“You look happy,” Abbie breathed.

“I am,” I confirmed.


Chris spoke up. He had watched at least the ending. “Awesome! Come here and make me happy with your mouth too.”

Abbie rose and Chris guided her to lay sideways on the bed with her head hanging over. He began face fucking her.

“Come here, Alyssa,” I said.

“Yes, Michael.”

As she got off the bed, I rose up on my knees. The box of toys had been partially pushed under the bed. I grabbed the wrist cuffs.

“Get down on your knees.”

She did so and I waggled the cuffs. She presented her arms and I cuffed her wrists together.

“Head down on the floor.”

She dropped down turning her head toward the bed not that she could see much looking in either direction.

“Which dildo is your favorite?”

“I haven’t used them.”

“You haven’t?” I said surprised.

“It’s not for me to decide.”

“Oh, I thought...”

“I was waiting for you.”

“Oh ... good ... that’s good.”

I grabbed the box and got behind her. I gently widened her legs and positioned myself.

“I would hope you like this best.” I pushed my cock into her pussy. “Do you like my cock?”

She didn’t answer. I got used to Abbie already. She would reply. Alyssa ... no.

A thrust a few times and pulled out. I looked at the box of goodies. I grabbed a thinner pink one.

“Let’s try this.” I pushed it into her pussy. “What do you think?”

I paused but of course received no answer.

“It’s pretty in your pussy but it doesn’t seem quite right. What about this bright red one?”

It was the biggest in the box and twice the size of the pink one. I carefully inserted the head and she groaned as it penetrated into her. I pushed it deeper and deeper.

“Now that’s better.”

I admired her spread pussy with the bright red dildo inside it.

“Keep it in. Don’t let it slip out. I decide. Of course you know that.”

I moved to her side and leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Abbie told me about how I own you and her. My cum in your ass is why you belong to me.”

“Yes. Thank you.”

Okay, her responses could still surprise me.

I returned to behind her and gently pushed on the dildo. It didn’t move and nicely nestled in her pussy. I rubbed the tip of cock on her ass. She first slightly flinched forward then pushed back as if trying to get it. I pressed forward. I expected the dildo to make her ass tight just like when Chris and I dp’d her had made her ass tighter and more resistant to opening up.

I made some head way. Make that cock head way and her hole widened as my hardness forced its way in.

“Unnnh!” she groaned out and began to pant.

Almost there ... and I was in.

“Fuuuuuck!” I exclaimed as I slid my cock deeper.

She felt so tight now. I mean she was always tight but this was a whole new level.

“I just wanted to remind myself about how much I own you.”

“Yes ... yes,” she panted. I could hear the discomfort in her voice.

I slowly fucked her and I knew I wouldn’t last long. This was too intense.

Alyssa continued her hard breathing. I occasionally gave a gentle push on the dildo to make sure it stayed in but it never moved. It was secure inside her.

Speaking of breathing, mine became instantly deeper the moment I was in her ass and my breathing deepened as I came closer and closer to cumming. I never ended up fucking her hard. The slow steady motion inside the tremendous tightness was enough to push me over the edge in a few minutes.

“Here it comes,” I gasped. It wasn’t much cum but it was something and the fact it was a cum was all that was important.

I moved to her side again and whispered. “Still mine.”

Chris was still throat fucking Abbie and I figured we would need a break to recharge our cocks.

“Rest time,” I said to Alyssa. “Get up.” I helped her to her feet with the dildo staying inside her. I guided her to the head of the bed. “Lean down. Arms out.” I connected her wrist cuffs to the upper left ring on the headboard so she was stretched over the bed with her feet still on the floor. I grabbed the pink dildo and pushed it in her ass so now she had a dildo in both her pussy and ass. “Now rest.”

Chris saw what I did and gave me an approving nod as he continued with Abbie.

“I’ll be right back. I’m going to get a drink of water.”

“Bring me back a glass too,” said Chris.

When I returned with two water glasses with ice, Chris had finished. I showed him which glass was his and placed it on Alyssa’s dresser.

“Thanks,” he said. He came over.

“Abbie come lay down on the floor face down. I’m going to rest with you.”

“Yes, Michael.”

“What are you thinking?” Chris asked sounding curious.

“Just recharging. Why don’t you use Alyssa as a pillow?”

He looked over at her and smiled.

Abbie returned to the floor at the end of the bed.

“The bed is yours,” I told Chris. “And Alyssa since she’s on the bed.”

“I’m not sure how much rest I’ll get,” he said, eyeing the dildos sticking out of Alyssa’s pussy and ass.

“I know, right?” I laughed.

Chris got his drink then got on the bed. I sunk down. Chris and Alyssa would be out of my sight.

I laid down fully on Abbie. My entire male body weight placed on top of her smaller female body. She groaned.

I spoke quietly so we wouldn’t be overheard though Chris was probably too busy with Alyssa to pay any attention to me or Abbie.

“I’ve been thinking. I would like to have a chain between your nipples so I can yank you around by your tits.”

“Yea?” she said sounding out of breath because of being underneath me.

“Yes, anytime I’m with you.”


“Does that turn you on?”

She took a moment to reply. “Yes.”


“And spanking.”

I forgot about that already. It seemed so long ago that I began this new adventure with Abbie by spanking her. The paddle must have slipped under the bed. I think ... think ... I was understanding the pain part. As weird as it sounded in my head, mild temporary pain was part of expressing my ownership of her ... and of Alyssa. And that’s why I was on top of Abbie making her uncomfortable.

“I own you,” I said.


My cock was restoring to readiness and I made slight adjustments on top of her to get into position. My cock head rested on her hole.

“I want to make sure you know that.”

“I know,” she replied. “You own me. No one else. Only you.”

“And each time I cum in your ass reminds you that you’re mine.”

“I always know. I can’t forget.”

Alyssa gasped loudly from on top briefly breaking my thoughts.

“Are you sure?” I teased, refocused on Abbie.

“Yes, Michael. You own me and you own my sister.”

“Each time I cum in your ass I want you to think of it as me making another statement of ownership.”

“I do. That first time I felt your cum in my ass ... it was my desires come true. My dream was no longer a wishful fantasy but at long last my reality. I am owned.”

Wow! That was quite the statement.

It took some of the wind out of the verbal game I was playing but that was okay. It didn’t seem to be going how I wanted anyway.

I made a small adjustment on top of Abbie then with a little pressure slid my cock into her ass. She groaned out. Now I was not only on her but in her.

“Does it hurt?” I said.

“Yes, some”

“I wanted this ass fuck to be me reminding you that I own you.”

“I’m sorry,” she panted. “Did I mess that up for you by what I said?”

“No, I liked hearing what you said better.”

“Oh, good but I heard what you said and I want you to know that each time you cum in my ass I will think about how I belong to you.”

I liked hearing that too. I said, “So I’m going to help you think about it right now.”

I initiated fucking Abbie’s ass. In this position I couldn’t do long strokes but instead short, jabbing thrusts. She grunted and often released a painful gasp which I knew for certain now also expressed my ownership. I gave her a fast, hard ass fucking. No time wasted. I wanted to quickly create the rubbing stimulation sufficient to cum.

“Mine,” I gasped softly. “You belong to me. I own you.”

“Yes, yes,” she panted out between groans.

“Here it comes. My cum in your ass. Feel it. Let it own you even more.”


My cock throbbed and I shot my cum in multiple spasms.

“I feel your warm cum,” she gasped.

“What is it saying to you?”

“You own me. Thank you.”

I didn’t know what else to say not that anything more needed to be said. I was surprised by her thank you.

I felt my cock slip out. It felt like we breathed in rhythm.

After a minute or two I got off of Abbie and peaked my head up.

Chris slept on his side and he indeed was using Alyssa as a pillow as his head rested against her back. I couldn’t see if Alyssa was awake but she was still in the same position I left her with two dildoes sticking out.

I lay down next to Abbie and closed my eyes.

I woke up to Abbie nudging me.

“I need to get ready for work. Can you help wash me in the shower?”

“What?” I said.

“I start at four and it’s two now. I need to clean up and get dressed. I work at Red Eye.”

“Oh, okay.”

Abbie stood. “This way.”

I stood also and started to follow her out of the room.

“Where are you going?” Chris asked.

“Abbie needs to go to work. I’m going to shower with her.”

“Oh.” He looked disappointed.

“Have fun with Alyssa.” I turned and left so he couldn’t give another response.

We went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet. It was a tub shower so she pulled the lever so the shower activated.

“I forgot something,” she said. “Be right back.”

She returned shortly with her butt plug. She placed it on the upper soap dish shelf used during showering. She entered the shower with her back to the spray. I got in facing her. She pulled the shower curtain closed.

She grabbed the soap. “Here,” she said handing it to me.

Her tits were right in front of me so it felt natural to start right there. I soaped them all up then washed over her stomach. I dropped down and cleaned her legs then moved to her pussy. I carefully cleaned there.

She turned around to rinse and I did her back side. She rinsed again.

“My turn to clean you,” she said.

She moved so that we switched positions with my back to the water.

“Let’s start with this special guy right here,” she said.

She took my cock into her mouth and bobbed. The rubbing on her tongue felt wonderful. I conclusively became hard again.

She rose up. “Would you please fuck my ass again? I want your cum that tells me you own me before I go to work.”

“Of course.” Duh!

She turned around and bent over putting her hands against the shower wall to brace herself. She spread her legs to give me access.

I stepped up behind her, grabbed her waist with both hands, and pushed up into ass.

“Yes, Michael,” she responded.

I steadily fucked her ass and she let out sensual gasps. The sounds were exciting. I liked hearing that I was pleasing her too. I guess that was why I liked so much when Alyssa had an orgasm.

It was amazing how familiar being inside Abbie’s ass was already. Alyssa’s ass and pussy were familiar since I fucked her so much and now Abbie was already feeling familiar. The sisters felt different as one would expect but they both felt so excellent.

I continued my thrusting. I always liked when it lasted longer but there were also times when I wanted to fuck hard and fast. This was a longer time.

“I’m thinking about how your cock feels inside my ass. I’m thinking about how you are fucking me. I’m going to think about how it feels while at work so I am happy there.”

After hearing stimulating words like that what else could I do but fuck her harder, faster. I gripped her waist tighter and drove into her ass. She panted rapidly and increased as my urgency to cum increased as I relentlessly pounded her.

“Unnnnhhh!” I grunted and released.

“I feel it. Yes, yes,” she responded.

My cock continued to throb shooting out all my cum into her. My breathing slowed and my cock started to slip out.

“Put the butt plug in me,” Abbie said desperately. “I want to keep your cum in me while I am at work.”

“Will you feel it sloshing in you?” I questioned.

She shook her head. “I don’t think so but I know your cum will still be inside me. Hurry!”

I grabbed the butt plug and began pushing it in. Abbie reached around with her right hand and helped. She was better at it since it was her body.

“There,” she said. “Michael’s cum inside me while I’m at work.”

“You’re going to wear it to work?” It just hit me what she said early.

“I already do. No one knows. It’s fun. It’s under my panties and pants so no one can see it. I don’t even walk funny. Not anymore. I did at first.”

“I see.”

“Can I go get ready? I’m sure you and Chris will want to fuck me when I get back.”

“When do you get off?”

“Every time you fuck me,” she laughed. “9 o’clock.”

She turned off the water.

We both dried and she went to her room and I returned to Alyssa’s bedroom.

Chris had Alyssa tied spread eagle on her bed. It was only a twin bed so not very wide but I knew Alyssa would be happy that we were using the restraints on her. Her pussy looked freshly fucked.

Chris sat on the edge of the bed. He stood when I came in.

“Why didn’t Abbie choose me for the shower?” he asked.

I shrugged. “She had to choose someone. You can go shower with Alyssa if you want.”

“I get the strange feeling that both girls like you best.”

“Why would you say that?” I didn’t like where this conversation was going. “You can do anything you want with them.”

“Do you like Michael best?” Chris asked Alyssa.

I replied, “She’s not going to reply. You know how she is.”

“Let her answer,” Chris said.

He looked at Alyssa and as expected she said nothing.

“She can’t,” I said. “I mean she won’t”

“Why not?”

I let out a big sigh. Did I want to get into this? “It’s complicated.”

“Complicated? How can it be complicated??

“I ... uh ... I own them.”

“Own them? What the fuck?”

“The first one to cum in her ass owns her.”

“What? What the...”

I interjected. “Tell him, Alyssa.”

“Michael owns me. He was the first one to cum in my ass in the basement.”

“What does that mean?” Chris said aggravated.

“I knew that the first guy to put cum in my ass would own me and would have the right to use me however he wanted.”

“Then what about Abbie?” Chris retorted.

“What about her?” I asked calmly

“You were the first one to fuck her in the ass too. Why not me?”

Alyssa spoke up. “Abbie recognized Michael would not abuse his ownership.”

“You have full access to them,” I assured. “Nothing changes.”

“So Alyssa and Abbie belong to you because you were the first one to fuck their ass?” Chris said.

“Cum in our ass,” Alyssa corrected.

I shrugged. “I can’t explain it.”

“It’s what I know,” Alyssa said. “And what Abbie knows.”

“I don’t understand it,” I said. “It just means we get to fuck them as much as we want and they want that too.”

“It means you do,” said Chris.

“We do. You get to fuck them too.”

“Okay,” said Chris. “What about the other girls that night in the basement? What about Madison? Does your sister belong to you too? And how about Lauren? Jake was the first one to fuck her ass. Does he own her?”

Alyssa spoke up again which I was grateful for.

“After Madison was fucked that night, the control she thought she had of her life was shattered. She discovered that control was all fake. The reason she acted mean to people and especially to Michael was only to try to tell herself she had control but after that night she knows for sure she’s not in control and she doesn’t know what to do. She wants control back and wants to convince herself that she has control but she no longer has the fantasy. Your heart and mind cannot be covered back up once it has the full exposure of reality. I think Madison is close to letting someone own her but it can take time. She may be ready to let go and belong to someone.”

“When?” I said, fascinated by what Alyssa just said and surprised she said so much.

“Everyone is different and most girls never understand reality how Abbie and I do.”

“And what about Lauren?” Chris said, sounding belligerent.

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