Rika the Redheaded Russian Rancher

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Ranch life in Central Russia has its erotic side, or, What else is there to do out in the middle of nowhere?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Farming   Slut Wife   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

As she swung gracefully onto the saddle, there was no doubt this woman was at home there. Her weathered skin, sturdy clothes, and confident expression marked her as a range hand. Only the different clothing style and horse tack told you that this was not the western United States.

Wisps of curly dark red hair could be seen straggling out under the wide-brimmed hat and her steely-blue eyes took in all they surveyed. She was just over thirty years of age and she had grown up on a horse, herding sheep. That lifelong experience had got her married to the sixtyish man who had inherited the thousand-plus hectares of grazing land in the Upper Volga region of Russia. It had been originally titled by the last czar and stayed in the family throughout the tumultuous Russian political climate. Its importance for food and fiber had made it a hands-off for any government. Except for taxes of course.

It was Monday morning and she was starting her weekly flock survey. There were five of them which rotated through the grazing areas according to a long-established plan. Each pair of shepherds had a satellite phone for emergencies but nothing beat seeing for herself. She would arrive at the first one late afternoon.

Horses were still the best means of transportation in the rugged land. No issues with fuel and breakdowns. Slower and little protection from the elements but she was quite used to that. She could enjoy and take careful note of the land as she journeyed more slowly.

There were two “hands” watching over each flock. They each had a military rifle to deter human or animal predators and were excellent shots. Some local game frequently added variety to the food their pack mules carried. That evening at the campfire Rika enjoyed the rabbit stew as she got an update of the last week and made notes. There was a small bottle of vodka for each flock team in the supplies on her pack animal.

Her visits were anticipated for more than the vodka. The men took four-hour night shifts patrolling around the bedded-down flock. A gunshot would bring the other if needed. If the reports were good, as each man came off shift he would be welcomed into her bedroll and her body. It was a long night so each one would have two opportunities for her pleasures.

Before she would open her portal the first time to their eager cock, she insisted that they clean their genitals thoroughly. Besides the lack of showers, she knew that those organs could have been in another body orifice that was less hygienic than a womanly one. These men were not gay but had a long time between opportunities for female intercourse. There were plenty of female sheep available too.

These were all long-time employees so she knew them individually quite well. Their varying likes and talents made these visits continually interesting, as if she could NOT like almost any fuck.

Her husband knew very well what her weekday duties included. He’d spent many months on the range himself and been succored by numerous helpful women. Sex was a basic necessity, and you took and gave it the best ways you could. As was said earlier, this marriage was for business, not romance.

A bad dose of gonorrhea at an early age scarred Rika’s reproductive system so she was sterile. She had screwed her way through many a ranch hand and schoolmate since her adolescence before she met her husband at age twenty-two. It was at a community gathering when she had slipped away to fuck an old friend who she hadn’t seen since his wedding. On her return, her husband-to-be asked if she would like to try a REAL man. She found it difficult to refuse a challenge, especially about her favorite sport, so she tried him out.

You might say it was lust at first sight as she was very expertly plundered to her grand delight by Pavel. Repeated carnal connections established their relationship and both realized the practical connection as well so a wedding was arranged. The night before the ceremony she had spent with several favorite local lovers. She didn’t ask what the groom did but his energy on the wedding night wasn’t as usual.

Her husband was still quite lusty and didn’t get horny while she was making her circuit. Yulya was always on call for his personal needs. This was Rika’s younger sister who was employed on the ranch as well. Not experienced or muscular enough for range work when first hired, she had a variety of responsibilities at the main complex. It was known that they were sisters because of a common mother. Looking at them you would not have known except for the red hair. Different fathers were quite likely since mating exclusivity had rarely been practiced by females in that family line.

Yulya was no different than her sister, enjoying men easily and widely. This was a valuable thing at a ranch where access to females was usually limited. The only other woman was an older wife who could kindly be referred to as a “hag”. While not aided by her slovenly physical appearance, it had been discussed whether her grumpy demeanor was the cause or effect of her sexual unattractiveness.

The young woman happily filled the needs of the men who were based at the main building complex. While this varied with the season, she usually had four or more men available and ready to join with her when given the opportunity. This was in addition to Rika’s husband who availed himself every few days when his wife was absent.

She was sometimes careless with her birth control so had taken the train to the city twice for abortions. But that did not slow her down, as evidenced by a recent incident. She was working in the large vegetable garden which was one of her responsibilities in season. Pavel found her there and simply said, “I have a man’s need.”

Always prepared, Yulya spread out the towel she carried, laid back and raised her skirt. No undergarments to delay things. Her sex opening glistened with wetness since she already had a similar request before beginning her current task.

Pavel uncovered his admirable organ and knelt between her legs. The reddish fuzz was far less abundant than his wife’s, possibly because it was constantly being worn off by friction, and her breasts were so small as to not warrant uncovering for brief encounters. Her accommodation was very satisfactory and always gripped him pleasurably, no matter how recently it had been used by others. “You are always a wet one, my little lovely,” he commented as he plunged into her crotch.

“I like to keep it that way for you. Please give me the big pleasure. My last visitor failed me!” was her grunted reply. He was SO good!

Soon roaring out his release, he thanked the quivering young woman and covered her with her skirt after he withdrew, leaving her to enjoy the remains of her orgasm for a few minutes before returning to her work.

That was delayed a bit more when Mark quietly approached the dozing young woman, raised her skirt and plunged quickly into her sopping snatch. Her eyes flew open, “What the hell? Who is ... oh, it is you Mark. Well, hurry up! I have to get back to work on these tomatoes.”

He’d seen her being ridden and it aroused his desire. That was very easily done at his young age and he had made a nuisance of himself ever since he found out that her legs were not difficult to part.

He rarely thrust long before emptying his seed, she knew from frequent experience, so she just clamped her pussy muscles to speed up the process. As he fired his strong young ejaculation he tried to kiss her but she turned her head away. Those were for an object of her romantic affection and he was not it.

Toweling her crotch the best she could, she worked the rest of the afternoon without distraction. Her parts would be filled again at least once in the evening or the night, there was little doubt. Which one it would be was generally of her own choosing. This afternoon’s last cock was annoying and she would complain to Rika when she returned.

The redheaded range rider was having a normal tour until the third night. She and the first watch man were nearly finished with a prolonged copulation when three shots broke the mood. These carnal couplings were usually not in the nude for two reasons. It was generally too cold in the tent to get undressed, and you had to be able to respond quickly when needed. They disengaged, pulled up their pants and slipped into their boots. Grabbing their guns and flashlights they headed towards the light they could see at the edge of the flock.

Here was a bloody dead lamb but next to it was a wolf carcass. Rika swung her light slowly arounds the periphery of the flock. Two red eyes gleamed back and she took aim with the Glock 40 she had specially imported. One shot and the eyes disappeared. She was better with that pistol than most men were with a rifle.

Reengaging their bodies had the added excitement of the kills and she drove him to two orgasms for each of them. Her pussy was content for a while.

Four hours later the older man who had been on duty had a high pitch of excitement in his quivering cock. She loved it! This was raw and real. They would talk of it again, she was sure, as she urged him to his peak so they could sleep.

At the ranch, Yulya had a busy day, and not just with her farm chores. There had been the husband of the ugly woman first thing in the morning, then Pavel in the field followed quickly by Mark. The senior ranch hand had been abstinent for several days so when he helped her finish her work she took him into a private part of the barn and relieved his need as a thank you.

The orgasm with Pavel had been the only one of the day and quite a while ago so she slipped into the bunk of the youngest hand, Nikoly. He was the son of the ugly woman and was the one she liked the most. Six years her junior, his first time between her legs had been his first with any woman and he worshiped her. His substantial and always ready organ was a perfect fit and easily got her goodies. The eagerness and pliability of his youth allowed her to get whatever she wanted on request, quite different than most of the other men who availed themselves of her treasures.

She got naked and he knew what she needed. His hands and mouth skillfully explored and stimulated her most sensitive places. He would even lick and suck between her legs no matter how wet it was, which was usually the case by the time she got to him.

After a bit of foreplay she moaned, “Nikoly, I need you deep in me. Fill me and enjoy.”

As he rammed deeply, yet with care, he commented, “You are very wet tonight.”

“Yes, it has been a busy day. But I need you to make me complete. Many of the others fill but do not satisfy like you do.” She kissed him fervently as he ploughed, enjoying him the most of the many men today. Not full love, since she had never experienced that, but deeper feelings than the others.

They awoke before the arising time and he arose quite nicely to their mutual delight. He remarked as he withdrew, “I’m leaving you well prepared for today’s activities, am I not?” She swatted his butt and made no reply. She knew he said that with mixed feelings since he wanted to possess her for just himself. That might not be bad, she thought.

Mark made a nuisance of himself again this day. He was some relation or another to the ranch owner and was a city boy. He’d been brought there because the ranch was adopting technology and he was a techie. But he was overly horny and seemed to have little social sense. The example in the garden was typical. Rika had said he was autistic but she didn’t understand what that meant.

When he first arrived, and found out her sexual availability he went overboard, wanting it four and five times a day. That didn’t seem to be a compliment and she had spoken to Pavel who admonished the young man as best he could. She barely convinced him to control himself by providing pussy at the same rate as the other men but ONLY if he waited for her to offer it.

She had an idea, though, and listened on a midday Saturday for her sister’s return from the range. Then they would draw a bath for two in a large tub and soak the week’s grime off the older one as they had girl talk. They had to admit that Mark’s bringing solar water heating to the ranch was a great thing.

They chattered about the events since they had last been together as they washed each other’s backs. Yulya was awed by the story about the wolves and laughed at the interrupted fuck. Finally, Yulya posed a question to her supposedly wiser sibling, “I don’t know much about autism but Mark is still a nuisance. My sense is that he just needs somewhere warm and wet for his cock, and it doesn’t matter much who it is attached to.” Rika nodded her agreement so she continued, “Maybe I could do the ‘two birds with one stone’ thing.”

Rika urged her to continue. “The only other woman around here is the ‘Ugly One’. I work with her a lot and know how unhappy she is that even her own husband doesn’t want to couple with her. I wonder if we fixed her up a little and set Mark on her that they would both be a lot happier.”

Rika grinned as she replied, “What a terrific idea! I’ll work with you. It is a different and fun challenge. How shall we go about this?” They dried off and Rika went to bed her husband while Yulya found the old woman. As they worked together she asked a series of questions that finally aroused curiosity. Good, that would open the door.

“May I ask you a personal question?” Yulya opened with. Receiving permission, she began, “I have heard you complain about not having a sex life any more. Do you still desire a man between your legs?” Affirmative. “Do you limit the possibilities to your husband?” Negative. “Would you consider my help in possibly making it happen?” Strong affirmative. “When our work is finished let’s sip some of the good wine you make and go over my idea.” The work was finished in record time and a bottle uncorked.

Again, Yulya took the lead, “My sister and I believe that if you are made more attractive that you could entertain at least one, and maybe more, men like I do. We know that when a woman is being sexed that other men find her more desirable and it seems likely your husband would too.”

The older woman’s face was lighting up as this was being put forth. “Oh tell me what I must do for this miracle!”

“Let’s go find Rika and prepare you for the feast tonight.”

Saturday night was always a celebration. A time for food, drink, music, dancing, and sex. Women and men cleaned up and looked their best. There were no class differences and marital bonds were loosened for the good of all. Manners and discretion were expected and rarely omitted.

Everyone was startled when the “Ugly Woman” who we shall henceforth refer to by her given name, “Olga”, appeared in nice clothes, bathed, hair clean and trimmed, and even wearing lipstick. When the music started for dancing her husband watched in amazement as Pavel, who had been brought into the plan, asked her to dance. He took every opportunity to make obvious contact with her ample body which she enjoyed tremendously. A rarely seen smile was now plastered on her aged face. Another ranch hand asked for the next dance. And yet another one.

Mark couldn’t dance but he asked if she would like a drink. She accepted immediately and gave him a big hug. She was a big woman and he was nearly smothered in her ample pillow-like bosom which was barely covered by the peasant blouse. His immediate erection was noticed by Yulya and she grinned at her sister.

Per the plan, Olga ate with Mark, rebuffing her husband’s attempts at attention. After they ate, she suggested that she would like a walk under the stars. Mark obeyed this authoritarian figure, not having a clue what was up. They walked and talked to a prepared place in an outbuilding. The sisters followed very quietly, eager to see if their plan would work.

Olga feigned fatigue and ordered Mark to follow her into the small building which had a window strategically placed. The sisters had used this very setup to watch each other getting laid. A few candles were lit.

Her rusty seduction skills were more than adequate to get the horn-toad buried in her hairy hole. She squealed and moaned. It had been SO long! He was enthralled with the monstrous mammaries, right at mouth level as he rode the wild waves of her hip thrusts. It was only her legs around his waist that kept him from being thrown off. They also held him captive for a second ride.

The women left them be and happily returned to the party. They danced and teased, finally walking off with a man to tame their lust. Yulya took a ranch hand she’d not recently banged to the barn, telling Nikoly to come to her when he saw this man emerge. Rika took on one of the men who would be rotating out to the flocks on the morrow. When she finished with him he knew to send his partner. Pavel was used to this custom and expected he’d be able to enter her easily when they got in the marital bed. As he waited he wondered about the change in Olga. He knew his wife had something to do with it. He also wondered what it would be like to bed that big strong woman.

Mark was finally drained to a limp state, something that had not happened even with Yulya. Olga kissed him and praised his abilities, guaranteeing that he’d want her again, just as she had hoped. When they returned to the party it had wound down. She sent her young stud off to bed before finding her husband sitting by the dying fire. He had been avoided by the other women to keep his desire high.

He rose and enfolded her ample bulk in his arms as they kissed. He addressed her, “I don’t know what has happened to you or what you have been doing this evening, but I wish to resume being your husband.” She responded with tears of joy and they walked hand-in-hand to their quarters.

As she related to her co-conspirators the next morning, her husband had to know that she was well-fucked when he entered her, but was eager more than once to “cleave unto her” that night and even this morning. She would not answer his questions about the transformation but did tell him that it would continue whether or not he liked it.

Since Mark was often in the house it was easy for them to copulate. He liked to find her elsewhere too and lunchtime was frequently spiced up by screwing. Her pussy regained its “tone” quickly with the now-regular intromissions of her husband’s ample organ in addition to Mark’s agreed-upon thrice-daily vaginal visits. She was now known for her constant smile, cheerful demeanor, and weight loss. She was in demand, much to her delight, to provide occasional enjoyment to other ranch hands, especially the ones who were just returning from their rotation and were extra horny. One of her household duties was drawing their bath, assisting them in ablutions, and then reducing their sexual tensions with one set of lips or the other. Her husband didn’t dare complain, although he had no reason to. Yulya gave him some sexual variety, partly in gratitude but just as much for his ample and skilled pleasure stick.

Pregnancy found the young woman for a third time. As she and Rika were planning the melancholy trip, Nikoly interrupted them. “I just learned what has happened. May I offer an alternative to terminating this life? I would happily marry and accept this child.”

Yulya was stunned and paused before replying, “I care a great deal for you and will certainly consider it. I’m not sure I am ready for such a change in my life though.”

He knelt down and took her hand, kissing it, “The child will clearly be a change but if you are referring to your sexual habits, I do not insist that they be altered. I know you and I have accepted them so far. If you change it must be on your own terms.”

She promised to give him an answer in the morning and slept alone that night, an unusual occurrence.

After breakfast, she asked her sister and brother-in-law for a meeting with her suitor. After many questions and discussions, she decided that this offer was her best life option and arrangements were made for an official to arrive for a Saturday night gathering.

The wedding was simple and short but the party was in the best Russian tradition. Family and friends overflowed the place and the best food, wine, and spirits were provided. The bride and groom got tipsy and were spirited away, separately, to a portion of the barn that had been cleaned and furnished with cushions and blankets. Marriage included sex and everyone present who was of age wanted to celebrate that, and not necessarily with the one they usually did. The “love place” in the barn, often used by residents on Saturday nights or as needed, was kept dark so you wouldn’t know who else was enjoying themselves close by. Several folks were sure that the sounds they heard close to them were the familiar ones of their spouse. Of course, they couldn’t complain.

Yulya was concerned a few times that the vigor of the often unknown phallus inside her in the dark would harm the fetus but that thought was quickly swept aside as orgasm or ejaculation took her attention.

Finally, they were left alone to consummate their union. Nikoly was unable to enter even his new wife’s dilated and super-lubricated orifice due to a lack of the necessary rigidity so they snuggled until dawn. Rested, they coupled gently as they began their new life together.

Rika got sick and couldn’t make her weekly route. Yulya said she would substitute if she knew the agenda and her husband could accompany her. They were briefed on the business and personal aspects of each of the stops. With a second traveler, a second tent was brought along.

It was wonderful for the bride to be travelling the countryside, something she had rarely done. Nikoly was range-experienced which is why she needed his company.

The first night was interesting. Her tummy and breasts were growing a bit. Because of the shepherd rotation, she had fucked all of them over time, although infrequently. She had notes from her sister about specific peculiarities that might be useful.

The evening meal and the data recording went just as expected. She and Nikoly had a short screw then she went to the other tent when the watch changed. This man had been out in the field for weeks and was delighted with her company. He took his time enjoying her and it was pleasurable, she had to admit. When he fell asleep, well satisfied, she returned to her husband who took her immediately, his organ easily entering but finding little traction in the abundance of male fluid inside her. Prompt reclaiming had been his only condition for the trip. She had been well relieved of her sexual tension so just enjoyed the sensations of his stroking and spurting. They would sleep until the next watch change when the other shepherd awoke her for his turn.

Her sleepy husband told her to just stay in that other tent until he came for her. Four hours later, after the next watch change had been enjoyed, he did and gave her the last filling of seed for that stop. It was daylight by then and after the morning meal it was on to the next place.

Almost to a man they were so curious about her pregnant body and needed reassurance that intercourse was safe for her. She had to urge many of them to give her the vigor she needed for her own satisfaction.

So it went, with no especially remarkable episodes except for one older shepherd who asked if he could watch her joining with her husband before he took his turn. Nikoly next held the lantern to see his wife in carnal action, something he’d never closely observed. Being plundered as her husband watched excited Yulya above and beyond the usual and she cried out loudly with the intensity of the fuck. It aroused her husband again to a quick follow up before they went back to sleep with new memories.

Their relationship was enriched by the remembrances of that trip. The sexual ones were minor. It was the togetherness out in the wilderness that soaked in deeper than the many varieties of sperm she received. They would always remember that first time even though they would make more such journeys in the future. Such prolonged closeness with the same partner had an effect on both of them which they recognized when Rika questioned them on their return. She had done that with her husband when they were first married and wanted to see if it had the same effect on them. It had.

There was an occasion where Pavel had to take Nikoly’s place on Yulya’s tour and they returned with a much greater appreciation of each other after so much time and sex together. Nikoly had been well taken care of by Rika who he had adored for a long time.

The sisters even made the circuit together once, providing lots of female goodies to the shepherds. These last two journeys occurred after the baby boy arrived and was weaned, of course.

Rika was the consummate aunt, spending as much time and energy on the little guy as she could. She seriously considered hiring and training a flock survey replacement for herself for that responsibility. Her standards were high and no one good enough was identified.

The older wife, Olga, had made an amazing transformation with her new sexuality. Her face was still what you had to call ugly but her body was greatly improved and quite pleasure delivering. She asked if she and her husband might be suitable to do the circuit some of the time to relieve Rika. Between her improved female talents and her husband’s ranch knowledge, it could work.

It would be given a trial, she was told, and she went nearly delirious with excitement. What an adventure at her advanced age of fifty! She puzzled and fretted over what to pack and the other women advised her as well as offered coaching about her duties. She’d bedded all of the shepherds at one time or another, just as Yulya had, so that part would just be fun ... lots of it she hoped for herself and her husband. He thoroughly enjoyed “used pussy” now.

The feedback from the range was good. Her face mattered not in the dark but her soft and massive mammaries were very appreciated. Her pussy always felt good so all was well. She was utterly delighted with all the attention and pleasure. It was decided that she and Rika would alternate weeks, thus giving each something to look forward to.

And what about Mark? That brainy nerd had learned some social skills under the tutelage of Olga, no doubt inspired and mellowed by his regular access to her soothing snatch. He had greatly improved Internet access and built a good recordkeeping system among other notable accomplishments. He had also become a skilled cocksmen as Yulya discovered on a Saturday night when she decided to reward him for something he had done for her. His tool had grown from the regular exercise, she decided, and he brought her to a string of orgasms that were notable. As she lay gasping in his arms she could feel the abundant seed seeping out of her pussy. “Where did you learn that?” she panted.

Mark smiled and said, very matter-of-factly, “There is much on the Internet and I practiced with Olga. She is so good to me.” Yulya thought she would gently chastise the older woman for holding this secret to herself. This was something to enjoy more often so her mind got busy.

There was a major project that Mark was working on. He couldn’t just go to Amazon to get what he needed. Besides it wasn’t just a “cookbook” thing. He must go to a larger city to select and negotiate for his supplies. Yulya made sure she was the best one available to escort him and handle the finances.

She had only been to the city for abortions so this was a very big deal. She quizzed her older sister so incessantly that Rika said she’d be glad when the departure came!

Pavel drove them to the train station in the ranch’s UAZ, a Russian jeep, and wished them well, cautioning them to email frequently. Yulya was shivering with excitement as the countryside rolled by. It was the anticipation of a happy visit to the city as well as several nights with Mark in her bed that had her stirred up. She reached for his hand as she pointed out interesting things they passed by.

The city was as busy and noisy as she remembered. A cab took them to the hotel near the tech center that Mark had to visit. It had been a long time since he had been here and the stimulation kept him in a constant state of erection that he was careless about hiding.

Minutes after they opened the door to their hotel room Yulya was applying the best cure for priapism. “Oh Mark, fill me harder! You are reaching the best places! You are so good!”

They roused for a walk to learn the area and found an affordable place for dinner, then back to the room. Mark studied his lists and plans in the brief intervals he wasn’t copulating with his eager escort.

“Miss Yulya,” he exclaimed after pulling out after his fourth ejaculation in as many hours, “I think you like this even more than Miss Olga! You are not so big on top but you are just as good inside.”

She restrained herself to only wake him once in the night for a well applied dose of semen, using her fingers to get herself calmed down for sleep the other times she woke with the itch.

She had a shopping list of items needed at the ranch while Mark was at the Institute. They met for lunch and sex and it was back to work.

At dinner they were chatted up by a good-looking older man who offered to pay for the meal in exchange for company. He spoke their dialect and lived not too far from them. The vodka and sex took their toll on Mark and he begged off to get some sleep. The vodka and desire for sex got to Yulya and she woke up in Viktor’s room with a pussy full of new semen. He was snoring as she quietly dressed and departed.

Mark awoke as she came to bed after a quick shower. He reached for her out of habit and she was soon filled with his maleness once again. She remembered little of her previous copulation that evening but could feel that characteristic slipperiness. Mark said nothing at the time but when they were balling before breakfast he asked if “that man” had fucked her. She only nodded. To Mark it was only a fact with no emotional overtones.

They saw Viktor the next evening and once again he bought dinner. She refused the vodka and settled for one glass of wine. After the meal, Mark, guileless as he was, said he would like to watch if they were going to have sex again. THAT made Yulya’s pussy break out in a “sweat” so she looked at their benefactor and raised her eyebrows. He smiled broadly as he nodded his agreement. It was their last night there so what the hell?

His hotel room was nearby and larger than theirs so that was the destination for the dirty deed. Clothes came off quickly and both men began stimulating the already wound up woman. Mark wanted to be the spectator. He’d seem porn on the internet but this was a real woman that he had fucked. It was amazing to watch this man doing all sorts of things just like he had done.

He reached over and grasped the uncircumcised shaft as Viktor was tasting Yulya’s well-fucked cunt, Mark having filled it again just before dinner. Viktor confirmed that it was semen he was tasting and moved up, letting Mark aim his rigid spear at the dilated, reddened, and oozing target.

Yulya was so hot she clamped down on his pecker and he didn’t last long. Mark saw the throbbing underside of Viktor’s penis and heard his groans as he released his cream. “My turn,” he called out, more than ready.

It was seconds after the hot hole was vacated that it was filled with a fresh cock. Mark slammed her to two orgasms before he too released with his characteristic noises. Viktor reentered the still eager woman and stroked slower this time. Mark kissed her and played with her turgid nipples, reaching down occasionally to feel how her pussy was being filled and not neglecting her clit when his fingers were there.

“Miss Yulya, would you get on top in the way we did this morning?” He didn’t know to call it the reverse-cowgirl position.

She knew and they rearranged. Just as she suspected, Mark wanted to touch them as they were joined. He wanted more than that though. he leaned over and his tongue licked both of them where they were joined. That set off an orgasm for her and when he heard Viktor nearing ejaculation, he held the man’s balls gently as their product was put in his travel partner.

They returned to their own room and copulated gently in the aftermath of the exciting event. It was back on the train in the morning. All of their larger purchases would be shipped and they carried the smaller ones.

At the train station they were surprised when Viktor walked up to them. He was returning on the same train so they arranged to sit together.

“I told you I lived nearby,” he explained. “Perhaps we can meet again sometime?”

Yulya smiled at the unspoken implication of the request. Mark was oblivious, looking out of the train window at the urban sights. “I haven’t decided whether I will tell my husband about you or not.”

“Oh, you are married? I figured Mark is too young to be a spouse and you are clearly not monogamous,” he said with a knowing and quite attractive smile. “My wife expects that I shall have adventures in the city and she has her own when I am gone. It keeps us interesting to each other after so many years married.”

Yulya smiled, “I’ve come to that philosophy too.” As they began revealing more about each other she discovered that he owned the largest sheep processing facility in the whole region. She knew of it only a few hundred kilometers away. She hadn’t realized all the services they provided, from shearing to meat processing. There was even a full-time veterinarian.

“Perhaps I can pay a visit in the near future to explain our services to your husband,” he queried with a hand on her thigh. With a gleam in his eye, “I would pray that you could be as hospitable as the last two nights.”

She didn’t remove his hand and, with a grin on her face, “And would your wife be as hospitable in return?”

He squeezed her leg as he responded with a lilt in his voice, “I’m sure any visitors would be well pleased by her hospitality.”

Yulya didn’t mention that she was not the ranch owner’s wife. Best to leave it at this.

He departed the train two stations before theirs with a kiss for her. A lovely woman rushed up to him as he stepped onto the platform. He gave her a vigorous kiss and then waved to his new friends as the train began moving.

Pavel was there to meet them and she let Mark do all the talking on the way back to the ranch. When they arrived and unloaded, her brother-in-law took her to his office for a debriefing. She sipped some wine as she told her part. Mark would give him the technical stuff later.

When it came to the subject of Viktor and his business she decided full disclosure was best. She lightly touched on the intimate parts of the acquaintance and focused on the potential business items.

Pavel smiled. Yulya was such a hot one he was never surprised at her naked adventures, so much like her sister, his wife. He did comment that he’d heard of Viktor, that he ran a good business and was a sharp negotiator. Their current vendor had been slipping in quality so perhaps it was time to take a look at alternatives.

A time to visit Viktor and his facilities was set. The two sisters and their husbands filled the UAZ and thankfully the roads got smoother as they proceeded. These vehicles were NOT designed for comfort!

Viktor greeted than at his door and his staff brought in their bags. Some brandy was offered and they began to get acquainted. His wife, Marta, was a statuesque blond with an hourglass figure. She was gracious and apparently well educated. Rika and Yulya, glanced at each other, feeling dowdy compared to her classy clothes and hairdo.

Viktor said, after a short time, “You must be sore and grimy after that trip. My banya is ready and I have fresh birch twigs. Come, let us enjoy.” Marta showed the guests where to place their clothes and gave each a felt hat to protect their head.

She was as beautiful undressed as not, Pavel and Nikoly noticed. The room was cozy and she sat between the male guests on one side while her husband was flanked by two females on the other. Water was poured on the hot rocks and the trios on each side took turns using the birch twigs to stimulate the skin. It was not unusual for all the heat and massage to produce erections in males, and the presence of new attractive female flesh practically guaranteed it. As the steam reduced visibility, Marta casually grasped the fleshy rods near her and began stroking. When she sensed ejaculation, she bent over, wrapped her lips around the head as the cream emerged, and swallowed. No mess to clean up that way. The men wondered which of their wives was doing the same for their host.

When the time was up they ran to a cool pool nearby and jumped in. That did NOT produce any erections!

Dinner was on a veranda followed by an assortment of imported liqueurs. Very gracious, to say the least, and many compliments were given.

As bedtime approached, Viktor got their attention. “Yulya told me that you are fully aware of our meeting in the city. So is Marta. I offer you a choice, individually or together. You may have your own room as a couple or we can bed down in the same arrangement as in the banya.

Pavel answered for the group. “We have discussed the possibility of your latter offer and we all wish to fully appreciate your wonderful hospitality.” That was a roundabout way of saying “let’s all fuck!”

That first night was rather conventional as the two trios got intimately acquainted. Turn-taking seemed best, with the non-copulating person assisting gently or simply observing, letting the current pair learn to enjoy each other in their carnal connecting.

The next morning the men went on a tour of the facility. The women gathered for coffee and chat. Marta inquired, “Did all sleep well?”

Rika grinned, “Not as much as I expected. Your husband is a bull!”

Yulya laughed, “I told you so. I think two women made him twice as horny!”

Marta smiled, “He certainly is. He was after me constantly for a while when he returned from the city. That is a bonus I get from those trips. Your husbands are no slouches either. I thought I might have to sleep with a nice cock still moving in and out. But I am fine and satisfied. I will nap later if need be.”

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