Roo Point Ao

by Harry Bolo

Copyright© 2018 by Harry Bolo

Fiction Sex Story: erotic sexual adventure and revenge on a bully that drifted into town.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Fiction   Rough   Black Female   White Male   Anal Sex   Body Modification   Violent   .

He came into town about 3 month ago. Calling himself Bill he booked into the local caravan park and took out a rental for 6 months. Anyone near him was scared. He bullied his way around and never paid fully for anything. He just threw the money he was prepared to pay on the counter or ground. He rode his Hog around the place without a care for anyone else at any time he wanted. However he was careful not to ride when he had a skinful of drink.

The local police had called on him a few times but could not pin anything on him as he refused to answer any questions without a warrant. He refused to go with them without any charges being formally charged and if they were false he would sue the pants off them. The police tended to stay away from him.

Her name was Annie, a local free for all girl who would do anything for any of the local boys. She generally dresses in a crop top and fairly short skirt and thong or no undies. Always welcome to any party as she made the party exciting for all of the boys and/or girls.

Whilst attending a party just outside of the caravan park, Bill came walking around. Seeing Annie letting the boys screw the life out of her, Bill thumped the boy away from Annie and he proceeded to screw Annie without her permission. Annie tried to fight back and scratched the face of Bill. He laughed at her attempts to get away. When he was finished he decided to punch her squarely on her nose then backhanded her across her face. He told her “Your my bitch now and anytime I want to fuck you, you better come running” He then walk away putting his prick away.

Crying, some girls and boys tried to comfort her. Two boys escorted her home but she did not enter. Walking out of town to her Grandfather, he always had a bed for her to sleep in. Seeing that her nose was broken, he gave her a strong drink that really made her drunk. He pulled on her nose and reset the bone in the old traditional way. Putting balm and a plaster he let her sleep it off.

The next morning seeing her nose was realigned and the bruises were almost gone, she realised her grandfather had help her out. Getting out of bed she dressed herself and went to get some breakfast. Grandfather was sitting outside on his chair, She asked if he wanted anything. Asking for a coffee with breakfast, she made breakfast and coffee. Calling him in they sat and enjoyed breakfast together.

Annie then told her grandfather what occurred last night and the fact it would call on her for his sexual pleasure. The grandfather was not shocked but angry over how he treated her girl. He knows Annie as very forthcoming to male attention and had seen her quite a few time being screwed. That was her pleasure and not something he found wrong. But being threatened for sex was wrong and he would pay.

Grandfather told Annie just to play along with it for the next week or two, then we will teach the bastard a lesson at Roo Point. Hearing about the point Annie smiled and asked to be a part of the action. Smiling Grandfather agreed, he would pass on the treatment to someone who would really enjoy the process.

I have to make the drink, just remember to eat the berries before drinking or you will not enjoy the session. Leaving Grandfather happy over the future, she returned to town. Her parents were not aware she did not come home, too busy with drink and white man drugs.

Changing clothes and going on to school, the girls all asked what occurred last night as her face was really beaten up last night but looked good today. The boy that the bully thumped has a broken jaw and would not be talking for 6 to 8 weeks. Smiling Annie said she would call on him and make sure the sexual favour was completed and might give him a head job or two.

Two days later walking home from school Bill rode passed her then stopped telling her to get on his bike as he felt fucking randy and wanted his bitch. She climb on the bike, giving her school bag to a friend asking her to drop it off at her home. He rode his bike out of town to a dry creek bed. Getting her off his bike he dismounted then put her over the saddle, lifting her skirt he tore off her thong and just fucked her on the saddle, Annie did nothing for him. Pulling out of her pussy, he rammed himself up her arsehole, Annie screamed, not because she was pure but it was dry. He laughed at her discomfort saying that she is no longer an arse virgin, little did he knew she lost that years ago. He shot into her arse then force her around to lick him clean, Annie obliged think about Roo Point.

As he did not want her arse cum to stain his bike saddle he left her at the creek bed to get home by herself. He was not aware her Grandfather home was only 2km away over the field. Annie walked to her Grandfathers home, on seeing him she told him what occurred. He smiled. Were you thinking about Roo Point he asked. Smiling Annie said Yes.

During the next 10 days Bill picked her up 3 times and screwed her in various places outside of town and always left her to get home by herself. Then Her grandfather called saying lets do it next Monday, tell school you are going away with me for a medical appointment and could be away for a week. Get the school to ring me to confirm. Get the biker to meet us at Roo Point saying there are some drugs growing out there and does he want to check it out.

On Monday morning she entered his caravan telling him about the drugs the kids found on the weekend. Mounting his bike they rode to the Roo Point. On arriving she found the camp site and on seeing the berries she eat them without Bill seeing her. She then pointed out the two bottles of drink. Opening one she took a swig. He grabbed the bottle off her and drank the whole bottle dry. She opened the second one, he took that and again drank it dry telling her to find some more.

Annie stood up next to him. He started to feel stiff. The drink has a mixture that paralysed the skin. As Annie had eaten the berries it did not affect her. Just then her Grandfather came out of the bush and handed Annie a box cutter. He told her to just cut the clothes off not the skin yet. Together they cut off his clothes. Leaving him naked but with a very strong hard on.

Bill tried to scream, tried to fight but nothing was happening. When they took off all of his clothes he was helpless. He could see but not respond. Looking at Annie with daggers in his eyes Annie looked and laughed saying “you will get yours now.”

They placed some sharp rock on the ground, then tipped him over onto the rock which dug into his back and legs. Bill tried to scream but his vocal cords would not respond. Grandfather then collected the long twigs that he had sharpened to a point. Placing his right hand on the ground, using a rock they hammered a stick just above his wrist, between the two bones. Bills eyes reflected the pain. Walking away Grandfather told Annie to strip off her clothes. He did the same.

For the rest of this week we need to be naked and if you need to relieve yourself tell me as we have a role for that to act out in this ritual. Returning to his right hand, they hammered in another stick in between the small and third finger just behind the knuckles. Pulling his thumb out the next stick entered the hand just behind the thumb knuckle. The next was directly across the hand behind the small finger. The final one was driven in behind the knuckles between the first and second finger. Finally they drew the sticks together with a line of his blood. Making the point together.

They repeated the process with his left hand. Stopping for a few moments, Grandfather told Annie that this ritual was generally carried out on the tribes attackers that did it in a cowardly fashion. The Christians had tried to banish the treatment, but they always found a way to perform it. I am doing this now and teaching you the method so you can continue the practice and teach another later in your life. It is passed on not to vicious or revengeful tribe members but seekers of justice like you. We are doing this to him because of the way he treated you and that boy. He is not of our tribe and therefore a nothing.

Returning to Bills naked body in the morning sun, they proceeded to get it ready for the next stage. They placed a stick at his head, tied his hair around the stick tightly in four areas then hammered the stick into the ground. This pulled his head back and forced his eyes opened. Walking down to his right ankle they hammered another stick into the skin flap behind his ankle. The towards the left kidney grabbing an amount of skin but not any organ then placed the third stick. Across to the right kidney for the next stick then finally the left ankle.

Standing up and looking at the layout of the sticks Annie said, it looks like the devil shape. Grandfather then mentioned they have been using this method for thousands of years and it not. It is used to let the body spirit die in agony and not to be held by anything, that’s why we also need to be in nature dress. Leaving the body alone they went to sit in the shade of the trees and have a drink.

After about 30 minutes Annie mentioned she needed to pee. Good Grandfather said we can now do the next part. As he hurt you, you are going to join the body sticks together with your waste water. Start at the head and walk down in the same order we hammered in the sticks coming back to the head point, then finish at heart and belly button.

Annie controlled her pee and did as Grandfather mentioned. She felt elated and calm when she finished the role. It was as if all of her anger was taken from her and returned to him for what he did to her.

As it was coming near night time, Bills skin was showing the effect of sunburn and some blood loss from the sticks. Grandfather made a wide circle fire around Annie and himself. They could not get dressed yet. The spirit must depart before they could reenter the so called civilised world.

During the night, some of the local animals had gone to Bills body and eat and stung his body parts. Annie and Grandfather were not affected due to the fires.

Early the following morning they found Bill still awake and in pain. They both relieved themselves over his body especially where the night animals had left raw skin. Grandfather then made, out of sticks and leaves, a shade to cover Bill’s eyes. They did not want him to go blind before his body had been eaten by the bush animals or burned by the sun.

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