Confessions of a Beauty Queen

by Bullied Submissive

Copyright© 2018 by Bullied Submissive

BDSM Story: I am not the original writer of this story. The original and concept belongs entirely to Baguss who has not been able to be contacted. I have re-published it here as it increasingly disappears from search engines. The story remains the same; a Beauty Queen learns her place after a vicious catfight. It has been edited and re-formatted and contains acts of non-consensual sex and violence, if this is likely to offend you please go no further.

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Lesbian   Fiction   BDSM   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Rough   Foot Fetish   Cat-Fighting   Violent   .

I won my first beauty pageant when I was just 18, after my boyfriend of the time entered me in the May Queen competition in my little hometown. Since that day I have been more than quite successful on the circuit carving out an enjoyable and somewhat lucrative career, with winning becoming somewhat a habit. Especially as my professional status allowed me to work out every day firming and toning my 38D (but still perky) breasts, long legs and bum to complement my long eye catching copper hair, pretty eyes and dazzling smile. What I didn’t realise until now was that ‘the’ defining event in my life would occur at one such affair.

This particular contest started out badly when I arrived to discover I would be sharing a dressing room reminiscent of a broom closet. I had grown accustomed to somewhat better conditions and my mood darkened further when the girl I had to share with entered. No matter how good you are at something there always seems to be someone who comes along to mess things up and steals your limelight, in my World that was Tanya.

She was very beautiful, a fact of which she was very aware, and even I had to admit it. Furthermore she was also very aware of the power her looks gave her, developing a superior attitude to match her superior looks. As a result she had earned a reputation on the circuit as a real bitch, something which I had experienced first hand on several occasions as she looked at me like something she’d stepped in. The fact that she was rarely beaten, taking the top spot from me more than once, was only made worse by this complete lack of respect she had shown for any co-competitors, least of all me.

I had unpacked most of my stuff when she strode through the door greeting me only with a smile of disdain, as she looked me up and down, before turning to the dressing table on the other side of the room. Time crawled by as the tension in the room increased with our silence though as Tanya changed I couldn’t help but notice, with a tinge of jealousy, her fantastic physique and elegant face, with dark eyes, voluptuous lips and dusky skin tone. It all suggested to me she was of mixed ancestry and any wonder that most of the partners of the other girls, not least my boyfriend, could not take their eyes of her body, which was slender, but curvy in all the right places. In fact her big round tits were probably as large if not slightly larger than my own, of which I am so proud, while her bottom appeared very tight and round.

There was no rush, so to escape the increasingly claustrophobic nature and atmosphere starting to permeate the room, I decided to take a break and go for a walk; Tanya was staring at her reflection so intently I doubt she even noticed me leave.

By the time I returned my temporary roommate was applying the finishing touches to her make-up though I did struggle to hide a sly smile when I saw her bikini. While she filled it well it was a rather unoriginal and uninspired powder blue two-piece, I would easily blow her away today with the special creation I was to wear.

I moved across to my dressing table, quickly slipped off the robe I was wearing, and began to look for my bikini. Nearly all my possessions were strewn across the floor when it clicked, Tanya had found it when I was out and the bitch had sabotaged me by stealing my secret weapon. My bikini was gone!

I was completely naked, but didn’t care, as a stood staring at Tanya with my hands on my hips;

“Where the fuck is my bikini you thieving sleeper” I asked with great calmness masking my boiling temper.

Much to my frustration she didn’t respond, not even a flinch, as she touched up her mascara. I was now totally irate and out of control,

“Answer me you skanky bitch, tell me where you’ve put it before I beat it out of you!!!”

Slowly she turned her head to face me, but then only grinned before turning away again.

That was it I totally blew my top, grabbed the small vase of flowers from my dressing table and charged at her smashing it over the back of her head before she could react. That wiped the smile off her face as she slumped forward with a grunt shaking her head, then before she could shake it off I repeated the action with the flowers from her table.

The thrill it sent through me was intense as she slumped forward onto the table again. I was still in a rage as I seized the bitch by her long thick wavy brunette hair and flung her spinning across the room where she landed heavily on her stomach and didn’t move. I was an opinionated and self-assured women so I had had been in a couple of scraps before, if not proper fights, and with this knowledge, added to the confidence my work outs in the gym had given me in my body, left me sure I was going to kick this girls ass and teach her a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a while.

I wasn’t about to give her time to recover and began kicking her in the side until she was forced to roll onto her back. As I dropped my rounded ass heavily onto her prone belly, pinning her arms by her side, I could feel all the wind go out of her.

I made myself comfortable and looked down at the surprised and confused look on the conceited slut’s face, I felt really pumped, and began shouting at her about my bikini again. Whenever she failed to respond I took great pleasure in firmly slapping her face from side to side. It looked as if tears were beginning to from in her eyes as I slowly and deliberately lowered my heavy breasts over most of her face and by leaning down and squeezing them together I was able to form a tight seal over my foe’s mouth and nose, the moist warmth of her mouth sending a chill down my spine.

When I could feel her resistance starting to decline, I sat up slightly and began to use my tits as weapons. Twisting my body sharply back and forth, my tits would swing from side to side causing them to strike her with a thwacking sound rocking her head sharply. Deliciously, the pain and frustration was evident in her face but then out of sheer desperation she bit down on my right breast, only just missing the round nipple, and a terrible pain shot through my chest as I fell off her in shock clutching my tit.

In a second she had leapt on me, and we began rolling violently around the floor scratching and clawing at each other’s bodies, faces and hair in our attempts to gain the upper hand. However the punishment I had already inflicted took its toll and I was able to get on top again in a full body press and drive my knee into her groin. This allowed me to pin her wrists beside her head and enjoy the fear in her eyes before cutting off her pleas for mercy, and her breath, with my naked crotch, grinding it down so my pussy covered her nose and mouth.

I relaxed for a moment not quite believing how completely pleasurable I was finding this whole experience, not least the power I was feeling over this beautiful women that I despised, so much so that I couldn’t stop myself from wriggling my hips back and forth slightly, sending exquisite waves of pleasure through me. My motions became more wanton and as I arched my back with enjoyment I saw out of the comer of my eye Tanya trying to grab me with her legs, instead I was able to seize them rolling her up uncomfortably and rendering her completely helpless.

We were both moaning a little now, but for very different reasons, as I enjoyed this position for some time before releasing Tanya’s legs with a thud and shifting my weight back slightly off her face. I had never felt as good as when I looked down at her struggling for breath, her face stained with her tears and some of my juices.

The power I felt at her vulnerability beneath me surged through me as I demanded she tell me what she had done with my bikini, even though I no longer really cared. When she failed to respond, I’m not even sure she could, I smiled and leaned behind me to rip the flimsy top from her heaving bosom and couldn’t help but be amused that she was still shocked by this.

“I guess if you’re not going to cooperate I’ll just have to make do with this cheap piece of crap”, I paused for a moment glancing up at the clock at the wall, then back down at my victim,

“But first you need a lesson in manners and I am going to teach you.”

I smiled wickedly before lifting up slightly to place myself back on her waiting face. However she surprised me by kicking her legs with some strength, causing me to fall forward and off her. As I rose slowly to my feet I looked down to find Tanya still struggling to get off her back, “Familiar position for you” I sneered before she painstakingly got on her hands and knees facing away from me.

I walked up behind her and slammed my foot squarely between her cheeks, sending the bitch sprawling face first to the ground again groaning in pain. This time I let her rise to her feet, before seizing her from behind, clamping my hands firmly around as much of her breasts as I could, clawing and tearing at the soft flesh, lifting her of the ground when I was able, as her arms flailed uselessly at her side.

She seemed like a rag doll in my arms when her feet touched the floor again, but before I could prevent it, she reached up and tightly grabbed my hair and bent forward tipping me over her back so I landed heavily on mine. I looked up to see her standing unsteadily over me, it was when I tried to stand that I realised I couldn’t even lift my head; the fall had totally winded me.

It seemed to take a few moments for Tanya to become aware of my predicament and then just as I was beginning to regain my breath she dropped herself down onto my face. This left her sitting facing my feet with her ass covering my face. I was instantly aware that I couldn’t breathe, and panic overtook me, but with Tanya holding down my hands all I could do was flail my legs hopelessly.

Meanwhile I could feel her breathing becoming more regular, whereas I was desperately struggling for the tiniest intake of air. I was crying freely now though the tears could barely escape my eyes, as the woman on top of me seemed to take over my entire world. I began to wonder how she had survived while I was on top; I must have been doing something wrong, but just as my hope and strength ebbed away, the pressure on my wrists and subsequently my face was relieved. I gasped desperately for air and attempted to kick free in the manner my opponent had earlier.

However she wasn’t about to make the same mistake and before I could make a move Tanya trapped my hands above my head and beneath her ankles as she carefully repositioned herself slightly lower down my face. This would leave me more helpless and trapped than ever and seemingly my fate had only been postponed.

While I had some strength left I put it all into some last desperate attempts to dislodge her and shake myself free but to my distress she comfortably rode my best efforts, which rapidly declined as my limbs began to feel progressively more heavy and numb. My very limited field of vision just enabled me to make out Tanya gently massaging her sore breasts, the proof of the pain I had caused her did give me something to focus on as I desperately tried to remain conscious.

However even this consolation was to remain short lived as it became clear her rubbing had become more sensual, than soothing, and the increased speed of her breathing was a result of excitement rather than exertion. The reversal of the earlier roles spurred me on, giving me the adrenalin to renew my kicking and rocking escape attempts but to my distress these only caused Tanya to laugh cruelly at my predicament,

“Not having as much fun on the bottom bitch? C’mon don’t stop it’s funny watching you struggle, anyway I thought you liked this sort of thing you filthy dyke” she mocked as I ceased to fight back, all my strength knocked out of me both physically and emotionally.

Lights were startling to flash in my head, as I became desperately short of oxygen, then pain exploded in my belly once, twice, three times as she punched me hard in the stomach. I wasn’t sure whether I would pass out or throw up first.

“Are you still there, c’mon don’t give up yet it’s much more fun when you’re wriggling”, the vicious bitch mocked.

I could just barely feel her mimicking my rocking motions of earlier, somewhere in my mind I hoped against the odds that it wasn’t having the same effect that it had on me. I was dragged away from these thoughts and back towards consciousness by several more, too many to count, nasty blows to my already battered midsection, her now harsh voice seemed very far away as she taunted my weakness and inferiority to her, instructing me with great authority that I would only be allowed to pass out when she decided.

This was emphasised with more severe punches, which were this time aimed squarely at my full breasts, returning some of my senses due to the pain. It seemed to go on for hours and I began to give up hope of her ever stopping as she continuously drove her fists violently and directly onto each nipple in turn. Impossibly it seemed as if she was driving her fist as deep as my breast bone, until every part of my voluptuous chest ached intensely, yet my groans were smothered by her smooth bottom. More unfortunately for me this also had the effect she desired, in taking me to the verge of unconsciousness from pain and oxygen deprivation, yet just preventing my falling over the edge.

Eventually she stopped pummelling and I became aware that she had removed herself from her dominant position, for which I was very grateful, but still unable to ignore the pain as my lungs burned and chest ached as I gulped in as much as oxygen as my battered body would allow.

It was some time before I even attempted to open my eyes let alone move, as the slightest twitch caused agony. After an eternity I found myself just able to force myself to my feet, before I slumped back against the far wall. I desperately hoped my tormenter had gone but then I would see her as she stood in just her powder blue thong in front of her mirror retouching her hair and make-up.

The sight only deflated me further, glowing slightly she looked as beautiful as ever, perhaps even more so. Looking at her it seemed the whole incident may never have happened but anyone only had to glance at me to realise it clearly had. Barely able to stand my bruised and aching tits heaved as I tried to get some air into my lungs while my silky hair matted to my face. I could imagine my make-up destroyed by the sweat, tears and God knows what else.

I could feel myself tearing up again as she looked over to me sneering,

“How are doing over there sweetie, you did realise this was a beauty pageant didn’t you, ‘cos even by your standards you’re looking pretty rough” she asked with mock concern.

Despite my condition her insults still got to me. I tried to respond but could only stammer incoherently although as she turned towards me I realised that maybe I should have kept my big mouth shut. Instead I had given her an excuse to renew her attack. Frantically I sucked in a breath and tried to cut her off but I was unable to even push away from the wall before she brushed my offensive aside, kneeing me firmly in the groin, and knocking all the fight from me again as I slumped forward, with only Tanya preventing me from crumpling to the floor.

I only glimpsed the tape in her hand before it was clamped over my eyes, blinding me and further increasing my helplessness. Clamping my hands above me and holding them with her own, Tanya managed to get me almost upright again and in doing so opened my bruised belly up to allow a couple more knees to be driven into the quite soft, and now very tender flesh. My body could take no more as I began to collapse but again my dark skinned foe had other ideas and continued to hold me up.

Putting one of her knees between my thighs she was able to balance my dead weight body, then she clamped both my wrist above my head with one of her hands. I could just imagine the broad grin on her face as she enjoyed the agony she was inflicting on my poor belly as she landed several more blows with her free hand before she finally stood back, releasing me. I was helpless to stop myself dropping heavily to floor, curling into a foetal position attempting to nurse my belly and crotch.

I had no idea where my torturer was, as I could think of nothing beyond the pain that was wracking my body, but her presence was brought sharply back to me as she ripped the tape from my eyes, grabbed my hair and almost pulling it out by the roots, dragged me on my front away from the wall. When her iron grip was dropped my only instinct was to, with difficulty, raise both my hands to my head to check that my hair had not been pulled out.

Presumably anticipating this Tanya was on me instantly, straddling my back and efficiently locking her arms beneath mine and her hands on the back of my head. When she could feel her full nelson locked in firmly enough she didn’t hesitate in pulling back on it, so far in fact that my large breasts were pulled nearly completely off the floor. As she leaned back it was agony, with my back, arms and neck all pushed to the limit of their endurance, just as I thought my body would give completely she unlocked her fingers and my chest was squashed back against the floor, while my face bounced off it leaving me seeing stars again.

However the sadistic bitch on top of me wasn’t about to ease up now, as I could feel her inch further up my body until her full weight was directly above my chest increasing the pressure on it. Now she didn’t even feign concern when she asked if I was giving up so easily again,

“I really did expect some sort of fight, I had no idea that you were such a complete wimp, otherwise I might have done this ages ago. Anyone would think you enjoyed me hurting and humiliating you” she laughed sadistically.

“I bet that’s it isn’t it, you’re just having a great time submitting to me?”

Then she regained hold of my hair, beginning to pull it vigorously from side to side, I kept my eyes firmly shut as each cheek was rubbed against the harsh carpet. At the same time Tanya bounced heartily up and down on my upper back, crushing my tits and scratching my nipples against the course fabric, it felt like my already damaged breasts were on fire. When she tired of this particular game Tanya leant in close to my ear harshly whispering,

“You know this really is fun, but you could at least resist a bit, it makes me wonder what exactly you do when you’re in the gym, I think you must just go there as an excuse to watch other women getting changed”.

Her taunts did hurt and I badly wanted to fight back against the cocky slut, but my body just wouldn’t respond, I was too hurt and afraid, the most I could manage was to turn my face away from that voice. The bitch’s response to this was to cackle down at me and then lean back and begin spanking my round buttocks. She carefully aimed her blows to hit the same spots as she alternated between cheeks and once again I felt tears spring to my eyes.

I could only slap my hands ineffectively against the floor as my bum burned with pain and my face burned with the humiliation I was suffering. Tanya gave my tushy one final slap, sending a smacking sound ringing around the small room, before climbing off me and using her foot to nudge me onto my back. Even the small motions of Tanya arranging my arms down by my side would cause my body to cry out for mercy.

Although I could sense Tanya standing astride me I didn’t dare open my eyes, I was scared to even look at her, especially in such a classically dominant pose as she flaunted her power and superiority over me. Obviously upset by my passivity without warning she dropped her full weight, bottom first, onto my weakened belly; once again I felt my lungs empty as my body convulsed.

The next thing I knew my eyes were gradually focusing on the face cruelly leering down on me, as she perched just below my chest with my arms pinned to my side by her legs. Shaking her head Tanya tutted down at me;

“Tsk Tsk I thought I’d explained the rules about going to sleep without my permission”.

Her smile grew wider and more sinister;

“I think I’m going to have to punish you because your behaviour is just not up to scratch”.

I shook my head loosely and began to beg her for mercy, but she silenced me with one swift slap to my face. Then, changing the point of her attack, the darker woman sharply smacked my weighty right breast with her open right hand. Pleased by the rippling and distorting effect on my orb she continued to rapidly slap it back and forth using both the front and back of her hand, before repeating this attack on my left tit.

Although this treatment was painful, especially aided as it was by her earlier punishment, I think it was more the degrading nature of the act, which brought tears to my eyes, I tried vainly to hide them from my tormenter by turning my face aside.

“Oh no I’ve upset you now, let me make it better” cooed Tanya as she began to slowly and sensuously massage my tits, tracing circular motions until focusing in on my nipples, where her expert use of her fingernails soon brought an indisposed reaction as they stiffened at her touch. Slowly I opened my eyes but ensured I was still facing away from the bitch seated on top of me.

Without even pausing from her task my torturer started to taunt me again,

“See I knew you loved it you filthy slut, you do know I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on these tits, I mean they obviously don’t compare to mine, but they’re pretty nice all the same. Still the best thing is they’re mine now to do with as I please, my little lesbian plaything’s big bouncing breasts”.

I tried to argue that I was neither a lesbian, nor did I belong to her, but it only came out as a hoarse, spluttered whisper, furthering my helpless position beneath her and my erect nipples between her nimble fingers flawed my argument a great deal.

I was torn from these thoughts though by a sudden sharp pain shooting through my sensitive nipples, I managed to lift my head to see Tanya gleefully pinching and twisting my stiffened nipples. I could feel myself going light headed again, as with a wicked grin she eventually changed to stretching my poor nipples as far as possible before chuckling joyfully as they twanged back as she released them.

My whimpering gradually faded, with my consciousness, as Tanya continued to enjoy herself, quite literally at my expense. Then a new pain would drag me back from the darkness, as it seemed she had found the exact claw marks she left from her last attack, and had a claw hold on both of my breasts. She squeezed so hard that the flesh oozed out between her fingers and she was taking great pleasure in twisting her hold as far as possible one way, before doing the same in the other direction.

“Don’t worry”, she smiled down, “I promise not to do any lasting damage, you never know when I might want to play with you again”.

The thought sent a chill down my spine.

Soon enough she would glance up at the clock her smile disappeared.

“Oh what a shame playtime’s over for now,” she paused threateningly, “now you can go to sleep, dear”.

Ever so delicately Tanya pinched my nose with her left hand and covered my mouth with her right, leaving me with the now familiar feeling of my air supply being cut off, I made no attempt to struggle as I felt myself being starved of oxygen. I was in no condition to struggle anyway, completely broken down and resigned to my fate as I was, and even though the idea of unconsciousness was a scary one I thought it might at least offer some relief from the pain I was in. I was incapable of movement and starting to fall completely into darkness when I became aware of a knocking sound somewhere very distant.

As my eyes flickered Tanya looked agitatedly towards the door and muttered something I couldn’t hear before she released her hold on my nose and mouth, hopping off and stepping away from my prone body. She then paused to slide off her thong and place it forcefully into my compliant mouth, I realised it tasted sticky, but at the time I didn’t even contemplate why, instead I just lay there limp and paralysed with the juicy panties of a women I loathe stuffed in my mouth.

Dimly I was aware of my captor opening the door a crack to talk to someone, she was plainly preventing them from entering and doing her best to get rid of them quickly. I attempted to gather all the strength I could to try to get the visitors attention but could only raise a gurgle through my gag and simply could not lift my arm to remove it. Before I could even get close Tanya had shut the door and was towering over me again, laughing at my feeble attempts at a getaway;

“Don’t worry Patricia sweetie I’ve informed the organisers that you have had to withdraw and leave suddenly due to unforeseen circumstances” the cruel beauty announced with a smirk as I collapsed back down realising that help was not close at hand. In the small confines and silence of our room I could hear her rummaging through her stuff until she kicked me hard, her toenail digging into my side,

“Look what I’ve found”, she exclaimed brightly holding up my bikini.

Anger rose in me again, determined to get the thieving sleeper I forced myself up from the floor but she intervened and with heartbreaking ease, Tanya degradedly pushed my head back to the ground with her sweaty foot.

“Don’t get all heroic now, it’s way too late for all that, and you’re much too pathetic, so I borrowed your bikini. Of course you know it doesn’t make any difference I would still have won anyway.”

With that she placed her foot across my throat and started to press down, I was able to get my hands up to hold her ankle, but could do no more as I kicked my legs a couple of times saw her wave goodbye with a sweet smile, and faded out in less than a minute.

As I awakened the discomfort flooded through my body, which was only made worse as the events of the last couple hours returned to my mind, an unexplainable mix of emotions ran through me as I lay face down on the same floor. It wasn’t until I felt able to move that I realised that I simply couldn’t do so. As I struggled it became apparent that my wrists were securely bound behind my back and my ankles had also been tied together, so even without my torturer in the room I was still totally immobilized.

Therefore despite being alone I could hardly make much of a recovery, it didn’t help that my sticky gag remained in place, further secured by something which had been tied around my mouth and behind the back of my head, all in all the soreness involved in struggling to get free and the stifling gag meant breathing was still a problem. I lay there for some time frantically racking my brains for some way out of my dilemma but I just couldn’t think straight.

The thought that I was completely at Tanya’s mercy, that was if she hadn’t gone already, made me cold with fear, regret, loathing and every other emotion you could imagine when you are a strong alpha Women yourself tied up and helpless like this. Knowing I had to do something, as my current position was highly uncomfortable, especially on my sore chest, I gradually and painfully rolled myself onto my back and sat myself up slightly by leaning on my elbows. This new position did unhappily allow me to look down at body for the first time since I lost control of the fight. What then had looked so toned and perfect, was now considerably tarnished with my breasts and stomach an angry shade of red, heavily marked by Tanya’s fists and fingernails, I guessed my tushy would be in a similar state (it certainly felt like it was!).

I was still sat there with my legs outstretched in front of me when the door swung open and ‘she’ strode in, with a broad grin on her face and dangling a sizeable trophy in her right hand. Standing over me in high heels and my fantastic bikini, which accentuated her curves better than it ever did mine, she positively smouldered beauty, confidence and sexual energy.

I had to admit I was more in awe of her than ever before.

“You’ll never guess what”, she grinned, her head tilted playfully to one side “I only won”.

With that she dropped the trophy onto my stomach, where its heavy base balanced it perfectly, leaving me winded for the umpteenth time that day.

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