Julie 3 - Cheerleader Sleepover

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2018 by Red Czar

Fiction Sex Story: My neighbor Julie has a summer sleepover with her friends from Cheerleader camp. Looks like I picked the perfect day to hang out by the pool all by myself.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

Julie 3

Part 1 – Cheerleader Party

Another beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the summer before my sophomore year of high school. Usually, on a day like this, I would have a gang of people from the gym over wasting time between workouts. Today, however, I skipped practice. I was just burnt out and needed a day off. It had been a crazy summer so far.

I decided it was just going to be a day to sleep late, go out and relax by the pool, maybe work on my tan. My parents and older brother were all working so I had the place to myself. We live in a big house on a dead-end street, so there is only one neighbor whose yard borders my own. Every once in a while, I would hear screams and giggles from over the fence, so I figured my neighbor Julie had a bunch of her cheerleader friends over for a little pool party of their own.

Julie and I were best of friends since elementary school. We had, in fact, shared our first sexual experience together the previous summer, and a few more since then. (We were getting good at it!) We spent a lot of time together outside of school, but every now and then we would have ourselves a special afternoon or evening when no one else was around.

Now, most guys would figure that this is the perfect opportunity to invite yourself over and fulfill a cheerleader fantasy or two. You know, it was just me and five cheerleaders alone in the pool. I will admit that I did toy with the thought. There was only one problem with that idea, Julie and her friends were all going to be juniors while I was just a lowly sophomore. Junior cheerleaders did not associate with sophomore anything. That was just a given.

The truth is that Julie and I are actually the same age, only separated by a few months. However, because of when my birthday fell, I started school a year later than Julie did. So Julie was going to be a junior, and I was going to be a sophomore. It was okay for us to be friends because we are neighbors, but the two of us dating, or anything else, would be a serious class violation. Don’t you just love high school social standards?

All that being said, I decided to just lounge by the pool, work on my tan all day, and ignore the temptation on the other side of the fence. I was thinking I might call Morgan and see if she wanted to get together later that night. Morgan and I had become serious fuck buddies since my party at the beginning of the summer. I just loved fucking her, she’s so tight and energetic, and she was learning very quickly, always willing to try new things. I was turning her into a regular cum slut, she just always wanted to fuck. Right now though, she was at practice, so I knew she wouldn’t be able to answer the phone. I turned on the music, lay back on the lounge chair and closed my eyes.

A short while later, I hear the back gate opening and look up to see Julie running into my yard. She didn’t notice me at first so I yelled “HEY! Who the hell are you? Why are you trespassing in my yard?” She let out a shriek and must have jumped at least a mile. It was hilarious.

The best part was that she was wearing the tiniest little bikini I have ever seen on her. Wow. The top was a pale blue, with the tiniest little strings that just barely held her tits in. I was kind of hoping it would fail. The bottoms were pulled way up on her hips and looked absolutely delicious, there was just this tiny patch of bright green fabric that barely covered her pussy. I’d never seen her wear anything like that before but wow did she wear it well.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Well, I kinda live here” I replied

“No, I mean why aren’t you at the gym? Isn’t this a workout day?” she asked

“Yeah, I decided to blow it off today. So what did you come over here to steal?”

She said, “I didn’t come over to steal anything, just retrieve some stray Items.” Which she did, throwing a couple of balls and pool floats and such back over the fence.

I asked, “What the hell are you doing, why did you throw all your crap into my yard?”

She told me she had a few friends over and they were getting obnoxious and crazy.

“So, typical cheerleaders” I said.

“Ha ha very funny. HEY! You should come over and meet them!” she said. Of course, I don’t want to be rude to the cheerleaders so what the hell, so I got up and followed her over to her yard.

As we walked into the back by the pool Julie shouted to her friends “Hey everyone! Look what I found! Neighbor boy!” The girls gathered in her backyard started whooping and hollering, “Neighbor Boy! Neighbor boy!” at least for a few moments. Honestly, they all sounded drunk. Then one of them spoke up and said,

“Hey wait a minute, we said no boyfriends!”

to which Julie responded, “He’s not my boyfriend, he just the neighbor boy”.

I was thinking to myself hmmm, Neighbor boy sounds like some kind of superhero? Or maybe just someone desperately trying to climb out of the friend zone?

Julie then introduced me to her friends. First, there was Carly. Carly also went to our school and was a junior just like Julie. Carly was everything you expect a cheerleader to be. Five foot seven, long blonde hair, blue eyes, perfectly tanned toned legs, an absolutely amazing ass, and nice big tits. I think every guy in school lusted after her. Certainly, all eyes followed her when she walked down the halls. She’d never spoken to me before today, and even now all I got was a drunken “Heeeeeey neighbor boy”

Next there was Sara. Sara also went to our school and was probably the person I saw Julie hang out with the most. She was a sarcastic quick-witted little blonde who always had this evil little twinkle in her eye. Sara was short, probably about 5 foot even, but very pretty. Again, bright blue eyes, straight blonde hair just past her shoulders, and a body that was just pure power. Sara liked to do all those iron man challenges where they crawl through the mud and run up a mountain and wade through the rivers, and she did them well! She had a tough, hard little body that was proportioned perfectly. I didn’t know if she was dating anyone specific but there was always a horde of guys around her trying to get some.

Then there was Caity. Wow. Caity was just beautiful. She went to a different school than Julie and I, in the next state over, we lived right near the state line. She was about five foot six, long black hair, deep brown eyes that I could just look into forever. She had the most perfect teeth and smile, and the rest of her body was just as incredible, especially lying there in that tiny bikini. I think I may have just stared for a moment, and then Julie nudged me back to reality. If Caity went to our school she is one junior I would risk class warfare over, I could easily fall for this girl.

Finally, there was Michelle. Michelle went to the same school as Caity, which explains why I had never met her either. Michelle was probably about five foot two but was a very petite little thing. Her body was thin and small, but strong and tight. You should see the six-pack on her. My God, she was sexy. Her boobs were small but perfect. Her ass was tight and hard and wearing the bikini that she was, she was showing that elusive thigh gap that all the guys lust after. In spite of all that, what struck me was those eyes. Bright green and sparkling, I could hardly tear myself away from them.

The girls all said hello and looked me over and then Carly asked “So Julie, what are we gonna DO with neighbor boy? Is he one of the toys you went next door to retrieve?”

I really wasn’t sure how I was supposed to take that question.

Julie answered “We’re not going to DO anything, I just felt sorry for him sitting by his pool all by himself when there’s all of us just on the other side of the fence, so I thought he should come over and hang out with us”

Carly, Caity, and Michelle went back to lounging on the chairs working on their tans. Sara started rummaging around in the coolers for something and Julie and I went over to the patio table and sat down to chat. She had to ask me what had happened with me and Alex. The little “prom date” that we had dreamed up was a couple weeks ago and I had not updated her as to the results. She was asking me “Did you see her again yet? Did you fuck her? You must have fucked her. If she didn’t fuck you after THAT then there’s something wrong with her. Hell, I wanted to fuck you after that! Give me the details! I wanna know everything!”

She was so nosy. But, since it was her idea and she handled a lot of the decorating and details of the whole thing, I figured I could at least tell her a little bit.

I started to tell her about what happened after that night. I told her how the next day Alex called me and invited me over, and how her bedroom looked so much like how we had my whole patio area decorated and how we then “spent the day together”

“What do you mean spent the day together? Did you fuck her or not?! TELL ME” she said.

I answered “Julie, you know I don’t give out all the dirty details. I’m not like that. What happened is between me and her”

She said “You already TOLD me that you fucked her. You told me before we even set all that up how you popped her cherry and then your dad walked in on you. So I KNOW you fucked her, I just want to know if you fucked her AGAIN!”

Just as I was ready to answer, Sara came over and sat down with us at the table. She brought with her a bottle of one of those flavored vodkas, some kind of berry flavor. That cleared up a lot! Now I know why everything was flying over the fence, and all the giggling I was hearing before. These girls had been drinking for a while before I showed up. Clearly, Julie’s parents weren’t home. Sara asked what we were talking about, and Julie proceeded to tell her the whole story.

She said “Alex? Alex K.? Really? You fucked ALEX? DUUUUUUDE Nice!” and then demanded a high five.

As I said, Sara was kind of crazy, and at this point more than a little drunk. I said, “I never said I fucked her, and I’m not going to give you any details about anything that happened, so, you’re going to have to make up your own ending to the story”. They both just smiled.

Julie started to say something when all of a sudden Sara realized something and jumped up as if she’d just got an electric shock.

Then she blurted out “Oh my god! He’s neighbor boy! He’s the one you told us about at camp! You fucked neighbor boy!”

Julie started to turn a bright red and yelled at Sara “A little louder Sara, my parents might be home. Let’s just announce that to the whole neighborhood”.

By this time it was too late. Sara was already over with the others telling them I was the one Julie had told them about at camp. I was the neighbor boy who she’d had her first time with. Julie had embellished that story when she told it. Our first time was really very quick and then over. I never really knew exactly what Julie told them had happened, but apparently, everyone else here did! And it was much more than what had actually happened.

I asked Julie “So these are all the girls from camp?”

“Yep” she replied

“And they all know the whole story of...” I continued

“Yep” she interrupted.

“Well, I guess we ain’t keeping that a secret anymore are we?” I asked.

Julie said “Don’t worry they all thought it was an amazing story, they all wished it was like that for their first times. At least that’s what they all said”.

In the meantime, Sara was reminding the other girls of Julie’s story, and telling them that I had also fucked Alex, who none of the rest of them knew, fortunately. Still, she was going on and on, reminding them of details of Julie’s story. It was the previous summer that Julie told them that, I would think they’d have forgotten the details but apparently not. I was starting to feel like a piece of meat on display the way they kept looking at me and giggling.

Carly spoke up saying “Wait a minute, wasn’t he dating that girl Alyssa all last year?”

Sara agreed “Oh that’s right! I’ll bet he fucked her good too! Dammmmm neighbor boy!”

The next thing I know, the four of them come bouncing over, carrying the booze that I hadn’t seen before with them, and sat down at the table with Julie and I. Between the four of them they walked over with three bottles. Now I knew they were all a bit loosened up.

Sara came over, said to me “Mind if I share?” and sat right down on my lap, throwing her arms around my neck.

“You don’t mind do you, Julie?” Julie just laughed.

Julie actually had a steady boyfriend at the moment who she had been seeing for a while. Sara sat there rubbing her hand over my shoulders and chest.

“He IS pretty strong ... and big ... you didn’t lie about that Jules” Sara said. “Although I was expecting him to be taller.”

Julie said, “look who’s talking, EVERYONE expects YOU to be taller” and they all cracked up laughing.

I really had no idea what to say at this point. I just sat there enjoying having this sexy girl on my lap, and for every time she rubbed my chest or squeezed my shoulders, I slid my hand right up her leg or down over her ass.

She jumped a little and said “OOooh and he’s frisky too! Sweet!”

Julie just replied with “He’s a guy, if you’re sit in their laps like that they’re always frisky. Even if you DON”T sit on their laps like that, they’re always frisky!”

Sara just said “GOOD!” and started wiggling around on my lap. Which was having exactly the desired effect of making me hard.

Then they all raised their drinks and shouted “Yeah Frisky!” and took a drink.

What the hell had I stumbled into here? I don’t know if it was a cheerleader thing or just these girls, but they were nuts. And drunk at 3:00 in the afternoon, and I was here to take advantage of it.

Julie looked at Sara and said “It looks like something’s making Sara frisky too! Whoo Hoo!”

You could see Sara’s nipples starting to poke through the skimpy little bikini top she was wearing. I wanted to reach out and pull it off her and start sucking on them.

The other girls all looked at her and added their own remarks “Sara’s always frisky” and “Hell, a cool breeze makes Sara frisky” and “frisky nothing, she’s just horny” and then they all burst out laughing again, raised their drinks and shouted, “yeah horny!”


Sara took a drink, shifted so that she was straddling my lap, ground her hips backward against my hardening dick, and said “Well ya know, sometimes you just can’t help it. Sometimes it’s hard ... not to feel frisky...”

I said, “Hey, there’s nothing wrong with horny either!”

I grabbed Sara’s hips and held her tight against my cock. While they were all howling and chugging on various forms of vodka, I was grinding my cock into Sara’s ass, and she was grinding right back.

They continued questioning Julie and looking me over with every answer.

“Did you really fuck him?”

“Was he really your first?”

“Was it good?”

“How long did it last?”

“Did you do it again?”

Julie was slurring her words a bit at this point and barely had a chance to answer any of them before the next question came at her. I just sat there concentrating on the girl grinding her ass on my cock and couldn’t believe I was hearing this conversation.

“Do you WANT to do it again?”

“Did he make you cum?”

“Did he cum inside you?”

“Did you suck his dick?”

“How big is it?”

With that, Sara stopped grinding for a moment, reached her hand behind her and grabbed my cock and said “It’s pretty big right now” and again, they all started hooting and hollering.

That made me jump.

“HEY!” I said as I pulled back away from her. Fantasy or not I wasn’t used to having girls just grab my dick in front of four other girls. Sara let go of my dick but managed to keep her seat on my lap. They all burst into laughter again as I tried to adjust myself. The girls were having a great time. I was completely caught off guard by the whole thing.

After the laughing fit eased, Carly finally spoke up and said “Well I think we all approve of neighbor boy, good for you Julie, I bet he popped your cherry gooooooood”

All of their words were starting to drag out like that.

Julie had had a few more drinks by now and went back to her standard answer “Yep, it was gooooooooooood” and then she gave me a big smile and added “EVERY time”

They all raised their cups and drank “EVERY TIME!” Whooo Hooo!

Carly asked, “so you did do it again?”

And Julie once again said “Yep! And again and again...” as she waved her arm indicating just more and more and more.

I sat up as much as I could with Sara sitting on my lap and said: “geez how much of this stuff have you girls had to drink?” There were 5 of them, and at least three mostly empty bottles on the table. I don’t know if those bottles were full to begin with of course. These were probably leftovers pulled half empty from their parent’s liquor cabinets. They also weren’t drinking right from the bottle. I’m not sure why you would mix flavored vodka with juice or soda or whatever they were mixing it with, but hey, they were hammered and mostly naked so I didn’t care.

Caity spoke up and said, “It doesn’t matter, we’ve still got more!”

Oh my god, they clearly planned on getting totally hammered.

Caity then chimed in with “HEY! Why isn’t Neighbor boy drinking?” and she held up her bottle.

Michelle said, “We’ve got every flavor they make, which one do you want?”

I looked around at all of them with their different half empty bottles, actually

I looked around at all of them falling out of their bikinis, what a glorious view.

I said “Well I might just have to try them ALL” and smile the evilest smile of my life.

I asked Julie where her parents were, and she said “GONE! Until tomorrow! So it’s pre-camp sleepover night!” More hooting and hollering.

I said, “I see, and that’s why no boyfriends?”

Julie again “Yep” That was her favorite answer. “Mom and dad forbid boyfriends”

They all drank again “NO BOYFRIENDS!”

Sara spoke up at that point and asked “HEY, what about neighbor boys? Mom and dad didn’t say anything about neighbor boys did they??”

They all started hooting and hollering again. “Yeah neighbor boy!” and “Neighbor boy needs to stay the night” and “Oh he definitely does!”

Julie answered with “Sure why not! You wanna stay the night with five cheerleaders neighbor boy?”

I said, “That’s a stupid question” as I looked around at all of them.

Sara was still on my lap with my hard cock halfway up her ass. Michelle was sitting next to me with her legs spread wide and just the tiniest little bikini I’ve ever seen. Carly seemed half passed out, slumped down in her chair with her head back and her tits literally hanging out, oh they were beautiful. And Caity was slumped down a bit as well, just sort of in a daze. Julie was cracking up and noticing my hand between Sara’s thighs. I seriously thought at this point I could possibly even fuck them all tonight. Unless they passed out from all the booze of course, in which case, hell I could possibly fuck them all tonight!

Julie spoke up “It’s decided! Neighbor boy stays the night!” and they all drank. Again. “Yeah neighbor boy!”

Part Two – Sara

At exactly that moment, I heard my phone. All the way from over on my patio next door. I forgot I’d left it there.

I said “Shit! I gotta get that!” and tried to get up, but Sara had no intention of moving.

I said “Fine” and just grabbed her around the waist and stood up. She might have weighed 100 pounds at most. Actually, holding on to her as I stood up was a good thing, it helped to hide the enormous hard-on I had as I turned around and ran for my patio. Of course, at the same time, it almost literally drove my cock the rest of the way up her ass. I sure wouldn’t mind that!

I put her down and ran for my patio. It was too late by the time I got there but I picked it up and checked voicemail, it was Morgan, asking if we were going to get together tonight. Hmm, let me think, a sure thing with Morgan, or a possibility with any or all of five cheerleaders who are already half hammered? That was an easy choice.

I dialed up Morgan and just as she answered, around the corner comes Sara. I started talking with Morgan and explaining that I had to help my neighbor with something tonight so I wouldn’t be able to get together. At the same time, I’m watching Sara.

She’s asking me “who is that? Is it Alex? Are you gonna fuck her again?...”

I motioned for her to shut the fuck up! Morgan asked who that was so I told her it was just the radio. Sara, seeing my discomfort with her being annoying while I was on the phone, started grabbing me and holding me and touching me everywhere. I could barely concentrate on the conversation.

Sara wrapped her arms around me, pulled me close, and planted her lips right on my nipples and started nibbling and biting! The more I tried to push her off, the wilder she got. Her hand slid down into my swimsuit and just grabbed hold of my cock. I reached behind her and untied her bikini hoping that might distract her. Instead, she just shrugged her shoulders and pulled her top right off. Wow, such beautiful tits.

All I could say was “Morgan, I’ll have to call you back”

I hung up the phone, dropped it on the table and pulled Sara in the house into the game room. We collapsed on one of the sofas and she immediately dove for my pants. In two seconds she had my cock out and her mouth all over it. I didn’t have time to check if anyone else was home and I really didn’t care.

Sara was a pro. She was all over me. I don’t even know how but this tiny little girl had my cock ALL the way down her throat. She was sucking and licking and her hands were squeezing and touching everywhere. I thought of going for any part of her body at all but I just couldn’t do anything except lean back in ecstasy at what this girl was doing. She sucked me like I have never been sucked before, and just as I was getting ready to blow everything I had inside her mouth, I see Julie, Caity, and Michelle standing at the glass door watching! Julie was holding up Sara’s top that she had dropped on the patio. They started chanting SARA! SARA! SARA!

Sara heard them, took her mouth off my dick long enough to turn and look at them and wave them off like “leave us alone, I’m trying to get some here!” and also leaving my swollen hard cock out for Caity and Michelle, who I didn’t know at all, to just stare at, which they did.

Sara immediately went right back to my cock. Thank god. The others watched for a moment, laughing and cheering Sara on, then they took her top and ran back to Julie’s house. At least I think that’s what they did, I didn’t really care just then. This was the most aggressive blowjob I had ever received in my life, and it was incredible. I made no effort to tell her when I was gonna cum. I think she knew anyway, but when the moment came I just grabbed the back of her head, held her tight and blew everything I had down her throat.

I held her head tight and just blew for everything I was worth. She tried to pull away but I just held her there. She started to gag but I just held her there. I shot, she swallowed. Again, and again, and again. Finally, I had nothing left and I let her go. She came up for air, cum and spit dribbling from her mouth.

She said “Oh my god I’ve never swallowed so much cum before”

I just lay back and said “holy shit that was the most amazing blowjob I’ve ever had”

She just smiled and said “your welcome”

I sat back for a moment to recover, so did Sara. She looked so hot laying back like that with her tits hanging out and those tiny little bikini bottoms. I leaned over and put my mouth on her tits. She moaned her pleasure.

I reached down, grabbed her bottoms and practically ripped them off pulling them down. She started fighting me about it but off they came. Such a beautiful, tight, little pussy with a puff of light blonde hair. I pushed her down on the sofa and climbed on top of her. She started to say something but my hand went right between those legs, pushed them apart and my fingers drove right up into her.

I started fingering her hard. My fingers up inside her, my thumb found her clit quickly and just attacked. I figured I’d go at her the same way she came at me. She was so tight, I thought damn, she must be a virgin! How can a girl who sucks cock like that be a virgin? I leaned down and put my mouth on her tits again, they were so beautiful. Tight and firm with the hardest perkiest nipples. Oh, they were yummy. I worked that tight pussy with my fingers until she was moaning and screaming.

By now my cock was stone hard and I thought damn, now’s the time. He legs were spread nice and wide, so I slid mine over and climbed up in between them. She kept on moaning and yelling, and I lined my cock up right to where my fingers were. I pulled my fingers out, grabbed my cock, put it right there and started to push. The head went in, she threw her head back and drew in a breath. I pushed a little more, she was so tight, maybe another inch went in, then she started shouting

“NO NO NO NO NO! No Sex!” and she pushed me off and pulled back away from me.

She said “sorry man, not that, you’re fucking hot but no way”

Talk about frustrating.

Naturally, I had to ask “Oh Sara, what the hell!?”

She said “I ain’t fucking you. Not today. Sorry dude”

I replied “What the hell? You come over here and attack me like some kind of horny prom date and then just NO?”

She said “NO. I’m a virgin and I’m staying that way. I can’t believe I let you put that much in me, oh my god”

I said, “That’s right, it was already in you, so you’re not a virgin anymore!”

She pushed me back on the sofa and took my cock in her hands again and started working it.

She said “Nice try, but that doesn’t count”

I just leaned back as she kept pumping my cock and playing with my balls again.

“Ugh ... I can’t believe this”

She then said, “look, I’m not on the pill, and you ain’t wearing a condom.”

I interrupted “I’ve got condoms, let me go get one!”

She quickly answered, “Just no, I’m not fucking you. Hell, I’ve never even let anyone do what you just did.”

I said “yeah but you LIKED it didn’t you? You know you wanna finish” with a big grin.

She hesitated and said “Actually yeah, that did feel pretty amazing ... and that was just ... no. NOT gonna happen”

Ugh. Clearly, THAT wasn’t going to happen. She’s so little too, I easily could have just pushed her down and ... I admit, the thought crossed my mind, and any guy who tells you otherwise is lying. But no, that’s not me. I don’t do that.

Sara then leaned down and swallowed my cock again. She finished me off just like she did the first time and swallowed every drop. I did rub my hands over that incredible ass, and I got my fingers back in that tight little pussy until she screamed. Then we collapsed. We decided to get back to the cheerleader party.

The only problem was Julie and the girls had stolen Sara’s top, so I got a t-shirt to loan her for the afternoon and we made our way back to Julie’s side of the fence.

Part Three - Back to the party

We walked back through the fence in Julie’s backyard and were greeted with cheers and clapping.

Julie said “Yeah! Someone finally nailed Sara!! Go neighbor boy!!!” and then the cheer went up again “Yeah Neighbor boy!!!”

Sara looked at them, smirked and said: “Sorry to disappoint you all, but Neighbor boy didn’t get any”.

Michelle said “Looked like he was getting something to me”

And Caity said, “and it looked like he had something pretty nice to give to YOU too, nice tool neighbor boy!”

It was at that point that I realized I had been naked and stone hard in front of four out of the five girls here.

Carly spoke up and said “I missed it! Show me the tool neighbor boy!”

They all drank again “Show me the tool!!” I just laughed and shook my head.

Sara said “It WAS tempting, but I remain a virgin! Pure as the driven snow!”

I had to reply to that “Well I don’t know about PURE, or even virgin for that matter, but ... yeah”

Julie looked at me and said “DETAILS DETAILS!”

They started to chant “details, details, details...”

I answered, “If you wanted details you should have just stayed there and watched!”

Caity said, “WE’VE already seen her naked, we needed more to drink!”

Carly added “Maybe if you’d given Sara a little more to drink first she wouldn’t still be a virgin right now”

Michelle added “IF she really still IS”

Again they all burst out laughing.

Sara just kept on smirking back at them all and eventually grabbed one of those bottles and made herself another drink. At that point I started drinking myself, figuring I had to catch up to these girls! They were all pretty well drunk.

Although Julie seemed the least drunk of them all.

It was starting to get dark at this point but instead of turning on the lights, we just lit the bug torches to keep all the biters away. The raunchy talk and jokes and drinking continued and I learned that Michelle and Sara were the virgins of the group. Caity claimed she had done it only once, which amazed me, and I inquired how that could be true? I mean LOOK at you! Her body was perfect, to which all the other girls agreed. She had a perfect smile with those perfect teeth and the most adorable little dimples on her cheeks. The most beautiful eyes. Not to mention she was so freaking nice, even DRUNK, how could every guy in her school not be after her? Michelle told us that, they are! But Caity said that she works out for track every single day for hours, she was state champion on almost every event she competed in, got straight A’s, and just didn’t have time for dating. She had slept with one guy, once, on New Year’s eve and she wouldn’t tell anyone who it was. So she wasn’t a virgin, but close enough.

Carly had been going out with the same guy for something like six months, so we all pretty much assumed she was not a virgin, which she confirmed.

She just blurted out “I love it when he does me doggy style!” and then started barking like a dog for us.

This made the other girls break out in raucous laughter, but it made me picture her on all fours with her tits hanging down and her ass up in the air ... damn.

The conversation went on like that for a while and I learned so much about all of them. It’s amazing how much drunken cheerleaders will tell you about EVERYthing. They all tried to guess how many girls I had slept with, and they got pretty close, except no one knew about Maya. We also found out just how far each of them had gone, and with who, and who liked what. It was like I had a secret pass into the girl’s gossip circle. It was very enlightening.

Of course, most of the time was normal. We had dinner, ordered pizza and wings. Everyone was swimming at one time or another. Carly kept crying that she was the only one who didn’t get to see my “tool”. I offered her a chance. If she was going to see me, I wanted to see that incredible body of hers as well.

I said, “Okay, skinny dipping time!”

Julie said “Oh geez not this again. He always does this at his house when he wants someone to get naked”

It’s true. I do. But hey, it works.

Sara and Carly got up, pulled their tops off and jumped in. Julie said “fuck it, I’m in” stripped totally naked and jumped in. Caity and Michelle jumped in bathing suits still on. They all looked at me and started yelling “C’mon neighbor boy take it off! Let’s go”

I said “Are you kidding me? I only see one naked girl in there. You want me to take it all off, I need to see more skin”

Sara figured I’d already seen her naked once today so what the hell, and off they came.

Carly said “Well I wanna see dammit!” then peeled her bottoms off and threw them right up at me. Sweet!

I said, “Okay three out of five...”

Then the other girls ganged up on Caity and pulled her top off, they threw that up at me. She looked even more amazing with those beautiful tits exposed, and those nipples stone hard from the water temperature. Caity then joined the crowd and they mauled Michelle and pulled her top off too. Three naked, two topless, that’s good enough for me, you bet your life I’m jumping in THAT pool!.

I turned around, peeled my suit off and then dove in. None of them could have seen anything in the two seconds that took. The next thing I knew it was a free for all in the pool. Me trying to swim away, the girls all coming at me. So yeah I let them catch me. Sara was kissing me. Julie started kissing me. There were hands everywhere. I got to feel every part of Carly, and she dove under the water and finally got a nice view of my cock, which again, was hard as stone from all the attention it was getting. Every few seconds someone would grab it and touch it and start stroking. I never even knew who it was, but again, I didn’t really care.

Michelle was keeping out on the outer edge of this little orgy so a couple of times I came up behind her, wrapped my arms around her tummy and drove my hard cock up against her ass. She giggled and laughed. My hand found her tiny little tits and teased those sexy nipples, and once or twice I spun her around and kissed her right on the lips. We had a couple of nice sexy tongue kisses. So sweet. She was not as innocent as she was trying to appear.

I did the same once or twice with Caity as well. I got a little more touchy-feely with Caity since she had bigger firmer tits. Oh, they were so nice, and with a little attention stood right up. I could tell she liked having my cock rubbing up against her ass since she was rubbing right back in a half-joking manner. What I wouldn’t give to fuck this girl. I spun her around once or twice, lifted her nice and high so I could get my mouth on those nipples, which she seemed to really like. At the same time, that would leave my cock rubbing hard against that tight cunt. Oh, how I wanted to pull that bikini aside and drive it right into her.

Carly came over to me and just went for it. She came up close, kissed me, then ducked under the water, grabbed my cock and got herself a good long look, then took the whole thing in her mouth for just a moment or two. I was in heaven. Finally. She popped back up out of the water and said “Damn boy that’s not bad” She still had her hand on it, giving it small soft strokes. I reached down and got my fingers all between her legs and started giving her the same thing Sara got earlier. She let that go on for a few minutes until Julie came over and then swam away. Dammit. Oh well.

So the swimming fun went on for a while. It felt like hours, it was probably only 30 minutes or so. Eventually, they all started climbing out. You can be sure I got a good long eyeful of each of them as they climbed out and toweled off. The party finally moved inside and I got to watch as the girls all undressed and put on their PJ’s. The drinking had continued so we were all still buzzed. Caity and Michelle just peeled off everything and changed right in front of me. The image of both of them is burned in my mind.

All I had on at that point was my swimsuit, so I decided if I was going to stay the night I needed some normal clothes. Julie and I told the girls we were going to run to my house to get something for me to sleep in.

This, of course, brought on the chorus of “Why?” and “He doesn’t need nothing to sleep in!” and “We like him naked! Keep him here!” We just laughed and walked over to my house.

Part Four – into the night

Over at my house, I told my mom that I was going to stay over at Julie’s house for the night. My mom already knew about Julie and me.

She just rolled her eyes and said “Be safe” meaning “condoms!” Even though she also knew Julie was on birth control. We agreed of course and went to my room to gather some clothes.

Julie asked me “so tell me the truth, did you fuck Sara?”

I told her “C’mon Julie, you know better than to ask me that”

She begged and begged me to tell her so, eventually, I did. I told her I tried.

I started to get it in and then she pushed me off. Julie was surprised that I had even gotten her bottoms off. Apparently, Sara doesn’t let her pants come off. She says it keeps other things from getting IN, if you know what I mean.

So with a wink, I said “Maybe she’ll change her mind and climb on me in the middle of the night”

Julie said “fuck that noise! You’re sleeping in MY bed tonight with me. All this groping and grabbing and watching her suck your cock like some street hoe! I want all the attention for the rest of the night”

How could I argue with that?

We went back to her house. The other girls were settling in on air mattresses and pullout beds, but we all were still gathered in the TV room for a while. More of the drunken conversation continued, and more gossip, stories of camp and school and football trips and bus rides to competitions. All those things that guys never know about cheerleaders or girls in general, I got to listen in on.

They started to pass out and it started to turn into a frat party. They were making signs and taking pictures of their friends passed out, stacking the empties on each other. Putting each other in awkward positions. Lol. Carly was the first to pass out. Then Caity. Michelle didn’t quite pass out but did curl up on a sofa and zone out for a while until she did fall asleep. Sara was drunk as hell but still awake somehow. Then Sara and Julie started getting crazy. Julie said “you know, if this was camp we’d be drawing penises on their faces right now”

They both laughed but apparently they had all agreed, no penis drawings tonight. Especially not in permanent marker. Then Sara had a brilliant idea.

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