His Tingling Fingers

by Raven Newmoon

Copyright© 2018 by Raven Newmoon

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Doc Holiday realizes he has some feelings for Bobo Del Rey.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Romantic   Gay   Fan Fiction   Paranormal   Anal Sex   First   Oral Sex   .


Doc Holliday realizes he’s got a thing for Bobo Del Rey


I hadn’t done fanfic is years and this was my first try at it. Be gentle! If you catch any spelling errors, let me know, please!

Doc Holliday woke up shaking. He tried to will his hands to stop the shaking the dream caused. There was no reason for it.

He swung his legs out of the bed and put his feet onto the cold floor. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair. Nothing like this has ever happened.

He remembered the dream vividly and realized this was not anything normal for him. He was a straight man with a healthy appetite for the ladies. He didn’t see how this dream could happen for him right now. Or for the last three nights.

His fingers still tingled at the touch. The touch of Bobo del Rey.

His dream started with a fight they had a week before. They were always fighting and it was usually because of how evil Bobo was since he got the Earp curse. He was a good guy in a past life, but Wyatt Earp had killed him and, after many years, Robert became this new creature named, Bobo. Bobo and others like him, called the revenants, were hell bent to kill all the Earps they could. He didn’t trust Bobo or any of the others, but now there was a stirring.

Bobo was wearing a warm fur coat, black tight pants and black boots that would make the military drool. He walked to Bobo, and without thinking, opened the leather straps holding his coat closed. He looked up into his eyes and saw a smile cross over Bobo’s lips. His soft lips. Doc ran his hands down both sides of Bobo’s chest, feeling how lean he was, mapping out the texture of his muscles and feeling his ribs. He moved in closer for a kiss...

And then he fucking woke up.

Doc realized he didn’t hear a word that Wynonna had said to him. He turned to her, blinked and shook his head.
“Sorry Darlin, I think I need to rest for a bit. I have a bit of a headache.” He told her. It wasn’t a lie, after his dream of Bobo, he couldn’t get back to sleep. He was over tired and wished that that bastard was not haunting his dreams.

He excused himself and went home to have a much needed nap. He didn’t make it into bed before he heard a familiar voice. He walked over and opened the door and looked around. Forgetting that his gun was still secure in his holster, he saw him. His heart fluttered and his mouth went dry. He lowered his hat to his crotch. He didn’t want anyone to see what was brewing in his pants.

Bobo, Doc was thinking, must love to bother him. No, scratch that, he didn’t bother him. A blister on your ass when you are trying to ride your horse was a bother. What Bobo did was drive him insane.

Lost in his own little world, Doc didn’t notice that Bobo was standing in front of him and he had a look on his face like he was waiting for something.

“Uh, what?” Doc muttered.
“I asked if you were okay.” Bobo fanned out his fingers about an inch from Doc’s nose.
“Uh, well...” Doc could feel Bobo’s breath on his face and how the air between them moved with Bobo. He wanted just to drag him into his bed, or into a shed, barn or outhouse, and have his way with him. “I’m not feeling all that well. I have not been sleeping lately.” He was dizzy from desire and, against his better judgment, asked Bobo to be a friend for once and help him to bed. Bobo smiled and offered him a hand if he needed it.

Doc collapsed onto his bed with a thud. “Kind of a weird place to hang your hat.” Bobo pointed to Doc’s hat that was still on his crotch. Doc blushed as Bobo helped him take off his coat, and gun belt. “Shall I summon a lady for you? Just might help you sleep.”
“No. I don’t need one of them.” With all the strength that Doc had, he sat up and kissed Bobo with all the passion that had been building up in the last few days. Bobo, surprisingly, didn’t recoil. He unhooked the straps on his coat, and started to wiggle out of it. Doc started pulling it off and touched his chest. It was just like in the dream. Doc broke the kiss and looked into Bobo’s eyes. He was hoping this was not a dream and started to pull off Bobo’s shirt. He looked at his naked chest and ran his hands over his lean body.

“Are you sure about this, Doc? Revenant sex can be a little intense.” Bobo waited for some kind of cue that Doc wanted out of this.
“I don’t care. I want you!” Doc said breathlessly.

Bobo smiled and tore the clothes off Doc in seconds.

Doc shivered in anticipation as Bobo ran his finger tips down Doc’s chest, circling his nipples and down over his stomach. He leaned down and licked Doc’s belly, and heard the other moan in pleasure. Doc watched as Bobo ran his tongue further down and past his throbbing cock. Bobo licked and sucked Doc’s balls and looked up to see the pained look on Doc’s face. With just the tip of his tongue, Bobo licked all the way up. Doc gripped the bed and cried out just as Bobo took him into his month.

“OH GOD!” Doc cried. Bobo slurped his way up and down, alternating between licking and sucking. Doc could have swore that he felt electrical pulses in Bobo’s mouth. He’s never done this before with a revenant and the sensation was almost too much, Doc felt it all coming to an end when Bobo stopped, took off his clothes and kissed Doc.
“Do you have anything as lube?” Bobo asked. Doc looked over at the night table next to him. He had some stuff he used when he was in a dry spell. Bobo pulled out the little tube and used everything that was in it. “You’ll need more of this, Doc.” Bobo lubed up his own cock and crawled onto the bed with Doc, between his legs. “Look at me, Doc. Don’t take your eyes off me.” Doc nodded and looked up into Bobo’s eyes, just as he felt him slowly ease into his ass.

Bobo used the lube on his hand to stroke Doc’s cock. He leaned down to kiss him, and Doc met him half way. Doc felt like he was on fire as Bobo fucked him harder and deeper and then Doc saw a bright flash of light as they both cried out.

Doc woke up to the sunshine in his eyes. He moaned and then remembered. He looked around the room. He was alone. “I hope that was not another dream.” He pulled back the sheets and saw he was naked. Beside him was a piece of paper folded with his name on it in cyrillic handwriting. He reached for it and took a huge breath before opening it.

I’m sorry I’m not here when you wake up. I have an appointment that I can’t miss. If you ever want to do that again, I will be right over. If you don’t, I will understand. You passed out right after and I held you through the night. It’s been a long time for me to allow someone to break down my defences.


PS: Waverly will be around in the morning with a gift for you.

Doc smiled as he remembered the night before. And before he could get aroused again, there was a knock at the door. He threw on a pair of jeans and answered the door. Waverly Earp handed him a paper bag. “Do I want to know?” She asked. Doc looked into the bag and saw a big bottle of lube.
“I doubt you would.”

Bobo walked into Shorty’s bar and ordered a whiskey. He saw Doc at the other end of the bar and raised his glass to him. He wasn’t sure if Doc was in the mood to see him after the night they had, but he figured he should at least see how the man was.

Bobo picked up his drink, and moved over next to him.

“How’s things?” He tapped his long fingers on the bar top and took a seat.
“I woke up after about 14 hours of sleep. Thank you for that.”
Bobo smiled. “My pleasure.” He moved his foot and tapped Doc’s boot. “And...”

Doc looked down and got the message. Blushing slightly, he winked to Bobo.

Bobo stood up tall and used his magic powers to knock Doc off his bar stool. “YOU THINK THAT I’M A FOOL?!” Doc went flying out of the bar and out into the street. Anyone walking by just saw a man tossed out. When the doors opened and out walked Bobo, EVERYONE fled. Bobo kneeled next to him. “I’ll be at your place in five minutes.” He whispered.

Doc tipped his hat and pulled out his gun. Bobo was gone. He stood up, dusted himself of and checked that Bobo didn’t do any damage. He walked back to his place and looked around. He wondered if he should dress the place up a little. Maybe some candles. No, just the lube. He remembered the night before with Bobo and stripped the bed. He’d just finished making the bed when he heard a knock on his door. He turned towards the door with a huge smile on his face. He was going to enjoy this so much.

“Hey there...” he opened the door to find Wynonna Earp at his door. “Wynonna?”
“Were you expecting someone else?” She glanced in and saw the freshly made bed, a bottle of whiskey and, “you even smell good! Do you have a lady coming over?”
“Can’t a guy just be pretty and have a night in?” He asked.
“Maybe, but it’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and we have a Black Badge meeting.”
“Shit, that’s now?”
“Yeah, it is. Are you ok? You had a headache yesterday and Waverly said you...”
“You’re right. I should get some sleep. Can I catch up on the meeting later?”
“I guess...” She turned and walked away. She was puzzled by him this week. He was out of character and it was getting worse. She left for the meeting and was still puzzled.

Bobo watched her leave and tapped on Doc’s door. Doc opened the door and saw him there, looking sexy. He grabbed him by the coat and pulled him in, slamming the door behind them.

“I didn’t hurt you out there, did I?” between kisses.
“No Bobo. I’m fine.” Bobo started to take his coat off, and Doc stopped him. “Not yet.” Doc dropped to his knees and looked up at his new lover. He touched Bobo’s strong legs and ran his hands as far up as he could to touch his chest. “I want you.” he breathed as he opened Bobo’s belt, unbuttoned his jeans and dragged the zipper down. One good yank, and down came everything and out popped Bobo’s large cock, banging Doc in the face.
“It knows where it wants to be.” Bobo joked. Doc nodded and stroked it with both hands. He’d never done this before, but he knew he wanted to.

Doc licked the tip and heard Bobo moan. He didn’t feel the same sparks that he had last night, but he was the one being pleasured at the time.

Bobo felt weak in the knees as he felt the warmth of Doc’s tongue and then mouth. He swayed a little as the pleasure built up. Doc took as much as he could into his mouth and felt hands on his head. He knew Bobo was close and they had the rest of the day and night, hell they had the rest of their lives to explore each other.
“please don’t stop...” Bobo begged. Doc sucked harder and grabbed Bobo’s ass with both hands. Bobo thrust towards Doc and cried out with a primal scream.

They stayed like that for a few minutes to keep Bobo steady.

“OH MY GOD!” They heard a voice at the door. Doc peeked out from behind Bobo’s long coat and saw Wynonna backing out.

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